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What do you guys think of David Lynch? I am nearly finished with twin peaks and I'm planning on watching Eraserhead.


hes my all time favorite director. would reccomend



He's not my favourite director but I think blue velvet is one of my favourite movies.


fuarrrking great, love twin peaks and all his films. PS if you want to see a genuinely good film with Nicholas cage in it watch wild at heart it's one of my favourites.


I didn't quite like^H^H^H^Hunderstand Eraserhead.
But twin peaks and blue velvet are god tier soykaf, I should watch again


I'm not hugely into films or anything but I do like weird soykaf. Lynch nails this uncanny and unsettling vibe in his work that I love. I need to watch more of his films.


Tbh, there's not all that much to 'get' about Eraserhead other than the surface-level. It's pretty much a typical college film.



I'm a big fan of Lynch. He's a master of sound design, which is a criminally overlooked element of cinema.

The funny thing is that, when fellow Lynch fans are asking me about "those Japanese cartoons you like", I often tell them to watch SEL. It's got a very Lynch-esque vibe to it.


I just finished series 2. I haven't got too much **non spoiler stuff** to say about it that isn't praising it without any real contribution, so I'll leave it at that.

It was so good though. Will be watching Fire Walk With Me and the extras **Yes I physically purchased it** tomorrow.


Grandmother is really whack soykaf but it's a favorite of mine.


I love Fire Walk With Me, the atmosphere is so different from the series.


On your recommendation, just finished season 1 of Twin Peaks.

Really good so far. I know there are a lot of cop dramas turned paranormal activities that were spawned from TP. Are any of the modern takes any good?

I'd recommend Eureka. Show on SyFy. Country sheriff's town is turned upside down after a secret DARPA research facility is built on the outskirts. soykafty special effects, but the plots are always fun and interesting.


Make sure to watch Fire Walk With Me, it's in my (and many others) opinion one of his masterpieces.
It's got some really emotionally morbid scenes, owing much to Sheryl Lee's acting.


No, there's nothing to "get" but it's not a typical anything. It's one of the most unsettling films I've ever seen.

Lost Highway got me as well, though in a different way. I tried watching Twin Peaks with some friends who were obsessed wirh it when it was first airing and I just said "wtf is going here" to which I was told I should have watched it from the beginning. Then it got cancelled.


I can't stand David Lynch's autism.


> I don't understand so I'll call it autism


Best explinantion i've heard for Eraserhead is that its about the anxiety of being a father. I watched it again after hearing that and it fits pretty fuarrrking well.


He's a mixed bag. I really like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive. Twin Peaks is good, and was amazing for its time.

I don't really care for his version of Dune, and Lost Highway leaves me feeling like he's just fuarrrking around with nothing to say.

I'm always down to watch his stuff, because at least he's trying interesting things, but I feel like it can go either way with him.


yeah i liked parts of Lost Highway.

I also was able to sit through all 3 hours of Inland Empired in one sitting.

I like his stuff as proof of concept that people like surrealism in film. But yeah not everything he makes is gold (look for his music, i recommend Crazy Clown Time).


No one likes Dune. Not Lynch fans, not Herbert fans. Lynch himself thinks it was a failure though he blames editors and others.

Alejandro Jodorowsky was supposed to make Dune, before Star Wars was even made. Imagine if that was the definitive modern space opera instead of Star Wars? It cost too much money and Hollywood distrusted him so it was canned. There's a documentary called Jodorowsky's Dune... the guy is a maniac. He talks about Lynch too. Definitely worth finding.



I think Jodorowsky's Dune would have looked a lot like Flash Gordon. I love the guy, Holy Mountain is one of my favorite movies, but he didn't give a damn about the source material.


Considering the people working for him including HR Giger, I'd say not. To see what it would have looked like, the general aesthetics and some pretty exact designs ended up in everything from Star Wars to Alien in the next few years as his team scattered to the four winds.


Absolutely love lynch even at his worst his work exudes creativity and that's really saying something. Mullohand drive is a favorite. Something about the tone, the sound, the look it all really clicks for me. And I love that film.


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Thanks for reminding me I had these saved anon


I like Lynch (really wanted to go to his festival in LA this last summer :( ) and I love Twin Peaks. The 2017 continuation of the series will prolly be a huge let down, but I'm hyped nonetheless. The guy exudes creativity and passion.


I liked Dune. It's not exactly like the book of course, but then again Lynch made a remarkable space opera-ish, I specially like the scenarios and visuals of old egyptian temples in space.