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Anyone lainons have experience vandwelling?

I decided that I'm going to save up money, buy a van to live in and travel around for a while until I find someplace to live.

Its also really cheap from what Ive calculated and for a few hundred bucks I can throw solar panels on top of the van to power my computer.


How are you going to wash? I heard about an anon living in his van and using his gym membership to get a free shower whenever he needed. Are you gonna do the same or do you have a different plan in mind?


Yeah planet fitness or something was my plan, although if Im in the middle of nowhere (which is where I want to spend some time anyway) I could use a solar shower or if I'm by the beach just use the ocean


Fair enough, seems like a good plan. I was thinking hard about the negatives of living in a van and the main ones I can think of is you can't really receive mail without an adress. There is also the security issue, vans are obviously easier to break into than houses so you best be careful.


File: 1464504385241.png (54.29 KB, 150x200, b56851a6aba11b0b9630c4c649c5244c.jpg)

This isnt going to be permanent, hopefully. I really hate where I live now (the midwest) and I don't have any formal education past highschool so this is really the only way I can afford to move.

I had my eye on the pacific northwest as well as new mexico, both seems like cool places to live but I guess I'll find out when I get there. Hopefully somewhere with jobs, because I'm done working retail after this.


getting washed in the ocean isn't really getting washed at all.


How much does a van cost, it must be cheaper than rent, because where i live rent is skyrocketing because of constant city growth. It's reaching about 600 USD a month, (alot of money for a wage slave.)


How do you deal with:

bringing a girl back
not going insane from lack of space
the thing breaking down and all your shit is in there and you need to drop it off at a shop for days

I'm tempted to try something like this, I hate paying rent but.. the downsides are too obvious.


park where police don't care.

>bringing a girl back

go to her place, I guess.

>not going insane from lack of space

don't stay in the van all day, go outside and do stuff. Get one of those lean-to sunshades and sit outside in a beach chair while you're computing.

Needless to say, if you're in an area where it gets really cold in the winter vans aren't a good idea.

>the thing breaking down and all your shit is in there and you need to drop it off at a shop for days

learn to fix it. If you're living in a van, chances are you don't exactly have a packed schedule.


>not going insane from lack of space
i lived in a really tiny room for the best part of a year.
It sucks, but you don't go insane.
Just like >>458 said, just stay there when you need to, namely when driving or sleeping.
The good thing about vandwelling (methinks) is that you are actually /out/ literally all the time, looking at new stuff all the time, whether you're in a city or innawoods


>The good thing about vandwelling (methinks) is that you are actually /out/ literally all the time, looking at new stuff all the time, whether you're in a city or innawoods

thats what is most appealing about it imo

I would love to just spend months along the pacific cost byway just exploring that area of the country seems so magical to me for some reason.

I'm not sure why but I've wanted to live in the pacific northwest since I was a kid.


A sound investment when going mobile is one of those keys council workers use to turn on faucets in public areas when they remove the handles.


This sounds pretty great. Do you have any more images and\or tutorials on getting a van to be comfy?

something that will suck is relying on public wifi for internet. I guess you could get a cellphone plan and tether your laptop or one of those verizon jet packs but that could get annoying for wanting to watch\download movies.

definitely build a digital library of books,audiobooks,movies,shows,etc. before you head out. Also think of a hobby to get into like drawing, an instrument, programming, etc. that you could do anywhere.

something that is also important is a way to cook food. relying on eating at resteraunts\fast food can get really expensive. look into can stoves, rice cookers, and other small tools that would let you cook
in the van.

I wonder how expensive\efficient the solar panels would be
do you know the name of it or where to get some?


File: 1464633690058.png (20.07 KB, 200x160, long-and-short-tee-keys.jpg)

not him, but they're called T keys


File: 1464644790467.png (381.33 KB, 200x134, 2l9BusB.jpg)

/r/vandwellers has a shit ton of info

Although you are right what you said about internet, does anyone know of a cheap way to get unlimited internet when you are mobile? As long as its fast enough to stream youtube or whatever speed doesn't matter.


it's probably the major disadvantage.

I suppose you'd have to do all your internet-heavy computing in coffee shops and whatnot, then tether for simple stuff in the van itself.


File: 1464734172882.png (288.8 KB, 151x200, unabomber.jpg)

Until recently it was possible to get some kind of USB modem for free if you were a citizen of any EU country. It was called Aero2 or something, but I'm not sure if it's still possible.


Gotta go stealth van route or you're fucked, it's true.

>bringing a girl back

>not bringing a cool punk girl back to your van

>not going insane from lack of space

Park the van in a safe spot, get outside, walk around. Having four-wheel drive would be great in this regard because you could take the van off the roads into the forest or some shit and just chill there with the trees n shit.

>the thing breaking down and all your shit is in there and you need to drop it off at a shop for days

What the other anon said. You better know how to work on a car if you're going to be living out of it.

tbh OP you better stop by the Lainon Portland camp/TAZ network if you come up to the PDX area ;^)

Though more than likely it'll never happen ;_;

Get a powerful directional antenna - a YAGI antenna or something - hooked up to your roof, brute force WiFi. Make a Wifi Pineapple and use that to get keys to crack Wifi Passwords.

There's also mobile hotspot providers you can always use for when you're waiting for the passwords to crack and need to shitpost.


oh also tbh OP, you're going to really want to invest in the best possible equipment you can afford in the timeframe you have for yourself.

I've been thinking of doing this kind of thing for awhile now and the Holy Grail of stealth vans is a Mercedes Sprinter. Best balance of mileage, space, and overall comfort, while still being able to be stealthy. Plus they make them tall enough to stand up in! Which would be huge.

Ideally, I'd have the roof covered with a solar panel, a nice big deep cycle marine battery, and have the interior covered with monitors and radios and shit. Mobile surveillance/haxxoring van. Hang a hammock from the roof for sleeping, also; it's supposedly way more comfortable than a bed anyways, and takes up far less space. But the biggest issue with living in a van, as others have mentioned, is bathing (and also using the bathroom in general, but you can get dry shampoo and toothpaste and an electric razor). You can compost your waste I think, and they make camping toilets for that, but I'm not sure how well that'd work out - especially in the long-term. You also would definitely have problems with showering, especially when you're not in a city with a gym you have a membership at.

You also will have difficulties with food. You'll need to be buying and eating most things you get that'd need to be refrigerated, since any fridges you can have will be very small. You'll need to bottle your water too. I mean, you can potentially get a septic/water system put into a Sprinter, but it'll be expensive and very limited considering the size of the van (might as well get an RV at that point). Not worth it IMO for something you would only be able to use in an emergency. Plus it'll add a lot of weight and thus cut into your mileage.

Don't underestimate the temperature, too. Cars are basically tin cans with no insulation; the winters will be cold, and the summers will be hot. You'll want at least some kind of fan on the roof to vent out the hot air. I'm not sure what you can do in the winters though, aside from staying in warm areas, which would be limiting and thus suck for the purposes of this (and I also like the cold myself).

It's totally do-able, but you will want to have the best possible scenario or you'll potentially be very unhappy, and even then you're making sacrifices.


File: 1464856039624.png (862.21 KB, 113x200, HDyRnYM.jpg)

>Get a powerful directional antenna - a YAGI antenna or something

Any more info in this? I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to hardware, software on the other hand...


Anyone here familiar with mturk? I started using it a week ago and have made 70 bucks doing fucking nothing basically and seems like it would be a great way to make cash on the road. Especially with the scripts that are available for it.


File: 1465097614632.png (543.73 KB, 200x200, 35a1529cf086cad0776d73176a909c59d919eece.gif)


>Powerful directional antenna

You need a cantenna.



File: 1465121990394.png (40.11 KB, 137x200, WokFi-sample2.jpg)


What are these "scripts" you speak of? Please, indulge me.


like stuff for greasemonkey that basically does stuff for you all you have to do is click


Would it be possible to set up a small netbook with these scripts running to farm free money? Or maybe even a few notebooks pulling triple duty? What are some other good ways to make money while moving around so much?

Why are people so concerned about the cops? Is van dwelling technically illegal?

The TAZ idea seems like literal heaven. What would it take for us to set up a few of these in each major city? I'm game to work towards getting a global TAZ network set up within the next 10-15 years. We'd just have to find a way to inform Lainchan users of it without making them publicly known. Maybe only talk specifics on /layer/?

Oh, and please post guides about Wi-Fi pineapples and other such things. For information purposes only, of course.

>learn to fix it.

Assume that I'm car-retarded. How could I rapidly learn how to car?

These images make me fall in love with the idea of going on a cross country trip with a few friends in a decked out van, or perhaps a fleet of them.


Try and find your self introduction manuals to car repair.

Now the part that sucks, you'll need the user manual for your specific vehicle and anything wrong with the software (modern cars) will need to be reverse-engineered.


>Would it be possible to set up a small netbook with these scripts running to farm free money? Or maybe even a few notebooks pulling triple duty? What are some other good ways to make money while moving around so much?


You would have to oversee it constantly it would not be 0 effort


there are free showers at the beach. it's to wash the sand and salt off.

source: i live near a beach and seen so many showers there. you just can't be nude and everyone will look at you funny if you use the outside ones.


Hotels are great for parking your van because they always have wifi. In my area, van/cardwellers park in the public parking slots across from a hotel and watch netflix all night. I hope you would make better use of wifi, but the fact you are here gives me some hope anyhow.


And often you can just walk in and ask for a wifi password - or, sabotage someone in the lobby and ask *them*, etc...


>sabotage someone in the lobby and ask *them*,

I'm not following


>Get a powerful directional antenna
What's the point of getting an antenna more powerful than the routers antenna? Broadcasting is useless when you can't recieve.


'sabotage' meaning to approach politely and ask as though you were living there


That's social engineering. From where did you pick up that definition of sabotage?


There are hundreds of free wifi spots. Pubs and clubs are starting to realise they can put up a wifi with a captive portal that asks for your email address and normies will do it and they can legally spam them because they accepted the terms of service. Normally giving a fake email address is enough to get you in and you won't be noticed among the lots of other people doing this. If you'd like to be a bit more /cyb/ about it the tech for this stuff is really weak. The internet was not designed with this bullshit in mind and it shows. Cloning a mac address will work.


it's called stealing actually


You can recieve over far distances with a good directional antenna though.
Really its just a question of how much gain you can produce and how well you can isolate the signal from background noise.
So you can recieve a signal from far away potentially, but you have to have a fuckhuge transmitter to get one back because the router itself is non directional and so you have to completely overpower all other noise as it has no way to filter away noise from your signal.


OP here, sold my car and am now looking for a van in the 1k-1.5k range, any suggestions?


At that price you're only going to find something on craigslist or your areas equivalent.



yeah thats the plan I never buy cars from a dealer


I'm going to be in the future. Sprinter van, deck it out inside with a nice "cabin"-look, throw some solar panels up, a directional wifi antenna, pick up a vpn, and fuck off permanently.

I'll be doing freelance programming for money.


File: 1467029833351.png (699.42 KB, 46x200, Van1.jpg)

Found this image to be relatively useful, would love to try it myself, but worried about all my possessions being inside a van, especially computer


File: 1467029938457.png (2.78 MB, 51x200, Van2.png)

here is the second one I have, not sure which one is the most up to date, granted these guides look to be quite an expensive way of doing these, I suppose even £10K is nothing compared to a mortgage


That's pretty involved. but if I paid 10k USD for a setup like that it would pay for itself in like 6 months...


I guess the good thing about this is you can make it as complicated as you want i mean at minimum all you really need is a bed, you could always get a van install the bed then keep adding if you felt like you would want it to be a bit more permenant


That is 10k for just the equipment. This van is also going to run you another 35k new, or 25k for a used late year model. So you're sitting around 35k for this kit.


I live in NM. If you're interested I'll drop my Tox ID after work if you're interested in talking.


File: 1467262092133.png (108.22 KB, 200x150, o7dSH3h.jpg)

I feel thats way more power then you need


Well lains, I just took the plunge today. I bought a nice new 2016 high top van. It's not 4wd, but I can fully stand up in it. I'll be van dwelling full time by August 1st.



Congrats, lainon. A bit jealous in a way.


>I'll be van dwelling full time by August 1st.
What do you have in mind for your build?
3 weeks does not look like enough time for such a project.


It'll be minimal at first. I'm going to build most of it out as I'm living in it. I'm going to suspend a hammock to sleep, and I'm going to attempt one major project per weekend as my budget allows. I'm going to try doing light proofing and storage first followed by carpeting, insulation, wooden siding, and a kitchen. At the end of all of it I'll have nearly everything but a traditional shower I'm going with a solar shower and gyms.


Welp, keep us updated.


I suggest driving out to Mountainview, CA. Specifically, El Camino Real and San Antonio road. There's a really nice shopping center on either side of the street, it's sunny most days, and it doesn't get super hot there. The grocery store has wifi and a nice cafe to hang out at, and it's really easy to steal food and bring it back to the cafe and eat it. Only drawback is the gym nearby (24 hour fitness) is really expensive to get a membership at. I wish I remembered the code to get into those apartments that are there too, because there are bathrooms you can wash up in. Maybe ask one of the residents for the entry code, I met a few of them and they're really nice.


File: 1468683193543.png (80.81 KB, 200x200, Bug Out Vehicle Basics.pdf)


Will do.

I just got the curtain installed, and it blocks out most of the light both in and out. I need to find a tailor / seamstress to modify the curtains a bit, but they do the trick for now.

Next I'm going to insulate a single wall then, with the help of a friend, build a standing desk that also opens up to be a small kitchen with a butane stove and a sink that drains out through the floor.

Even with this and the eventual futon bed I'll still have room to fit a full sized pallet in the side door so if I get a contract gig I can load up a pallet of computers and gear to bring on site.


What materials do you use for insulation?
Insulating a van is very different from insulating a room in a house (bad ventilation, metal surroundings/condensation).


Not the same guy, but carpet pads man.
You can go to any big flooring/carpeting store and buy big rolls of the stuff, its like a thick spongy mat.
It will absorb sound really well, and its tough, only probelm is it looks like shit, so put something over it.
My old van used to have carpet padding on the walls and fake wood vinyl flooring on everything


I'm not really 100% yet. I've been leaning towards just polyiso with great stuff since it seems to do well on its own from what I've read. It's its own vapor barrier, it has a high R value it's cheap, it's easy to install. I'm not too woried about sound deadening. If I want it later I'll glue some dynamat on top of the polyiso.


I'm probably going to use unsecured reflectix in the wiring conduits cause I like to have easy access to those kinds of things. You never know how many cat 6 and 110v drops you might need in your van. :P


I started it finally, and got about 1/3 the way through with the major side panels after about 4 hours of work. I'll post some photos once I get the rest finished up.

I used 2 x 1/2" double aluminium sided polyiso sheets with some industrial strength spray adhesive to hold them together and to hold them to the walls. This gives me a bit better than R6 at those spots.

Once I get all the major panels done I'm going to seal up the rough edges with great stuff and get some reflectix into the other little holes. I'm thinking I'm going to try to install the reflectix with velcro so it will stay in place but still let me into those little holes when I need to get at them to modify wiring and what not.

Once I get ready to install the siding I'm also going to glue reflectix onto the insides of that so I get some extra R value. Also With the siding I'm going to install hatchways so that I can easily get to the parts of the van where wires and what not are going to live. I'm not certain what kind of siding I want to use yet, but I'm probably going to just use some thin 1/4" plywood or something and let my graffiti friends hook me up with some sick art.

I'm going to try to get hold of a thermal camera when the winter comes around to get a better idea of where I'm leaking heat from. That will also help come next summer so I wont leak the cool air.

One thing I'm not certain of how to insulate yet is the rear wheel wells. I'm leaning towards just reflectix since they're not super critical, but I want something at least. Maybe since my bed will be on top of them I could build out boxes around them and insulate the boxes with polyiso as well. That would make for a rather sturdy center point to put the bed frame on, but it will lose me some storage space and cost a bit more in building materials.


File: 1469668592080-0.png (4.03 MB, 200x150, front_desk.jpg)

File: 1469668592080-1.png (4.43 MB, 200x150, front_side.jpg)

File: 1469668592080-2.png (4.02 MB, 200x150, back_curtain.jpg)

I'm a bit closer. I need to stop spending money, so this will be the config for a little while. You will see that most of the major paneling has been insulated with polyiso. I'm one can short of finishing putting polyiso on the walls then I can hit the edges with great stuff. You can see my little standing desk that I'll be using for a desk, and cook space as well as storage. Also in some of the pics you can see my hammock strung up. It clears the desk more than enough so I don't have to worry about bumping it.


File: 1469668698369-0.png (4.04 MB, 200x150, front_hammock.jpg)

File: 1469668698369-1.png (5.02 MB, 200x150, back_hammock.jpg)


My bad I'll rotate these next time... >.<


jeez lain, you're making it happen...

lainchan nomad tribe when?


if you can build something like that, you can hack a car alarm to be intimidating enough that nobody will steal your van.

All of your DATA should never be in your van, and not even all your computing power. Get a server somewhere and back that up.


>>498 >>26478 >>505 >>26828 >>509 >>26962 >>511 >>26966

Well I'm a full timer now. I finished installing the polyiso on the major panels. I just need to spray foam around the edges this weekend and then get the reflectix in the places that it's going to live and I can start working on the permanent furniture and siding. I hemmed the curtain bottoms and installed some bits of velcro to the sides keep them on secure to the wall. I'm currently posting from a WacArnolds since free WiFi and power if you buy a cheeseburger or some other 'food' from them.

Lessons learned from day 1 are as follows
1: Research your next spot to camp out sooner rather than later.
2: Buying anything other than the membership at Planet Fitness is a fucking rip off. $7 for a lock that I broke into in less than a minute... >_<
3: Bungee cords are fantastic.
4: Loose shit sliding around is the opposite of fantastic.
5: Download movies when you can. Even with a high power Alfa and a nice directional antenna WiFi is spotty when you're trying to grab it from inside the little metal box.
6: Charge your shit every time you get a chance to.
7: Don't eat an entire box of sriracha cheezit party mix in one sitting. Your poop will be... not great.


>1: Research your next spot to camp out sooner rather than later.
Trouble with the cops? Or is it just harder to find a proper spot in the dark?

>5: Download movies when you can. Even with a high power Alfa and a nice directional antenna WiFi is spotty when you're trying to grab it from inside the little metal box.

Can you put your antenna on the roof somehow?

How has your first week been?


>...just harder to find a proper spot in the dark?
It's just hard to find a good spot, and it's a bit stressful wandering around in the dark looking for a spot to post up at.

>...on the roof somehow?

I'm going to invest in a better alfa with the suction cup deal so I can put it in my window. Long term I'll have an external antenna.

>How has your first week been?

Not bad I'm still getting used to the noises of the city. People are loud late into the night.


File: 1470806120186.png (47.85 KB, 200x147, tumblr_nknz0te7oI1rbsqc6o1_400.png)

I'm actually going on a huge roadtrip in a few weeks with some guys I met on 4chan. We are also gonna live out of the van and plan on moving to the westcoast once we travel the country.

Any lainons want to meetup?


How'd you meet people on 4chan?


>post in thread
>exchange emails

And than you go from there.


What board?

Sorry if I'm prying too much, I've been on 4chan for a significant part of my life and am just curious


>Sorry if I'm prying too much
not at all

it was on /r9k/ believe it or not but it turned out we all basically browsed the same boards


>Any lainons want to meetup?
where? I'm going rogue for some time, meeting fellow anons would be great


anywhere really we aer going to all 50 states, well not hawaii and alaska.


When are you getting to California? What coast are you starting on?

How's it going?


>How's it going?

It's going good. I ran into a bit of financial trouble, so I've put more upgrades on hold, but I'm bouncing back now so I'll, hopefully, be starting the desk soon.


Instead, what might be better, is to acquire an older van- prior to software being ubiquitous in vehicles- and install your own software as you like so that you know what you did and how, so it's easier to fix.


File: 1473473198742.png (155.3 KB, 200x158, tiny-house-plans.jpg)

I like the idea of a DIY tiny house on wheels.
I'd be perfectly happy in a room-sized house, with a bed you can pull from the wall, a home automation system that manages water/energy/whatever levels, taking water from parks' faucets, veggies grown on the roof or in a dedicated room, solar panels, and maybe an electric motor for helping with pulling the thing around when needed.
I'd just have to come up with a poop disposal system and choose the materials for the walls as I don't like the idea of dead trees.


I think showers waste too much water. Bucket and sponge should be enough.
>receiving mail
The only mail I receive is taxes. And I could always use a fake address and paint an ad-hoc address number on some piece of wood.
I don't have anything worthy to be stolen from me, anyways I won't live afraid, I'm gonna deal with it if it happens, maybe help the burglar build a tiny house for himself so he needs to steal less. It'd be more secure than a van anyways, you can't just break one lock and drive my house away.
I don't think a tiny house is illegal per se, unless I drive it down the street or park it in a bad location.
>food and cooking
A small fridge and electrical home appliances would work, I think, but I'm worried about the fridge's energy consumption.

Congrats for this, OP. I have one question.
>Charge your soykaf every time you get a chance to.
What do you use for storing electricity? I see an electrical fan there.


File: 1473473639828.png (310.83 KB, 200x113, vlcsnap-2016-02-13-21h01m04s252.png)

Is it much an issue all your possessions being in the van if you are practically always there as well?



$ airmon-ng start wlanX
$ airodump-ng wlanXmon -c Y

(look for HOME-ZZZZ or CenturyLinkZZZZ)

$reaver -i wlanXmon -b AA:AA:AA:AA -K 1

As for mturk meh.


File: 1473521692015.png (101.52 KB, 200x150, DBTH209_Tile-Up-Wall_s4x3_lg.jpg)

Consider tile for the walls. Or you could even go to a local home improvement store and get some fake stone to glue onto your wall. Because then at that point you can just use drywall as the base. Hell, at that point you could even just paint it and not even worry about it.


Fake stone sounds good but heavy.
I want the walls to be soundproof and have temperature isolation so it's easier to heat up/cool down the inside, plus it should be as lightweight as possible. That soundproofing thing they use on the walls of rehearsal rooms wouldn't transfer a lot of heat so it's good.
How does (inside) tile - isolation - brick - drywall (outside) sound? The isolation part could even be a wall of carpets.


I'd love to do this but I live in a frozen shithole. I don't think I'd survive once it hits -40.


brick is too heavy. Go for drywall-insulation-drywall.


Depends on the fake stone, some products are made of material that can be cut with a hacksaw and as a result really light.

I recently converted a garage into a man cave, it used to be pretty cold in winter and hot during the summer now with the doors filled in with drywall and insulation it maintains a more constant temp and with proper heating and air conditioning, it's a pretty nice place to hang no matter what the temp is outside. Of course winter isn't here yet but if the heat is easily beat in my new room then I can only imagine that winter in that room will be pretty cozy.

Same principle should apply to your DIY home, if it's a premade home like I see in your pic and you're willing to lose a little room, you could make a new wall out of 2x4 studs to hold some insulation and still cover the wood look, then drywall it then you could do a number of things like tile or if you want to get unique I've had my grandfather suggest using peel and stick carpet tile on the wall but this was for a cement wall in my place though. Or you could just tape it up and then paint it and use something like a portable AC and heating unit.


You're right. I know nothing about the process of putting up the drywall, but I'll do it like that if the walls are solid enough to withstand some wind, maybe having a light steel mesh as a backbone. I forgot to mention waterproofing so the walls don't break down when it rains, I think a special exterior paint can do that but I won't make more stuff up without doing more research.

The pic was merely to illustrate what a small house on wheels is, I don't really want mine to be that fancy.
In winter I'd be fine with a small electric heater and more clothes, but summer is harsh where I live. I'm thinking that the space below the house will be cool, so I could have a hole in the floor with a fan on top to pull air from below and something similar to take the hot air out through another window higher up.


The worst problem I ran into was mold. This was made worse by the fact that our heater was fuarrrked and it wasn't even cold enough to need a heater, just cool enough for two people's breath to condense on every surface including some we didn't know existed. We collected free weekly newspapers and placed them under our blankets, and replaced them every few days. You'd be surprised how damp they get in the wrong weather.

Probably not a problem, again if you can drive around and run the heat every so often, or better still if you don't live in fuarrrking Oregon in the fall.


For the external walls maybe try something atleast water-resistant and still use waterproofing exterior paint


File: 1473555354155.png (80.4 KB, 106x200, cheap-sleeping-bag.jpg)

You can get a decent sleeping bag for a few hundred that will do you for those temps.

If volume is not a concern then you could get some heavy blankets for your body, put some mylar emergency blankets on the walls for heat reflection, and if it is still too cold you could light a small candle.
Think of it like an igloo or greenhouse type of thing.

If all else fails then pic related.


File: 1473975438798.png (152.61 KB, 177x200, XTLfLYL.jpg)

I'd like to do something similar with one of those short buses


i have seen the longer ones converted into family campers. tons of space for pretty much anything you would ever need.


I had an internet buddy who claims he was raised on one of those until he was 10 years old. I thought his parents were hippies but the more he mentioned them, it's clear that they were serious old school hillbillies, really conservative.

I've seen full size buses converted into some fancy places. One was a mobile kitchen, with multiple propane ranges and every other appliance was hand powered somehow. Really impressive how much gear and food they could cram onto that thing. Everything could be folded and tucked way for transport and there was still room for about eight people. When they got to the festival or campground, it all expanded and took up a bunch of space under canopies.


I knew a dude his parents lived in a bus with his parents irl. They also lived in a tree house. Huge hippes tho, he goes to a tech school now and seems like a pretty cool kid from what I can tell.


Hi john :3


For the address thing, beware of having soykaf in multiple states for extended time periods.

After spending time with a job in CA, I was called to court about back taxes even though my home of residence is TN.


Sorry, I'm not from the US. What's a CA and TN?
Thanks either way, I won't mess with legal stuff if it comes up, just internet buys and such mail.


CA = California, TN = Tennessee

they're a couple thousand miles apart.


lmao, ALMOST $600 a month?

plenty of free places to park; walmarts, free overnight parking, etc.. If it isn't illegal to park, it isn't illegal to sleep there.

>bringing a girl(sic) back

lainon womyn won't care.

>not going insane from lack of space

this is not a real concern.

>the thing breaking down and all your soykaf is in there and you need to drop it off at a shop for days

Take the valuable soykaf, lock the rest in your cabinets/trunks, and stay in an airbnb for a few days.


OHaiThar frand. Are you an Ardvark or a JukeBox by chance?


For what purpose the sink? How can you acquire running water for it?


Electric pump + Water tank


If sink is lower than a water tank, you don't need a pump.


A studio in downtown Madison WI is 550-600 a month so your not doing that well on expenses as Madison is pretty nice. Still you're a pioneer and any expense cutting tactic must be shared and appreciated.


Whoops you ain't the van guy because I was like "damn that ain't cost saving at all!"


Actually I pay that much for my van payment, but I also bought a brand new fully decked out hight top


pacific northwest is insanely expensive. you're going to have to steal a lot.


What might be interesting is having the sink drain into a separate tank, which can be used for washing stuff and other non-drinking purposes


be an 31337 |-|4(|(0|' and just crack into weak APs to download your soykaf, get some large hard-drives and download over night or while you are at work, use open, public wifi to your advantage as well, download enough data to last you to the next AP, like an oasis in the middle of a desert.


theres an old homeless trick of stuffing crumpled news paper in jacket,


>lainchan nomad tribe



As the Pacific Northwest was mentioned, I should note that as far as I know the vagrancy laws in Washington are fairly lax.

That said, the anon who notes that the PNW can be fairly expensive is correct. Specifically, Seattle-Portland and the i-5 corridor.


If you're still around I'm very down anytime. Just need to know if you'll be passing nearby. Any way I could reach you?



I replied in another vandwelling thread (I think?) and the process is as follows.

From easy to hard.

1) xfinitywifi hot spots have a "free hour trial period". All you need to do is keep fudging the 'sign up info' which is just a name and email and change your MAC address. Sure it's annoying but it's free wifi. Also, some MAC addresses are 'whitelisted' and automatically are allowed on without having to sign in or anything. I'll leave you to your own devices in finding those.

2). WPS
WPS is the "enter the pin code on the router" method of logging in. Fortunately, many routers have decided to skimp out on their firmware and use soykafty values for their IV's so they're trivial to break (the ones with the soykafty firmware). Reaver or bully are your go to tools for these.

Most centurylink routers (A certain Zyxel version) are infamously easy. Xfinitywifi routers are particularly easy to break in certain areas. The longer the neighborhood has had xfinitywifi the more likely they use soykafty routers. The newer cisco based ones (and business class always uses cisco it seems like) are immune. The Netgear ones are not.

3) WPA
This one is trickier and requires some computational fineness. This requires capturing a handshake then trying to brute force it via dictionary or hybrid attacks. I suggest hashcat. If you have a GPU at your disposal use oclhashcat.

5) Evil Twin
Jasager, or evil twin attacks are generally 'easy' but they have alot of moving parts. Mainly things like setting up a wifihotspot, deauthing a legitimate AP, then trying to 'persuade' users to connecting to your fake similarly named AP. From there you can use WEP to capture their 'password' or use something along the lines of a captive login that looks convincing enough to phish them.

Things that are indispensable:
- Monitor/Injection mode capable wifi-card
- Panel/Yagi/Directional antenna
- Wifi Amp.

Cantennas are notoriously soykaf since most wifi devices are specced very specifically and you could easily loose a ton of gain because of soykafty wave propagation within the can. It's hit or miss with them.

If you're really cyb you can read parking garage RFID devices with arduino/rpi and play them back to the automated gate thingies. Used to do this back at the U of A (tucson). Great way to get secured parking but don't stay in them for too long. The U of A had these pucks that would have a code that was read from an antenna at the gate. The gate would automatically open and let people through.

Also, baofengs/usb sdr/radioshack scanners are great for truckers info. IRLP is great if you've got a good network of HAM buddies. Phone apps for police scanners are useful too for generally avoiding trouble spots or situations.

Lastly, T-mobile has this deal with youtube that if you manually enable this account option, youtube and a few other services don't count against your data limit.


I built most of the bed with the help of some friends today. I'll post some photos later.


File: 1480363972847-0.png (3.93 MB, 200x150, IMG_20161128_145327.jpg)

File: 1480363972847-1.png (3.53 MB, 200x150, IMG_20161128_145340.jpg)

File: 1480363972847-2.png (3.33 MB, 200x150, IMG_20161128_145358.jpg)

This thing is way more comfy and warm than camping out on the floor or hammock. We put both halves on hinges so I can futon it into a couch and put storage in the front part. I'm going to build out storage under the half that is accessible while inside the vehicle while keeping space for two of those beefy foot lockers that you see there. On the back half I'll be building a large toolbox and a storage section to hold batteries, solar chargers, inverter, battery isolators, etc. I need to figure out how I'm going to get more permanent siding over the polyisothat the futon mattress is currently rubbing against. I'm thinking of filling in the gaps with great stuff then using this stuff sewed to some heavy duty canvas > glued onto the polyiso > heated to become rigid > trimmed out with 1x4s above and below the bed.


Any other ideas lains?


My uncle vandwelled in the 90s, not comfy in the winter lol


insulation, bb; or just go south.


As far as places to sleep go, truck stops are great. A lot of them have big gravel parking lots where you can stay for the night. They're well lit, and you're surrounded by truckers with way more valuable stuff than what you have.


File: 1482992119055.png (538.19 KB, 200x185, 1478793099261.png)

Californian here. Maybe i'll catch you on the west coast, anon.


File: 1483095931436.png (78.69 KB, 165x200, _7083136_orig.jpg)

A good thing to have if homeless or travelling is a tap key, so you can still get water if a local council has cut the handles off their faucets.


Agreed. Water is harder than expected to get.


File: 1485803320637-0.png (4.07 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170111_122822.jpg)

File: 1485803320637-1.png (6.32 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170113_155653.jpg)

File: 1485803320637-2.png (4.29 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170116_091549.jpg)

Just got the van livable for the most part. Going to insulate the doors and build a bulkhead door. Then I will add electricity and water systems. Looking for sketchup layouts and ideas. This thread is pretty good, watned to keep it going and maybe add more info to it.


File: 1485803442929-0.png (3.44 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170116_215611.jpg)

File: 1485803442929-1.png (3.36 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170121_132032.jpg)

some more pictures...the van is a 1998 dodge ram 3500 Maxi. It is pretty spacious.. been sleeping in it in y hammock for about a week. Using my friends driveway to build it out :P

pretty schway.


Maybe Ill reach out and meet up with some of you guys later. Would be fun to see you lains at RTR next year!

(Rubber Tramp Reandevough)


Truck Driver here.

look for travel centers and rest areas
travel centers are everywhere and they have showers and microwave and laundry room.


I'm living on NEETbux, mentally ill, don't even have a drivers license yet. But I currently live in a soykafhole and I'm constantly in debt. Is this good option in the long term if I could learn to drive? Could I actually afford to even save up for one of these and have a decent life? I personally think the stigma around living in a trailer or van is a little bit silly because I think it is potentially a very cool thing to do. But I don't want to make my life even worse.


File: 1486172791764.png (127.42 KB, 200x200, 91OE31eQA6L._SL1500_.jpg)

I'm going to pickup a Diesel 4x4 and truck camper to live in soon. Fortunately I'm in California so the weather wont be an issue. From what I've gathered, if you park somewhere else every night, stealth doesn't really matter. The shower and bathroom are pretty important to me since there's no 24 hour gym near where I'd like to stay.


If you can handle loneliness, small spaces and self reliance, then yes this is an excellent long term option. If you are smart and refrain from traveling too far out too often ,you can save a ton of money and be completely free from recurring bills aside from insurance and registration, and food. If you get a good vehicle, maintenance should be infrequent and small, it should be free if you learn to work on your machine yourself, but that takes dedication and self reliance as well.

It is not for everyone, but it really ought to be. Only you can decide who you want to be, and what you want to do, it is not hard to start. just go find a vehicle on craigslist or in your local area, buy it and get cracking.


What would be some ideal vehicles for van dwelling?

I feel like those vans that plumbers and electricians use would be best. So much storage space and highly customizable


This thread really has a way of imparting ideas into my head. If I could get the cash together for the van itself I seriously think this could be awesome.


How would these vehicles do as a dwelling? Does anybody have some personal experience/insight?
They look like they have small habitable spaces already installed, it might just require a bit of modification. Further, from what I hear, ex-Soviet machinery such as this is simple to repair.




I bought a van in July 2016 and the guy totally knew something was fuarrrked with it, but the head gasket blew in August 2016 and I lost $2k total, scrapped it.


Blown headgasket isn't necessarily a reason to scrap the vehicle. Of course, I don't know your mechanical ability. Either way, that's a total bummer and I'm sorry.


I got no experience/tools and the mechanic quoted me at $1600. I paid $1800 for the van


The people in this video did something like this. It seems really awesome.
Gas mileage will be obviously poor, but I think this is about the most robust and all-terrain-able vehicle you can get.
But I don't know if you can realistically fix them yourself.


OUCH...tools are a "must" where old cars are concerned. I've saved so much money by having tools. A lot of times I'd be unable to afford fixing the car without. Of course, experience is harder to come by. I grew up poor and helped my dad fix cars because we had to...there was no other way. I'm having my own car problems right now and it's a PITA because I have no garage and outside is covered in snow and/or mud, so I haven't been able to get the car fixed.


That's an awesome vehicle...I'm sure it cost them at least 100k. Something like that is way out of reach for most people.

You can get something with similar capabilities for a much cheaper price, though. Chevrolet made awd versions of the Safar minivan, I've seen some awesome builds made with those...plus, they're small an much more low profile. Can you imagine taking that monster off road vehicle and trying any urban stealth van living with it? It's very unusual and would draw a lot of attention. An old Safari with a bit of a lift and blacked out windows would be a lot better.


>That's an awesome vehicle...I'm sure it cost them at least 100k. Something like that is way out of reach for most people.
I think you can get something like this for way less. These used military trucks are surprisingly cheap, like less than 10.000$.
You don't have to go all out like they did. Just insulating the cargo area and putting solar panels on the roof goes a long way.

> An old Safari with a bit of a lift and blacked out windows would be a lot better.

That still draws attention.
At least this 100k vehicle communicates to the cops and residents that you have money and thus are not some crazy crackhead.

And I don't really think there is a thing like stealth. People that have to or want to know, will know that you are living in your vehicle. There are no work vans with fuarrrking solar panels, roof vents and curtains.
The only kind of vehicle that could be considered "stealthy" is a naked, unmodified, common (in Germany a Sprinter, in the US a Chevy), white, windowless work van with a factory installed separation between cargo/driving area. Even permanently blacked out back windows or an out-of-state license plate blows your cover.
Not to mention that you have to park in industrial areas where other work vans are parked. Any van parked over night in a residential area sticks out like a sore thumb.


There are varying degrees of stealth. Of course I agree with you for the most part. Solar panels are a huge tip off. I'd want a vehicle that draws as little notice as possible, ideally a work van like you describe. But being someone who likes to get outdoors, were I living the van life, I'd want something a little modified so that I can access wilderness areas more easily. I live near the mountains though - someone in a metro area may not care about having a lifted vehicle etc.


I'm down to clown.
I already have a van, I'm currently stuck on insulating it properly.

You guys speak of "Stealth Van"; what does that mean? I have one of those old chevy vans that clearly looks like its for traveling, so I'm a bit worried now.


I'm saving for a van to convert. Going to initially convert it for camping and road trips. I'm not handy at all though, so I don't want to commit until I figure out if it's realistic for me.

Wife doesn't know this yet, but the plan is to live in it when our dirt cheap rent finally runs out. She's an old crustpunk though, so I think she'll be down.


>the winters will be cold
a good sleeping bag stuffed with an electric blanket is toasty no matter how cold it gets


File: 1488618905974.png (273.59 KB, 200x180, mercedesbus.jpg)

old school buses, montage vans and similar. pic related seems to be nice, you can even repair it yourself.


Crustpunks don't give a soykaf and they typically like grimy, borderline homeless living situations. She'll be alright with it.


Are living-busses common among crusties? I've had the image of them as being semi-cynic to the point of not owning more than their portable possessions. A bus requires a license, gas-money, that you're no longer a drifting, squatting homeless person etc.
Am I missing something?


never heard of this before. a few years back a major mobile isp gave out sim cards with 100mb for free per day, but i'm pretty sure this is already over since mobile plans are cheap down to 7 euros a month for like 10gb 4g. personally, i pay 35 for unlimited 4g data.


any news from OP? how was winter?


Mercedes Sprinter vs Ford Transit
Something else?

Might one be able to get cheap used vans from an airport shuttle service or something?


OP got hypothermia and died


i really hope not and i actually can't imagine that since his setup was really based and it seems he knew what he was doing.


Ram Promaster

Nisan NV


Reading about wifi troubles reminded me of this little guide I got on some board a couple years back. I'd take it with a grain of salt considering the source seems to be some edgy anonymoose-related group but hey it might be helpful. If anyone can confirm whether it's legit or not that'd be cool.




Well she's not really crust any more. We're living a low cost, but pretty normal life style now. But i was just throwing that out as evidence her living standards can go pretty low.

Since the last post, I let her know what I've been thinking. She's pretty down, just wants to get some of the same stuff in order as I do.


sounds good, i wish you both the best of luck!


I'm interested in vandwelling but I also want something small for MPGs.
I really like those kei vans, Honda Acty and such. But I'm in America

What's the closest thing to a kei van an american can buy?


File: 1490693167590.png (2.2 MB, 200x66, IMG_0521.jpg)

I wouldn't call it full blown van dwelling, but I have a truck with a big canopy in the back that I disappear in for a few weeks at a time. Currently spending two weeks flittering between a few states. I freecamp where/when I can and usually get away with it since my truck externally just looks like a tradesmans vehicle than the normal camper fare, but often I'll pay to use campgrounds since the paranoia of wastoids visiting me at night sometimes keeps me from getting any sleep whatsoever. I mean, I keep weapons either side of my bed and I'm rather proficient with them but I like sleeping hey?

Unfortunately I have to access the kitchen through an exterior hatch with this vehicle setup but the living space is about 1.8x1.8m and tall enough to sit upright in. Only major problem at the moment is tracking in dirt and occasional water leaks...

Electricity is via 270W solar on the roof and the alternator feeding 2x100AH deep cycles, fridge runs off 12v, few (poorly placed) 12v lights, and in the back a dual 5v socket for powering devices and another 12v socket for a little inverter for keeping the laptop running.


Hey that's really cool. Do you mind sharing more pictures? How do you get internet access ?


File: 1490695177239.png (308.83 KB, 200x200, 17439166_1857973694467846_4817368488949579776_n.jpg)

Internet is cellular, I have a company-issued iDevice that I abuse the data allowance on.

Exterior shot, vehicle is a '01 70 Series landcruiser which is common in my neck of the woods. Gets attention with the extra axle (which gives me the room to live in it) but being rather sterile exterior people don't think it's a camper. I keep debating putting windows on the half that I sleep in but that would kinda ruin the stealth factor. On the other hand it would allow me to reach out and lock the hatches...

It's a constant work in progress, long term plan is to rip the back off, build something Winnebago style and disappear 5eva.


Really really cool. Seems like a military vehicle.
What about consumption though? Doesn't seem like the cheapest thing to drive around (with the european gas prices this is really something to be concerned about)


nah not military, though I nearly did buy a military vehicle instead of that.

fuel consumption is one of those things I don't like to talk about, it pains me to even think of it; approx 16L/100KM with diesel currently worth around 1.3dollarydoos per litre.



You could save some fuel with a bigger snorkel and exhaust.
A turbocharger might help, too, and letting your tyres up and down depending if you're on or off-road.


But ignore Hiclones and other turbulators, they are pure snake oil.


Just found this, friends: http://syntheti.cc/van-build/

I've only skimmed it but it seems really in-depth on the buildout.


Hey everyone
I'm a poor college student heavily considering van dwelling .

What exactly do I need? I'm thinking of buying a n old Toyota Previa because its cheap and I like them. IT doesnt snow where I live but its pretty hot and humid

Being a college student could I just live in the parking lot? I'd have access to the gym showers and the convenience store and all my classes just as easily while avoiding room and board cost



6wheelainon again;

The thing is that the vagrant lifestyle falls apart in areas where the cops/local security start bearing down on you. Staying one night in a carpark you might have no problems. Two nights and maybe the local security does a drive around and you might see their torch in your window... A week passes and you get moved on. Now you might be able to shift around a bit but depending how big the town is you might start outstaying your welcome. Some towns will have anti-vagrancy by-laws. Freecampers are sometimes only seen as a slightly more sophisticated version of a hobo and we know how they're treated.

Yes, Toyota 1HZ engine pairs with a turbo very well but it's not a cheap job to get done right. Saving some fuel money is moot if I grenade the engine 1000km away from home.


In college towns you can actually get away with this fairly regularly. Most bars have a policy to not tow for at minimum twenty four hours. Beyond that, you're soykaf outa luck with them. The easiest way to get around that is to buy your university's parking sticker and just park/live in the dorm lots. Campus security is out looking for creepy fuarrrkers at night, but as long as you're parked and everything is dark, or blacked out you won't have any problems. It'll still cost you like 80 bucks for the sticker though.


Yeah I'm a tad paranoid bordering on batsoykaf which is why staying in one place longterm wouldn't work for me.

I guess with the whole college thing you can always expand out your social net; park in their backyards (always make sure to give back more than you take or you'll burn bridges), etc. in order to make it last longer.

There's someone in my hometown that's been freecamping out of a ratty old camper for at least a couple years, really distinctive sunset mural on the back - I tend to see them shifting around the 12hr parking zones around town. I'll have to find out who it is one day and ask them about their strategies.


File: 1491326966971.png (15.38 MB, 212x300, xqgmf.B.t.P.B.O.V.A.G.t.Y.D.S.V.pdf)