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>tfw you're drunk in a diner in the tenderloin with nothing to do but soykafpost on lainchan
>also the tenderloin is gentrifying

North bay, south bay, east bay, and SF: post your location and meet up with like minded lains

Pic recycled from the first BAL thread


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Pic related re: the tenderloin is fuarrrking gentrifying

These soykafheads wearing fuarrrking suits are all up over here



what the fuarrrk does gentrifying even mean


Bayylmao lainon reporting in.

fuarrrking peninsulafags

It means to buy up cheap urban real estate and turn it into expensive bourgie soykaf like cereal cafes and condos.


If you have suits walking around in your block then chances are that your hood isn't gentrifying but already gentrified.

The blonde person in the foreground looks quite transgender, btw.


the tenderloin is def not fully gentrified yet, but there are clubs where I guess it's appropriate to wear suits like that and they went to the same diner I went to for drunk food.

Hell, I was at a dubstep show at F8 and there were two 30s-looking fuarrrks wearing suits there. It's like, do you notice how out of place you are? Are you literally incapable of slumming down? It's depressing.


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You guys went/going to this whole old-school-sci-fi-anime retrospective they're doing at Roxie in Mission?

The day they opened Mr Holmes was the day it was all over tbh

Is this the Union Square Lori's or the Van Ness Lori's? I live right next to the Van Ness one. Either way they suck, shouldn't have eaten there anon


>also the tenderloin is gentrifying
Code for: I'm a guilty white hipster who is in fact contributing to the gentrification.


Lower Nob Hill reporting in.


soykaf I remember hearing about this. I wanted to check it out.

When/where? Bayy Area Lainchan meetup at this thing or what mah deckers?


>when you wear a suit, thinking it will score you 10s, but it only scores you a tranny and its slightly chubby friend


File: 1474690596303.png (2.32 MB, 200x129, lainonmeetup.png)

Aww, fuarrrk yeah! Marin lainon reporting in. It would be radical to have a meetup in the Bay Area.


I'll be going to the September 29th AKIRA showing. If any lainons plan on going we should make it an event.


I'd go to that


Gonna bump dis soykaf. When are we going to have a meetup? I know that there are other Bayylmao Area lains around.

Don't be shy.

nice OC fam


that is such an incredibly schway image, lain, I just about creamed my pants at it

Let's have a meetup on November 14th at this: http://cyberpunkcinema.tumblr.com/

we just missed this month, but this dive bar in the mission has cyberpunk movies the second monday of the month. I can go early and grab us a table.


don't die on me yet


I lived in the Marina but i'm currently on the East Coast. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't miss it.


Down af tbh


Bumping. Pls go Bayy Area lains. Myself and at least one other lainon will be there


anyone in san diego


who else south bay here? I'd be down for a meetup.



oh wow fuarrrk just missed that this was happening. If you guys go again next month I'd be down to tag along.


We'll both be around and active. Going to the next cyberpunk cinema screening is very do-able


So that'll be what, December 12th? That sounds good to me, I'm on winter break from uni around that time with nothing else to do.


File: 1479259485219.png (183.57 KB, 200x200, 1268955430826.jpg)

recently moved from SF to West Hollywood. Good luck.
the tenderloin used to be fun 10 years ago, now its mostly aggressive transients and trustafarians balancing coke addictions and poorly thought out startups. SF is garbage thanks to capitalisms 'gig' economy now.


everything in SF is this. rent is $4500 a month for a fuarrrking tarp covered shack. four hour San Jose commutes are common for H1B visa slaves that have to find a way into the bay. the bay is a mix of kids in bentleys and half-nude incontinent elderly bleeding out on the streets.


bumping. We're gonna be @ DNA Lounge next Monday. Y'all deckerz better be there

Also going to be at this



L.A.inonhere2. It's megasoykafty and imma move to the bayylmao area after i finish this annoying physics degree. Also the public transport is really awful.


public transport in the north is infinitely better, but still kinda soykaf.



Get yr asses to DNA Lounge


10/10 meetup.

Many passers-by were harassed.


The next Cyberpunk Cinema screening is tonight. I think they're playing Trancer.

I won't be able to go but I think at least one other lain will be there.



any Portland lains wanting to meetup?


what? I remember walking thru the Tenderloin after eating a Cant Believe Its Pot Butter cookie, wasted ..it was sketchy skid row type place.

hard to believe that could be an upmarket place to be


I am lainon.


Ay bois

We're planning on having another meetup at the DNA lounge (https://www.dnalounge.com/) next monday around 10-ish.

If you want to come and are willing to risk compromising OPSEC by giving me a phone number, PM me on the IRC server and I'll get you on our groupchat. n1x has a car if you need transportation.


File: 1484623827977.png (91.47 KB, 114x200, LkGIWVG.jpg)

>mfw I mistyped my own name while telling people to PM me


Where my Glendale/LA/Burbank boys at? Maybe we can hang out



I know there's more of y'all. We're chill people, I promise.



arigatou gozaimasu


I'll probably be there.


dis thread needs a bump

hell yeah don't forget


Anyone have an FM transmitter?


Aight, I'll be there tonight. How will I tell the cyberphunks from the normal people? Will it be the neon-headjacks? or the anime body pillows?


look for the guy with a big hammer and sickle on his jacket


this >>6115

I'll also be wearing my Lain shirt. I suggest we meet out in front or in one of the upstairs booths.


(depending on whether it's rainy out)


Weather has dissuaded me from attending. Anyone willing to host me via skype/ google hangouts?


Wouldn't have worked, it was too loud. And it would have looked really weird.

Next time, bruv.



you gonna come tomorrow man?


File: 1486036173182.png (2.44 MB, 200x109, Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.45.47 AM.png)

Great time tonight at the Milo speech. Huge peaceful crowd showed up hours before hand, chanted, waved signs. About an hour before doors were supposed to open antifa glitterboys showed up dressed iin all black with shields, and started throwing rocks, fireworks at cops. Broke through the barricades and smashed the windows, then lit a generator on fire. Police couldn't use tear gas, as the antifa glitterboys were mingling with the peaceful protestors. Some flashbangs used.

Over all, a wonder full night. I regret not bringing some equipment, I wanted nothing more then to crush an antifatards ribs with a bat.

Anyone else show up tonight?


WEW, the salinity is off the charts!
Only thing missing is some roast and you'd be good to go, meathead.


>Over all, a wonder full night. I regret not bringing some equipment, I wanted nothing more then to crush an antifatards ribs with a bat.

You should've, some of the beaten up people were anons that had gone with the intent to put out fires and provide asistance to people hurt by antifatards roleplaying


We'll see how you feel in 8 years. The brown-shirts aren't the trump supporters.

I know what you mean blud, nothing I'd like more than beating up some larpers.



So what makes you so different than them? They are violent due to existential threats to their existence, like you.

The more I've seen, the more I've seen that antifa is sometimes more justified


keep telling yourself that. brownshirts are literally the NDSAP SA.



> Existential threat....

what are you talking about man, unless Pence is going to line them up and zap the gay out of them like he should they'll be fine.

Alternatively if they keep up this terrorist soykaf, they'll probably eventually be brought to justice. Did you know that the Oath Keepers have infiltrated the entirety of the organization. How do you think a bunch of crazy heavily armed war vets are going to react when they start lighting firecrackers at a protest. So I guess you're right it might be an existential threat... not from trump tho

I'm not a dickbag fascist, but the way you treat a bunch of jackasses online it's like you think there's 400000 fascists preparing the first american reich in Berkley California. Totally fuarrrking deluded, even those alt-right jackasses understand that the only person who claims to be a nazi today is role playing.


SF homies who love it for soykaf like the tenderloin and not the gentrified tech startup soykaf culture cool. not interested in meeting up but curious if any of you go to school at SF State or USF. I already know we got berkeley ppl.


>Did you know that the Oath Keepers have infiltrated the entirety of the organization.

the fact that you think antifa is an organization just shows how little you know.

sage because this thread turned to soykaf, if you're gonna go go to the DNA lounge tomorrow https://lainchan.org/cult/res/6413.html