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I want to know more than the mainstream. It's okay, I'm not like "oh no people like -> it must be bullsoykaf" But I want to expand my /cult/ anyway.

I'm about to watch pic related.


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The Zatoichi films. They're classics in Japan (essentially the Japanese equivalent of the James Bond films) but largely unknown outside of Japan, AFAICT.

They're also a lot of fun.


Will look at it. Thanks.


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How weird/obscure do you want to go? Videos of people grunting while doing puzzles on Youtube with 2 views? Or actually well produced stuff that just never gained acclaim?

Jodorowosky is a fountain of peculiarity, although I've found him to be relatively well known among the groups I've associated with.

Same goes for texts and paintings - are you looking for just weird, or unknown but good?


These look great, thanks.


unknown but good for sure.

you know things too deep to be known.


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>unknown but good
this is really hard, you need to grab a "movement" and go deep in it to get to the good stuff, if you don't go deep you don't fully understand it and you can't differentiate the good from the bad

going to distant places in the surface won't get you where you want, but it will at least give you an idea of where you prefer to dive


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This and Miles' album after this, as well as his live work after that point, are absolute the absolute pinacle of the art of Jazz. Miles never progressed further than this, and after he died, no one was able to spearhead new styles of Jazz like he did for almost 30 years. His groups on these albums are, as is common for Miles, the absolute best in the time period. At this point, Miles directed so many talented musicians that with just three or four properly placed words he could extract the best solo of someone's career out of them, even in a career full of mind blowing solos.
Yet in mainstream culture it is almost unknown.
Although it is well known in Jazz circles, I would say this is the best combination of experimenting and godly talent that exists.
I recommend:
-The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions
-The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
-The Complete On The Corner Sessions, Live at Philharmonic
-Agharta, Pangaea, and Dark Magus, live bootlegs


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Technotise: Edit & I

Animated Serbian cyberpunk movie from 09. Starts with college students using bio hacking to cheat and then goes down a cyb rabbit hole.


French comic from 2010(gotta search the date too or you'll just get Marvel's Husk superhero stuff.) Cyberpunk comic about cops using power armors reminiscent of the Eva units. Only 2 issues.

got more stuff i'll post in a bit.


tutu, you can't get better than this, i agree, but this isn't all that unknown. soykaf, even Coltrane free-jazz period is more unknown because of how dense it is, in my opinion. I mean sure many people know Coltrane went crazy, but how many people actually listened to his music.


Anyway cutie, if you want to go balls deep into "soykaf that no one knows" i suggest you to look into noise and onkyo. There's one problem though. Noise works best in live environment. If you get to right gig at right time, you will feel good even if you don't like that type of anti-music. In my opinion noise doesn't really translate well to recordings.

Now onkyo, onkyo is kinda personal. I call it anti-noise, because it tries to fill all available space with silence and spare instrumentation.

You could go with foreign music also, it's your best bet to know stuff no one has ever heard off.

Also, get into classical music. It gets little love for weird reason. I mean modern classical, stuff like Górecki, Gubaidulina, Arvo Part, Feldman, early Cage and so on.


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Can't really talk about it much without giving it away. soykaf is fuarrrking amazing, but never got to a consistent schedule. Image comic with the first issue in 2011 and the next in 2015.

Toujin Kit

One of the shorts from a compilation called genius party beyond. It's kinda like the last one in that it's best to just go in blind.

Afterschool War Activities.

Korean comic about conscripts during an invasion by enigmatic aliens.


I have ventured into Sun Ra, Coltrane, Monk.
Less known classics like Andrew Hill.
The entire Blue Note catalog.
Modern players like Liberty Ellman and the rest of Pi records.
All of it has just left me salivating for more Miles.
I think it's unknown enough. I've never met anyone IRL who has known it before I mentioned it. Most internet communities discuss it, but many still have members who just never listen to it. I would say it's non-mainstream. It's also a good starting point because of the great artists involved. It got me into Hancock, Headhunters, Eddie Henderson, Bennie Maupin, Weather Report, Wayne Shorter, DeJohnette, Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous, and Wadada Leo Smith.


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2012 dark comedy about an aspiring surgeon.


British show that is . . .really hard to explain. It's at a crossroads of conspiracy, spy films, dark comedy, thrillers. Just make sure you don't get the American reality show with the same name on accident.

The Nikopol Trilogy.

French scif comic about egyptian gods, hockey and fascism.


Tetsuo: The Iron Man


Utopia is fuarrrking amazing. It made me laugh at and take pleasure in all the most fuarrrked-up things.


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Gone with the Blastwave is dank.

also, if possible, some of you lainons mind uploading your faves to laintracker? Check out the stickied post for more details


whups, it's stickied on /r/ not /cult/


I know a lot of arcane, remote, recondite, abstruse movies, but watchable? Lol, I mean, Exterminator City is abstruse, but I don't know your tolerance level for robots, tits and murder.

I'll give you a recommended viewing list for I WANT TO BE CHALLENGED.
You know, as opposed to "I want to be grossed out", or "What is this I don't even" or "BAD TOUCH! Help, I need an adult".

Decoder (1984)
Forbidden Zone (1980)
Shock Treatment (1981)
Perfect Blue (1997)
El topo (1970)
The Holy Mountain (1973)
Subway (1985)
Repo Man (1984)
Liquid Sky (1982)
Arise! The SubGenius Video (Video 1992)
Tetsuo, the Iron Man (1989)
The Quiet Earth (1985)
Tampopo (1985)
Stalker (1979)
Mindwalk (1990)
Borders (1989)
Naked Lunch (1991)
Wizards (1977)
The Seventh Seal (1957)
Brazil (1985)
Reflections of Evil (2002)
Stroszek (1977)
Cemetery Man (1994)


I really think anything you want from Tsai-Ming Lai would be a great addition to that list


Dunno, i always though sun ra and people you mentioned were super popular because this is what my dad was listening to. Also he(sun ra not my dad) had ties with coil(aka the band that created modern electronic music), so it guess sun ra is even more popular compared to anyone else from not-mainstream. Not to mention whole afrofuturism thing.
At the other hand, if you grew up in home where non-mainstream music is the norm, you kinda don't know what really is mainstream.

About miles, i can relate. Like I heard so much stuff, better and worse, but Miles is just on another level.

oh god thanks for reminding me about that, i've read it when i was younger.



depends which diamanda you mean, because if you mean early diamanda like "litanies of satan" then you'd like stuff like junko - the void.
Later Diamanda is okay, though i never was keen on blues. But there's other band signed to MUTE which is absolutely glorious.
Laibach, you know, imagine a neonazi band from slovenia. But they aren't neonazi, they just use it to challenge the listener. They believe that being as close to real thing as possible is best way to ridicule it. So if you just skimp through the surface, they are neonazi, if you dig deeper they are as anty-nazi as possible.

Didn't KLF made something stupid on some tv awards?

Oh, and Wendy is nice gal, too bad little people know about her influence on electronic music.


>with coil(aka the band that created modern electronic music),

That's really a stretch. Electronic music is not single faceted and Coil while covered plenty of genres they can't be considered originators or pioneers of them. It's undue credit.


guess i was too broad. Lemmie correct.
>coil(aka the band that influenced psychedelic music the most in my opinion and inspired many people to do their own stuff)
I am giving them too much credit because they were my first band ever. I remember that horse rotorvator blew my mind when i first heard it. And jhonn was a cutie.

Also curious, your general opinion on Genesis and the rest of the gang?


>nothing in this life has prepared you for... THE HOLY MOUNTAIN


.:: now that's a movie title! ::.


Have listened to Goblin and Wendy Carlos off this list. Can confirmed they are good; Goblin's track Tenebrae is great (they mostly do movie OSTs) and Wendy Carlos's done some nice classical synth records like Switched-On Bach.

If you like that sort of stuff listen to Mort Garson's records Plantasia and Black Mass (under the moniker Lucifer). Both are great and among my favorite records of all-time.


File: 1483487164610.png (46.23 KB, 200x124, dung0.jpg)

I don't know if you're interested in games, but Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was something like this I ran into awhile back. It's a game written by a psychologist where you play as a serial killer luring people into your dungeon. The reason I bring up the psychologist bit is that the game functions kind of like a twisted take on the romance mechanics in modern RPGs.

You travel around the town finding emotionally vulnerable people to target, talking to them and observing their emotional needs to exploit them. This then extends to the tools you use in the dungeon and even how you acquire said tools. It does trip up at points, but the writing is strong as is its atmosphere.



Art Of Shen Ku, by The Zeek
The Book, by Alan Watts
The Illuminatus! trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea
The Greenwich Village Trilogy: The Butterfly Kid,by Chester Anderson, The Unicorn Girl, by Michael Kurland, and The Probability Pad, by T.A. Waters.
Autumn Angels, by Arthur Byron Cover
Venus On The Half Shell, by Phillip Jose Farmer
The Iron Dream, by Norman Spinrad
The Final Programme, by Michael Moorecock


>The Illuminatus! trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea

Principia Discordia changed my life.



Not the anon to whom you replied but I tried finding those books and I couldn't find the following:

>The Probability Pad, by T.A. Waters

>Autumn Angels, by Arthur Byron Cover
>Venus On The Half Shell, by Phillip Jose Farmer
>The Final Programme, by Michael Moorecock

Would you be so kind and upload them, please?


Erm, I don't have e-books of Probability Pad or Autumn Angels, they're real hard to find IRL too.

Unicorn Girl and Butterfly Kid, Venus on The Half Shell and The Final Programme are all at http://bookzz.org/


The Leaky Establishment, by David Langford
The Laundry Files, by Charles Stross (Does this count? I don't know anybody else who's heard of it, and apparently even fans of Stross's other work aren't necessarily aware of it, so that's good enough for me)

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Denno Coil

And, as a recomendation from Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE (he pointed to it in A Slip of the Keyboard):
The Evolution Man: Or, How I Ate My Father, by Roy Lewis


Comics and manga:
MW, by Osamu Tezuka
Foolkiller, by Steve Gerber
Domu: A Child's Dream, by Katsuhiro Otomo
The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison

Endless Forest
Papers, Please: A Dystopian Document Thriller
The Stanley Parable
The Prisoner
Deus Ex Machina
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Gunman Chronicles

Steve Reich
Brent Lewis
Paco de Lucía

Be Here Now, by Ram Dass
Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa

More movies and TV:
The Ninth Configuration (1980)
The Final Programme (1974)
The Prisoner (TV Series 1967–1968)


I don't know much about obscure anything, mostly because I don't know where to find it, but there are some not-so-popular bands that I like to show people

Dead End Canada
A one man project, found it searching for shoegaze in the free music archive. Listen to Years.

They sound kinda Black Sabbath-y without feeling like a rip-off. Murderous Ways is also a good song, but it isn't on youtube.

Found them playing Cytus and Deemo. Momocashew's voice is fuarrrking ethereal.

Fun to listen to.

Hotel of the Laughing Tree
Not sure how I feel about the vocalist, but they are pretty cool.

French band, they broke up.
Now that I'm doing my research, AltPress called them "Europe's best screamo band"

Bâton Rouge
Spawned from the ashes of Daïtro, they are not a screamo band. They sound cool.

I don't know if these are suitable to the thread, don't get offended is they don't live up to your standards.


Sweet. Thanks!


Another resource in addition to undernet/#bookz,#ebooks; irchighway/#ebooks and libgen.io


>Deus Ex Machina

...For a second I thought you were talking about Deus Ex. And I was about to post that anything that shows up on "Top <N> PC games" lists isn't obscure.

OTOH, Papers Please and The Stanley Parable actually have this problem.

Speaking of obscure, anybody played Anachronox?



Denno Coil is one of those rare shows that just gets more and more relevant as time goes on, given the current mad tech-industry drive towards AR and VR.


are there irc channels for audiobooks?


Don't think so. At least I've never heard of any. I think it would be too slow because bots are constantly searching and serving up ebooks. I mean, sometimes you have to get in queue for an ebook depending how many people there are requesting.


the fuarrrk, I had a dream just last night where I accidentally walked through a maintenance door like that, overlooking the goings on of a shower room.


Does Marathon count as obscure?

Marathon, if you're unaware, is what Bungie did before Halo. It's got a reasonable plot and the fans swear by it, but it's 2.5D and has a weird projection that makes you feel like you're playing doom through the bottom of a beer glass (well, I did, anyways).

If that doesn't put you off (or even if it does), the full game and an updated source port (AlephOne) are available legally for free online. So there's no real excuse not to give it a shot...


File: 1484007539426.png (5.69 MB, 200x153, clip.webm)


it wasn't a dream


at first I was like
>that looks like a Hertzog movie
then I realized it actually is


Some more viewing suggestions:

Vinyl (1965)
If.... (1968)
S.O.B. (1981)
Bliss (1985)
The Singing Detective (TV Mini-Series 1986)
Edge of Darkness (TV Mini-Series 1985)
The Dark Side of the Sun (1983) (TV Mini-Series)
The Duellists (1977)
The Keep (1983)
The Silent Flute (1978)


>British show that is . . .really hard to explain. It's at a crossroads of conspiracy, spy films, dark comedy, thrillers. Just make sure you don't get the American reality show with the same name on accident.

I don't know about a reality show but they cancelled season 3 of Utopia because HBO bought it up to do an American remake. Frustrating, because it's not like the original was in Russian or something. I wondered if the school shooting subplot was too much for US audiences? That's almost understandable but not quite a good enough reason


Venture Bros - Pretty known, but needs more attention.

Final Exit (Japan) - Grindnoise fun
Peter Brötzmann - Basic Free Jazz
NYIÞ - Black magic ritual. Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_3hurBWjBA

Terror Firmer - Pretty stupid movie, in a good way. My favorite from Troma.

Books by Sven Hassel - WWII stories about some nazi soldiers being weird. Some of it real, most of it fiction.


File: 1486428801842.png (626.07 KB, 200x142, 1425407368147.jpg)

Dr Adder

The Congress (don't watch the trailers they're spoily)
La piel que habito
White god

Comic book:
Universal War One

Arvo Pärt

Video game:
Cookie Clicker
I'd say Myst, but everyone knows Myst, even though it's a really cool game (especially Riven). The point is you have to play it while being calm, and with a piece of paper. Enjoy the view, take notes, read the stuff you find, try to understand where you are and what is going on, and once you get it, you'll understand that the guy owning the house has noted the passwords of everything in his private room and so on. If you are really stuck, ask for help on irc (or on lainchan :3).

Oh, and Day of the Tentacle is dank.


File: 1486478003613.png (7.95 KB, 144x200, 4edfe12b3e5ed0fb35e800540b00e613[1].jpg)

Psychic TV First Transmission VHS set. A part of 80s British underground.
Includes body transformation, acts of ritual sigil magick.
A full 4 vhs set can be found on the internet.



very obscure, thank you


I actually think that Pandrogyny Project is best thing that Genesis and Lady Jaye has ever done.

by the way.
your general opinion on Tibet and rest of the gang?


Genesis P-Orridge was in Decoder, the first film I linked.


that's okay, but you still hadn't replied what do you think about them.