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This is the only place that seemed like it would /fit/ (ayy)

I've noticed a complete lack of fitness, which is odd considering the topic. So, I decided to create one.

Here's some questions to spark discussion:

* What type of diet should I have for [X]?
* How do I get started?
* Crossfit - Is it a meme or is it legit?
* Why are you interested in getting fit?
* Are you a 1 or a 0?
* How do I go from only doing 3 {pushups, sit ups, etc} to 100 in 2 minutes?
* How do I improve my form?


>How do I go from only doing 3 {pushups, sit ups, etc} to 100 in 2 minutes?

Doing 100 push-ups straight is more likely to fuarrrk up your shoulders than anything else.



Goals to aim for when trying to pass the US Army PFT:

- Complete the 2-mile run in at least 12 to 14 minutes
- 100 sit-ups in 2 minutes.
- 100 push-ups in 2 minutes.


>* Are you a 1 or a 0?
What do you mean?


Probably he meant "Are you sex or are you food?"


If all you can do is three pushups, do them from your knees, or leaning against a bench or a couch's armrest to make it easier, and work to failure.

Do crunches instead of sit-ups, and with pull-ups, even if nothing's moving, as long as you're straining, you're doing work.


> Not getting the reference
> implying that caring about your physical health must mean you're only concerned about food or sex exclusively.


Reminds me of when i tried exercising for the first time..... couldn't even do 1 pushup.


Can you please explain the reference?


I didn't get it either but I assumed it meant "are you something I fuarrrk or something I eat?" Because what else is there.


Oh right, I forgot that "bad words" are forbidden here.


It's not that they're derezzed, it's just a quirk with chans that help define an aesthetics and culture around it (the egg to duck eventually leading to memes are a good example). I know what you said when you say fuarrrk, and I assume most people who visit here do too.

Sage for me being off topic here.


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Any serious lifters here?

t.Lainon powerlifter


Whatever the rationale behind it the end result is the same: no "bad words".


Utter nonsense.

I've read a recommendation that one should try EMOM to go from very low numbers to a more respectable volume. (That's Every Minute on the Minute)

Haven't tried it yet, but I have hopes for improving my pathetic pull-up numbers.


I lift occasionally. I more workout for fitness less for gains now a days. It really helps when I'm stuck in a rut programming or having a soykaf day.


Nothing is cheaper or easier to start than calisthenics.


WTF, pdf didn't upload let's try again.


Something must be wrong with lainchan or the pdf is too big. Look up Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade.


Are any of you guys into martial arts? What's a good place to start? Not sure if this fits in this thread or not.


bump for interest.

I'm planning to get into kickboxing once other life situations are resolved.


what are you looking to go into? Do you want actual martial arts (kung fu, karate, etc.) or combat sports/full contact martial arts (wrestling, boxing, muay thai etc.)

Do you prefer striking or grappling martial arts/combat sports?


I'd like to get into actual martial arts. As for striking versus grappling I'm not really sure since I was unaware it was divided like that. I'd go with striking though.


* What type of diet should I have for [X]?
>If your just trying to look good and don't care that much about health, then just eat lots if you are bulking and make sure that you avoid processed foods. If you are cutting, don't have any carbs (0 carbs) eat less and for the last part of your cut, you may want to dehydrate yourself (no more than 5 days) to look ripped as fuck. Of course use some tool to calculate how many calories and shit you should be eating, and make sure you always atleast hit your recomended amount of protien.

* How do I get started?
>Find heavy stuff and lift it. If you don't have any free (as in $0) weights around you then you can fill up milk containers with water or sand and lift them. If the gym is cheap then you should probably just sign up. Once you have a gym membership just go to your gym and do you shit. Noones going to pay any attention to you unless you are about to kill yourself (crossfit) or purposely trying to get attention. After your first (few) trips you will realise that going to the gym is really not scary at all.

* Crossfit - Is it a meme or is it legit?
>Its a meme as shit. Do not do crossfit. You will be wasting money, will injure youself (100% guarantee), and will not be reaching your full potential.

* Why are you interested in getting fit?
>Because I like to improve myself, and it's something to do. You will find that alot of people who lift were actually very into grindy mmos/games, and lifting is pretty much irl grinding.

* Are you a 1 or a 0?
>If we are talking about them just as numbers then its a hard decision. 0 is even and even numbers are much more enjoyable however the complex nature of 0 makes it annoying to use and is sort of an edgy number because of this. 1 however, is a nice number because its usually drawn as just a single straight line and is very usefull and doesn't cause chaos like 0. 1 is edgy but not as edgy as 0. 1 is odd tho, but thats about its only flaw so im going to have to say that 1 is better than 0, but it is a hard decision

* How do I go from only doing 3 {pushups, sit ups, etc} to 100 in 2 minutes?
>practise and slow progression. 3 the first day, 4 the second, etc. Or you can just do pushups every time you get the chance (I have a pullup bar in my house and every time I walk past it I do as many as I possibly can). There isn't that much advantage to doign 100 pushups in 2 mins by the way. You don't get a good body and its not all that impressive (its still impressive, but you could have done much better shit). It would be more benifical for you to learn how to do shit like 1 handed pushups and spider pushups and shit like that.

* How do I improve my form?
>Watch videos and practise. Don't go to heavy. If you got a friend have him watch/film you so you can tweak your form based of what you hear/see from him.


It really depends on what's available and affordable in your area.
It's all good at the beginner level, anyway, until you learn enough to make educated decisions. A lot of places offer a free first lesson, so shop around.

The only places I'd contra-indicate are martial arts that are fronts for cults, like Oom Yung Doe, Goshinkan, Falun Dafa, or Bujinkan, or individual schools with unsafe training practices, like susuryu or Bobby Joe Blythe, or unethical martial arts organisations, like the Martial Arts Industry Association or Bullshido.


File: 1478463687408.png (23.65 MB, 200x200, [Health and Fitness] - Starting Strength (Rippetoe).pdf)

So does anybody here lift (except for the powerlifter above)? Would recommend it; I started about a week ago and it feels like I'm improving, however slowly and gradually it may be. Could be a meme but it kinda helps with mental health as well.


currently I do occaisional long bike rides/hikes(once or twice a week), and I try to get some calisthenics in(usually twice a week)

I'm by no means fit, I'm just fit enough to healthy. I'm hoping to start going to the gym so I can do my calisthenics more regularly, but I have an irraitonal fear.



Used to compete in powerlifting for a bit over 2, 2.5 years until I got really sick and lost 60-70 lbs in around 3 months. Never really recovered after that and still haven't gotten back into it. Those 2 and a half years were probably when I was feeling the best in my life though. It definitely makes you feel a lot more positive about all aspects of life, and gives you a goal to work for. Keep it up lainon, you'll wish you had started earlier once a few months pass and you start seeing big results.


File: 1478734483212.png (1.06 MB, 200x200, Pocket Physical Training Guide.pdf)


File: 1478757796244-0.png (1017.3 KB, 200x200, Zyzzs-Bodybuilding-Bible.pdf)

File: 1478757796244-1.png (9.53 MB, 200x200, Isometric Power Exercises - Bruce Tegner.pdf)

File: 1478757796244-2.png (3.99 MB, 200x200, Charles Atlas (Body Building System).pdf)


File: 1478758927688.png (1.05 MB, 200x200, brainoverbrawn.pdf)


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I usually do some bodyweight exercises in the garden, but it's really cold now.



Thanks for the Pdfs, lainons.

Just my two cents on the matter, OP:

Sleep is necessary for muscular growth and hormonal control. You should sleep at least 8 hours every night to let you body grow.

Unless you really want to develop bodybuilder level aesthetics, you don't need to be maniac on your diet. Just follow these guidelines:
-Build muscle: Eat more than the minimum for your body, remembering to eat enough protein. Focus on weightlifting.
-Lose fat: Eat less than the minimum, but don't starve else you will lose muscle. Focus on cardio.


> 100 push-ups in 2 minutes.


When doing starting strength remember to add more assistance movements, especially for your upper body if you don't want to become a T-Rex mode.

You may do something like this
Squat 3x5
BP 3x5
DL 1x5
DB OHP 3x8-12
Pullups 3x max
Biceps + triceps 3x12


starving chic is the tru cyb aesthetic tbh.


I lift fairly regularly and have trained in various martial arts over the years. I can try to answer specific questions.


Language filters are just for fun, I hardly believe 'is like kicking dead whales down the beach' was filtered because it is a 'bad word'


I did Aikido once. It's super fun and the philosophy behind it is awesome, but don't expect to become a deadly weapon with it.


I did Aikido for a couple years too. It's very interesting and can be useful. But it does seem like you'd have to study diligently for a minimum of five years to be really any level of "effective".

For a starter style, I'd generally recommend Tang So Do. Nice general all-around style. Then see what you like and go from there.

And of course, the teacher is paramount in importance.


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diet here is vegetarian if i eat out, Vegan if i cook at home. supplement with 1 scoop of whey protein. take a multivitamin. avoid fast food like Windows ME.

Mark Rippetoes starting strength is a good choice if youre looking to get swole for satan. I only do 15 reps of 6 different exercises, every other day, however im maxing out weight.

Crossfit is an overpriced excuse to alienate friends and hurt yourself. you dont need to spend 5k on lulu and $180 a month to feel better about yourself. Crossfit sells lifestyle, not results.

>* Why are you interested in getting fit?

i'm...a recovering alcoholic. Gym membership is cheaper than cable TV and bar tabs combined and gives structure to my life. it also helps me deal immensely with self-esteem issues. it helps with sleeping properly and controlling my appetite too. the gym is my AA basically.

performance improvements are incremental, and this is why crossfart is terrible. If youre just starting, youll need to dedicate yourself to this for about a year before you see anything you like. numbers should only matter to you, though, not your gym bestos.

you improve your form with the help of mirrors. mirrors unfortunately reinforce just how big a piece of soykaf you look like, but in time mirrors will become your friend. a personal trainer helps as well for more dangerous movements like squats and clean jerks.


woke up like a week ago and my back was hurting, just been feeling better enough to start going to the gym again today. have i fuarked up by not going even when my back is hurting?


The strongest (internally and externally) find ways to train around an injury. So you likely didn't make the "best" decision. But one missed workout does not turn you into a fuarrrk-up.
Caring what we think about isn't all that helpful, either.


What do you guys think about this:

I just started the foundation program (mainly because I hate gyms) and it feels legit.


Why do people seem to think excercising is solely for the purpose of getting ripped?
I remember a thread about gym-less excercising and some dipsoykaf immediately barged in saying "don't waste your time and go to the gym".
I'd like to know what you think. I do a short excercise routine at home every morning, and though it's not enough to build muscle mass, it has come to bring me great benefits. It wakes me up and energizes me for the rest of the day, and I don't get sick as often (actually whenever I've cut the habit, I get sick almost immediately).
There are other benefits as well, I find it very short-sighted to think of excercise solely for the (somewhat artificial, if you think of it) aesthetics.
And I mean artificial because it's all done lifting weights on dedicated machines rather than actually moving in a meaningful way. People who focus on the gym get all stiff and hardly have any flexibility whatsoever.
I'm not hating, but it's annoying for people to have such a frivolous view and soykaf on people who don't.


Are you moving? Then it's legit. If you're beyond it, then you wouldn't ask.


So what. You exercise for your reasons, allow others theirs.



I liked the idea of an online community-based free fitness program. You select what you need and if it works, you support through donations.


read again
>I'm not hating
read again if possible.
my point was exactly that, some people seem to think it's just for getting ripped and they come and soykaf on others with short-sighted comments. I was just reminded of that guy in the thread I mentioned, so that's why I ranted.


Been lifting for years and am only now starting to see results since I've gotten off muh Big Pharma """"meds"""" which made me overweight and gave me a disgusting amount of acne. I'd say I'm pretty fit for a woman, but I still can't do an unassisted pull-up and I can just barely do a single push up before my arms collapse.

Let's motivate each other to take our fitness goals more seriously! We must all be fit for the revolution.


Is anyone into climbing/bouldering? It's so much fun that I don't even realise how hard I'm working.


You're totally right. I read that as a blanket statement. My apologies.


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Not a lifter, but I bboy (dubbed breakdancing by the media), and I parkour. I got more of a Bruce Lee build and id prefer the agility it gives me over being bulky.


>I'd say I'm pretty fit for a woman, but I still can't do an unassisted pull-up and I can just barely do a single push up before my arms collapse.

woah, is that considered fit for women?


Pretty much. It's why they need us to open jars and stuff.


>one push up before my arms collapse
i find that hard to believe in, girls from my uni group did at least 20 on first PE classes. And they are not fit.


If I've only used machines for lifting weights, where do I start in amount of weight if I want to move to barbell/"manual" weight lifting?

Also does anyone know of any good weight programs specifically aimed towards weight loss? Googling "weight loss weight program" seems to yield a lot of fad programs, and I'm having trouble thinking of a better search term to describe what I'm looking for.


>Also does anyone know of any good weight programs specifically aimed towards weight loss?
This is not really what you're asking for, but running is a lot better for losing weight. All you need to do is eat less calories than your body needs (there's formulas to calculate that amount) and run every day. I lost quite a bit of weight that way (up to 0.5 kg a day). You just need to make sure you get enough protein, because you'll loose muscle mass otherwise. Any other sport that burns a lot of calories, like road cycling, would work just as well for this.


Oh, I forgot to mention: Running on an empty stomach, for example before having breakfast, will make your body burn more fat than it would after a meal, which is probably what you're aiming for.


Going to go ahead and drop my archive on you fools. Some files were damaged due to a drive failure, but the majority is intact. I have a few videos on the subject if anyone is interested as well.

As for my routine I mostly free-weight. I am pretty okay meat-wise right now however my intention is only to get fit not swole.


No. That's "fit" for a housewife.


One of the smartest things I've heard said is that exercising to burn calories is the stupidest things to do.
Lift to build some muscle and earn your carbs. That's the simplest, most direct way to fat loss.


Maybe one without children, who does no housework. Carrying babies and shopping gives you "mommy muscles".


About how long should I run for at a time? Obviously the longer the duration I run means more calories burnt but is there a point where I'll experience diminishing returns or something to that effect?


Anything over 20 minutes will burn fat, but I don't think there's an upper limit, you just have to make sure your technique isn't going to give you heel spurs or shin splints or screw up your knees.
Or go running in the desert and die from heat exhaustion or dehydration.
Or get mugged, raped, murdered and set on fire.
Or run into a fire.
Or torn apart by wild dogs.


for new runners, don't go more than about 30 minutes. If you want to get a better workout, just run faster for those 30 minutes. Also, get in at least one rest day a week.

Chances are you won't have good form and your knees will get fuarrrked up. Don't run on fuarrrked up knees.


Also, if you don't do any other endurance sport, don't be ashamed to take walking-breaks if you can't go on anymore. That's still way better than having to stop completely.


If you want to be useful quickly, the best things to study would be Krav Maga/ BJJ/ Boxing/Judo. Anything simple and direct. There are a few very effective techniques that I know, I've used them in actual situations a couple of times. You can get more bang for your buck so to speak by being pragmatic with what you study.


I agree it's nonsense. You can get fit enough by doing light exercises at home. Or at least it works well for me.
Doing like 50-100 pushups, situps and 70 squats a day. I think my body is mostly muslc,e but I'm skinny as fuarrrk and don't ingest a ton of proteins so I'm never going to get ripped (which I don't even want to be).

Gotta embrace that dex.


as far as I know doing weight training is more effective for losing weight. Muscles eat calories all the time yo you'll burn more if you've got muscles.

Don't go running, you'll fuarrrk up your legs. Just jog a bit without going too fast. The point of running is to train your endurance, not to burn calories. Going fast and burning lots of calories is just going to give you a heart attack, because you need to keep your heart below a certain rate. Running is going to make your heart pump like crazy and increase health risks.


I forgot, about 2 minutes is enough for your first endurance training if you've completely untrained. Really. Slowly work yourself up. Don't overdo it.


I don't bboy nor do I parkour, but I do chinese martial arts. I am also more about the agility and flexibility, especially since I'm hungry skelly and it makes more sense for me to train that rather than try and get buff.
Flexibility is really nice to train too, it's like the counterpart of lifting weights.


My suggestion would be to lose some weight before you start running faster for 30 minutes, as >>5634 says; that will fuarrrk up your knees, and your knees are not easily healed.

Now, >>5635 mentioned walking breaks. Well, I think they should be more than breaks. If you aren't currently in a running program at all, I would suggest starting with something like http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml I have done this program, and can verify it works. Well, I only followed it for the first 5 weeks, anyways, but I was seeing results in myself.


If you want to get into running then you might want to spend a few weeks strengthening your lower legs to prevent injury.

An exercise that I used was standing on a medecine ball with the ball of my foot/feet. Would do that for a bit less than 20 minutes then switch to the next foot or take a rest with both feet on the ball.
No medecine ball or other ball to stand on? You can balance with the ball of your foot against the ground. Not as strenuous as standing on a ball but still good.

I build up my lower legs like that and my first run after a long time of not running I was able to go full speed without any injury. Really felt the burn in my upper legs after something like that.
>cyclist, so upper legs and cardio was already developed


Progressive overload and consistency
Steroids help too.


Read the sticky. http://www.liamrosen.com/fitness.html
Track your progress with SymmetricStrength.
exrx.net for form checks.

I've been working out for the past two years, cause I'm 5'8" @ 135 lbs, and I'd prefer it be muscle if anything. For the curious, I'm at advanced in terms of aforementioned tracker.

Crossfit's done nicely to increase public health awareness, but in terms of practicality, it lacks consistency and with it, straightforward means of progress tracking and standardized tutorship in regards to properly trained personal trainers.

Clean up your diet and increase your protein intake, then do as many pushups as you currently can within two minutes. Repeat for five set twice every other day, to give your muscles time to recover.