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Alright burgers, there's 2 days left until Trump officially takes office. There has been many attempts to prevent this, most notably:
> recount of votes - which ended up to be MORE in his favor
> pleading with the electoral college to repeal their traditional pass-through vote for the president. marketed as "team purple" - uniting democrats and republicans against Trump
> threatening WW3 or martial law to extend the current presidency (mostly speculation as I've yet to see an official government action on this)

So, what other attempts can actually be made at this point to prevent the inauguration? These are some pretty desperate moves already but I find it really interesting to see all the strategies being employed as the clock winds down.


You had your chance to beat him. You fucked up.
Just accept the loss and move on. Americans will soon come to love him anyway.


Nothing is going to happen beyond some protests.

> threatening WW3 or martial law to extend the current presidency

Fuck off. People have been going on about Obama enacting martial law and serving a third term in some way or another for the past 8 fucking years, and people were going on about Bush doing the same before that. Obama sure must be lazy if he's procrastinated his martial law plans until the last minute.


Assasination at the innaguration is basically the only vaugely plausible thing off the top of my head.
Its too late, now. This is real life. You cant escape it.
I doubt even that his opponents will get their heads out of their ass once hes in office, they'll probably lodge it up there even further and 'is trump russian spy and reincarnation of hitler' will fully entrench itself as the new 'obama is kenyan muslim and also the antichrist'
I dont like this state of affairs, you know.


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Don't be so swift to judge his victory as a loss. No one has any idea what he will do as president. Everyone so far has been so pessimistic. Call me what you like, but I for one am hopeful.


Oh the loss referred exclusively to the presidential race.
I think Trump will do quite well as the president and I'm sure people will come to like him (as I said earlier on).


Eh, looking at our history with inept presidents/cabinets there's plenty he could do or fail to do that could result in..future complications.

But yeah, like everyone else has been saying, outside of murderous intervention, we're stuck with him, so we might as well start brushing up on non/violent protest methodologies.


The good news is he really wont be that bad, no matter how much pessimism the dramatic progressives like to throw about.

The bad news is he certainly won't be Reagan 2


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What would you like to protest, lainon?


not him/her, but:
well for example the fact he decided to lower the corporate tax from 35% to 15% with the explicit goal of higher profit accumulation within the enterprises (the bigger of whom already have so much money they don't know what to do with it). Apparently wealth inequality is not yet high enough.


Wealth inequality is in no way an indication of overall economic health. We could all be starving on a desert island, yet could boast having "equality."
Whenever I hear people moaning about wealth inequality, I'm led to believe that they wouldn't mind the poor being poorer, provided that the rich were less rich.




Ohhh boy I got some bad news for you if you think income inequality isn't a good indicator of economic health.


inb4 paradox of thrift


Income inequality IS a good indicator of wealth, as a measure of where a country's total wealth is located, which segments of the population control it.

You seem to be talking about lowering the country's overall wealth which... is I guess a scenario but doesn't have anything to do with income inequality


>people who have no clue about economics, discussing economics

Just... don't...



"You disagree with me??!? Obviously you just don't know what you're talking about, rather than I'm misunderstanding!!! It's the kids who are out of touch..."


When we're just shouting our opinions at each other, nobody's gaining anything, please remember rule 4: "You should always elaborate on your opinions rather than just spilling the soykaf."


Pretty much this.

Think about it this way: Trump is highly disliked and distrusted by a significant amount of Americans, many of whom are in positions of power. Media, whether mainstream or not, will scrutinize his actions. If he makes moves that infringe on constitutional rights, they'll actually be reported on and become public knowledge, putting pressure on his administration to keep in check. Had Hillary won, the mainstream media would turn a blind eye to any questionable policies, and there would be little pressure to amend such policies (see: Obama administration).