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Well with this story gaining traction I felt it probably worth having a thread dedicated to it.

Combing through Wikileaks’ treasure trove of Podesta emails, 4chan decided the movers and shakers of Washington were using code words as an added security measure, namely: “pasta” for little boys and “cheese” for little girls. Suddenly, John Podesta’s risotto recipe doesn’t seem so innocent.


FBI Agent Confirms Child Trafficking Cover Up: #PizzaGate


It's not enough that she's hopelessly corrupt and a symbol of bourgeois hegemony. No, she has to literally eat babies. Then people will truly hate her!

Give me a fucking break.


>using code words as an added security measure, namely: “pasta” for little boys and “cheese” for little girls
Is there any evidence whatsoever that pasta = little boys and cheese = little girls? Anything coming out of /p0l/ should be taken with an entire salt block.


File: 1480791559233.png (1.56 MB, 142x200, 1443202820715.jpg)

>This email is particularity interesting:

>Subject: Don't Let My Players See It


>That handkerchief is my sketch for Level 5 of Castle Eisendorf. Brock's rogue is trapped in a water-chamber and Hillary's sorcerer is almost out of spells and HP! They're going to face a Glabrezu with 180 HP--I rolled!) and I doubt Mook's Paladin is up for it but if he can get back together with Sid's fucking munchkin'd Dragonborn Barbarian. High drama--Can't wait!

>I've got a bunch of new WhizKids figurines that I've custom moded. Reapers. Red Skeletons. And Pit Fiends. Gonna have the room lit with sandalwood scented candles and a couple of vintage Lava-Simplex Lava Lamps for atmosphere!

>So I don't need the map, I've got a scan of it--but make sure the others don't get a look. I know Mook especially plays for any advantage he can get. Haha! I want to see them squirm!

>Oh, and don't worry about the pizza. I think we're ordering Chinese tonight.

>John "Killer DM" Pod

Oh god my sides. This is evidence of a pedo ring that also sacrifices and eats children? Lately it seems that both 4/p0l/ and 8/p0l/ just aren't happy unless they're offended by something, kind of like some of the SJWs they always complain about.


It's bullshit. There are enough valid reasons to dislike politicians, why does the right stoop to these depths? Please correct me if im wrong, but the left at least doesn't literally demonize their opponents.



>Please correct me if im wrong, but the left at least doesn't literally demonize their opponents.
At least throughout recent history (the past few decades) there have been people who unironically believed the president was the antichrist. I also remember claims about how George Bush (and I think Obama as well) was going to start putting people in FEMA death camps. Just because someone is with one major party or the other doesn't mean they aren't potentially retarded.


Or start WW3. Or blow up the moon. Or, or, or...

What if pasta actually means mexicans and cheese = chinese? Would that make you happier?

Pizza slang thing came off 4chan itself around 2005 but since most of /pоl/ is 15 year olds, ther is no way for them to know.


> doesn't mean they aren't potentially retarded.

Agree, but it seems to me outrageous obviously wrong stories get more traction on the right. This is coming from someone who doesn't particularly like either major party, thus doesn't have a "home team" to root for.

I'm sure there are conspiracy theories on the left, but they don't seem to rise to the sheer WTF level and popularity as others.


>Pizza slang thing came off 4chan itself around 2005
Wasn't that cheese pizza = child porn due to both starting with the letters CP though?


>Please correct me if im wrong, but the left at least doesn't literally demonize their opponents.
What the hell are you talking about? Demonizing isn't something exclusive to one major party, they both do it to each other constantly.
>Pizza slang thing came off 4chan itself around 2005
terms like pizza/pasta etc. have been used in the past by pedophilia rings, not just on 4chan. Even if this whole thing isn't as extreme as people have been making it out to be the leaked emails are still highly suspicious.


>I'm sure there are conspiracy theories on the left, but they don't seem to rise to the sheer WTF level and popularity as others.
I'm not attempting to shift the topic, but do consider the left's opinions on police, sexuality, and other policies for examples of their conspiracy theories.


File: 1480805413490.png (111.65 KB, 200x113, OdkJQ.jpg)

>when the election wraps up and the basementdwellers that spammed for trump need something else to fill their with time now


their time with*


>terms like pizza/pasta etc. have been used in the past by pedophilia rings, not just on 4chan. Even if this whole thing isn't as extreme as people have been making it out to be the leaked emails are still highly suspicious.

There's no "smoking gun," but I agree that the emails are suspicious as hell. It reads like they're speaking in code but then again maybe they're just brain-damaged.

It'd probably take involved investigative work AFK in order to verify this. I don't see anyone doing that though.


Conspiracy hype itself is one of the best tools to incite fear, distrust, division, and uncertainty, all resulting in inaction/complacency in us/the masses.
Who stands to benefit from all these rumors circulating? It seems obvious to me that it's actually those already in positions of wealth and power.
Whether or not any of it is true is irrelevant - That anyone is giving it this much thought and concern and helping perpetuate this in others means they've already won.


Great. Now we have a goddamn FBI agent in here.
Either that or a pedophile.

Thanks for your baseless claims that "they've" already won. That didn't fucking work during the election and it's not going to work here, spook.


File: 1480811000208.png (141.65 KB, 200x113, 1367903522617.jpg)

I do not at all understand this reaction to that post.
Care to expand?


File: 1480813970065.png (174.24 KB, 200x135, serveimage.jpg)

>Who stands to benefit from all these rumors circulating? It seems obvious to me that it's actually those already in positions of wealth and power.

Wat?? Nobody implicated (power full) in this stands to benefit?

>That anyone is giving it this much thought and concern and helping perpetuate this in others means they've already won.

Move on nothing to see hear... look the other way....

I think that's why >>3532 felt that way.


i never expected to see someone capable of this level of misreading of a perfectly banal statement on lainchan

meanwhile, the planet is dying


File: 1480824768442.png (53.81 KB, 200x200, instant-sellout.jpg)

Is there any convincing evidence here or just conjecture surrounding supposed "code" words? Something doesn't feel right.

Feels like someone who thinks they can engineer a rumor to distract the Tromp-voters from something bigger.

Maybe from the fact that Tromp is 100% unable to keep his election promises?

>No wall

>No muslim ban
>Hillary not 'locked up'
>Illegals not deported
>Obamacare bronze not repealed
>In bed with Netanyahu

Not like the Tromp election platform was worth upholding in the first place. I don't even think Tromp expected to win. But damn, burgers, those of you who actually believed Tromp was anti-establishment got fucking owned. He's just another inexperienced sellout collecting points on your dime.

Can you feel it, Lain? That's the heat of the next deregulation induced financial meltdown. Enjoy tripling-down in debt to bail out the advancing wave of speculative failures.


File: 1480827008908.png (2.95 MB, 200x99, za.jpg)

Agreed. Pic is an infograph from 8ch that shows some of the code and emails.


File: 1480827139201.png (16.21 KB, 172x200, 1362038373017.jpg)

>sexual attraction to children is \emph{far} more plevalent than anyone today wants to admit or even consider
>that being true, of course the likelihood of something like this happen within the circles of the rich and powerful is much higher
This is our plutocratic consumer capitalism at it"s best in it"s ultimate and purest form.
I have no idea why this would be shocking to anyone at all - And based on the things most of them normally spew, they should be lauding it as a wonderful example of their beloved market in action.


File: 1480827397643.png (57.31 KB, 200x185, MUH-DISTRACTION-CYCLE.jpg)

>a textbook literal example of the THINK OF THE CHILDREN distraction

Exactly this, Lain. And it wasn't even a particularly convincing distraction.




It's disgusting behavior and baseless statements just like this (muh everybody's doing it) are what some of us will refuse to normalize in society today.

Sexual attraction to children should still shock you. It is not acceptable while we still have laws designed to protect children and persecute pedophiles. Unfortunately, they are failing us while society spirals down the glorified path of "acceptance" in the name of freedom™


File: 1480831147526.png (418.03 KB, 200x113, RU-distraction-ops.png)

>THINK OF THE CHILDREN should still shock you

Oh fucking thank you, distraction representative.



File: 1480833480767.png (33.02 KB, 147x200, 1471900764105.jpg)

I would love to write up an anti-piece on why "think of the children" and pedophilia hysteria is dumb, but I think your default human "programming" is inclined to follow certain ideas, opinions, beliefs etc.


nigga at least pretend like you ain't the same person each time


File: 1480837069455.png (85.86 KB, 160x200, idon'tlikething26.jpg)

I truly have never been able to see it as categorically wrong/bad.
The difference between between preferring breast to butts, is the same as that of ponos vs vagoo, or older women vs little girl, or humans vs dogs.
There are just people and what they happen to have fetishized.
This isn't even acts we're talking about yet, just attraction/arousal.
You have no right to tell someone else what they're not allowed to fetishize. They perhaps don't even have any control over it, and having a fetish, regardless of what it is, does not make one a monster.

I do go further though.
Rape, the often violent nonconsensual assertion of power over another, is horrific.
But it makes no sense to me that one can see it as reasonable to categorically declare all instances of sexual acts involving minors as being this.
Most prolly are, and in the scheme of things, this isn't at all a fight worth having.
I just see this sort of declarative absolutist way of thinking about this as retarded is all.

Pedos are people too.

Kind of sucks that fighting for freedom means you end up having to defend some of the worst examples of humanity.


So... Is there any actual evidence of wrongdoing here? Because all I see is an image representation of someone's Beautiful Mind wall with extremely weak links between things and some baseless accusations (the fishing and camping store having a secret underground space). Next people are probably going to be going on about kids being flushed down toilets that lead to secret chambers where they then get raped by various exotic animals.


File: 1480843712534.png (375.47 KB, 200x113, alexjonesmegaphone.jpg)

lmfao is this some kind of sick joke

specifically that shirt translation made me laugh out loud

could he be wearing a shirt that says he loves the restaurant he has tagged in the photo...?
>I dunno, you decide.

could it be this restaurant?
>once again, i don't know, you should decide for yourself

is he wearing a shirt that says "I heart children" or a shirt that says "i heart the child"
is he standing in front of a restaurant called the child?
>i dunno, you're gonna have to decide for yourself.

honestly if i had any more time i'd make a similar infograph with all the characters from infowars.
in fact, i'm confident we could prove alex jones fucks kids, we just need to figure out what his codewords are...


File: 1480847393727.png (58.81 KB, 200x200, jc_fatass.jpg)

>i'm confident we could prove alex jones fucks kids, we just need to figure out what his codewords are...

I don't think that he's into pederasty. Chances are that he's a closet homosexual, though:



Comrade, I agree with you. A fetish is NEVER a crime. You are very correct in the fact that being attracted to X can never be a crime, since it isn't a choice. What I don't agree with, is that you say that categorizing sex with minors as rape is nonsense.

A child does not understand the concept of sex and can thus be easily manipulated in this context (and in virtually any context to be frank). Of course a child can be "consentual" and agree upon performing acts of a sexual nature with an adult. But in these situations, the consent stems from manipulation or/and from a deranged form of affection. Ĺook back at your own childhood, imagine a close family member you look up to start planting strange ideas in your head. Tricking you into "wanting" to make him/her happy with sex. What's your take on a situation like this and which other forms of "consent" do you believe there is when an adult has sex with a child?



How can a child understand new concepts on a daily basis (school, life) but not sex?


I understood what it was and everything it meant as early as 8 maybe. Was I emotionally ready or able to deal with the deeper yet unknown ramifications? Prolly not - But the same is true today and I don't imagine this will ever change.
I never tried to imply or argue that manipulation or trickery was ok - If one is doing such things they're prolly a scumbag of a person.
This doesn't just go for sex though, I think this about drugs and everything - We need to stop lying to and treating children as though they are dumb.
So it seems to me that it's not that they are incapable of informed consent, but more often that they are intentionally ill- and miss-informed. And once you start allowing that, a single age at which something becomes ok makes no sense.
There exist children today that are perfectly capable of informed consent, just as there are plenty of adults that still are not.
Most occurrences of this are prolly going to be pretty fucked up - But you have to do shit like this on a case by case basis.
If some 13 year old knows what's up and is interested in what dick takes like, I can see nothing wrong in her trying to finding out. (And this doesn't even bring emotional attachment into play which is a whole nother messy but perfectly justified motivation - Young people can love too, they can even love old people.)
You can of course come back with `but she's can't because she's only X years old', and I have no argument because that's simply retarded.


You need to take a deep hard dive into developmental child biology&psychology. What ever illusion of consent you think they have. As in the prefrontal cortex isnt mature to any give any sort of informed choice making. And given the immature and often hyper active limbic system (depends on age) creates rash emotional responses to situations. Female fecundity isn't fully matured till the age of 18. And around that age proper hip width maturation happens around that age. The presence of menarchy doesn't necessitate fertility. The first egg drops around a year or two after the menarchy. This doesn't correlate with other biologically mature milestones such as previously mentioned hip width and production of viable oocytes (eggs). Leading me to bring up the immature hormonal system the closer to the appearance of menarchy you get.

I will source all this if you want. But for the purposes of simple discussion. Your point is anecdotal and essentially a logical fallacy.



I apologize, accidentally posted on accidented prior to editing, but the points I'm referencing are:

>I understood what it was and everything it meant as early as 8 maybe.

At this point I would venture to say you weren't even nearly prepared to make decisions on the banality level like choosing your own meals at that point. Much less sex, especially when biologically it is not supported nor encouraged by evolutionary standards.

>There exist children today that are perfectly capable of informed consent


> and I have no argument because that's simply retarded.

No it isn't. As I've pointed out before there are slew of biological and empirical reasons why (although a pat standard like 18 is only a rough guideline) it's wholly valid argument.

> 'muh pedo infromed consent meme'

I don't know where this myth about emotional maturity at a young age arises from, but the current trend in developmental medical science is that the body is actually immature until a suprisingly late time in peoples life. There are features of puberty that are mirror processes of the first few years of life that demonstrate the tumultuous nature of that period. Reaffirming that if anything its the perfect age to NOT make decisions whose ramifications can echo well into /actual/ adulthood.


What "left" are we talking about? The actual left or liberals?


File: 1480927187596.png (68.88 KB, 200x134, cute17465344450360.jpg)

i get that children are far different from adults mentally and developmentally, i just don't see this as damning or relevant
you're prolly against bestiality too, which i again can find no sensible reason to have problems with
biology kind of goes out the window with self awareness
unless you want to bring gods and whatever you think they intended into this, i've never understood the muh biology argument
if you really want to kneel to natural selection, shouldn't you be supportive of the relatives inclined to manipulate children into doing these things as a potential avenue of evolutionary diversity? if it turns out it's bad it'll be eliminated soon enough and your restrictions are only standing in the way of this
do you also think that people shouldn't be allowed to be gay? because it is `not encouraged by evolutionary standards'
if it turns out we're biologically/evolutionarilly wired to rape and murder, would that make doing so acceptable?
if we find that females/brown people are genetically inferior in some way, is it then just to stack our political institutions against them?
and why is it always assumed/implied that things improve with development or age? who are we to say that the 8 year old's don't have a clearer picture of the world and their place in it than we do
i just don't understand how you can be so declarative and absolute in your thinking
you claim empiricism, but i just see you begging the question


Did you guys see this?


Shooter seems to have mental issues obviously, talking about curses etc. Not saying that this Pizzagate thing is true but if it is then this incident really plays in the favor of the people involved. It will be even easier for them to dismiss this theory as lunacy, now that some dude shot up their pizza place.


File: 1480943499384.png (76.64 KB, 200x171, 1478489561099.jpg)

I don't see how you can read the leaked emails and the posts from Alefantis's Intragram and not think there's -something- seriously weird going on. First, the email sent by Fred Burton about "Chicago Hot Dog Friday," when Obama supposedly flew $65k worth of pizza and hot dogs to the White House for a private party.

This is weird because 1) why fly those foodstuffs in from Chicago when there are plenty of places to get them in DC, and 2) the White House doesn't allow any outside food to be served there. All food at White House events must be prepared in the White House kitchen because of security concerns.

This and other emails strongly indicate that "pizza" is a code word for some kind of entertainment. The use of "waitresses" in quotes is suspicious as well.


File: 1480944737629.png (467.28 KB, 200x129, 1480045942972.png)

The real goldmine of creepy is Alefantis's Instagram, though. He shows a pattern of sexualizing children (see pic), sexualizing pizza, associating pizza with children, and posting really skeezy non-sequitur stuff like a pic of a little girl with her wrists taped down to a table inside the restaurant. I don't know what kind of "family-friendly" establishment would want to be associated with images like this.

There's much more, including the fact that the Greek statue Alefantis uses as his avatar is of Antinous, who was a historical figure said to be "without doubt one of the most elevated and ideal monuments to pederastic love of the whole ancient world." None of it proves anything for sure, and a lot of people are going on about cults and MKULTRA and so on which is just a distraction. When you look at the evidence from Podesta and Alefantis in total there's just way too much smoke to say there's no fire without investigating.


honestly this actually looks like these 2 dudes are just flaming queens lol

the obama thing reads like they're taking the piss as well...


wait wat

why are you digging through the gi files?https://search.wikileaks.org/gifiles/

i thought the pizza gate shit was podesta emails?



The Burton email is another suspicious reference to "pizza." Podesta also says strange things about pizza (handkerchief with a pizza-related map?) but all the people involved were close to the Obama administration and the DNC, they ran in the same circles. Alefantis's boyfriend is David Brock, Hillary's lead PR strategist.


Flaming queens maybe, but most gay guys don't post the kind of stuff about children that these guys did. And the kids in the pics are young, like toddlers and babies.


>He shows a pattern of sexualizing children (see pic)
How exactly is that picture sexualizing children? Also, are those his kids or the kids of close friends/relatives in those pictures and is that him in the pictures with facial hair? If so then there's nothing off with those pictures sans the rather weird one where the kid's arms are taped to the table. This whole thing seems to be a ridiculous attempt to read non existent deeper meanings into things that rivals some of my high school literature classes.


This event can be interpreted as a cover up, to paint the anons involved in investigating this as lunatics and make it seem more likely that this whole affair is a fakenews conspiracy theory. It can also be interpreted as that it really was some alt right moron with a gun who got too invested in pizzagate.
Seeing as none of us were actually there and we can't really know what went through the mind of the shooter, we will probably never find out the truth. It is an interesting event nevertheless and thanks for pointing it out.


The shooter is actually an actor, low budget, not famous, but has an IMDB entry.


>to paint the anons involved in investigating this as lunatics
That wasn't necessary to make me think they're a bunch of retards tbh.


Man and I thought the whole "spirit cooking" thing was stupid.
/pol­/tards never cease to amaze me.


Could be relevant but also completely irrelevant.


>actor, low budget, not famous
No wonder he's off the deep end.




>muh Biology

Pick one.

>shouldn't be allowed to be gay


>Was I emotionally ready

Posted in >>3566

Also stop implying so much. The point of the post, if you follow, is that mental acquity and ability for optimal decision making obvious gets shittier the younger you are. Biological markers of body development have coinciding milestones in cognitive abilities. What you do, is take those maturation milestones as signals that the underlying neural capability has followed suit. This is of course not accounting for culture and socioeconomics.

> gay people comment

I personally dont care.

>against bestiality too

Nope, could care less if you like horsecock in your tuckus. See? Please stop implying.

>if it turns out we're biologically/evolutionarilly wired to rape and murder, would that make doing so acceptable

We aren't so it's a non-issue in this case

>why is it always assumed/implied that things improve with development or age

Assumed? It's empirically evident. Statistically with a STRONG correlation factor show that biological maturation (excising the other end of the age spectrum where dementia slopes down the curve again) show that better decision making and reasoning skills occur with maturation. These coincide with neuralogical maturation as the brain gels into place. Not to mention puberty (avoiding naive structures prior to that) exacts a special toll since a metabolic 'firestorm' exhausts most processes in the body. Which is why sleep requirements increase by an hour or two during this period.

>if we find that females/brown people are genetically inferior in some way, is it then just to stack our political institutions against them?

You've spilled the soykaf. I'm only addressing the "I'm 8 hurr I could make decisions for myself" point. Nothing else.

>i just don't understand how you can be so declarative and absolute in your thinking

It's called empirical science and the power of longitudinal assays into behavioral, physiological, and psychological maturation from infancy through puberty into adulthood.

>Begging the question

I asked if you wanted sources... you never said please or yes... or anything to the affirmative. Aren't we here to argue in good faith?


This treats decision making by age. Whats interesting is they used a punishment step to also study self-inhibition through planning. Read it yourself, the conclusion so far, along with other papers is that the development is a rather protracted process.

>Giedd, J.N. et al. October 1999. “Brain development during childhood and adolescence: a longitudinal MRI study.” Nature. Vol 2, No 10, pp. 861-863

Specifically shows the reorganization of the brain in puberty. This is striking because most child development researchers had until recently thought that the majority of developmental brain development for the most part ceased at a few years after birth.

In particular, during the reorganization, the prefrontal cortex matures last.

>Lampert T, Thamm M. Tabak-, Alkohol- und Drogenkonsum von Jugendlichen in Deutschland. Ergebnisse des Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitssurveys (KiGGS) Bundesgesundheitsblatt- Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz. 2007;50:600–608.

>Susanne E. Baumgartner, Sindy R. Sumter, Jochen Peter, Patti M. Valkenburg

Pediatrics Dec 2012, 130 (6) e1489-e1496; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2012-0842

Particularly you'll see the curve in figure 1. Compare that with the median age for the start of puberty.

So there's a lot of empirical evidence citing increasing risk then a downswell after pre-frontal cortex "gelling".

Our consciousness resides in our biology, or at the very least (if YOU'RE into god spooks) is affected by it. To discount biology is to discount reality. No moral issue is needed to make it confusing.


>To discount biology is to discount reality
(different lainon here) I totally agree but some crazies like to live in their own world where proven science only works if you can rape kids with it.


I'm not saying you're wrong about the developmental biology or psychology.
I'm saying that I don't see how you can just state that their desires, emotional, or reasoning facilities being different invalidates them.



I didn't say invalidate, I said that they wouldn't be capable of reasoning out effectively the same way an adult would. Which in pretty much a world standard means 'adult' for informed consent situations.


File: 1481045100047.png (35.94 KB, 200x103, 0046_04.gif)


and you don't see how that's begging the question?


>vote for Trump
>Legalize torture
>Create "racial" social hierarchy
>Support the interests of the rich
>muh race
>muh nation
>muh 17th century bullshit pseudoscience
>Repeat after me
>You are free
>Liberals are slaves



Do you understand what begging the question means?

Off the top of the list...[https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/begging-the-question]

"This logically incoherent argument often arises in situations where people have an assumption that is very ingrained, and therefore taken in their minds as a given. Circular reasoning is bad mostly because it's not very good."

I presented the biological facts of child development, with statistical analysis on various aspect of frontal lobe development. Proceeding with the conclusion that these data points to inhibited planning mechanics in the brain. What you should then read, from the sources, is that immature adults (and nowhere near the age of 8) make suboptimal decisions on the basis of biology.

From [http://begthequestion.info/]
>"Begging the question" is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself.

I presented sources. And I can keep presenting more sources, but your responses are low energy that I'm beginning to believe you're just baiting at this point.


who are you quoting?


You're just being terribly inconsistent and not following anything you say to their absurd logical conclusions is all.
It's obvious you don't think so, but I have nothing vested in this.
I've heard all the facts and data before and you have offered me nothing new, I still am unable to see it as categorically wrong or bad.
Sorry I'm not putting up the grand debate you were maybe hoping for.


File: 1481184442579.png (76.69 KB, 200x150, ⁽⁽⁽˚˅˚⁾⁾⁾.png)

Saw this and kek'd.

>actually believing the clickbait shit you read

>staging a shooting without any deaths or injuries

Offline shitposting 2016


>It's called greentext you pleb.


File: 1481228856490.png (37.89 KB, 200x151, images.duckduckgo.com.gif)

I get temp B& for this quite sensible post - ok I did not ask a question directly (rule 4) but still I feel this was a decent and legit post... I mean what about
No panic b& there!

I hope this is not any attempt to discredit the topic.


File: 1481230345845.png (62.46 KB, 200x200, undesirable-1-custom-photo-poster-large-msg-129265879777.jpeg)

(a diff. new anon here)
>I still am unable to see it as categorically wrong or bad.
It is basically taking advantage of someone. its only as wrong as you define wrong. Ultimately the Universe dies so what happens in the mean time has no meaning, except unto the people who live it.

As a friend or person I respect - this individual stands no chance. This person is either a bottom feeder (i mean that as in having sex with things that can't say no) or someone who likes the power trip of being able to mold/mess future adults.

Your right there is nothing *wrong* with this view, but it displays many undesirable characteristics for most people.


>sick fucks are incapable of knowing they are sick fucks
The concept of rape to any sane individual is downplayed by these crazies to something like "taking sweet candy from a baby".

goddamn pedos be like


>Why fly those foodstuffs in from Chicago

Okay, you can get pizza pretty much anywhere, right? But in Chicago, pizza is different. That shit is completely different. You can't even compare Chicago pizza to, say, New York pizza because they're not even the same fucking dish. To a much lesser extent, same goes with the hot dogs. You think you could find some candy-ass dog dresser in DC that knows the proper proportion of mustard to relish? I do not blame our president what-so-fucking-ever for importing a proper Chicago pizza and proper Chicago hot dog. Indeed, I APPLAUD him for staying true to his roots.


fucking every other post in this thread


>I hope this is not any attempt to discredit the topic.

You are the center of the universe.


Rape is perhaps the most deplorable act one can commit - I might go as far as to say that anything we consider bad, is such because it can be deconstructed down into a form of rape.
Not all sex with minors is rape - Most of course will be, but not all.
This was all I was saying - I'm not talking some meta universal concept of `wrong' and I'm not trying to minimize the potential heinous evils here.
I find it very interesting that even people on Lainchan are so viscerally perturbed by this thought.


File: 1481261501514.png (231.38 KB, 200x151, yotsuba010218.jpg)

Why is everyone, even people who think all of this is bullshit, so weirded out by the pic of the girl taped to the table?
Have none of you ever spent any time with children? They're all about doing incomprehensible shit like that.
She's obviously just enjoying herself and being a kid.
Takes a certain (apparently common) sort of mind to see a picture of a kid doing kid things and view it as proof of something sinister.
I do not understand you people at all.


Neither do they - hence why this thread and "scandal" exists.


>so weirded out by the pic of the girl taped to the table?
>Takes a certain (apparently common) sort of mind to see a picture of a kid doing kid things and view it as proof of something sinister.
I think the picture is somewhat weird, but I don't think that it's proof of anything. This whole thing seems like it should be a joke and I don't understand how people can believe this shit. From the pizza shop owner who lets pedophilia completely define himself and tries to put hidden pedo meanings into absolutely everything to the performance artist who totally isn't doing all that shit for shock value. All the logic involved here stinks people with an agenda to push and trying to work back from there.


I don't even understand the discourse which has developed since the election.

I understood it all up until november 9th and suddenly I feel like I'm 90 years old.


If it doesn't make sense, that's the point.



>trust me I know what's going on because someone wrote a book about it that became a documentary that i watched
>I'm in the know and you're not so just watch this



File: 1481657503142.png (598.47 KB, 200x112, Keith Olberman Russian Sc….webm)

You forgot MUH RUSSIANS.
That's the funniest one.


File: 1481660491526.png (17.11 KB, 200x200, 1423540835553.jpg)


>powerful people may be molesting children. we should look into it.

>lol unprecedented. tin foil tier conspiracy.

>Russian hackers are why we lost an election.

>i don't even need proof. this literally happened.


File: 1481662200154.png (509.09 KB, 200x113, ClipboardImage.png)

>there is evidence for one but not the other


File: 1481663218509.png (16.99 KB, 200x150, where do you see that.jpg)


File: 1481756144700.png (243.84 KB, 200x117, muh-streisand-effect.png)

>All of the RU-salt in this thread
It's not like they have a positive image to maintain. Do they really have nothing better to do than "correct" opinions on the internet?

What do you think the average burger uses to make a decision? Their gut or their brain?


Please don't bring this shit into lainchan please god. I know the users on here are smarter than this.


File: 1481765984935.png (14.33 KB, 200x200, up yours, kid.jpg)


I have yet to see any evidence to suggest your smug assessment is accurate. Just a lot of faggots ducking all but the easiest arguments while claiming intellectual superiority.



File: 1481771942300.png (10.27 KB, 139x200, supreme-like.jpg)

You() seem mad that someone on the internet has a different opinion than your own. I would suggest venting in >>>/feels/


File: 1481772856128.png (22.22 KB, 200x150, that's exactly what i'm talking about.jpg)


$65,000 for pizza! you think thats legit - fuck Chicago he should have that shipped direct from Italy for that price.


No, the topic is the center of THIS Universe.


File: 1481980786775.png (32.04 KB, 184x200, Reality-sucks-fat-girl-demotivational.jpg)

>Not all sex with minors is rape - Most of course will be, but not all.

Ah thats like saying a con is ok because at some point both parties agreed to it.

You interested in taking my fine car off me for a good price sir... only to find out in later life that the car is not so good and you did not know what you were signing up for at the time. The grater knowledge of the seller (con man) was used to leaver cash out of the buyers hand with full awareness of his lack of knowledge about the car - this is not the fair trade of goods for cash. Psychologically this is akin to what is happening when you engage in sex with a minor as a fully aware adult.

>I find it very interesting that even people on Lainchan are so viscerally perturbed by this thought.

I find it sad that there are people on Lainchan that can't see the wrong in this.

Unless of course all these "non" rape encounters were initiated by boner driven horny kids who just would not take no for an answer...


hey dudes what the fuck this mean?
wrapp names in this way: (((George Soros)))


I've seen that before and I think it has something to do with je ws. Not all the names with that sound je wy but it seems like some kind of label that the burgers are using.
Maybe it's some kind of pride thing but ok great, thanks for letting us know you're a je w?


means they're je wish


huh, so you can't make posts with "je wish" in it.
Pretty sure it's not pride is like an internet version of hi tler's ju den armbands


It's used by people (read / pol/) to imply people are je wish in a negative sense. It did generate a backlash where je ws and non-je ws used it on their own names.


So many Dunning-Kruger morality police here. Teens under 18 can consent, and there's no difference between ephebophobia and racism, sexism or homophobia.

>ephebos = pedo with a thesaurus

If you think this is a valid argument, you're incapable of critical thought.

>nothing in common with gay rights


>A child does not understand the concept of sex

Are you using the word "child" in a legal or moral sense? If the former, this is obviously wrong, as sex is easy to understand and teens do it together often. They also do it with adults they like in places where it's legal, which is most of the planet. How much understanding do you think they need to consent? Do people need an MD to eat a steak?

>As in the prefrontal cortex isnt mature to any give any sort of informed choice making.

Why don't we revoke your voting rights, then? People who (believe in/deny, pick one) Pizzagate aren't mature or informed enough to vote for (candidate I don't like). Here's a paper we wrote saying people who disagree with us have mental problems! Science!

>Read it yourself

>Open PDF

>Read the first sentence
>Study examines 79 girls and 66 boys

You're going to judge the competence of every teen on a sample size less than my IQ?

>Ah thats like saying a con is ok because at some point both parties agreed to it.

Nobody's being conned here.

>dumb car analogy

This can happen to adults too. Anyone can make mistakes. Are you going to arrest everyone who ever got dumped? Someone made a choice that wasn't right for them, but that isn't rape. This isn't like a company falsely advertising their product. It's like if the company told the truth, but you didn't understand how to use it or decided you didn't like it after all. You want the sexual equivalent of suing McDonald's for spilling hot coffee on your lap when said coffee was clearly marked as hot. Even teens can understand that, but you don't. Maybe we should take away your right to consent.


Haha, just read some more of that study and it's a laugh riot. >>3585 basically loses either way.

Read this part:

>Another study (Ernst et al., 2003) examined IGT performance in 12–14-year-old adolescents with and without behavior disorders (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or conduct disorder) as compared with healthy adults. No performance differences were found between the healthy adolescents and the healthy adult sample

To have owned yourself so spectacularly with the very study you cite to support your bigotry may be the ultimate humiliation. And yet nobody pointed this out. His post was made on December 5, too. I get that this is a slow board, but the profound intellectual laziness of ephebophobes really shows itself here.


>This can happen to adults too. Anyone can make mistakes

It's still does not make things OK... It still taking advantage... I bet it's not a mutual attraction (for pre pubescent children)...
And I know that bad and wrong are just human constructs not bound by physics.... Still either you strive for a do as you would be done by existence... Or you have no issue with people taking advantage of you.... Your fine with burglary, deception, fraud etc. As these are all just someone taking advantage of someone else.

And seriously adults talking small kids into sex is gonna be taking advantage of em. It would be like taking candy from a baby.


What is this, an hidden thread?


>I get that this is a slow board, but the profound intellectual laziness of ephebophobes really shows itself here.
Or maybe they just don't feel like responding to obviously wrong and retarded bait.
We need someone to I guess though, so thank you.


File: 1484030079536.png (89.68 KB, 200x200, deplorables.jpg)

>>no wall
>>Hillary not 'locked up'
>>>Illegals not deported
>>Obamacare bronze not repealed
>>In bed with Netanyahu
Well he said he loved Israel from day one. Anyone who finds this surprising either was not paying attention or was lying to themselves.

But seriously, watching you lose and make predictions that turn out to be wrong over and over again for the next 8 years is going to give me a permanent erection. Your butthurt sustains me. Please never stop.