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I fuarrrking love podcasts. What podcasts do you guys listen to?

Personally, I've been loving The Vergecast. I hate the website, but quite like their podcast. I wish I knew of a good podcast about Japanese culture.


oh, I should make clear that I don't listen to The Vergecast for the tech news, nor should anyone. I just like it because the hosts are funny.


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TechStuff, Stuff You Should Know, Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast, Wrestling Observer Radio, Joe Rogan (eeh), few others.


rooster teeth podcast, joe rogan, steal this show (highly reccomend it), hardcore history


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TechSNAP, The Social-Engineer Podcast, Security Now, Paul's Security Weekly, Pure Decking, Silver Bullet Podcast, Superbest Friend Cast


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I like trpgs so "Godfall" and "Adventure Zone" are fun to listen to. But audiobooks are better.


what are your preferred android apps for podcasts lainons?


I very much like Pocket Casts on my Android. Gpodder is fine on the desktop.


AntennaPod, it's on F-Droid


I second this.


Welcome to Nightvale (ignore the Tumblerites: the show's good besides that. Just like Undertale), Radiolab, Stuff You Should Know, Ask Me Another, 99% Invisible, You Must Remember This, The Cooptional Podcast, GeekNights, and The Technical Difficulties (has moved to Youtube as "Citation Needed," and is uploaded to Tom Scott's YouTube channel (which is worth checking out regardless) They update infrequently, but in batches.)

And finally a shout-out to the sadly discontinued youtube video "podcast" Let's Drown Out. It was combination podcast/let's play hosted by Yahtzee Crowshaw (of Zero Punctuation fame) and Gabriel Morton (of no particular fame). And the dynamic between the two hosts made the show very entertaining, and at times laugh-out-loud funny.



AntennaPod is the best podcasting app on Android that I've found. And it's FOSS. What more do you need?


I also enjoy 99% Invisible. 20,000hz is a podcast in a similar vein, but I think that 99% Invisible vouched for them once, so you probably already know about them.


The Black banter Party is pretty good. https://soundcloud.com/t0bbe/tracks


Dan Carlin, Our Fake History, Sceptics Guide To The Universe.


Thanks for reminding me of TechStuff. I used to listen to it years ago.
I'll try listening to Steal This Show tonight. Thanks!



JB is great for the techie

Also check out their show Unfilter, they talk about news through a tech-literate perspective. This is the best place I can think of to consume worldly news.


've been thinking about making a podcast straight up for video game strategies for the longest time but i don't know if there's a demographic for that kind of thing.


I can totally recommend SleepyCast. Those guys are fuarrrking awesome and made me tear up in laughter many times.


SOLEcast and crimethinc and the magic tavern among other things


I haven't paid attention to crimethinc in many years and certainly never heard their podcast but there are a few interesting looking episodes. SOLEcast is entirely new to me. I'll be checking them both out. Cheers.


I love the Cracked podcast. Also the TOVG podcast for games news cause i love George from SuperBunnyHop on youtube. also got into My favorite Murder for a couple of valley girls talking about true crime. and My Dad wrote a Porno is pretty funny.
Used to listen to Night Vale but all the episodes got samey.


Some that have not been mentioned yet and you might like are the Corbett Report, the Ex-Worker (I'll recommend their "Ones and Zeroes, Scoundrels and Heroes" episode, about the social impact of modern technology, at https://crimethinc.com/podcast/13 ), Dr. Greger's nutrition facts (there's a podcast but his videos and books are better), and Waking Up with Sam Harris (about philosophy).


-Planet Money
-Off the Hook
-No Agenda
-Common Sense with Dan Carlin
-Dvorak Horowitz Unplugged
-The art of Manliness
-The Snow Plow Show
-Mysterious Universe
-Art of Charm
-Smart Drug Smarts
-I Was There Too
-These are Their Stories


Tim Ferriss's podcast (alternatively, the book Tools of Titans, written based off it)
Joe Rogan and Drunken Peasants when I turn my brain off
爆笑問題かーぼーい/Bakusho Mondai Cowboy for Japanese humor
Aria radio dramas (Japanese comfyness)


Podcasts are my main entertainment, so I listen to a lot. Here are the ones I prioritize though

British History Podcast (moves slowly and chronologically but detailed and engaging)
Hardcore History (everybody knows this one)

Beef and Dairy Network (industry mag from an alternative universe)
Adventure Zone (comedy D&D by the McElroys)
Sawbones (historical medical missteps by the McElroys)

Science Vs. (review of the evidence on controversial topics)
Oh No! Ross and Carey (they join fringey religions and then report on their experiences)
Skeptics Guide to the Universe (this is just one of the more listenable skeptic podcasts, but I'd be happy if it was just Steve)

Infinite Monkey Cage (british-style panel show but with Brian Cox)
World in Words/Allusionist (both are language stories, recently World in Words is a little better)
99% Invisible (design)

Security Now (Steve Gibson on sec)
This Week in Law (Tech and intellectual property law)

Chapo Trap House/District Sentinel (lefty pol)
Common Sense (pol, Dan Carlin saying the same thing over and over)
Serial (longform journalism, one story per year that they examine from all angles)


If you like comedy I really like nobodylikesonions, but I understand their humor style is not for everyone, their show is also a little hard to get into as some episodes are very meta/inside, so if you're interested in that type of show I'd give 3 or so episodes a listen before deciding, though I understand that's a bit of an investment. Just my suggestion, it's okay if you don't like them.



Sleepycast was pretty good and Schmucks looks promising, though episodes take forever to come out.


The dick show
That Larry Show
The Billy West podcast

All great.


I forgot to mention Big Picture Science. It's just an easy to listen to general science show full of dad jokes. SETI produces it for some reason. I think it used to have a more limited scope, and they ran out of stuff to talk about.

Planetary Society has a pretty good podcast too. They get into the nuts and bolts of space missions and potential missions, and the funding behind it.


Revolutions (Mike Duncan of History of Rome fame)
Hardcore History (duh)
The History of China
China History Podcast (super comfy)

The F-Plus
The Dollop
Adventure Zone
Dead Authors


Surprised how many people here listen to The Adventure Zone, since it's not that old. I haven't listened to all of the newest arc yet, maybe I'll sit down and listen tonight.

I recommend that if you want to check it out, start with the Petals to the Metal arc, and then start at the beginning if that grabs you. Gerblins is a little weak at the start, imo.


Do you know of any chinese podcasts?


I listened to two Planetary Society casts since yesterday, they were well done so thanks for that. As for why SETI, I suppose podcasts are part of maintaining a presence online and a lot of people do them just for that reason. There are pornstars who do a podcast and barely talk about porn, it just keeps their brand out there. A group like SETI needs supporters and again, having a podcast you can subscribe to keeps the brand out there. Maybe.

Or maybe just cuz SCIENCE. Also doing a podcast is probably a lot of fun.


Dang it, accidentally deleted the first draft of this about a thousand words in.

I'm seeing lots of really wonderful avenues to explore here, thanks for the suggestions lainons!

Ctrl-F'd and didn't see a few of my favorites, so I though I'd write a little blurb about a few of the podcasts that have been mainstays of my media diet these last few years.

The number one podcast that I recommend to people is Congressional Dish. This is required listening for anyone who is trying to keep afloat in keeping track of the political machinations of our government, both domestically and internationally. What makes this podcast different than other political podcast - most of which I find absolutely intolerable and not worth subjecting myself to - is that this podcast 1) focuses exclusively on Congress, and appropriately, 2) the host puts an extraordinary amount of work into information parsing and analysis. She listens to all of the hearings (that she can) and reads the bills - she probably read more bills than most members of Congress. She then succiently and passionately summarizes the information that she has parsed, and provides analysis that, due to source material, often tells the real story behind whatever political posturing is being done by the actors and their subservient media. One of the best parts of this podcasts, in addition to really clearly breaking down important news that isn't covered by other media sources, this podcast really showcases the individuals who are the true loci of power and policy in this country - folks who have been around throughout administrations; the real shadow government workers, if you will.

The second to last episode at the time of writing, 144: Trump's War Makers, is a pretty good introductory episode, since it also provides a very good example of her personal thought, as well as providing a controversial, but very compelling and thought-provoking argument at the end. It's also great because it lists five earlier episodes, all of which are among the most important episodes she has done. This episode list should also give you an indication of the subject matter of the podcast. And recall, while her analysis is definitely quite subjective at times, she mainly just wades through the "swamp" in order to callback the truth to those of us unwilling to work so hard to find it.

The episodes are as follows. Bolded episodes are required listening and wonderful entry points to the podcast.

67 - Ukraine
102 - World Trade Organization
108 - Regime Change -- this is a good intro to the shadow government
131 - Bombing Libya
136 - Building WWIII -- you should hearing about the ERI, but you're probably not. This episode will let you know exactly what we have in mind in terms of future warplans.

Breaking this post up into smaller, salvageable chunks...


Another lovely podcast in terms of a healthy media diet is Project Censored.

The tagline for this podcast is "The News That Didn't Make The News." As such, they also tend to focus on stories that are important, but aren't necessarily receiving the same coverage as those firmly within the Overton Window/narrative.

They are also an excellent primer for exploring critical media literacy, as many of their episodes have segments involving analyzing the state of the press, or discussing media itself.

One episode that I've been >recommending [edit: apparently I can't say "shi||"] on IRC lately is their January 17th episode, which covers the history of the relationship between the CIA, and manipulation of public opinion through media ('played by the Mighty Wurlitzer') as well as thinktanks. (Link in email field.)
The episode the following month (Feb 17th) was also a very good epsiode in terms of an in-depth analysis of the state of the free press in 2017. Solid journalism all around. Some episodes are not nearly as interesting as others, but when it's good, it's gooood.


Now my first foray into podcasts was simultaneously comedy (via JRE) and the now defunct Psychedelic Salon, which had a large collection of Terrence McKenna and Alan Watts lectures (see: defunct.)
Say what you will about Joe Rogan, but he really breathed life into podcasting for many, many artists. As such, some of the recommendations I'll make below are podcasts that grew out of the JRE and includes some regular vistors. It is my opinion that all of the below are generally superior to JRE, for most counts.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour - this is a hard one to pin down, he's an LA comedian - he's just moved to NY, but the majority of his podcasting work has been in LA - with a real fondness for LSD, eating marijuana, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as VR, and a few other fleeting passions - and the resultant spirituality is the core of his being. He has an incredible skill at coming up with these beautiful, inspiring, hilarious rants, encoded in sonorous & silly language... it's hard to describe, so here's a link to one of his opening rants:
He has some really wonderful guests, and if anyone is intrigued by the above link, I'd be happy to put together a list of some recommended podcasts. Also, shoutout to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Forum, which is - overall - a wonderful community, and an interesting addition to one's media diet.


In a similar vein, I also really enjoy Harmontown. Now, Harmontown's a little bit of a weird show, and harder to pin down. Essentially, it's Dan Harmon self-therapizing by talking - to his guests, and to the audience. As such, you have you find what he has to say interesting to enjoy the podcast.

If you're not familiar, or the name rings a bell but you're not sure why: Dan Harmon is the co-creator of Rick & Morty, as well as the creator of Community. He's like TVTropes, the person. Very intelligent, very troubled, very self-aware - while the format of the show often lends itself to Harmon's masturbatory monologuing, honestly, 75% of what comes out of his mouth - being conservative - is really legitimately fascinating, and often quite thought provoking.

Also, there's a lot of audience participation, and there's a real 'community/family' vibe, as the show provides an in-group for weirdos, freaks, and non-desirables. Harmon wanted to play DND in one of the first episodes, and asked if anyone in the crowd knew how to dungeon master. One dude raised their hand, and that person is now a full-time member of the show, as well someone who is involved in some of Harmon's other media projects as a producer.

Harmontown is a great podcast for driving long distances. I'll append these this and the above post with some recommendations of good epsiodes to start with.


puzzing evidence.



I haven't listened to Penn's Sunday School in a while, because he got in a rut of diet talk and obituaries. But I listened this week and it was pretty interesting.

I never expected to hear Penn, a libertarian, arguing for a universal minimum income. I know his edges have been softening in general, but it was still a surprise. It was interesting to hear someone arguing for it from a more libertarian perspective. There was more common ground there than I'd really seen.


Intercepted has these cringey intros, but the episode was really good this week.

It was an interview with Snowden talking about how, on the ground, they were coached into using plausible disability to monitor American citizens and officials. "We didn't know for sure this was X's device," etc.

They also have a short interview with Kayem the rapper about getting harassed by authorities while traveling.


Thanks for taking the time to write these up. I'll definitely check those out.



This is the first episode of Literate Gamer I've listened, and it was pretty good. I'm not sure if it's because of Tarn Adams or if it's generally good.



Thanks for that. I listened to that and the CK2 episode. Both were pretty good. I've been looking for a gaming podcast that's consistently good. I'll probably keep listening to it to see if it holds up.

You might try RoguelikeRadio too. I'm not a huge roguelike fanboy, but it's pretty good because they focus a lot on design and systems.