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Do you play in a band or have a solo project? Any musical projects you're proud of?

I'm curious to see what Lainons are making


I used to be part of an scat jazz band. I was the tenor.


My coworker used to be a drummer in a pop/punk/metal band.
I've been meaning to ask him to give me lessons and then play with my guitarist friend. I doubt we'd ever form a real band though.


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I got drunk with a friend the other night and discovered I love playing the harmonica when drunk. So I'm planning on buying one soon-ish. I live in a blues heavy region so I'm sure I could find some old guy to teach me more, too.


Any recordings?

I didn't really want to self advertise in the main post, but I am OP and I play in a few punk bands...

My d-beat project just released a record a week ago https://n-e-g.bandcamp.com/album/ii


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does harsh noise wall counts as music for ya? Because I was doing HNW for past two or three years, never released anything, never recorded anything, never played a gig. I do walls selfishly for my own pleasure, to clear my mind out. I also do covers for them(now i think about it it's kinda weird that i do covers but never record)


Damn, I've been away for some time and now the thread where we were posting OC music 404d.
I didn't have a chance to thank ALXNDRA for remixing one of my songs, it's here: https://alxndra.bandcamp.com/track/sar1-alxndra-remix


Definitely counts. I've seen many many noise sets and have quite a few noise tapes I've been given.


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R U Me?

How do you do your noise? I just play around in pure data, I posted in a /diy/ thread about it (>>>/diy/2576).


The first band I was in consisted of me and two close friends (one of which I've been playing music with since 8th grade and will reference later). It was a pretty standard rock power trio. I'm pretty sure we recorded a few demos during our two and a half year stint, but I don't believe we kept any of them. My 8th grade friend might still have them, but they more than likely sound terrible. He mainly played guitar, my other friend played bass and sang, and I played drums despite having more singing experience (I had a tough time playing an instrument while singing, so the only way to stop ourselves from sounding too unappealing was by sticking to our main instruments and settling with the bass player's so-so voice). We performed in various talent shows and "Battle of the Bands" competitions up until our senior year of high school. Then our friend the bass player started hanging out with a different musical crowd without warning. My 8th grade friend and I felt abandoned. We were on good terms, we just didn't play music together anymore.

Following the dissolution of that group, my 8th grade friend and I started jamming more with a guy we met in jazz band. He introduced us to a friend of his who could play bass. Near the end of our senior year, we started playing. I was strictly on vocal duties, my 8th grade friend reprised his role as the guitarist, our jazz band friend played drums, and his friend, well, played bass.We were in one school performance and made a not so great 3-song demo during this past summer. Not great in the sense that it didn't show off much potential given two of the songs were covers and the original had my 8th grade friend on vocals (he doesn't have the greatest voice and he's aware of it). It was still fun to make. I guess we're currently on a hiatus since my 8th grade friend is in college and our drummer is still in high school, so we haven't had any time to write anything original.

Other musical endeavors I've taken part in include high school jazz band (as a drummer), as I briefly mentioned earlier, and both concert and chamber choir (as a bass my junior year and a baritone my senior year).

Currently, I'm attempting to write my own music. Mostly metal type stuff, but I'm just getting started in dabbling with electronic music. I don't have anything to share at the moment, but I thought I would just share my musical experiences anyway.


ah, you're alive! no problem, it was fun.

i do ambient things, mostly with soft synths drowned in reverb paired with recordings from my ZOOM H1 pushed through a synth as a wave sample. trying to get into circuit bending and synth DIY now that i've got a halfway decent soldering iron.


a wall's a wall. I did it every possible way.
Tapeloops, puredata, using only effects, with samples, without them, using "live" instruments(seriously learn circular breathing and get a soykafty used up trombone, perfect if there's few of you), with guitars, drums(it involves very fast blasts and ton of effects)
And walls which have you do something are great, like after first 5 minutes you really lose yourself in static, while when you do it "normally" aka set-up and leave it for it's own, it's kinda slower, i lose myself after about 7 to 10 minutes.


that reminds me, we once, when we were younger, we connected a mic into a distortion into a distortion into a distortion and first distortion into last distortion, then hooked all of it into old busted radio so loud that it started fuzzing and that into old amp. And screamed until our vocal cords got busted, i had trouble talking for few days after that. Also the moment i realized that recording noise is futile, because you can't, simply can't, transfer the feelings of actually being there.
(i checked many times at separate occasions where i took friends who aren't into noise on a noise gig, most of the time, if performer was good, they loved it)


I make electronic music


I have a minimal tech house project
I also put everything else I make here, recently lo-fi hip hop


The scat recordings were made on tape, so, I don't think any survived.


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I'm working on some original skramz music at the moment but nothing particularly ready for (public) digestion yet. That said, I've recorded over 30GB of stuff in PCM format and I'm still only just on the cusp of wrapping up my ~10min. EP. When it's finished I think I'm gonna release all of it under a CC-BY-SA license; musicians shouldn't make money off of digital copies of their music anyway---the focus should be on shows and physical merch, imo.


I've played various instruments for 13 years now, done plenty of fill-in gigs for bands playing whatever needed to be played. usually groups of older guys at small festivals and stuff like that, nothing exciting but fun nonetheless.

I've never been one to learn other people's songs, so my "practice" is mostly nothing but improvisation. I've come up with plenty of little tunes that I regularly play to myself, but I've never really "written" any songs or recorded anything outside of bits and pieces to demonstrate something

I'm always looking for new skramz stuff, so I definitely want you to toss us a link when you're done. happy recording, lainon!


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I've been playing piano since I can remember -- My grandma was (and still is) a church organist and taught me until I got into high school.

I can play most popular songs by ear but really like playing adaptions of vidya and anime music. I when I play "Merry-Go-Round of Life" from Howls Moving castle in public a lot of people come up and tell me they recognize it and like it. Or I'm at someone's house and they have a drumset and soykafty piano and I jam out some stuff with an anon drummer. Feels good man.

I've been learning acoustic guitar for 8 months and like fingerpicking a lot, but am still horrible at the technical part.

I'll get around to recording it someday and share it with lainons but I can only access public pianos.

If anyone knows any jazz, please tell me how you learned it or if you have any contemporary recommendations because I would love to learn some jazz piano.

Awesome stuff man



>I'm always looking for new skramz stuff, so I definitely want you to toss us a link when you're done. happy recording, lainon!

Will do! I'm hoping to have it wrapped up by the new year but we'll see I suppose.


I like it!


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Here's my soundcloud:


So far it's just two vaporwave remixes and a recording of me angrily playing the violin without fully knowing how.


I have been making music on and off for most of my life. Started with choir and piano, then band through middle school and highschool. After highschool a buddy and I started a little group based on our distance, which incorporated his learning to play guitar with my off-the-cuff vocals and lyrics. We performed a few shows for friends, but in recent years its become increasingly difficult to find time to work on our music.

During college I found a nice group of people on QuatroChan and have since been making music with them. We have created 10 unique albums over the past 3 years through threads on the nice board, and I try to at least drop one new piece on each album. I am the lead producer of this album series and am proud to be part of a growing network of creators and though I still do vocal tracks and parodies, my favorite thing to make are noise symphonies using anime theme songs, dialogue, and audacity. I'll leave you lains with this one, since its directly related to you:



I've been meaning to try and get on the sass album, but it always slips my mind. When is the next album coming out? Maybe I can get in on it before it's too late.


Since we hit the 10th album we're planning to do a compilation of the last 5 albums, but during that we'll begin work on OC album 11. Should be sometime after the beginning of the year, probably mid to late January.

We'd love to have you aboard!


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Yes, this is our latest project.



I play recorder and sometimes futz with LSDJ. Nothing good enough to post, though.


quite nice
Cheers m8. You hear the new Jungle track I put up?


I did and it sounds nice.
Got any physical releases?
you should make some or send some of your tunes to a label m8.


Cheers m8.
No physical releases. Just Soundcloud so far.


it's not too great but i mess around with lmms sometimes
you guys have some really cool stuff!


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is it ok to wage slave my new release here? I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm >>5146 by the way
this album / ep thing is more techno and generally better than my last release, or at least I think so.


Here are some things I recorded a couple of days ago. I'd like to play a small show sometime, but I'm nobody. If anybody is in the east midlands and wants me to open for their sad indie band or something get in touch.

I like the 80s vibe in the guitar. The synths feel pretty Gary Numan in tone, though I'd use a real bass instead of a bass synth.


Here's my latest stuff. I'm just trying to put together some quick tracks to keep in the habit of making things, and so it feels easier to try different many ideas. It's all made on an OP-1 mini-synth and ableton. It's electronic music but not really based around beats in the same way.

If anyone wants to work on some music together I'd be really excited about it.



I'm also game for Bristol and South Wales, as I have a place to stay down there.


Ybot here. I live around Bristol however I go to Uni somewhere else entirely so most of the time I'm there.
Might be best to throw parties and soykaf if possible.


I'm friendless and autismo, so I can't do parties. I don't have my own place at the moment to throw a party at, either.


Well fuarrrk same here except for the friendless part.


I released a new track today


I like to think it's quite cyb


how do you go about making noise? i'm interested in doing it but i don't really know how to go about it


I've been making music for a few years, used to be in bands but left because of the lack of maturity demonstrated by my bandmates. Now I make lofi beats and play guitar/drums.


this >>5144
you have a feeling and you try to describe it with sounds in your head, then once you know sounds you need, you start playing it.


Semi-related, I picked up acoustic guitar about a month ago, and holy cow do I fuarrrking suck at it. I know I need to keep practicing but finding time to do so is hard, even harder when the actual act of playing sounds so terrible. I can feel myself improving though, just need to keep at it.


I self taught myself from YouTube in under a year, I'm still not great, but I've been playing in a hardcore/punk band for over two years now.


That's really cool, makes me feel a little more confident about learning on my own. How often/long did you practice when you were first learning? Also, have any advice for finding other people who play? I'm a bit of a robot when it comes to these things


I played drums in some hardcore bands and also paid my rent one summer with an acoustic guitar on the sidewalk. The only online recording of the punk bands I know of is a video where my face and name are both clear so I'd rather not share.

I haven't played in years. There's nowhere to set up the drums and when I try to play guitar my wrist hurts. I broke it a long time ago like before I even played guitar and if I don't practice regularly it's like the tendons shrink or something and it's painful. boo hoo, excuses amirite...


File: 1485675205543.png (15.01 MB, 200x200, The Frank Zappa Guitar Book (transcriptions by Steve Vai).pdf)


>I self taught myself from YouTube in under a year

Care to share some links?



Only an hour or two a day.. I mostly watched GuitarJamz on YouTube, this stoner dude with a fedora who plays bad 90s alt-rock songs but it's good practice. He's also got some good material on scales, tips, etc.

As for finding people, I'm not that good to ask.. I was already a part of a local diy/punk music scene. :|


Dude, Marty is great. His theory lessons are really helpful, definitely a good teacher. I always wondered what a Skype lesson fro him would be like.



I've tried making some of those "putting chopped breaks and gabber kicks under sped-up anime and pop songs" things but I don't know anything about music so they didn't turn out very good. They are fun doing though