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Does anyone else here pirate with no remorse?
After witnessing Hollywood exercising their influence in my country's courts to unjustly bring people to crushing debt just to find a scapegoat and record companies destroying the greatest collection of music in history and game companies abusing DRM i came to the conclusion that i must never support any of this with my money.
I pirate all singleplayer games that cant be found DRM-free on GOG and Humble from honest and good devs, multiplayer games if i must i purchase from G2A in hopes that my money goes to the Russian Maffia instead of publishers.


I pirate all movies and music that I consume.

I don't pirate games because I don't trust that people won't inject virii into them. At least with GOG and steam(gross, I know, but civ has DRM) you have a reasonable guarantee that the only people fucking with your computer are the game makers and distributors.


step up your corsairing game, join a private game tracker


I have no qualms about pirating literature and movies/animes/shows... games I'll try to support if its a great outfit.

For literature and movies and such, my reasoning is that if it educates me and inspires me it'll show as more progress and more profit with that progress, which will in turn be reinvested into moments where I actually do spend money on something like a limited edition boxset, or physical book. Same with software...

I'll boot up pycharm/webstorm/intellij in a live distro and import projects. Then when I reboot the reevaulation period starts over. But when I've had enough money Ill bay for the subscription for it (since that over all process is a bit annoying).


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>I don't trust that people won't inject virii into them.
This... My waifu has a bunch of games but now days never installs them because of this issue... I guess I could run them in a VM and check for any wrong doing from there... but fuck it... now all i do is mod the original crysis demo so i am all powerful and everything is placed conveniently for my killing needs, the island is bigger and there is lots to blow up... its like a fuckin Rambo fest! - dumb bots and millions of them v me with all the guns.


Honestly, I just play by their rules or don't consume at all.

If I like your game/movie/whatever, I'll buy it. If I'm not interested at all, then I don't pirate. I don't think getting sued is worth some game or movie I'm only going to enjoy once or twice anyhow.

I spend more time enjoying free or cheap content since Youtube and similar sites allow me to enjoy a lot of public domain content as well as great indie content from average joes.

I don't even understand how people can still care about Hollywood/AAA game devs when the common complaint I ever hear both online and offline is how Hollywood/AAA devs are just pumping out remakes, sequels no one wanted, and clones and charging full price for them.


I pirate all media that I consume, unless I particularly like something then I'll spend money (GOG games, or HumbleBundles, or Bandcamp albums)..

I torrent all of my books that I read, love my kindle...

I just don't see why you wouldn't


yeah, all the time
Pirating is the easiest, most obvious way to get some bit of media, and its completely normal in my mind.
I'll only buy something if I have a specific desire to support the creator, generally stuff off of bandcamp. The only real exception is multiplayer video games.
Maybe I'll buy anime boxsets and physical manga more when I can understand japanese better, same with 2hu dojin albums.


fuark. wrong field


At this point moral arguments against so-called pirates are like moral arguments against masturbation.

You can't stop it, it doesn't hurt anyone, and the ones that want you to stop are hypocrites.

There is no inherent right to control digital copying, powerful interests are using the state to control their business model.


Has anyone found malicious software in epubs or PDF?


I pirate all media I consume, but I buy things I liked to support creators, if they're alive. Books and anime figures in particular. I have never bought music, films, anime and games.


Only books amd music. I stopped pirating movies and games years ago. Not out of some profound epiphany but because books and music are much more bang for the byte.


My sentiments are echoed here. It might be rude to say this, but I find certain mindsets expressed in this thread and elsewhere entitled. I get unwillingness to support evil industries, but the real solution would be not to get the media at all. If you don't want to have anything to do with Hollywood, stop watching their movies. The world isn't gonna run out of entertainment even if you knock out the biggest players. Work a little for your protests. Even vegans have more right to smugness, at least they're sacrificing something.


Personally, no. But I know it's possible.


Honestly, I think most discussions about piracy would be a lot better if most people were just upfront with the fact they don't want to pay money for what is basically, a luxury.

And now there is quite a lot of insanely cheap or free entertainment, and yet many people still want to deal with Hollywood and friends. I mean the utter destruction of the porn industry is possibly the best example. People now laugh audibly at the idea of paying for porn because Miss Average Jugs and Mister Average Dong has now posted centuries worth of fap material for free.

I think the answer is more content from the masses for the masses. That's all I can say, really.


I have no problem pirating shit (it's almost the only way to obtain foreign media on my country). If I have the money to buy a CD that I really like, I'll buy it. If there's a game that I really like on the HumbleBundle, and if I have the money, I'll buy it. TV shows are pirated without exception.
Also the laws of my country are chill af in this aspect. People with stores selling pirated material (mostly movies and TV series, but also various software) are legit as long as they don't offer pirated national media.


yeah. it's one of the biggest benefits of this era, might as well get in on it.


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>Does anyone else here pirate with no remorse?
Why would anyone feel anything resembling "remorse" for potentially offending some other country's patriarchal "intellectual property" conventions? That's a dank meme.

"Remorse" for not being compensated well enough to afford survival necessities while supporting the creators of the work I enjoy? Getting closer.

Content creators are not adequately compensated for their work. Lawyers and politicians reap 99% of the material benefits from the current system of content restrictions. So even if I "paid" for all content, as per the laws of the content-imperialists, the creators would not be adequately compensated my payment.

I feel "remorse" that our global system of graft continues to exist unabated.


I pirate any corporate media or entertainment especially if they try to hide behind bullshit US copyright laws which do not hold for the rest of the world. Let the megacorps claim muh piracy is why we have to raise ticket prices or charge your balls to play some shitty game.

I will continue to steal until people wake up on their own and realize they are being lied to.

For those of you on the high horse saying "neeh I don't pirate because muh entitlement". No. Fuck you. go back to the pleb market and pay retail price for that vanilla latte or whatever you capitalist slaves drink.


You are talking about basic necessities in the same breath as paid entertainment. Movies, videogames, TV shows, chinese cartoons, and non-chinese cartoons are luxury products. These are not basic necessities. You can live your life without some of them, no matter how much you'd love to consume that particular piece of media.

I understand levels above the bottom 2 in Maslow's hierarchy matter, but you can get entertainment for free from public libraries, bookcrossing, or local events to name a few. Hell, the internet has all kinds of freely available things.

>Lawyers and politicians reap 99% of the material benefits from the current system of content restrictions.

Then stop consuming proprietary media that perpetuates this state of things. There's a ton of PD or otherwise freely distributed media out there, more than enough for a few lifetimes. Draconian "intellectual property" laws are fought with political advocacy, not pretending torrents are a statement. Buy CDs directly from musicians. Fund movie projects you're interested in. Buy games and books from Humble Bundle and put the sliders 100% to charity (preferably EFF if you ask me, but that's up to you).

But you are being entitled. I'm paying full price for neither vanilla lattes nor videogames, because I don't drink or play things I think aren't worth their price.


Holy crap where do you live?


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>Then stop consuming proprietary media that perpetuates this state of things. There's a ton of PD or otherwise freely distributed media out there, more than enough for a few lifetimes. Draconian "intellectual property" laws are fought with political advocacy, not pretending torrents are a statement. Buy CDs directly from musicians. Fund movie projects you're interested in. Buy games and books from Humble Bundle and put the sliders 100% to charity (preferably EFF if you ask me, but that's up to you).

This is good advice. Though I can't afford to "buy" content right now. I won't purchase proprietary media. If I had the time and resources to play games on non-proprietary systems I'd prefer to support foss game development. Same goes for film, though it is difficult to support the film industry without supporting the proprietary hardware/software used by the industry.

Overall I won't consume content that isn't freely available on the Wired. Even though there's a lot of garbage out there, there is already more valuable information and entertainment than I can hope to consume in my lifetime.


Probably SE Asia.

>If I had the time and resources to play games on non-proprietary systems I'd prefer to support foss game development.
FOSS games just won't work. Same for "FOSS" movies. Sure, you can make a game or a movie for free, but nobody will support it for free, or the quality will be nothing like non-FOSS. It's delusional to think that will ever work. Just take a look at an average game or a movie and look how many people worked on it full time, and for how long...
Do you expect that there will be talented or experienced people that will say to themselves "yeah, I could make thousands a month, but I'm just going to barely survive and do this thing for free".

Kind of ironic talking about entitlement while saying "it's my right to have everything for free". That's the reason why socialism failed and will always fail - there are always people looking to exploit the system. You are exactly those people.


>FOSS games just won't work.
I disagree, but I am a roguelike junkie so I may be biased. Videogames can be enjoyable without AAA budgets and even gratis games often make profit thanks to optional payments or side merchandise.
>Same for "FOSS" movies.
Depends on what you call the equivalent of FOSS for movies. Obviously there are more public domain movies than anyone has time to see, but let's talk about new movies. Again, it's unlikely that multi-million/billion dollar movie studios could stay that way if libre content was the norm, but since when did this become the Hollywood Mogul Appreciation Thread anyway? Independent movies are often available directly from the people who made it, and if you're being stricat about the "FOSS" angle, YouTube alone has plenty of indie features that would unlikely be hurt at all if licensed under something akin to CC-BY.

If you only like million-budget entertainment from major studios, you're probably right. FOSS isn't inherently incompatible with high profits, but I'm not an idealist enough to believe it won't hamper them. My point is that you can live perfectly fine without proprietary entertainment, and if you really want to make a difference you should. It doesn't seem like you care that much and that's your pregorative. If you like steaks enough to stop you from going vegan, don't do it.

You can live without pastries. You don't have to diet, but you can't have your cake and complain about the confectionery industry too.


About doing movies for free, that got a friend to earn scholarships to Europe, Japan and Cuba. Of course he didn't make Avengers' kind of films, with expensive action scenes and computer sfx, he simply tried his best at generating a narrative, and he succeeded in it.


>the bonds of slavery run deep
I don't claim to have a "right" to anything and do not recognize copyright nonsense that you burgers use to push globalist policy. I simply do what I want, but I guess you girls need permission before you sit down and pee.

Stop calling everything entitlement when you bitches can't even recognize how enslaved you are. Say it correctly: It's called piracy but you capitalist slaves may prefer the politically correct term "stealing".


Please refrain from making ad hominem arguments with childish assumptions, comrade. I'm trying to have civilized discussion here.

I do not use the word "stealing" for unauthorized copying of software and media. I don't even like the word "piracy" in that context. Naval robbery has nothing to do with acquisition or distribution of media without the publisher's permission.

If you ask me, you're the one who's enslaved here. you hate the globalist policies of capitalists, but apparently not so much that you'd want to miss any of their products. It may not be you paying them, but you're promoting the consumption of their products anyway. Neither of us paid a cent for the most recent movie you torrented and watched, but I probably didn't feel the need to watch it either, nor justify myself afterwards by name-calling people burgers, globalists, capitalists, or girls who need a permission for urinating.


Nope, try Latin America. Super high inflation, shaky internet connection and a shitty government (and shittier opposition, I might add) gets in the way of enjoying this paradise.


Almost all PDF exploits have since been patched out and only ever affected Adobe Reader


I used to be staunchly anti-piracy.

Then that era ended, and now mega-corps profit while content creators get locked out of their own IPs. Now I pirate everything except anime and manga. Those two, I buy directly from Japan for cheap. As far as I'm concerned, the real thieves are these big-name labels trying to stifle creative content in the name of profit.


And you help the creators by giving them no money instead of little money...?
>Now I pirate everything except anime and manga. Those two, I buy directly from Japan for cheap.
If you are buying used, it is pretty much the same as pirating it, at least for the creator. If you are buying new, you are still paying so-called "mega-corps" and anime is definitely worse in that regard than videogames or music.


File: 1482521043800.png (62.83 KB, 200x146, get-back-porky-3266071.png)

Piracy makes porky mad, so it is good.


...Are you from Argentina or Chile? Most latin American countries,aside from those, hate their current gobverment much more than any kind of oposition.


The country's Venezuela. This is kind of an unpopular opinion here, but after seeing the opposition not getting their shit together in the National Assembly and lose all kind of momentum they gained after destroying the government in the 2015's elections, I stopped believing in that 'lesser of two evils' bullshit.

To make this rant thread related, this: I pirate shamelessly and freely, but living here is not worth it. To anyone in Europe, let's change places!


Recently decided to pirate all media, even DRM-free games. In the future if i have money I will buy from GOG.

If I can't find something already, I will buy it and share it with others. Fuck Hollywood.


I only pirate films that aren't on Netflix. I'm okay with buying games or music because I know I'll get a lot of mileage out of them, but I'll only watch a film once. Not really enough to justify the price of a blu ray.

I have no greater moral reason for pirating or not, it just depends on whether I want to save a few pennies. It's not like a few people boycotting such an immense industry is going to change anything substantial anyway.


Latin American here. Can confirm. Piracy is so normal in my country. You have people selling dvds (games, music, movies, etc) on street, on public transportation.


I don't pirate stuff. If I spend some time sitting on my ass alone then it'd better be for reading a book or studying something.

>aside from those
Not really, the current Argentine president won the (1vs1) election by 51% vs 49% of the votes and now, one year from the election, the majority of the populace doesn't like him, he doesn't even show his face in public. He's friends with Porky, so he'll put up some laws against piracy if he hasn't done so yet.

As for Chile you may be right, looks like the president was liked enough as to be reelected, but recently lost "popularity" due to her family's corruption scandals. Just like the previous Argentine president. I don't know about Chile's current laws on piracy.