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If meditation is so good for one's "soul"/mind/whatever and enhances empathy, then why did the civilizations that practiced it were still your run of the mill conglomerate of people? They weren't anything special, aside from cultural and religious aspects.


how is meditation any different from prayer? they both require you to sit and contemplate...


I don't know of a culture that doesn't practice some form of meditation.


You are talking about the activities of individuals but using the accomplishments of entire nations to guage the success of these activities. There is no activity more individual or solitary than meditation. This is like studying waves and tides by only looking at sea water on a molecular level.


because sitting in the floor literally doing nothing , accomplishes nothing


You ever consider that they needed to practice it just to remain your run of the mill people and not degenerate?


if you practice properly it involves many techniques, enjoy your terrible attitude salad drokker