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She is perfect for this role.


Is this a guess or has it been confirmed there will be a live action film?


The actress would have to be small enough so the bear pijamas would look correctly on her. If you look up online at similar costumes they all look too lanky, with not enough volume due to height.


So I guess Hollywood has milked comic books dry and now it's resorting to whitewashing classic anime.

Kill me.


Oh come on. Proof that this project is even in the works?

That said, she would be a decent choice. Right age and build, plus a talent for portraying creepy girls.


fuarrrk Lainchan is gonna be overrun with normal people


Yeah I agree she'd be a great choice.


is it bad that i don't want this to happen? same with the gits movie and two more seasons of flcl.
things can only be good for so long, i think all three of those are already as good as they will ever be


I don't think it's bad, but I do think assuming that making more of something somehow devalues what was good about the previous versions is dumb.

Plus I'm confident the new FLCL is going to be great.


I can't find anything about this. I doubt it's happening. Who would even fund it? SEL isn't as mainstream as other anime like GitS. It wouldn't make much profit.

She would be good for it though. Would watch.




Yeah I'm gonna have to ask for source.
Until then that's complete bullsoykaf


Lain live action movie?

Wrong choice, Hollywood. If you really wanted the big anime bucks, you'd make either a One Piece (or Attack on Titan) live action movie or you make a live action Nichijou.


It doesn't devalue it to me, but it does impede my ability to communicate with people.
>oh do you like that new geee iii teee ess
>no its bad the original was better
>why are you a hater


File: 1481587146479.png (28.77 KB, 200x200, 3a1e21aa2c190962879ba294409b3526.png.355x355_q85.jpg)

everything is alright

this person is just trying to rustle you


>It doesn't devalue it to me, but it does impede my ability to communicate with people.

What? In your example, it would just sound like you're just hating on the newer version because it's new to a lot of people, even if that's not the real reason why you dislike something. I don't really see how this would affect the way you relate to people unless you are talking to some really shallow people who would hate you over an opinion or maybe you're taking a joke or ribbing the wrong way.


i did an absolutely soykafe job at conveying my thought, but my basic point is that now if i ever want to talk about ghost in the shell i'll have to specify "oh, not that new one". from it's release onward it becomes the first thing people will think about.

Ghostbusters? Feminism making things not funny. Simcity? terrible game in tiny neighborhood sized maps and nonfunctional traffic simulation. Star trek? Oh, those weird discount wannabe star wars movies. ghost in the shell? scarlet johanson pretending to be the terminator and a bunch of soykaf that doesnt make any sense.Thats how it taints the previous works.


>but my basic point is that now if i ever want to talk about ghost in the shell i'll have to specify "oh, not that new one". from it's release onward it becomes the first thing people will think about.

I don't think that's a bad thing, because unless you are talking to kids who never saw GITS because well, they're kids or adults who may not care about anime or sci-fi in general, then I'm sure you are either talking to someone who really loves the GITS movie but isn't aware of the anime or manga and is open to it or someone who does like it and may just disregard the live action film.


Bad, bad example though. That was no ordinary remake. That's a remake that is almost universally disliked and not for the movie itself but the retarded actions of the actresses and studio who worked on the movie. I don't even care that much about Ghostbusters, but I know that the new movie was likely average for the times we live in but it was actresses soykafting on people and being asses along with the clear attempt to shove girl power into all the drama.

Honestly, if I don't enjoy an entry of a series to something I just treat it like it's own canon. It usually helps a long way.


>She is perfect for this role.
NO I DONT THINK SO glitterboy.

Lain is Japanese but whatever they got away with it when they stole GITS.
Seems like hollywood is unable to create anything original anyways but these bitches need to stick to the source material.


>two more seasons of flcl
fuarrrk, I though it was just one.

>I'm confident the new FLCL is going to be great.
>different director
>different writer
>Gainax isn't even involved
>sequel 16 years later to a story that had a good ending with no reason for a sequel
>at the end of FLCL Haruko even says she won't bring Naota along for more adventures, which pretty much pretty much rules out the possibility for a sequel short of some iudaeus ex machina


Can't wait for Evangelion movie and Berserk as tv show by HBO.


perfect apart from not being Japanese

which is a large part of what makes Lain what it is yeah


>neurosuggesting FLCL was ever good

>Gainax isn't even involved
That's a good thing anon, and that the only chance that soykaf could be good.


It devalues it for me because people would constantly talk about it, devaluing the thoughts I have about the series, because I'll hear them everywhere, or hear information about it.

It's like saying 'No' over and over again, eventually it becomes meaningless.


i doubt this is real nobody knows what lain is

why would they make a live action of this over something like evangelion which is infinitely more popular


File: 1481645866744.png (1019 KB, 200x200, 1478205321146.gif)

I haven't found anything, i don't think they're going to make it


why do you dislike flcl? why do you dislike gainax? is this bait or a you just a contrarian?


Off-topic but where is that gif from? It's so aesthetically pleasing



I'm a contrarian, for mom pooping asshole, fuk then u exlpan, i didn't see the other guy asked to be explane.


Or are you just a opposite of contrarian or are you trying get my ass anger.

>why do you dislike gainax?

That whole another fuking thing that i want to save for later. On it flcl suking, that that mi guess on why it did.


Are they actually making a live action movie? Sounds fuarrrking awful.


No it's not bad.
I don't want to sound too negative, but I don't of any live action adaptation that lived up to its animated counterpart yet.


Wonderful where is the Kickstarter?


serial experiments lain was designed to be something unreal to us. It depicts us literally in the wired at several times. If there is a live action movie, it's going to need metric fuarrrk tons of special effects for it to even be palatable in its artform and carry the same message. They're alternative universes, you can't capture the same feeling in live action, yet.


File: 1481744276159.png (36.46 KB, 143x200, Rurouni-Kenshin-Live-Action-Poster.jpg)

>Author was deeply involved
>Great score
>Doesn't look cheesy like some anime live action since it's a straight up kung fu movie, doesn't use any annoying anime quirks
>Gives Sano the best fights (fuarrrker was honestly the best in this series)
>Doesn't require any knowledge of the manga or anime to be enjoyable

It just isn't /cyb/ though.


Probably a TV series was better


All good things come to an end, that's why usually pushing more seasons and sequels tend to screw up so badly.

But yeah, just leave the classics alone, we had enough of remakes, live action for anime, etc.


File: 1481917538889.png (216.63 KB, 200x134, Strange-Lain.png)



So there's no evidence whatsoever that this is real right?



Berserk as an HBO show would make more sense than any of the monstrosities they've released since.
I don't think there is, just someone stating that the actress COULD be perfect for that role.


File: 1483191805361.png (149.42 KB, 140x200, Serial-Experiments-Lain.jpg)


I agree, I really really don't want this to happen.


Only if the director is Rupert Sanders ^_^


just add a ton of padding


The issue with the gits movie is that it's framed around the Major having a prosthetic body like it's some crazy mysterious thing. Nah she was a sick (or maybe injured? Been a while since I watched git:sac) kid who was one of the first people to get a prosthetic body. It's not a mystery, tons of people have them and she's had one longer than most. Making the movie "ooooh am I still a person? spooooky" just makes it bland. Sure there were philosophical questions in gits but this is one we had the answer to from the beginning. I want my cyberpunk cop drama and exploration of a world where soykaf like this is the norm and the implications of it, not "ooh I'm a cyborg so what am I really?" You're a person now with that out of the way lets get to the cool soykaf. It's just sad because they got the aesthetics down really well but the plot just seems meh.

But yeah if they made a lain movie she would fit well. They'd just have to do it in the next few years since she kinda has to be in at least middle/high school and look how long it took for the gits movie to get made.


File: 1486378404370.png (94.55 KB, 200x160, chicken-wearing-boots-chicken-wearing-wellington-boots-chicken-wellington-boots-blue-boots-14347107350.jpg)

Kill me please, I dont want this horrible boy looking girl to act as a qt Lain and I dont want normal people to look at boiled down SEL and think its cool. Just end my suffering before it begins.



The point of the Major is that she has a degenerative disease so he body was replaced piecemeal until there is practically nothing left.
She's still unique in this way even in a world of cyborgs, she hardly even has any brain tissue left that she can call herself a cyborg rather than an AI that has a few organic components.
She has the philosophical conundrum of the axe from John Dies At The End, after you change the head and the handle, is it the same axe?


Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hated FLCL. It's just so fuarrrking annoying, even by anime standards.


File: 1486398924073.png (155.06 KB, 169x200, 1485831927396-0.jpg)

Y'all got Prank'd! There is 0 evidence here.


pretty good if it has to be a westernized version for no reason.


We hope in Ghost in the Shell (2017)


No matter how many times something like this gets posted here or elsewhere we get a thread half full of rage from people too lazy to do a brief internet search and realize it's completely fake. It's a little disheartening to realize how un-savvy people are.


The original is only mediocre, I prefer the imageboard adaptation


I'd be really irritated by that because I hate the little bitch, at least in that soykaf meme TV series.


She was not so bad in her role