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This thread is for everyone who wants to create stickers and donate the designs to lainchan for us to sell.

I'll start with a sticker I finished 5 min ago. It should be ready for sale by Monday.


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I found this one from the old thread.


File: 1471854098696-0.png (473.75 KB, 200x156, ripkalyx.png)

File: 1471854098696-1.png (100.43 KB, 200x171, neulain2.png)


File: 1471856471683.png (173.35 KB, 200x200, lainhaus.png)


File: 1471865283668.png (57.08 KB, 200x150, anaqr.jpg)

I'm slightly annoyed that people have already thought of this, but I think it would be cool to have lainchan sticker that is an anamorphic QR code. The idea would be that people walking parallel to a wall would be able to scan the qr code without having to turn 90 degrees to face the wall. Or perhaps it the geometric transform of the qr code could work such that the qr code can placed on certain standard outdoor objects in a certain way so they become scan-able-- objects like telephone poles, mailboxes and so on.

Though its more difficult, it's a striking enough effect to get people to actually take the time to scan the thing.



Do stickers have to be with Lain+QR on it? What about glitch art?


This is awesome. Is Lainhaus still happening?

Glitch art is fine. Doesnt have to have lain+qr on it.


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OC, feel free to fuck it up with QR codes or whatever


>Is Lainhaus still happening?

I think people couldn't move so it's not. But idk maybe.


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Here's my two cents:
I would like to see some stickers based on the color palettes and art style from this website:
Pic related. Sadly I know very little about graphic design so I can't help much.
Also I'd prefer stickers that just say 'lainchan' on them and not 'lainchan.org'.
Ideally I'd like to have no lainchan branding on the stickers at all but I think that would defeat the purpose


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Here you go!


I like it. If someone tries to implement this, they should attempt a pixelsorting/ databending aesthetic.


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File: 1471944439474-1.png (18.61 KB, 200x200, cream bot pink.png)

I had a go making something fauxxesque.
I can also upload the xcf with all the layers and colour variants if you want.


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A few more, polite sage for repeat posts.


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Okay. LAST POST I swear.


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File: 1471945546209-2.png (50.8 KB, 188x200, 03.png)



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>tfw flood detected


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Final of stuff I made. Here's some qr codes from a thread a little while back


I like all of these I might go and make some.soon.


File: 1472047226689.png (14.4 KB, 200x125, lainchan.jpg)



This may or may not be of use:


File: 1474080328675.png (1.26 MB, 200x146, crippling_autism.jpg)

Hey mine came in


File: 1474081833902.png (15.61 KB, 200x200, phpyXLZlv_qrcode.png)

Very cool, it just spat out this


This looks really good, not as in your face as some of the others.




hey what the fuarrrk? I just went to buy the sticker in the OP and it's gone now, that was the best one


File: 1478534989880.png (146.48 KB, 200x113, evenmorecripplingautism.jpg)

If someone points out your Lainchan sticker and asks where it's from, what do you say? I've had a few people ask and I just told them it's from an anime since they didn't seem like they'd be very interested in this place.

It's here, I think it's not tagged so it doesn't show up with the rest of the stickers.


"It's a mascot for an abandoned operating system from the 90s. There's a cult of it on the internet. I find the mascot cute."


Just tell them it's a mascot for an internet community you like, if they seem interested give them the url


Tell them the truth. There are potential lainons everywhere. If the sort of artwork we tend to put on our stickers intrigue them, they just might be one.

But you'll never know unless you tell them.


I bought the defcon sticker with the url so people don't have to ask ;^)


what size stickers are you guys looking for? I want to make some but I don't know what sells best



The most popular sticker size in terms of selling best is 3.75" x 3.75" or 9.53 cm x 9.53 cm at 83 stickers sold.

The second most popular sticker size is 2.25" x 2.39" or 5.72 cm x 6.06 cm at 80 stickers sold.

Regardless of size, adding a new sticker to the market place costs more than the site hosting costs for one month, I am looking at other platforms.

See https://lainchan.org/q/res/11998.html#11998 for the new sticker suggestion thread.


Thanks for the info, I read through the various threads on merch and it doesn't look like stickers are viable... I have a design but it may be better suited to a shirt, poster, case etc. (ratio is 2:3) So, I don't want to design something that's unusable or is being phased out anyways.

So where can I reach you guys to talk about this? (email is easiest for me) Otherwise I guess I'll just wait until some decision is made...


Email is at the bottom of the home page lainchan.org.
Mumble and IRC are this server, ports 64738 and 6697 respectively, or you can post questions in /q/ .


email sent thanks.


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got mine, it's beautiful. thank you!


File: 1480956302002.png (60.63 KB, 196x200, cyberlain-sticker.png)

Does anyone have a picture of this sticker? I really dig the design but I'm curious how it looks printed/IRL.


I just ordered a few. Gonna stick them around town. Can't wait.


File: 1483288509925.png (25.31 KB, 200x190, 2016-12-31-170507_360x342_scrot.png)

I found a rather good manufacturer of vinyl stickers, pretty cheap too, the MOQ is quite large tho.
I might soon order some, this is for stickers in 50*80mm iirc


>body was too short or empty


How can I make these into stickers? Also what should I put these stickers on? I was thinking about just collecting them because I'm afriad of losing the object to which the stickers are on. I'm thinking of just putting them in my wallet, since I've had the same on for years and never lost it. I bought stickers for my car but eventually sold it and i dont want to lose anything having to do with Lain.