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Haven & Hearth's world is being reset.
If you like HARD MODE crafting, isometric view and co-op village building, this could be your jam.

I know they're building a 420 village, maybe there should be a Laintown too.


Sounds like it could be fun. What's the gameplay like?


You will laugh, you will cry. You will have everything you worked for taken from you by a gang of bearcapes with Cyrillic names teleporting over your palisade using only a chair.


>Cyrillic names
If i wanted to be annoyed by cykas i would keep playing dota.


Being raped by slavs is just part of the H&H experience.


Sound interesting. Would like to join. Maybe we should make IRC channel?

> with Cyrillic names
I hate my country so much


You're Kazakh, anon?


i'm interested in this if more people want to join


Wow, people are just preemptively attacking the Russians everywhere.
I guess word got around of all the soykaf they pulled in the previous builds, lol.


Ukrainian, but living in Russia for now.


That play button on their website starts a download of a jnlp file. >_> I need a plugin or something?



Download a custom client. I recommend Amber, check their forums.


Lol, Lainchan going stone age reminds me of one of the old "peasant" games.
Cyberpeasant! A strange new world of wooden legs, hook hands and glass eyes!


>>What are the system requirements?
>We have not ran any tests.
>Your homepage is written in really neat XHTML. What program did you use? FrontPage? Dreamweaver?
>Exclusively EMACS and vi. (I use Notepad++! /jorb)

I like these guys already.