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Last hit bump limit. I'll start us off.

Function - Burn
Function - Immolare
Function is cyb as fuck. Strongly recommended.

IVF - Celine
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I knew the artist from the Elect-LO-nica compilation album. Which is free I may add.
Good stuff.


Thanks. There's not really. Not that I could find anyway. I cobbled it together from these three pages mostly.

Found the most difficult part getting the syntax and all the inputs and outputs to map properly. It doesn't always seem clear how many there are and how to address them, especially when some are implied or you use a ';' when you needed a ',' in your filter complex. The errors given aren't much help here.

Here's what I did:
ffmpeg -y -i outside2.flac -filter_complex "[0:a]channelsplit[a1][a2]" -map [a1] left.flac -map [a2] right.flac

ffmpeg -y -threads 8 -filter_complex 'amovie=right.flac, showspectrum=color=intensity:scale=cbrt:orientation=vertical:slide=scroll:overlap=1:s=1280x360' -c:v libx264 right.mkv

#BOTTOM (Needs to be flipped)
ffmpeg -y -threads 8 -filter_complex 'amovie=left.flac, showspectrum=color=intensity:scale=cbrt:orientation=vertical:slide=scroll:overlap=1:s=1280x360, vflip' -c:v libx264 left.mkv

ffmpeg -y -i left.mkv -i right.mkv -threads 8 -filter_complex [1][0]vstack[out] -map [out] -c:v libx264 stacked.mkv

ffmpeg -y -i netrunner.png -i stacked.mkv -filter_complex '[0][1]blend=all_mode=negation' blended.mkv
If I could properly grasp the ins and outs for the filter complex this could probably be done in one line. I'd have liked to do more with it but I got tired.

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This is /cult/, the culture board. Culture is defined as the arts and other instances of human intellectual achievement regarded as a whole.

The intended purpose of this board is discussion of culture not relevant on the other boards. In particular, the creation and discussion of media, including music, visuals, and programmatically generated content is encouraged.

Arguments concerning the merit of a culture are inappropriate here.

Peruse the board before making a new thread. If a thread is deemed repetitive, it may be closed with a redirection to the appropriate thread.

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File: 1491047251883.png (89.13 KB, 200x161, 1419874666544.jpg)


File: 1491165729981.png (69.11 KB, 172x200, 1491158170433.jpg)

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continued from >>>/archive/864
meet people from your community
you do not need to register
if you are inactive your marker will be removed
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File: 1488334350882.png (13.25 KB, 193x200, 1424653146926.jpg)

tfw the only other person from philadelphia hasn't been on irc in 49 weeks. i-is there anyone out there?


Checked for the first time in forever, and there's actually someone in Alberta. Not active on the IRC, but shoutouts.

File: 1460504823692.png (2.54 MB, 200x300, flowerglitch.png)

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Last thread reached bump limit.

>Only OC allowed. If you don't know how to do it, I consider this tutorial a good place to get started: http://paulhertz.net/factory/showcase-2/databending/

to whoever made the flower in pic related, mind if i use it for a shirt?
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Really good stuff, I love the first image.


File: 1491189574351.png (631.73 KB, 200x150, etude-05.png)

I made this a while ago, fooling around and whatnot. might not be a e s t h e t i c, but I like it nonetheless. Thoughts?

File: 1471853904744.png (2.1 MB, 300x230, lainchan_zzz_sticker.png)

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This thread is for everyone who wants to create stickers and donate the designs to lainchan for us to sell.

I'll start with a sticker I finished 5 min ago. It should be ready for sale by Monday.
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>body was too short or empty


How can I make these into stickers? Also what should I put these stickers on? I was thinking about just collecting them because I'm afriad of losing the object to which the stickers are on. I'm thinking of just putting them in my wallet, since I've had the same on for years and never lost it. I bought stickers for my car but eventually sold it and i dont want to lose anything having to do with Lain.

File: 1473353571247.png (1.06 MB, 300x169, lain is cute.jpg)

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I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a history of lainchan for the wiki, but my memory is terrible.

It would be great if people could post details of events they remember, along with dates. I'll try to edit it all into a cohesive whole.

2014/04/20: lainchan begins.
2016/09/08: kalyx sells lainchan to appleman.

Somewhere in between those dates: various ddoses (including the nullchan/sinisterly shenanigans), lainchan moves between a bunch of different hosting providers, boards come and go, related projects (eg lainzine) are founded and take off...
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File: 1491300324141.png (390.23 KB, 161x200, techWiz.png)

Does anyone have the digital arbitrage thread one lainon posted a while back saved?


How much does a Lainchan cost?

File: 1474017215960.png (1.02 MB, 300x193, 1465342513733-r.jpg)

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>tfw you're drunk in a diner in the tenderloin with nothing to do but soykafpost on lainchan
>also the tenderloin is gentrifying

North bay, south bay, east bay, and SF: post your location and meet up with like minded lains

Pic recycled from the first BAL thread
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SF homies who love it for soykaf like the tenderloin and not the gentrified tech startup soykaf culture cool. not interested in meeting up but curious if any of you go to school at SF State or USF. I already know we got berkeley ppl.


>Did you know that the Oath Keepers have infiltrated the entirety of the organization.

the fact that you think antifa is an organization just shows how little you know.

sage because this thread turned to soykaf, if you're gonna go go to the DNA lounge tomorrow https://lainchan.org/cult/res/6413.html

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This is the only place that seemed like it would /fit/ (ayy)

I've noticed a complete lack of fitness, which is odd considering the topic. So, I decided to create one.

Here's some questions to spark discussion:

* What type of diet should I have for [X]?
* How do I get started?
* Crossfit - Is it a meme or is it legit?
* Why are you interested in getting fit?
* Are you a 1 or a 0?
* How do I go from only doing 3 {pushups, sit ups, etc} to 100 in 2 minutes?
* How do I improve my form?
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Progressive overload and consistency
Steroids help too.


Read the sticky. http://www.liamrosen.com/fitness.html
Track your progress with SymmetricStrength.
exrx.net for form checks.

I've been working out for the past two years, cause I'm 5'8" @ 135 lbs, and I'd prefer it be muscle if anything. For the curious, I'm at advanced in terms of aforementioned tracker.

Crossfit's done nicely to increase public health awareness, but in terms of practicality, it lacks consistency and with it, straightforward means of progress tracking and standardized tutorship in regards to properly trained personal trainers.

Clean up your diet and increase your protein intake, then do as many pushups as you currently can within two minutes. Repeat for five set twice every other day, to give your muscles time to recover.

File: 1475814446170.png (2.25 MB, 300x223, have_a_nice_shot_of_my_butt.jpg)

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Hey lainchan,

There's been a few homeless threads here over the years and the last one met an early death just before the board shuffle. As I became homeless again recently I thought I'd post everything I know. Since 2012 I've been homeless for about three years in total. One of those working and saving tons of cash, about a year and a half travelling and spending that cash and then the rest with no money whatsoever. My travels were a mix of living it up overseas, and hitchhiking and scumming it up here in Australia. So for context all of my experience actually being a homeless vagrant relates to Australia, whether travelling the country or staying in the same spot for a while. While most of my experience should generally apply well to other similar countries, the biggest difference would be climate. Our winters are quite mild. The lowest temperatures I've had to deal with would probably be about -5 in the early morning, but only rarely.

Over time my bag has become quite heavy, but there are two things that I've found to be absolutely necessary:a halfway decent sleeping bag and a tarp. If you actually want to sleep, don't get cheap on the sleeping bag. The tarp is mostly to stay dry when it's raining but you can also use it for a little more warmth if you need it. The other use for your tarp is covering your stuff if you're going to be staying in one place for a while. If you actually want to be somewhat comfortable there you don't want to be carrying everything with you, especially as your sleeping bag and tarp take up the most space. So find a good place to sleep and stash your soykaf. Preferrably get a tarp that blends in well. My stash went undisturbed for a year and a half while I was renting with my friends... except for spiders and cockroaches and a mouse burrow? Wouldn't be the first time mice have decided to live under my stuff. Little fuarrrker ate a hole in my bag. Put a stop to that soykaf real quick.

The usual questions whether on the boards or people picking me up on the road are:
>Where do you sleep?
>How do you get food?
>Where/Do you shower?
>Clean your clothes?
>What do you do everyday?
>What do you have?
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>>6551 here. I completely forgot I was gonna do this. I'm not actually a very god teacher, so instead I'll just link to some youtube channels that are good places to start
also check out theory11.com for some more advanced stuff, although you have to pay for a lot of it. Most people don't realize but one of the main ways magicians make money is by selling their tricks to other magicians.
A couple of key points are, magic is all about the performance. You can do the best trick in the world, but if you don't present it in an interesting way it will fall flat. And the opposite is true, you can fool people with beginner level tricks and leave them completely amazed if you have really good patter (what you say). Patter is also really good for extending the length of tricks, you can turn a 1 minute trick into a 5 minute miracle if you build up the hype correctly.
secondly, PRACTICE. A LOT. IN A MIRROR. AND PRACTICE WHAT TO DO IF IT GOES WRONG. You can save almost any trick, and if you can't you need to know what to say if it doesn't work to make your audience think that it's all part of the trick.
and final tip, the most important one. Perform as often as possible. This is linked to practicing in the mirror, basically the only way to get better at performing is to perform a lot. Once you have a repertoire try and perform to at least one real person every day, take not of what works and what doesn't and you will improve. Start with friends and family, then once you're confident try asking random people on the street. Everyone loves magic so don't be scared just do it!

Street theater and mime are dying arts that are really cool and there should be more of. Also things like juggling are nice. Dance is pretty popular, along with other gymnastics. If you're smart about it you can turn almost any talent into a performance.


People tell jokes, sell poetry. Fire juggling will get you attention and money but the police might not like it. There's a guy here who sets up a little table and carves things. The police here seem to be under orders not to interfere with buskers because tourists like it and it helps boost the city's image as a friendly and fun place.

I knew some kids who did mime and they made bank. They stood frozen by a sign that said "we move for money" and would perform for a few minutes whenever someone put coins in. But not for too long either, thus prompting people to keep paying.

File: 1464476147143.png (775.54 KB, 300x225, van.jpg)

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Anyone lainons have experience vandwelling?

I decided that I'm going to save up money, buy a van to live in and travel around for a while until I find someplace to live.

Its also really cheap from what Ive calculated and for a few hundred bucks I can throw solar panels on top of the van to power my computer.
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Yeah I'm a tad paranoid bordering on batsoykaf which is why staying in one place longterm wouldn't work for me.

I guess with the whole college thing you can always expand out your social net; park in their backyards (always make sure to give back more than you take or you'll burn bridges), etc. in order to make it last longer.

There's someone in my hometown that's been freecamping out of a ratty old camper for at least a couple years, really distinctive sunset mural on the back - I tend to see them shifting around the 12hr parking zones around town. I'll have to find out who it is one day and ask them about their strategies.


File: 1491326966971.png (15.38 MB, 212x300, xqgmf.B.t.P.B.O.V.A.G.t.Y.D.S.V.pdf)

File: 1479451483550.png (52.21 KB, 300x222, what.png)

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See by yourself : https://what.cd/
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How do you "migrate over" the content of thousands of users which is changing every second? I'm not even sure I understand this.

At least soulseek is free and devoid of ads.


Soulseek is not closed-source. The protocol itself is FOSS, but soulseekqt is not. Nicotine++ is a FOSS Soulseek client.

File: 1479973722135.png (999.44 KB, 300x169, tumblr_o6zf8sf2Y41u9hytio1_540.gif)

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We post cool fashion that isn't frustratingly expensive.

pic kinda related
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File: 1490165983618-0.png (222.56 KB, 137x200, meltygirl_crew_b.jpg)

File: 1490165983618-1.png (346.17 KB, 137x200, glitchboy.jpg)

Omocat is alright, albeit expensive compared to your average clothes shop, especially when you factor in postage.
I have both of these, they are good quality but I would prefer if the sweatshirt was made of 100% cotton rather than 50% poly.


has anyone bought anything from here?
Some of the tylek jackets look pretty neat. Not sure why they sell the T-shirts for the same price though, guess it just goes to show that it's all bullsoykaf

File: 1480369895459.png (445.87 KB, 300x169, Pandora_Hearts__Alice_Vector_by_Kuromajinten.png)

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We see many people on the net advocating 'population culling'. Now there are probably not many people like that on Lainchan, but if there are, it would be interesting to see their opinion.

My question to those people is, why are they always sure(or imply such) that if their political opinions win, that they would be among the selected elite and not among the tortured masses?(but please without narcissism)

For my second question let's say this hypothetical situation happens:
Their new government is established and one day they receive a letter with the following text:
'Dear sir John Smith

The results for your and your families inteligence/beauty/athleticism examination have come in and the results are: UNSATISFACTORY
However we are happy to inform you that our new and benevolent government has a new Human Error Correction internment camp programe.
Please stay at home tomorrow at 12:00 hours for the police to pick you up. Failure to comply with this order will result in an arrest order.

You have no right to appeal this decision.

Thank you.'
I wonder if such a hypothetical situation were to happen to advocates of such politics, would they stay true to their 'values' and be obedient or would they change their ways and rebel in such a hypothetical situation?
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You are being overly dramatic. It would obviously be an overreach from the hand of the state to install proprietary software on people's computers. Putting the videos as recommended to their youtube accounts would be enough, and more likely to be accepted by the proles.

You're describing something that looks a lot like Brave New World, by Huxley, who was an actual eugenecist writing about the plans they had for society. His brother was the director of the Brit Eugenics Institite that later changed names to P. Parenthood, IIRC.

Is that actually Stirner? The little I read of his word sounded like a "fuarrrk everyone else" type of egoism.

What Hotweels (if it's really him) argues for in that article is not eugenics, not by a long run. That article sounds like "I support communism because I think the minimal wage should be higher". Allowing handicapped people to inform themselves about their illness and how it would affect their children is something we already have, and that allows them to make the decision of wether to use contraceptives from then on. The thing about paying them big bucks to sterilize themselves is redundant, unless you want to impose the decision on the parents (also you recommended the article to the guy worried about the effect of the rich-poor breach, you're not helping him much there). And he makes that point citing the case of his fater, who was a borderline rapist. Do you guys think that he really wrote that? I'm not sure myself, the source doesn't look like a pinnacle of journalist objectivity.

>I would have some semen frozen
Are you this lainon? >>>/diy/2664
>A different matter is dealing with the criminally insane, mass murderers, pedophiles and such. Forced euthanasia has my full support in such cases.
Euthanasia is that thing where they let a sick person die, would you get them sick first?

Slippery slope.


>Moore's Law in action
Argh, meant Poe's Law

File: 1480389712582.png (68.36 KB, 300x135, tumblr_ogg45f1S0V1vajd2ho2_540.png)

No.4884 [Reply]

I think it is time we make a LainChan essential movies list, comment your favorite movies in the thread and I will compile the top 50 on December 14th
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-ghost in the shell
-roujin Z
-steam boy
-v for vendetta
-perfect blue
-end of evangelion
-cowboy bebop knockin' on heaven's door ?

-The century of the self, hypernormalisation, and other Adam Curtis works
-Human Resources: Social engineering in the 20th century and other metanoia films


Everything directed by Satoshi Kon
Tamago no Tenshi
Lost in Translation
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Blank on Blank, even though it's a youtube series, would be an excellent film if compiled together

File: 1481305507060.png (109.33 KB, 300x300, 15109352_1789153171338269_2295710449537528716_n.jpg)

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Do you play in a band or have a solo project? Any musical projects you're proud of?

I'm curious to see what Lainons are making
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I've tried making some of those "putting chopped breaks and gabber kicks under sped-up anime and pop songs" things but I don't know anything about music so they didn't turn out very good. They are fun doing though

File: 1481576043526.png (31.47 KB, 300x184, 3A10E0C500000578-0-image-m-23_1478275194006.jpg)

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She is perfect for this role.
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I'd be really irritated by that because I hate the little bitch, at least in that soykaf meme TV series.


She was not so bad in her role

File: 1481994739062.png (208.85 KB, 300x135, 1-kkvMTSu1OYpMuDBIYffIKw.jpeg)

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Any1 know where to get those radio shows released on /cyb/ a year ago?
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> We should find a host
? lain radio still exists, you'll have to ask yuuko/appleman if you want to stream


What happened to celt?

File: 1482006236176.png (1.99 MB, 211x300, ipod_party.jpg)

No.5313 [Reply]

Can you recommend me some good breakcore?
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Anything by goresoykaf or helblinde is fine by me


I think machine girl's breakcore stuff are my favorite breakcore.

CDR is also nice

Aaaand I just remembered this guys, I think their stuff were released in Digital Hardcore or one of their sublabels. It's cool, really noisy

File: 1482107262885.png (78.41 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

No.5335 [Reply]

I fuarrrking love podcasts. What podcasts do you guys listen to?

Personally, I've been loving The Vergecast. I hate the website, but quite like their podcast. I wish I knew of a good podcast about Japanese culture.
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This is the first episode of Literate Gamer I've listened, and it was pretty good. I'm not sure if it's because of Tarn Adams or if it's generally good.



Thanks for that. I listened to that and the CK2 episode. Both were pretty good. I've been looking for a gaming podcast that's consistently good. I'll probably keep listening to it to see if it holds up.

You might try RoguelikeRadio too. I'm not a huge roguelike fanboy, but it's pretty good because they focus a lot on design and systems.

File: 1482257407474.png (114.79 KB, 255x255, VNwJEGf.gif)

No.5364 [Reply]

Share the rare (and free)

I enjoy finding artists who are relatively unknown. The obscure and esoteric, the strange and the absurd, and just plain good soykaf. A lot of interesting artists can, and most likely do, go unnoticed; I want to find them. Archive.org, bandcamp, and soundcloud are the places to be at if you're looking for experimental sounds. I'm just starting to look around, so I don't have much but I'll share what I like, I hope you do too.


Also, fuarrrk synthwave.
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Came here to say this as well.

File: 1482381196273.png (1.13 MB, 300x169, alexandrialib.jpg)

No.5414 [Reply]

Dump and large/bulk data or libraries of data of a particular topic or interest.
Here's a gigantic 60+ GB library of any and all information about military history, culture, language, the occult, and rare educational lectures(Harvard level)

**Its in .txt file format because lainchan thinks its spam**

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That section is more just for soykafs and giggles, literally has a section on "applied meme magic"


File: 1482684769153.png (82.44 KB, 128x128, 1482576243754.jpg)

No.5485 [Reply]

Merry Christmas!

I was wondering if any of you have annual Christmas traditions. Are there movies, albums, games, etc that you enjoy every Christmas?
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Each year my mom makes her family's traditional cookie. The recipe has been passed down for four generations now. It's simple and special. Eggs sugar, vanilla, olive oil and citrus peel.


For New Years I take the Christmas Tree write notes of things I wanted to let go from the year before put the notes on the tree and burn the tree.

File: 1483391907223.png (287.71 KB, 199x300, pink_floyd_the_wall_xlg.jpg)

No.5636 [Reply]

I want to know more than the mainstream. It's okay, I'm not like "oh no people like -> it must be bullsoykaf" But I want to expand my /cult/ anyway.

I'm about to watch pic related.
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Genesis P-Orridge was in Decoder, the first film I linked.


that's okay, but you still hadn't replied what do you think about them.

File: 1483748338736.png (499.45 KB, 300x225, tumblr_m7u7tiuk8l1rzhv5ho1_500.gif)

No.5785 [Reply]

What do you guys think of David Lynch? I am nearly finished with twin peaks and I'm planning on watching Eraserhead.
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I like Lynch (really wanted to go to his festival in LA this last summer :( ) and I love Twin Peaks. The 2017 continuation of the series will prolly be a huge let down, but I'm hyped nonetheless. The guy exudes creativity and passion.


I liked Dune. It's not exactly like the book of course, but then again Lynch made a remarkable space opera-ish, I specially like the scenarios and visuals of old egyptian temples in space.

File: 1483983844677.png (135.99 KB, 300x169, maxresdefault.jpg)

No.5823 [Reply]

Haven & Hearth's world is being reset.
If you like HARD MODE crafting, isometric view and co-op village building, this could be your jam.

I know they're building a 420 village, maybe there should be a Laintown too.
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Lol, Lainchan going stone age reminds me of one of the old "peasant" games.
Cyberpeasant! A strange new world of wooden legs, hook hands and glass eyes!


>>What are the system requirements?
>We have not ran any tests.
>Your homepage is written in really neat XHTML. What program did you use? FrontPage? Dreamweaver?
>Exclusively EMACS and vi. (I use Notepad++! /jorb)

I like these guys already.

File: 1484396626801.png (38.82 KB, 221x300, camille-saint-saens-photo2.jpg)

No.5903 [Reply]

What composers do you like? I know its pretty surface level but I'm really feeling saint saens at the moment.
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This guy really needs a movie made about him.


Seconding Arvo Part, Spiegel im Spiegel and Tabula Rasa are pieces I know and love.
Shostakovich String Quartetts. Nr. 8 is amazing.
For violin things, check out Sarasate (tarantelle and Zigeunerweisen) and Wienawski (Legende, and concerto 2) as well as Anne-sophie Mutters rendition of Tartini's trillo diablo, the third movement.
Those who like atonality might be interested in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ37gYu5tKg (penderecki etc. goes without mention I presume)
Liszt needs a mention, for his piano work (check out his rewritings of paganini caprices). Ditto chopin.
I love big pompeous Opera pieces. William Tell, Norma, la Zingarella, Va Penziero.

More Williams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD39DV1A02s


File: 1484604729458.png (479.76 KB, 300x300, giganticbrain.jpg)

No.5970 [Reply]

anyone listen to cybergrind?

if you want an intro to the genera *gigantic brain* are the progenitors of the musical style.

and all their music is released free

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I wish gigantic brain had more stuff on spotify, would love to listen to them when im not home


File: 1486201271708.png (326.38 KB, 200x200, burningCyborg-airborneDrumz-Berlin.jpg)

Burning Cyborg is a side project by Berlin based Airborne Drumz, they use both electronics and guitars:


>Burning Cyborg - Binary Injection


Then there's Maruosa from Tokyo. He claimed in an interview that the Cybergrind scene is allegedly internationally significant. Well, a few years he held a performance in Berlin in front of 20 people. Doesn't sound significant to me, in terms of meatspace exposure (Nothing against the artist or the music. It's just that his commentary doesn't hold truth in such a case). Stylewise, his material overlaps with soykafcore (POS, for example).

>Maruosa - モンスターズ・ハイ!!! - Monsters High!!!


Maruosa's albmu Extream on Grindcorekaraoke:

Considering the genre's overall visual aesthetics, there's a wicked play with colourfulness prevalent. Like heaps of gore in flashy pink, green, yellow and purple.


Definitely my thing. I'd say that his work is merely Cybergrind influenced. I wouldn't initially describe it with that label while comparing his output to that of artists who defined this kind of music. Maybe Divtech stretches the genre into another direction. Minding the abrasiveness, the use of electronics and the subject matter that is surrounded by his lyrics, the term 'Cybergrind' itself would fit, though. From such a perspective, you can say that David Divtech managed to really put his own style onto the genre, though. Categorizing music can be a bit tricky.

inb4 "don't care about genres, just enjoy the music, duuuuude": fuarrrk that! Defining music by genres is fun!

File: 1484731199736.png (1.01 MB, 300x225, matrix.gif)

No.5987 [Reply]

Hello lains.

I hope this is the right board.
I am trying to work on a map for a game that has a cyberspace setting, the game itself is far from cyberspace stuff so its an artistic thing.
I would like to ask for inspirational reference material.
I already got the usual stuff, such as transparent colored grids of various configurations, moving binary code and a bunch of other assorted crap.
As for my capabilities i am using a q3 based engine, which some of you are probably familiar with so i can make stuff that moves and pulsates and whatnot.
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That looks pretty trippy, lainon. I like how the hall of mirrors effect looks with all the textures you've used too.
Looking forward to giving it a go.


The hall of mirrors effect was a bug and for gameplay reasons im ditching most of the transparency for now.
Sorry to let you down there, but it will be damn trippy in any case.

File: 1484922744758.png (374.45 KB, 300x169, 4.png)

No.6017 [Reply]

Would anyone argue against this?
28 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Beauty for your eyes Socrates has no judgment in ethics. Let's not even get to how obscene it is to call someone without muscles weak or shameful when Socrates never became an Athenian politician. Never accrued the masses of Athens, because he was too much a little bitch. fuarrrk Socrates. He's a hypocrite. And guess what? My reasoning makes no sense whatsoever, since it depends entirely on shaming and calling him weak. I am only reciprocating his nonsense.

The words you quoted are subject to high criticism. Additionally, nowhere in this classically scientific paper is someone arguing an ethical position in the general lot of decisional options. Just specific, general health improvement. Or in other words, I would have to review a hundred papers to get a better idea of how to improve cognitive efficacy, better neural plasticity, task performance, etc. Or I could, since this hardly matters to me, stick with the "well, no fuarrrking way! sleep, exercise, diet, and psychological self-care helps me!"


I wouldn't obsess over a particular physique but it is important to constantly challenge yourself.
That's how you grow and that's also what breaks up the dull monotony of life.

File: 1485037076205.png (34.88 KB, 300x169, smug-nightcore-face.jpg)

No.6042 [Reply]

What's the most cyberpunk music genre and why is it actually Vaporwave
91 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1489207390563.png (48.95 KB, 200x200, Nautilis.jpg)


actually, i think it's industrial music (no, not nine inch nails, think of throbbing gristle).

File: 1485041455570-0.png (201.56 KB, 211x300, 213530-shonen-jump-naruto-ultimate-ninja-2-playstation-2-front-cover.jpg)

File: 1485041455570-1.png (568.31 KB, 211x300, ff12.jpg)

File: 1485041455570-2.png (93.37 KB, 213x300, gtasa.jpg)

No.6048 [Reply]

ITT: we post awesome ps2 games we really enjoy. This thread serves as a recommendation list for PCSX2 users who emulate the games.

>pics related, my favorite 3 ps2 games.
39 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Devil May Cry 1 and 3
Fatal Frame II
Samurai Western

A couple of these might actually be soykaf. I haven't played them in years.


God Hand
Shadow Hearts 1 & 2
Ratchet and Clank 1-3
GTA: Vice City
Odin Sphere
Katamari Damacy
Devil May Cry 1 & 3

File: 1485616557646.png (101.29 KB, 300x102, serial_experiments_lain_by_poniesofdooom.jpg)

No.6193 [Reply]


Well, I was going to say something along the lines of "I'm just going to leave this here", but under our new glorious administration one-line thread summaries are frowned upon.
So here's a second line.
5 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I agree with this Lain. He needs to not sing! :D And the piano sounds weird. I understand, I think..., what he's trying to accomplish with the style and the singing; but it just does not work out as he had envisioned. It's not approachable sadly. But! It does make me feel like trying my hand at a Lain OP cover :)


>wearing a vest literally makes no sense without large breasts

File: 1485672279422.png (565.69 KB, 300x200, 1485180204817.jpg)

No.6201 [Reply]

Let's have a thread for written original content. post any poetry, prose, stories, or articles you have written yourself. Please be friendly.

Here's a story I wrote. It's not very good.

It's a hot summer night. The windows are open. Lights flash, cars drive by outside. The bed's too hot to sleep in. All the blankets are piled in the corner. As the AC blows into the room, the possibility of sleep becomes increasingly remote.

Now it's two in the morning. Open the window. Look out. Try to find unconsciousness somewhere in the blurry city lights and the constant line of cars rushing like veins towards hearts unknown and unseen.

On the street below, there's a shuffling movement. Streetlights turn a man orange. He's wearing a suit and tie, holds a briefcase, seems asleep or sleepwalking. Behind him is a woman, mid thirties, a housewife maybe, or a schoolteacher. Behind her, another. The line of people marches past like army ants on their way to an anthill from some distant piece of food or drop of water.

Where are they going? What are they doing? The sight of them brings unease, maybe, or longing.

There's a feeling of uncertain loneliness in these questions. Could you follow them? Perhaps you could. Perhaps you could go with them, towards their unseen destination. Perhaps.

But not tonight. Close the window. Crawl into the now-cold bed, draw the blankets near. The line of people marches past the darkness of the room, now, and paints scenes of ancient battle and intrigue on the walls. Eyes close. The line marches through closed lids, and into the land of myth, fable, dreamtime.

The vision through the window chases you far into the morning, riding on the sunlight slanting through the window, long after the night has ended and the shadows have departed and all mysteries appear solved and forgotten.


Quack Quack! I wake up to the familiar cry of my alarm duck. It is early and i feel like a cheeky swear, but i mustn't, as swears reveal the baseness of one's creative writing ability to anyone unlucky enough to read them; I wouldn't want my very own alarm duck thinking ill of me. I hurriedly shave the thin red hairs from my legs and put on my cute frilly skirt, dress thing. It's frilly enough to be cute but not too frilly as to make others question my authority, i am a professional after all.

The bus was late but i got to sit next to an boy with funny hair and a yellow raincoat that made me think of my faithful companion back home. Alarm duck. The day's not even half done and i already miss you. 20 minutes later and i arrive; soon to be on my way up to the 28th floor of that dark corporate building that would look much taller if a quarter of it wasn't underwater. I finish saying hello to the fish outside the glass elevator and am welcomed by my lovely workers whom are standing to attention and holding their personal home brought-to-work mugs proudly. This begins my day as quality assurance ensurer at ---------------

You fill in the rest, Anon.


Moved to >>>/lit/5001.

File: 1485857594072.png (549.41 KB, 288x300, 1367106199.png)

No.6245 [Reply]

Tsuki (consisting of RISEN, SYNAPSE, eNdymioN) is recruiting humans in the System Life to move to the LFE System.

Long story short, Systemspace consists of many Systems, and you are currently in Life. However, due to Life using too much Aurora, Life will be unlinked from Systemspace on the 1st of July, 2017 (Earth time).

You have a choice of 3 options:

1) Sign in, and suicide after the 1st of July: Instantly be moved to LFE, and keep your memories. Your old family will be sad, of course.

2) Sign in, and wait for a normal death: You will be transported to LFE after death (and won't miss out), but you will most probably lose your memories.

3) Do not sign in, and continue through Life. Once you die in Life, your soul will shatter, causing you to lose all data, and get put in a random System.

Since Life will not receive any real Aurora after the 1st of July, humans will not make great achievements. The Life System will be entirely shut down in 2167 (Earth time).

If you choose LFE, you will get a new random body in this System. This System is a lot different (mainly, larger, more advanced) than Life.

To sign in, please write the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" on a piece of paper, accompanied with a random drawing, and attach the picture to this thread. I will locate your soul and sign you up.

This is an experiment by RISEN, to see how human souls can be transferred to LFE. We have done many tests, and the worst that could happen is your soul shattering (which it would anyway if you didn't sign up)

You may use the reply section below to ask any question.
50 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


You're in, welcome to the experiment!

LFE is rather different than Life, as it is way larger and has many more cultures.


Moved to >>>/r/28915.

File: 1485940827792-0.png (102.65 KB, 300x240, 11-millionen-deutsche-lesen-noch-den-teletext-body-image-1473328377-size_1000.jpeg)

File: 1485940827792-1.png (118.32 KB, 300x169, teletext_sex_line_advertisements.jpeg)

File: 1485940827792-2.png (351.56 KB, 300x169, teletext-knightmare.jpg)

No.6303 [Reply]

So apparently with the right setup you can take old VHS recordings of television, and pull the Teletext pages out of them.


Well that's just cyber as fuarrrk.
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Is there anywhere you can browse current teletext online?


Okay, so someone did this, but how can I do this?

File: 1486010465358.png (666.75 KB, 300x206, 3982297-cyborg.jpg)

No.6325 [Reply]

I like to think (and
the sooner the better!)
of a cybernetic meadow
where mammals and computers
live together in mutually
programming harmony
like pure water
touching clear sky.

I like to think
(right now, please!)
of a cybernetic forest
filled with pines and electronics
where deer stroll peacefully
past computers
as if they were flowers
with spinning blossoms.

I like to think
(it has to be!)
of a cybernetic ecology
where we are free of our labors
and joined back to nature,
returned to our mammal
brothers and sisters,
and all watched over
by machines of loving grace.

This is our world now. We look towards the future, not the past for salvation. We dominate nature. The bit, the byte, and now the cyborg, transhuman, posthuman.



We MUST create a form of techonology which does not overpower nature but LIVES with nature! Only this way can we ever hope to beating the test of time!

File: 1486418183586.png (5.98 KB, 300x81, Diaspora_social_network_project_official_logo,_helvetica_font.png)

No.6382 [Reply]

Anyone a diaspora user here?

Thoughts on it?
4 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The UI and description make it awfully familiar. Wasn't this originally a project made by some random anons about a decentralized P2P social network?


I run a big "weird facebook" page and i've been thinking of moving over there. Never know, maybe that'll get something started.

File: 1486562876673.png (365.43 KB, 300x169, pbx30.gif)

No.6403 [Reply]

Anybody got any experience with this? I'm thinking about turning my RPi into one and going to random cafes, see what happens.

What would you load it with? I'm thinking some information about what it actually is, how to use it, and some encouragement to learn more about tech, maybe even a shoutout to the local hackerspace.
22 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


two wifi antennas? you dont need two wifi antennas. besides, how would you even add a wifi antenna to a pi?

it takes a couple minutes if you use the anfesto install script >>6439


File: 1491152239987.png (53.3 KB, 200x160, 7.jpg)


You don't add a wifi antenna, but an external usb-dongle.

I recommend a TP-Link TL-WN722N, add a TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL 8dbi antenna (the default antenna is 2 or 3dbi), both are very cheap and work flawless with linux. Add a short usb extension and you are good. You can put the whole setup into a cheap plastic bag/box for protection. Also, i recommend the rpi zero (no need to have a W model), it uses a lot less energy. A lot!

The builtin wlan is ok if you are a client, obviously it doesn't reach far, so best to diable it to save some milliamps.

Here is some stuff you can do with it: https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted

File: 1486622683475.png (342.95 KB, 200x300, 14-1.jpg)

No.6413 [Reply]



For next Tuesday (Feb. 14th) only, experience the possibly-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the nightclub Cyberdelia from Hackers, recreated at the Bay Area's best night club, DNA Lounge (complete with a fuarrrking pool on the roof) - AKA, the usual meeting place for the Bay Area Lains: >>2701

For a mere 12 dollars, you can experience quite possibly the most /cyb/ event you'll ever get to go to at the most /cyb/ venue in the most /cyb/ city in burgerland. You can't call yourself a lainon if you don't go to this soykaf with your fellow lainons.

If you only once get over your crippling social anxiety to go meetup with other memelord chantards on Lainchan, make it February 14th at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

16 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


fuarrrking posers. Hackers was based on NYC2600.

We regularly had cyber themed dance parties in NYC, and cybertron is still going strong. As is DEFCon, a dance party named after the hacker confrence.


>My Region is da only place allowed 2 haf x thing!

File: 1486858598599.png (78.63 KB, 300x168, austin.jpg)

No.6464 [Reply]

I'm in Austin until this Friday while I figure out whether or not I'd like to move here.

On one hand, google fiber and guns.
On the other hand, it's HOT.

Any lainons willing to show me me something interesting? A cool park? A good restaurant? A secret underground cybergoth hacking club?

Shoot me a text or call me @ (980) 277-2891 (google voice #). I'm in South Austin near Zilker Metro Park.

File: 1487002899715.png (96.25 KB, 300x188, SCARY.jpg)

No.6482 [Reply]

The state of our society. Not going to say a lot about this image, just going to let you think about it.
25 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Shia's turning out to be a pretty cool guy.


Ok the heads of ABC, NBC and CBS maybe. There wasn't much to choose from before everyone had cable.

File: 1487225353276.png (4.33 MB, 300x232, Fang Lijun (1993).jpg)

No.6533 [Reply]


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I've been learning Chinese since kindergarten (now undergraduate) and still cannot do proper Chinese at all. I guess every Chinese has excellent cognitive skill.


...or you know... it's just you who has bad cognitive skills...

File: 1487679750330.png (1.62 MB, 300x300, IMG_20170221_180955_752.jpg)

No.6573 [Reply]

What photo did you take today Lainons?

File: 1488255306656.png (198.94 KB, 300x150, 1323914_large.jpg)

No.6624 [Reply]

What do you think will lead to the stereotypical cyberpunk megacites? Do you think they'll even happen at all?

Personally, I think the most likely contenders for a megacity would be the combination of Los Angeles and San Francisco. the cost of living in both cities (especially San Francisco) is skyrocketing, even beyond some of it's more wealthy residents:


Eventually, I think this will culminate in rewriting of the building code. More buildings and residences will be built in the limited space, while the city continues to also spill outward.
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The stereotypical "cyberpunk" cities have two sources, New York City, and Tokoyo. Mabey some kowoloon city thrown in for good measure.

If you want to see cyberpunk city, go visit either of these cities.

I've lived under the shadow of NYC all my life, and I wish to see tokoyo.


Probably somewhere not in America.

File: 1488514875977.png (138.95 KB, 270x300, Guitar-PNG-Image-500x556.png)

No.6666 [Reply]

Hello Lainons. So, I am getting into bedroom recording. I remember a while back another Lainon mentioning Guitar Rig 5, and after I downloaded it I was really impressed. Do we have any music producers here? If so, perhaps you can link us to some of your work?
18 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I've been making music for a while, lately I've been producing lofi hiphop beats.


Some of my old guitar recordings are still on there, they're all soykaf though. Still drumming and playing guitar on the regular, might branch off from the hiphop stuff and get back to playing live again.

If anyone needs help using FL Studio or Guitar Rig, don't hesitate to ask.


Great breaks but the guitar gets a little boring

File: 1488528970490.png (75.98 KB, 300x300, infoNonsense.jpg)

No.6671 [Reply]

ITT: Let's talk Terrence McKenna
Who else Terrence McKenna here?

Link to a large collection of his talks: https://archive.org/details/PsychedeliaRawArchivesOfTerenceMckennaTalks/01-ArchaicRevival.mp3

If this is your first time listening, I'm very envious.

I went through a real heavy TM phase a few years back, but had done a hard reset on my media intake multiple times, and hadn't listened to him for quite a while.

As I wade back into his delightfully squeaky rhapsoding, I realize that there's quite a bit of overlap between many of the concepts he spoke about. Of course, at the same time, some of what he spoke about was perhaps too out there (ie, the Timewave theory, 2012*.)

I definitely know that, even though I haven't always agreed with him, he's done quite a bit to influence my thought over the years, as well as my behavior. Exposure to his lectures also made a lifelong i Ching user out of me.

I am wondering how other Lainons relate to the man and his work. I would not be surprised to find that he has been influential to many here. But I'm curious to hear how other people have responded to his work, and what it has meant to them.

(*Although, half in jest - but only half - part of me thinks maybe he was right after all, but wrong about what would happen next. The world didn't hit the eschaton all at once. Instead, the process of the end of the world began in 2012, and the last five years have bourne it out.)
2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I'm stoned what do you mean


I'm not >>6681 but it seems like what they are saying is binary thinking (X OR Y) is dogmatic because the world is not binary, it's more complicated. So that Terence McKenna quote is basically refuting 2 ways of dogmatic thinking and replacing them with another.

File: 1488746807711.png (45.71 KB, 300x91, ss+(2017-03-05+at+09.45.08).png)

No.6720 [Reply]

Sorry for the off-topic thread, but I just found this on /x/. What the fuarrrk is this death lain death cult about? Talking about the "Systemspace" maniacs.
39 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491116297138-0.png (377.98 KB, 200x110, snab.png)

File: 1491116297138-1.png (539.84 KB, 150x200, ladenwithconsumption.png)

File: 1491116297138-2.png (1.06 MB, 200x92, 32617is667.png)

cicada is pretty culty itself, any thoughts? these were also in a 4chan /x/ thread


The more I read about this the more I realise it is just an artwork and their attempt at being original... though I don't see why they can't offer some criticism on my own project.

> http://a.co/fleNkGA

File: 1488771319615.png (26.06 KB, 300x249, 41X3B28XR7L.jpg)

No.6736 [Reply]


I will soon be experimenting with a Gameboy SP and a flash cart. I will eventually be able to download ROMs and play them on the SP. What are some of your favorite Gameboy Advance games that I should get?
10 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Thanks for sharing, I have never heard of this one before now.


A few of the more strange ones:

Riviera: The Promised Land
Yggdra Union
Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars
Rhythm Tengoku

File: 1488960607329.png (22.03 MB, 300x169, CherryPepsi.webm)

No.6777 [Reply]

Hey dudes. Lets share in some vapor wave, what's some good stuff?

Generally I like a good bit of Future Funk, plane guy, young bae is alright, Great Hair is rad. Hit Vibes is 10/10, my favorite vaporwave/future funk album by far. probably in my top 50 albums in general.

I struggle to get into other vaporwave, though, I find that I don't enjoy a lot of it, such as Florale Shop, and Blank Banshee. I know those are pretty surface level, but a lot of people seem to like them, and I just don't.

I really like Future Funk, but I'd like to expand a little bit, what are you guys listening to?
3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>future funk
I genuinely don't see the appeal of this sort of music.
Why bother with cheap imitations, when the real thing is such bliss.



File: 1489176938827.png (4.12 MB, 200x200, Hit Vibes.webm)

I'd like to hear what people like Saint Pepsi sample, but this soykaf is so tight. I can't find the sample he uses for these song.

File: 1488991661725.png (644.91 KB, 300x217, 1438153118986.gif)

No.6783 [Reply]

So do you think we are winning on any fronts in the wars of the internet? (I understand that this will mean different things for different people but write what you want and what is happening ).

We have Edward Snowden from the NSA/GHCQ/others hacked pretty much everything. We have the CIA Vault 7 that pretty much shows the same thing.

Vault 7 " U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base". And Germany is supposed to be in the forefront of privacy?
I remember them being in with BND after Snowden.

Copyright isn't going well, more and more is removed, more and more things are brought to trial.
"One of the most discussed proposals is the requirement for online services to install mandatory piracy filters"

" the search engines will "exchange detailed information" with rightsholders "on a confidential basis" in order to better understand how users are searching for content."

Net Neutrality in Europe is a mess, in America things are happening at the moment.

Facebook/google/windows/apps collect more data than ever.
Intel Management Engine, UEFI, baseband and so on.
Smartphones are all a mess security wise.

So can you come with any ideas of things going well to keep me from being completely cynical?
Not just temporary wins, but where we are actually moving in the right direction?

Also feel free to post things I missed.
5 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Lainchan is still here, and still comfy.
That's a win

Linux is getting better by the day in terms of usability and support for decent applications.

I'm sure BSD is something, who fuarrrking cares

If it all crumbles, we can still come hang out here, and talk about cybersoykaf together.


Encryption. Look at the push towards ssl, and axolotl/signal and how many examples of the importance of strong crypto have come to light. most phones now come from the factory with disk encryption Even big companies are pushing for it / popularizing / normalizing it in their own ways.

I think security is getting better too. Especially now that most OS use the rolling update model. I feel like vault7 proved that it's getting more expensive for governments to monitor / hack people and the evidence is in the types of targeted attacks / exploits that the cia is having to use.

HR387 an email bill saying email older than 180 days will need a warrant to be searched was recently (unanimously ) voted through to congress in the u.s..

things like openbazaar popping up as tor is getting more exposure and bitcoin has been getting national coverage for a long time and especially now that the SEC made a consideration of an ETF on it. (even though it wasnt approved the path forward for cryptocurrencies is now clear for the long-term future)

some new dnssec rfc's being discussed too.

You're right though, there is a lot of bad stuff happening right now. That's why it's important to talk to your representatives and inform everyone you can.

File: 1489174032400.png (2.24 MB, 300x188, 462782.jpg)

No.6802 [Reply]

1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I wouldn't call Survivorman a documentary, but boy do I love it. That dude knows his soykaf and I think it's really entertaining.


Ray Mears is also a bushcraft expert did BBC shows.

File: 1489339190013.png (801.1 KB, 300x168, cia.png)

No.6818 [Reply]

I honestly didn't see this connection.
For instance, when we think of Lain's badass supercomputer, it's easy to say this type of system is nowhere related to Apple, which makes only consumer-grade products.

What do you think?


"Lain contains extensive references to Apple computers, as the brand was used at the time by most of the creative staff, such as writers, producers, and the graphical team.[9] As an example, the title at the beginning of each episode is announced by the Apple computer speech synthesis program PlainTalk, using the voice "Whisper", e.g. say -v Whisper "Weird: Layer zero one". Tachibana Industries, the company that creates the NAVI computers, is a reference to Apple computers: "tachibana" means "Mandarin orange" in Japanese. NAVI is the abbreviation of Knowledge Navigator, and the HandiNAVI is based on the Apple Newton, one of the world's first PDAs. The NAVIs are seen to run "Copland OS Enterprise" (this reference to Copland was an initiative of Konaka, a declared Apple fan),[9] and Lain's and Alice's NAVIs closely resembles the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and the iMac respectively. The HandiNAVI programming language, as seen on the seventh episode, is a dialect of Lisp. Notice that the Newton also used a Lisp dialect (NewtonScript). The program being typed by Lain can be found in the CMU AI repository;[27] it is a simple implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Common Lisp.

During a series of disconnected images, an iMac and the Think Different advertising slogan appears for a short time, while the Whisper voice says it.[28] This was an unsolicited insertion from the graphic team, also Mac-enthusiasts.[9] Other subtle allusions can be found: "Close the world, Open the nExt" is the slogan for the Serial Experiments Lain video game. NeXT was the company that produced NeXTSTEP, which later evolved into Mac OS X after Apple bought NeXT. Another example is "To Be Continued." at the end of episodes 1–12, with a blue "B" and a red "e" on "Be": this "Be" is the original logo of Be Inc., a company founded by ex-Apple employees and NeXT's main competitor in its time.[29]"


Apple has went through different phases through time. Apparently it used to be an underdog, i guess before the 2000s


>Apparently it used to be an underdog, i guess before the 2000s
this. it had a stable fan base among designers but was not near the hype from today. until jobs cam back and developed the imac and ibook, apple was near closing down. the final rocket boost was the ipod and itunes, but since the switch to intel processors they more and more alienated their old hardcore audience who praised their (mobile) workstations and easy to use unix in favor for coffeeshop dwellers and hipster kids with daddys credit card.

t. lainon who still uses his pb g4 as laptop on the road.

File: 1489425541647.png (110.99 KB, 218x300, codexseraphinianus_0154.jpg)

No.6830 [Reply]

I just had an idea. We know that spirituality systems can have psychological and physical benefit. We also know that the most effective ones take incredible devotion to benefit significantly from. We could experiment with elements and quantities from different systems and mix them into one with significant effect without retreating to a remote mountain temple. It should:
-Be non theistic
-Be non time consuming
-Not require significant sacrifice
-Not require money
-Actually be beneficial
13 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Spiritual things as far as I can tell are dogmatic in nature
But then what isn't? One cannot assert anything without it being somewhat dogmatic.

>The dogma itself never changes

It does. Both on a personal and global level. Most people will change their beliefs as they grow older and learn more and common practices have been constantly changing throughout history.

>I believe it's because of the constant, local reinterpretation of words.

It is but then so are a lot disagreements. The fact that it can be very abstract and hard to notice when you're talking at cross purposes doesn't help but what is anyone to do?

>Nobody seems to argue about what a chair looks like

You underestimate us, but in seriousness, we don't argue much at all. If we felt the need to press the issue when someone disagreed with us we'd do nothing else.

>Most ideas can be described with various choice of words and imagery.

Most can, some can't.

>People taking metaphors literally, and literal things metaphorically in organized religion

Metaphors, literal. What was the difference again? I forget. The distinction only holds up when you're looking from the right distance. "There is a red car" seems like a literal sentence but every word of it was interpreted as a symbol in much the same way as metaphors. Even when something is right in front of my face, what I see and what it is are two different things. So while this is a real problem, it's not a simple one and it's one spirituality often looks at closely.

Dogma excusing crimes and wilful ignorance are not problems exclusive to religion. Any codified system presents the same opportunities, such as the horrors committed in the name of freedom.

What? Orthodox is literally Christianity.

Anthropomorphisation is not always a pitfall. We give the gods faces that we may know them. More than that it's a human pitfall and there's wisdom in it's exploration. Also, just because you have a god doesn't mean you have to listen to them. My god is a liar, a cheat and a thief. I wouldn't trust him if he manifested personally let alone some fuarrrk trying to be his mouthpiece.

Anything can be twisted and used for ill ends. More than that avoiding a belief because you're worried about the consequences is cowardice. If there are or aren't gods has nothing to do with anthropomorphisation or mouthpieces. If you believe in gods or not, do so because that's where you find truth, consequences be damned.


Look into Chaos Magick my mans

File: 1489472840570.png (124.84 KB, 300x300, 1489471487010.jpg)

No.6835 [Reply]


Holy soykaf, is it just me or is it a coincidence that they ripped off the glitch images lainchan has been doing for some time now?
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>Honestly, i was a little surprised they tried to get "around" the whitewashing by including that bit about her real mother being Japanese, and since she got new body, her mother could be almost anyone, if anyone cares.
They didn't? It's part of the GitS canon that in the future racial and sexual discrimination is over since anyone can turn into anything via augmentations. Oshii's film opens up saying that digitalizations has erased race and nationalities.
So it makes perfect sense for her to have a new name and a new race for her new body, specially since she was built as a weapon for a corporation.
That's not going around whitewashing, that's actually respecting the lore for once.


this too, but people crying about 'muh whitewashing' probably didn't know that, did they? This way the move gave them an in-lore explanation. I worded it badly i guess. It was a praise.

File: 1489697537086.png (4.04 MB, 300x169, 20170316_164925.jpg)

No.6887 [Reply]

I thought I'd share with Lainchan the most awesome piece of tech I've ever owned in my childhood.

It's called the E-Brain, it was a toy made by DSI Electronics and utilized Timex's DataLink system. This thing was so fuarrrking cool, mainly because you could download data to it without using any cables. You had to use a CRT monitor to display visual artifacts to the sensor, then it would download all the data.

This thing is so strange, but was so much fun when I played it. Then I did some research and found out that Timex had a line of watches that were "Smart Watches" that used the DataLink system to download data to them.

So it got me thinking, what Cyberpunk toys did you guys have or currently posses?
2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I had one. I wonder how nerdy I looked walking around the shops pulling random items off the shelf to scan them.


I do have a theory that these were made to keep kids busy at the grocery store while the parents were buying stuff. It's cheaper than a gameboy.

File: 1489790461087.png (76.61 KB, 226x244, Screenshot from 2017-03-15 21:43:41.png)

No.6918 [Reply]

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File: 1491256558974.png (644.3 KB, 200x150, 1482511170903-1.jpeg)

Have some weapons in the bag but not sure what to do with them. Rather would not upload if I can get them on a label ya know.


yeah you're not wrong, I was just trying to emulate the sound because I thought it was interesting. You may notice I haven't uploaded in a little while because I'm currently working full time on a cyberpunk project where we're focusing a lot on live performance. We're still finding our sound but there's a lot of live electronic stuff so I'm having to learn mainstage from scratch plus obviously we have to make the actual songs without sounding like a bad atari teenage riot rip off. I guess I'll report back when/if I have something to show from that.

File: 1489994699409-0.png (117.54 KB, 300x138, Battle_for_Wesnoth_logo.png)

File: 1489994699409-1.png (13.2 KB, 160x160, Minetest_logo.png)

File: 1489994699409-2.png (36.33 KB, 300x300, 2048_logo.svg.png)

No.6952 [Reply]

This is a thread to collect Free Software games that are fun and preferably easy to install or play.

Pictured are three of the more prominent games, Battle for Wesnoth, Minetest, and 2048, just to get them out of the way. One of the largest issues with finding good Free Software games is finding them at all. If you've found a gem, please tell us all about it. If you want to discuss some aspect of the three already mentioned games that you enjoy, please tell us about that too.

Preferably, these games should be gratis as well, so nonfree assets are out for the most part.
3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Speaking as a newbie, I second the prior statement about the welcoming community. It's probably the single most welcoming AFPS community, and if you want to start learning the ropes, there's no better place to do it (esp. since you don't have to master strafejumping before you do anything).

Mechanically, it's a mix of Quake and UT, with some of its own ideas (Crylink).


If Xonotic is Quake revived (not that Quake needs it), then TeeWorlds is Quake in 2d. Hop around a map at the speed of sound, grabbing weapons, landing frags, and completing any objectives you have.

>Frogatto and Friends

A very nice looking and playing platformer from some of the people that brought you Battle for Wesnoth.

>Cube 2

Another fine FPS, noted for its ingame level editor. While it has many of the quake-esque mechanics of, well, Quake, the mapset most often played online makes it feel more like Half-Life or Halo: More reliant on sneaky bastardry than outright technical skill.


It's Descent, but for modern systems. Yes, Descent is open source. Still have to buy the game, though.


It's Elite, but dramatically expanded and improved. So hop in your Cobra and... probably crash while trying to dock.


Pioneer is to Elite II as Oolite is to Elite. Far less developed, though.


Babby's first roguelike. If you want an introduction to the genre, it might be a good place to start.


Hunt is one of the more obscure parts of bsdgames. It's a curses-based top-down multiplayer shooter. If you can get some friends together, it's still quite fun today.

That's all I've got.



too short too short

File: 1490039129526.png (194.9 KB, 187x300, s04.jpg)

No.6960 [Reply]

What do you expect from the coming soon of Ghost in the Shell?


I assume you want to discuss the nearing ``Ghost in the Shell'' film.

This thread is already discussing that topic: >>6835

File: 1490087779058.png (159.23 KB, 243x300, ritsu_friends_01.jpg)

No.6967 [Reply]

Sup lains.

I've been thinking lately about the effects of identity and reputation on (online) communities. As I am posting here on an imageboard, it should come as no surprise that I am a fan of anonymity. However, it became apparent to me in a discussion earlier that I'm not very good at explaining why I prefer anonymity.

So I'm going to throw some ideas out there, try to summarise my thoughts, and if anyone would like to add some ideas, please go ahead.



- Especially within a single thread, being able to identify particular posters (such as the OP) can be useful.
- In principle, people will tend to not make bad posts, as their social standing will fall.
- In principle, samefagging is impossible because the same name will be tied to the posts.


- Identity persists between threads, meaning people can hardly avoid judging posts based on social standing the author acquired in totally unrelated discussions.
- In practice, people make throwaway identities for bad posts and samefagging.
- Names encourage cults of personality.


(by which I mean the sort of numeric voting system that reddit and many other communities have)


- In principle, results in good content being upvoted to the top of the discussion and bad content being downvoted to the bottom.


- In practice, often results in inane in-jokes being voted to the top of the discussion, far ahead of good content.
- People judge the content of a post based on its score, rather than solely on its merits.
- Posts tend to be voted on depending on whether the voter agrees or disagrees with the message, rather than the quality of the content.

Any other points (in favour or against), or have I got everything?
17 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>These things are all more evident in real life communication. As much as no, anonymity is not a perfect cure for them. It's weird but it would be if people really truly acted like they were anonymous and never worried about defending themselves because it's pointless, there's nothing to defend, but normal socialisation is so very ingrained that it doesn't quite pan out, but still, it goes a lot better.
In real life when one makes assumptions you may defend yourself right there. In posting its supposed to be identityless, making another post explaining why you arent racist or an idiot is working against the system.

>No it doesn't. You'll like them or otherwise based on if you agreed with them in the first place because when you're observing the argument you empathise with them and put yourself in the shoes of the person and then you start weaselling too. The speakers in a debate very rarely concede and their side will be fine with that. It's tribalism and we see it all over the place.

Debate and politics is a game of its own, with numerous constructs and strategies. Im talking socializing. And your assuming a lot about me, I dont know what you mean but people agreeing with me doesnt mean I like them. Regardless if I agree with someone if I interact with them we are going to disagree on something and their flaws become apparent and I probably wouldnt hang out with them or would get annoyed. It changes nothing that one cant simply escape in real life discussion (without making a fool of themselves) but they can online.

>Well, in that case, being only adept at anonymous communication would be fine in the same way that being only adept at real life communication is fine today. We can't take the half of the hypothetical that anonymous communication is equally prominent without also taking the half that it would then be equally useful.

Sure. Il concede that. Il just stand with it being dangerous as is on a smaller scale.

these are the only things I wanted to clarify. Im sure if you are interested you can read more into the psychology of identity and recent studies on online identies and realize why the switch is in fact dangerous and why your french english analogy is beyond false (hint a better analogy would be actually living in france and the US or UK at the same time which is impossible). I doubt you are though, and I doubt I can convince you. In the mean time you tested some thoughts and helped me write this paper so thanks I guess.

inb4 must be a soykafty paper.


>In real life when one makes assumptions you may defend yourself right there.
They're unlikely to announce it.

>And your assuming a lot about me

I wasn't talking about you specifically. It was the general second person.

>Im sure if you are interested you can read more into the psychology of identity and recent studies on online identies

Link them.

>a better analogy would be actually living in france and the US or UK at the same time which is impossible

How about living in France and going to an international school where they speak English? Still not going to cause an identity crisis. The exact example isn't important. Humans are very context aware.

File: 1490119386756.png (95.06 KB, 300x169, NEET Lauerhöhle.jpg)

No.6981 [Reply]

Lets have a Hikkikomori thread.

How long have you been a Hikki?

Are you a NEET, or do you have some sort of job do you from home?

Getting NEET- or Autismbux?

How do you spend your day?

How did you become an Hikki?
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1490419733493.png (13.36 KB, 175x200, rokugo.jpg)

In the US, how does one go about actually receiving autismbux?
Like, a signed note from the doctor? That says what exactly? Who do I have to show it to?
I'm not currently officially diagnosed with anything, but I certainly am not capable of integrating into this world and basically have nothing to offer.
Last year I tried to work as a substitute teacher - Day actually went fine prolly, but I spent the next month locked in my house completely embarrassed and terrified of having to do it again. (I never even told them I quit - They're still sending me emails, I just can't deal with that or face them. I hope they give up soon.)
The wikipedia page on schizoid personality disorder pretty much describes me to a T.
I'm 26 and have been living off savings I amassed as a child - Which are soon to run out.
I'm perfectly happy with myself and the way I am, I'd just rather not end up homeless and hungry for something I really can't help.


1 year.
I spend my week days at the library reading and learning things on my own.
Savings from working before, small amount of dividends and living with my parents.
See above. Afternoons/evenings and weekends are spent watching animu and playing vidya.
Negative thoughts and unwillingness to settle for being a wageslave.

File: 1490139611042.png (259.73 KB, 187x300, s11.jpg)

No.6992 [Reply]

Why Neo meets Morpheus in "John Wick 2" ? :)


It's not at all clear what you're asking.

If you want to discuss whatever this is, make a better thread to do it.

File: 1490379447561.png (824.56 KB, 264x300, Pokemon_green_gameboy_cartridge_by_alex_553-d5s94lq.png)

No.7007 [Reply]

I am asking this because I think I like to listen to midi music, is it weird? Duvet.mid is so great :3


I do all the time. Most of my collection is video game music though. Originally I simply liked old video game music, and it sorta turned into a hobby in itself. I also collect midi-like music format from old consoles, mostly SPC (SNES) and NSF (NES) currently.

I have collected many soundfonts over the years as well.


I do, also i love to listen to demoscene music

File: 1490381458461.png (41.35 KB, 287x300, Lain_Split_Personnalities.jpg)

No.7010 [Reply]

I was wondering... wouldn't be a good idea to create new stickers? There isn't much of a choice right now.

For instance, every lainchan sticker is colored. But we all know that on Thinkpads is general rule that black and white is actually a lot more a e s t h e t i c

I've been suggested to post here, but there is another thread on /q/ >>>/q/res/13177
2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I have never in my life seen someone scan a QR code.


This made me think, I don't even know how I would go about scanning one. It would probably involve installing a new app.

As a piece of tech they're interesting and can have uses, I like doing the key exchange needed to install the Signal desktop app, but like just scanning one on it's own? Can't imagine ever doing that.

File: 1490412070854.png (44.31 KB, 300x225, CUjCeTBUcAEOsYt.jpg)

No.7014 [Reply]

'sup lainons? Hope your week was well.

I feel very strange asking for help, and yet here I am. For the past few weeks I've been homeless, sleeping in office buildings in Portland.

Today I got kicked out when some kids broke in and led security to my totally /cyb/ data hovel.

I thought I might check here and see if a kind lainon might lend me the use of their floor or couch for a night. Everything before a shelter. Those of you who've stayed in a shelter know it's a special kind of hell.

In return, I'll pay you, give you pizza, and be a generally schway person to shoot soykaf with.

Ask a /cyb/ bum anything about being homeless and sane.
3 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Sorry to hear that lainon. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the planet, so no help that way. Thought you should know about the thread over that way >>3173

Good luck.


www.couchsurfing.com and also go to anarchist infoshops, might find someone there or at least resources

File: 1490449210419.png (404.46 KB, 300x243, s01.jpg)

No.7024 [Reply]

What software for generative digital art?
4 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


What is the best JS-based tool for web browsers?


Processing is always a good start. I've also used pygame simply for access to an easy canvas to draw to but there's definitely better choices in python (including python processing).

Processing has a js version called p3.js

File: 1490556152468.png (90.34 KB, 300x300, R-9991160.jpg)

No.7030 [Reply]

Does anyone know what happened to krautchan ? All I can find online is disinfo with no sources.
10 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The word is CP got spammed hard and this got the imageboard closed and the owner is pissed more than ever now.


How to Delete Anything, 1984 Edition:
>Step 1. Spam the site with CP

File: 1490572523239.png (3.67 MB, 300x195, cali panel for you.jpg)

No.7038 [Reply]

Can we have a thread for recommending movies\shows liveaction or anime is fine specifically about revolutions?

I'll start by recommending Eden of the East and V for Vendetta


I found a list on Wikipedia, couldn't give you any specific recs, tho.


- Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
- No. 6 (based on Brave New World)
- Psycho-Pass (based on Philip K. Dick works)
- Ergo Proxy (some AI philosophy and classic philosophy on it)

Misc (not exactly about revolution):

- Perfect Blue
- Paprika
- Ghost Hound (same creator of Lain and GITS - get's good after the episode called "LTP")
- Texhnolyze
- Evangelion
- Lain
- Plastic Memories
- Eve no Jikan

There's many more that I'm forgetting. Some time I get my list on some pastebin.

File: 1490572932682.png (80.9 KB, 300x207, Warez_Depot.jpg)

No.7039 [Reply]

Would anybody be interested in starting a music archiving group?

I've created a rough rule set based off of the scene to tag and name music however it's adapted to be focused on consistent and easy archiving rather than preing/racing. The idea is to create a p2p archive of music tagged with a set of easy to follow standards which group members can use to contribute releases towards while also quickly expanding their own collections.

I have a fairly large archive of music to get things going (it's constantly growing but it's currently 1.29tb of flac and 28gb of mp3 and upload around 200-300gb a week on slsk)

I've got a few other ideas regarding the project if anybody is interested.
16 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491560421217.png (2.98 KB, 120x117, 1470346412596-2.jpg)


and this. However, IPFS is the new eMule with http interface, it will get censored sooner or later.

But MusicBrainz + I2P is going to be awesome.

Yes, put it into a torrent, torrents over I2P are awesome.

Your rules suck. Especially for weaboo soykaf. TLMC (Touhou Loseless Music Collection) is 2TB of soykaf that is out with your rules. Not only the names of the circles there are peculiar, but splitting it into separate tracks would leave you with no torrent peers, and your recording stops being loseless proper, because you loose data between tracks (yes, there are recordings that have cool stuff between tracks).

The proper way to implement this is to wipe all the metadata from the original lossless files, store it in CUE files, rename the files into directory tree based on their hashes (sha256/512 for the win! and you can always hardlink them, if you want to keep your directory organization too), put the result into torrent and distribute over I2P (Vuze and Transmission can use both I2P and clearnet peers, btw). Distribute CUE files in a git repository.


* a lot of peers: wiping metadata is deterministic and reproducible
* easy to get started: get the torrent, run the wiping-hashing-renaming script on your music, recheck using the torrent
* no bikeshedding over metadata, people can fork CUE repo and do whatever they want with it

Other reasons to do it:

* Library Genesis guys do exactly this for books, but they don't wipe the metadata from original files, they just put a DB over the torrent and censor duplicates by hand. Please, look at what they did and read their forums (especially, if you can read Russian, but most of them are in English, so there's no excuse) https://genofond.org/index.php

* There's a tool called "hydrus" http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/hydrus/index.html (its 8ch over Tor, because clearnet 8ch is Cloudflared) that does the same for images.


File: 1491603004944.png (14.67 KB, 200x121, 2017-04-07-215811_484x292_scrot.png)

This sounds like a great project. I'd be interested and have music to contribute.
I'm in a bunch of p2p sites so as long as nobody is being anal about releasing on those (especially my own rips) then that'd fine.

File: 1490709028659.png (1.24 MB, 300x199, 32747804704_6da1113906_k.jpg)

No.7067 [Reply]


I'll be entering the meatspace for real soon once I graduate from college. I have a major decision to make for what to do for the next year:

- Take internship offer at software company in Tokyo, but only make ~2k USD per month for a year. No full-time guarantee.

- Take full-time offer at software company in the US and make ~8k USD per month.

Would love to hear from and lains who have had experience living off of a small salary in a big city. It's definitely a dream of mine to get back to Japan but I'm not sure if it's the right decision in the long-term.
2 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Tokyo is expensive and I am not sure if you could get by with 2k comfortably. The wage difference is just too extreme. If it were at least 4k I would tell you to go for it.


jesus chirst lain, you have a choice between a good and a very good life. I'm graduating from university in 1 year and i'll hardly make 300$ in a mounth. I'll be very lucky if i find a job where i can get about 400-500$ and 95% chance that it won't be even close to my profession.

I want to die now.

File: 1490758571458.png (67.42 KB, 300x169, shibuya-breaks-1st-april.jpg)

No.7076 [Reply]

Sup, fellow Lainons?

ITT: Drop your 'cyberesque' or 'Lainesque' events.

For the case that some of you are in Japan this week, here's the info about an upcoming underground party in Shibuya, Tokyo:

■■■■ PARTY INFO ■■■■
▶Sat 1st April OPEN/START 22:00
▶FREE w/ 1 Drink Order
▶Hatagaya Forestlimit
▶102, Hatagaya KODA Bld.B1, 2-8-15, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
━━ Special Guest ━━
▶FIEND(Industrial Strength)from USA
━━ Superbad MIDI Breaks DJ's ━━
━━ Guest ━━
▶FIEND(Industrial Strength)from USA
Fiend from Rialto California started djing hardcore techno and acid in the early 90s.
by 95 he started to spin at gigs threw out the Los Angeles underground scene, spreading the early sounds of Industrial Strength Records and Drop Bass Network.
After many years of spinning records for crowds all over America and Europe, he began to produce his own music for a New York Speedcore label called Apocalypse Recordings.
Since then he has made records for some of the most respected labels across the world, including the all mighty Industrial Strength Records and PRSPCT.
He has worked with some of the most recognized producers in hardcore music such as Broken Rules, Delta 9, Tron, Lenny Dee, Matt Green, Moleculez, Paul Blackout and AKIRA to name a few.
and has continued to do a wide variety of experimental music under the alias name Abnormalities, which has more to do with broken beats and hard acid.
Fiend is currently working with Los Angeles underground crew Darkmatter Soundsystem on new releases and will continue to focus on pushing more dark and aggressive hardcore.
No compromise!
FIENDは90年代初頭にハードコアテクノとアシッドのDJとしてキャリアをスタートさせた。1995年にはロサンゼルス中のアンダーグラウンドギグでプレイするようになり、それはIndustrial Strength RecordsやDrop Bass Networkのパーティーにまで及んだ。
その後、アメリカのみならずヨーロッパまで範囲を広げ自身のDJプレイに磨きをかけ、後にトラック制作を開始し、SBMBとも親交の深いDJ TENSE (元F.U.H.D.)率いるニューヨークスピードコアの老舗Apocalypse Recordingsよりリリースすることとなる。
これまでにBroken Rules, Delta 9, Tron, Lenny Dee, Matt Green, Moleculez, Paul Blackout, Akiraなど、ハードコアシーンにおける多くのプロデューサーとの合作をし、現在はロサンゼルスのアンダーグラウンドクルーDarkmatter Soundsystemを中心にリリースを続け、妥協なき凶悪なハードコアを作り続けている。
10 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491508960334.png (134.82 KB, 200x134, firespinner.jpg)

talk to people at nightclubs, talk to drug dealers, find some sort of anarchist commune and ask there. Basic courteousness applies - talk to people as if they are human beings first, don't just treat them as a one way ticket to ravertown.
Where I'm from there's been a sort of epidemic of townies and kids from estates turning up just to sell cheap K and balloons then scarper. You don't want to give off that impression; be someone you could shoot the soykaf with for the evening. Not having social media is not an issue at all. People plastering the location all over facebook is a surefire way to get it closed down fast.

Don't be surprised if it takes you a while. Just keep asking, and eventually ye shall receive. Best of luck Lainon.


File: 1491533517445-0.png (116.83 KB, 143x200, berlin-sub-1.jpg)

File: 1491533517445-1.png (146.88 KB, 143x200, berlin-sub-2.jpg)

Speaking of DnB: pics related.

It's going down in Berlin, next week.

Here's the teaser:


File: 1491306096436.png (725.22 KB, 300x169, brytyjski_sterowiec.jpg)

No.7165 [Reply]

Let's have a thread focused on stoner metal, sludge, stoner rock.

Post some great stuff!

picrel unrelated
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491611369366.png (22.8 KB, 200x199, 1956019.jpg)


k off the top of my head some of my favorites in no particular order.
boris (kinda stonerish)
uncle acid and the dead beats
the egocentrics
and lets thrown mastadon in there for good measure

I love this genre btw and will post more good bands as I remember them

File: 1491335313191.png (224.07 KB, 300x170, XXrIHJN.jpg)

No.7168 [Reply]

Since /w is still dead, and I couldn't find an anime general anywhere I am opening this.

What anime generes do you like besides cyberpunk?(TBH. IDC about cyberpunk myself, but I am here because of other things)
Me... My favourite are yuri, horror and mysteries.

What was the last anime that positively surprised you? For me it was Shirobakko. I expected your average SoL, but it was so much more.
14 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1491511500694.png (89.83 KB, 200x142, nakazato crashes.jpg)

It would have been great if it had been about how he had to learn to race on other passes. It made sense for him to be king of Mt. Akina, because he knew it inside out. Not so much everywhere else.


I liked Tanya the Evil (YS) but it looks like its going downhill. Some good memes came out of it tho.

File: 1491513665959.png (1013.62 KB, 300x169, 500gb.png)

No.7203 [Reply]

Hey guys,

Running a writing/narrative-heavy campaign of 2020, centered around the aftermath of a massive. world-changing corporate hack.

Looking for some players, preferably ones that are heavily interested in and familiar with cyberpunk. (hence why I'm here and not on 4ch/tg/)

soykaf's going to be a blast, but we need a few more players before go-time.

invite link:


sweetrad. I have some experience doing both tabletop (5E, and an original derivative penned by a friend, dystopian cyberpunk game with modified 5e mechanics modelled after XCOM and Mass Effect) as well as larping (3 years as Lead Instructor at TrackersBay.com ; played in all LARP camps except BPRD).

This sounds super amazing, signing up now.


Still looking for players! Can't start until we get a decent count.

File: 1491609855002.png (103.1 KB, 300x239, 12439295_980052042048457_5981973508314715442_n.jpg)

No.7217 [Reply]

Sup guys...

So a few days ago I was watching a 10 minute special from a raw anime and understanding roughly 50-70% of it.

And during that time I remembered how people sometimes say 'Actual Japanese people don't speak like that.'
What do they mean by that exactly?

While this is certainly true for action oriented shonen anime where 90% of dialogue is 'I'm gonna kill ya, you bastard.' or 'Oppai'.
However, I think that other types of shows, i.e. dialogue heavy slice of life shows should be at the very least very close to how the japanese actually speak, am I right or am I wrong?

I know I will never be able to learn any kanji from anime, and I will barely learn any grammar. But anime should at least be good for some vocabulary, shouldn't it?

Or am I perhaps completely wrong on this issue? If so could you please elaborate on the differences between anime Japanese and actual Japanese?
Is it perhaps that they use simplified wording in anime?
Or is it keigo?

Other than that, tell me, how good are you with Japanese?

I personally, aside from vocabulary, I do know the complete Hiragana and Katakana. I also do know how to introduce myslef properly, and some limited daily situations like buy groceries etc...