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Has anyone ever served on a jury before? I've received a summons and would like to know what to expect.

I'm familiar with the concept of jury nullification though the need for that is rare in most cases.


according to my parents, it is very boring. However, it's one of those things you really should do.


>very boring
Unless you're on trial. One juror can make the difference between whether someone lives or dies or has their freedom taken away.

It's heavy stuff.


95% of the time you're not on murder cases.


You should immediately watch 12 Angry Men (1957) and Jury Duty (1995), as research.

I knew a guy who did jury duty, he said he got to handle a block of hashish the size of a housebrick, and got a wicked contact high.



Its really not this great. You have a <5% getting anything interesting.

Still do watch 12 Angry Men though. good movie.


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overrated waste of time. I was a juror in a case to determine the fate of a man in jail for breaking into his neighbors garage and stealing his lawnmower and a drill. the first half hour of 'duty' was me listening to judge lard bottom recount his favorite episode of Duck Dynasty in great detail with the prosecution. the next 20 minutes dragged on until recess, and a plea bargain was worked out to make the whole thing go away somehow.

the guy who stole this stuff..he...didnt really seem to understand what he had done was in any way bad. he seemed more incompetent than anything. and the kicker? the lawnmower didnt even work properly. it was missing a cable or something.


Watch 12 Angry Men to learn everything you need to know.


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>I got Jury duty, whattup with that?

>yo watch 12 angry men


I've rarely heard it described in positive terms.

>waste of time

Maybe, but if I were on trial I would want a jury that took it seriously.