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What composers do you like? I know its pretty surface level but I'm really feeling saint saens at the moment.


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I've been listening to Max Richter a lot recently. I really like his piano work, especially The Blue Notebooks.
Steven Reich is someone you should check out. I really like his minimalistic pieces, specifically Music for 18 Musicians.

Here is Shadow Journal off of the Blue Notebooks:


Never really got into Classical, but I do enjoy a bit of Mozart every once and a while.

Oh, and John Williams, who isn't Classical (I think) but-

Augh, what am I doing explaining who John Williams is? You probably already know.


Erik Satie.
It's really hard not to like him.


Arvo Part is absolutely beautiful. He's developed a composition style that incorporates Gregorian chant elements, but also uses instrumentation.


yes. check out Górecki

Anyway, Feldman/Cage/Gubaidulina guy here. They are nice to listen, though i don't pretend i understand them, they just work with me.


Awesome, I will listen after Dvorak's Requiem.


symphony of sorrowful songs might crush you. To me it sounds like slow painful walk


or fuarrrk his third symphony, listen to his version of miserere


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Since this thread is about composing. Would any Lainons care to listen to some of my compositions?


Not sure if some jazz will fit here, but recently I found Ryo Fukui via youtube reccomendations and it is magnificient.
I especially like Scenery album.


I don't really know how to put this lightly but I'll try give straight forward constructive criticism.
In terms of the chord progressions it's well put together, everything flows well so you've got a good base, clearly you must have put some thought into the flow of the chords. However I think that it's lacking in dynamics. The flow of the chords has a clear dip and rise sort of feel to it but the melody is just flat and constant. The continuous two note twiddle kind of thing through the whole piece could maybe use some more variation. Mostly I feel like it needs more stuff going on at the top that isn't just two notes but a more clear melody. In my opinion the part near the beginning with that rising melody at around 0:30 is my favorite part. It's great start but I think it just needs a little more work to add more interest, something to really catch your ears and again, more dynamics. Feel free to ignore my opinions I know I sound harsh don't take this as an offense.


I opened the thread just to mention him. I used to do community radio and my friend did a classical show. The phone never rang and there were no queries or requests except that every time he played Arvo Pärt someone would call and ask him what it was.


Thanks for the feedback. This is one of my first compositions so I guess I had trouble incorporating dynamics.


For christ sake. Have you not heard of Philip Glass? This stuff stems from that!


Holy soykaf dude, thanks. This is incredible.


It's very good for your first composition


I have but I've never been too partial. Perhaps I should take another peek at his work.


I really like it, but as it have been spoken, you should add more variance to this two notes background.


i love taichkovsky, link related https://archive.org/details/1812Overture_201603


Frank Zappa had classical compositions, symphonies he could never get anyone to play for him while he was alive.
Once he hired the London symphony orchestra, but they treated him like scum, the horn section walked out and went to the pub, so he had to record them separately and try to edit them together later.


Been quite a bit of Satie and Sibelius for me lately, as well as Beethoven's piano sonatas.

Anyone have any good cello pieces to recommend? I'm looking for more solo/duet/string quartet type stuff than concertos or the like but I appreciate the latter as well. I always love it when there's more to solo cello than Bach/Vivaldi suites.


Mozart was very drunk when he wrote this.


I really like Bela Bartok's string stuff. Especially the string quartets.


I like modern/contemporary romantic. Mostly big names. It all started with Barber and Cowell, then I got into the others.



Henry Cowell's orchestral stuff. His piano stuff is weird - seems pretty ''''academic''''.



I like Edvard Grieg a lot, and Satie. He was an interesting person as well.



This guy really needs a movie made about him.


Seconding Arvo Part, Spiegel im Spiegel and Tabula Rasa are pieces I know and love.
Shostakovich String Quartetts. Nr. 8 is amazing.
For violin things, check out Sarasate (tarantelle and Zigeunerweisen) and Wienawski (Legende, and concerto 2) as well as Anne-sophie Mutters rendition of Tartini's trillo diablo, the third movement.
Those who like atonality might be interested in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ37gYu5tKg (penderecki etc. goes without mention I presume)
Liszt needs a mention, for his piano work (check out his rewritings of paganini caprices). Ditto chopin.
I love big pompeous Opera pieces. William Tell, Norma, la Zingarella, Va Penziero.

More Williams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD39DV1A02s