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anyone listen to cybergrind?

if you want an intro to the genera *gigantic brain* are the progenitors of the musical style.

and all their music is released free



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Is it like grindcore but with stronger electronic influences?


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that describes the genera exactly. some bands have traditional instruments like guitars and add electronic elements. others are completely composed digitally.


>gigantic brain
This band is pretty good, I dig Cybergrind as someone who's not into grindcore I dig it


Not even trollin', the first two Fear Factory albums; Concrete and Soul of a New Machine, before they went on to hybridize new wave and new metal D:

Also Enemy Soil, Wadge and Divtech.



Wonderful music lainon is there anything else like it? I've listened to to DECIDE TODAY as well


I wish gigantic brain had more stuff on spotify, would love to listen to them when im not home


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Burning Cyborg is a side project by Berlin based Airborne Drumz, they use both electronics and guitars:


>Burning Cyborg - Binary Injection


Then there's Maruosa from Tokyo. He claimed in an interview that the Cybergrind scene is allegedly internationally significant. Well, a few years he held a performance in Berlin in front of 20 people. Doesn't sound significant to me, in terms of meatspace exposure (Nothing against the artist or the music. It's just that his commentary doesn't hold truth in such a case). Stylewise, his material overlaps with soykafcore (POS, for example).

>Maruosa - モンスターズ・ハイ!!! - Monsters High!!!


Maruosa's albmu Extream on Grindcorekaraoke:

Considering the genre's overall visual aesthetics, there's a wicked play with colourfulness prevalent. Like heaps of gore in flashy pink, green, yellow and purple.


Definitely my thing. I'd say that his work is merely Cybergrind influenced. I wouldn't initially describe it with that label while comparing his output to that of artists who defined this kind of music. Maybe Divtech stretches the genre into another direction. Minding the abrasiveness, the use of electronics and the subject matter that is surrounded by his lyrics, the term 'Cybergrind' itself would fit, though. From such a perspective, you can say that David Divtech managed to really put his own style onto the genre, though. Categorizing music can be a bit tricky.

inb4 "don't care about genres, just enjoy the music, duuuuude": fuarrrk that! Defining music by genres is fun!