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continued from >>>/archive/864
meet people from your community
you do not need to register
if you are inactive your marker will be removed


You can remove the green marker in Birmingham, AL, USA. I haven't messaged anybody and I seldom visit.


I put up a marker.

I ask you, lainons: do you try to get people in your area to learn of Lainchan in any way? Like, examples being stickers, word of mouth, showing your friends, etc.


I put my old lainchan sticker on a school parking post. Makes me wonder lol.


I have a sticker on my netbook, which a couple of people have asked me about. I'm kinda tempted to get a bunch of stickers and hide them in places, see if anyone finds them and finds the site.


Should there be a landing thread for people who got here through stickers?


I'm not sure what that would achieve.


Yoo, I haven't checked this in a long ass time and now there's someone in my area.


The colours are random and meaningless I assume?


I have stickers. I first wanted to put one on my car, but also on the parkinglot it stands. This would be a bad idea, cause the police isn't that stupid.
I think I'll put it on a streetlight somewhere.


Someone covered up my sticker ;_;

I would get revenge, but that area is very high traffic.


I talk to people some, or pass out small printed papers that are the stickers.


I just took a second look at this. Is kalyx really in the KC area? If so I need to buy him a beer


he is; him and nildicit hang out every once and a while from what I've gathered


I met two lainons briefly at bsidespdx, me and three people i was with are from the area.


Can you please remove the marker in Perth, WA, Australia. I won't be there soon and the email address hasn't been valid for a while now. Thanks.


I felt bad about being stuck in Forster, but then I saw the lainon in Dubbo and the one in Darwin.

I feel ya, bros. :(
Actually I hear Darwin isn't as bad now as it was when I was a kid.


Can you remove the icon for the mount Gambier contact? The one in South Australia, I am moving and the contact details are now wrong.


How neckbeardy are we?


Lots of dead/invalid contacts on there, goddamn shame imo, maybe someone could clean those up or so.

We could also contact one another over http://tox.chat, its not so great compared to other services, but its foss, mostly secure and "usable", as far as things go.

We also have a lain chat group on it, just add 415732B8A549B2A1F9A278B91C649B9E30F07330E8818246375D19E52F927C57F08A44E082F6 as friend and it should auto invite you(beware politics).


Not everyone is from an english speaking country so distributing stickers and linking to a multi translated thread/page would explain better what's happening.


Im sorry if this is a necrobump.

But i wanted to ask if someone maintains this?
There are lots of ancient dead contacts on it.
Perhaps making a new one would be good.


Wow, I didn't see this until now. Better late to the party than never right? There are not one, not two, but three (3!) lainons in my state. I can hardly believe it.


Just added one in Fort Lauderdale.


I never expected anyone from my country to be on there. Glad to see I was wrong.


Well, turns out I still lurk a bit. But I wish I could change my marker >.<


just added. i moved from SF/Oakland to the Phoenix area and it bums me out having just seen this - and the density of lainons in the bay - after moving.


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tfw the only other person from philadelphia hasn't been on irc in 49 weeks. i-is there anyone out there?


Checked for the first time in forever, and there's actually someone in Alberta. Not active on the IRC, but shoutouts.