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What's the most cyberpunk music genre and why is it actually Vaporwave


Vaporwave is pretty meh, my votes go to Synthwave and 90s demoscene music mods


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Gabber or some other form of hardcore techno would be what I would have said five years ago. The reason why I say vaporwave now is because Vaporwave began with pretentious hipster-nerd wannabe DJs on the internet making mixtapes of obscure funk music, delving into unapologetic piracy with their samples. It was initially supposed to be a "critique of capitalism" or some soykaf.

>The whole appeal of Vaporwave is its use of remaining unknown . . . In a world where nothing is private, it is refreshing to find something that feels like it was found in the dumpster of a thrift shop, where it does not matter where it came from or who made it, but only that it takes you elsewhere, somewhere distant from reality.

Yeah it's dumb and pretentious, but its weird futurism has a lot of parallels with the weird futurism of cyberpunk.

I'm a little high right now so I'm probably not going to be able to articulate this statement intelligently, let alone defend it, but I'd say that Gabber and techno are the '80s science fiction cyberpunk, while vaporwave is the real cyberpunk future.


>Vaporwave began with pretentious hipster-nerd wannabe DJs on the internet making mixtapes of obscure funk music,

You think so? I always thought that Vaporwave began with a few people having fun experimenting with music......
Guess I must be wrong.


It's digital hardcore or maybe breakcore.


neurofunk dnb or 2814-esque vaporwave


It began with people having fun experimenting with music in the same way that punk began as teenage garage bands, but grew as anti-establishment youth rebellion.


Heyyyy. There we go.


Second this.

Hardcore techno related genres/styles and industrial in general are pretty cyb too.


Don't forget Glitch and IDM boys


Well, there's skweee, demoscene, seapunk, Nintendocore, glitchhop, tracker, metal percussion, krautrock, digital hardcore...


most of Japanese harsh noise is pretty cyb(at least in their aesthetics and general philosophy), can't say the same about European and American noise.

yes, so much

i know it's weird, but i don't feel like nintendocore is cyb. Mostly, because it works more on "yaaay we put chiptune in it" principle. We moved from the times when computers did bleep bloop noises.


Synthwave is more popsocialism. The only messages they have is a commentary on the fall of modern society and a critique to consumerism (while praising it)

Demoscene is the most /cyb/ because it's just "hey technology!"


I put my money on synthwave, dark electro, and future funk.

Could someone link me to a good digital hardcore song? I listened to some of them the last time we talked about this but i didn't like them at all


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Atari Teenage Riot are the big name in digital hardcore.
They're kind of like if Rage Against The Machine fuarrrked The Prodigy and got them pregnant and this was the baby.


Oldschool trance and techno + jungle.
This various obviously, especially with jungle.


Digital Hardcore
Future Garage


This reminds me of some of Justice's tracks. In particular, "Stress" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWaWsgBbFsA) and "Final" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlNMxxL3hvE).



>Machines of Loving Grace
Reminds me of Gravity Kills



Vapor wave, space synth, dubstep, GOA trance

it's all music for /cyb/



friendly reminder vaporwave is reddit music


>friendly reminder vaporwave is reddit music

The fact that a specific group of people listen to a genre doesn't diminish the genre's quality.



thoughts on this are kinda mixed. On one hand its a remix of everything terrible from the 80s and 90s. On the other hand its cyber as fuarrrk, and its a bit of a critique of the 80s and 90s, I think.

Its oddly hypnotic, and very reminiscent of 1990s techno.

Its safe to say vaporwave and A S T H E T I C are the zietgiest of this generation and the music of the online generation of the 2010s. Its everything both right and wrong about the times.


I'm about 95% certain that 'vaporwave' was a joke term 4chan/mu came up with like 'progressive dreamfunk' and 'witch house' except it became a real subgenre of music among nerds who need subcategories to place everything they consume into. This doesn't change if some of these genres have a wikipedia page or are recognized by anyone as 'real' now, that is their origin.

Just droppin' some history.


other anon. yeah, 've been there, done that. It doesn't change the fact that it started off as a meme, but then changed into something listenable. Though i still think this is just very specific type of plunderphonics + chopped 'n skrewed + ASSTHEDICKS


Clarence Clarity

Vaporwave is not good. It's also not really even a genre, it's like crappy plunder-phonics made by people without any real skill that just slow down samples in audacity. Just barely a little bit different that it piques people's interests, but utterly safe and totally bland.

Cyberpunk music, like cyberpunk anything, comes from the fringe. It's not meme music.


it's obviously cybergrind.

one part grindcore one part electro yields the most hardcore, underground, anti-corp cyb sounds around


If nightcore is a genre then vaporwave is a genre.

A nightcore-vaporwave mix is literally the original song.


nightcore is not a genre either...



Taste is subjective. Also, how is vaporwave not a real genre? It exists. It is similar music made by similar people, which fits the requirements of being a genre, a scene perhaps.

Its not the least ridiculous thing out there either.

How is it different than this:

understandably its not as edgy as 90s industrial, but the 80s and 90s where different times. Music in general from the 80s and 90s was dark and aggressive as fuarrrk because we were living in the mist of a really nasty culture war where music was on the front lines.

Today, the culture war has shifted focus.



It's an existing genre just slowed down and loaded up with a bunch of nostalgia so chan kids will eat it up.

taste is subjective, but this is just classification we're talking about. Calling Vaporwave distinct from other things is misunderstanding what a music genre even is.

ridiculous stuff isn't what makes for soykafty music, things can be as ridiculous as they want. The link you posted isn't its own genre either, these things fit in to existing genres.


I looked that up and scrolled through hundreds of bandnames, recognizing maybe 1% of them. I'm not old scool, just old, but I'm glad to see that Wadge is still remembered. Another early drum machine grind band was Enemy Soil plus there is one Brutal Truth ep which had more electronics than usual, Perpetual Conversion. Worthy of a mention.


>nobody has posted keygen music yet


Isn't keygen just chiptune?



Its not merely slowed down, its also sampled. Its basically lots of sampled tunes in a collage of music. Thats techno. All electronic music is made up of samples. Most electronic music samples.

If you think "This isn't music", go check out noise and its various subgenres. Or even grindcore. If people can listen to grindcore, and call Anal Cunt not a joke band, this certainly is real music

So what is a music genre? Vaporwave is created as music and people listen to it as such.

What existing genres does vaporwave fall into?


No, that's an entirely different genre lain.
BPM of gabba is double time that of french electro.


No Wave is another "barely music" genre.


No wave referred to a sort of movement, not really a genre of music. Punk was seen as fresh and challenging, new wave was the industry's way of recuperating that energy, and no wave was like a collective f*ck you from people who thought punk was just the beginning of some artistic rebellion.

> people can listen to grindcore, and call Anal Cunt not a joke band
...this was said by no one ever.


You know, sometimes, when the song is just some guy screaming like he's caught his balls in a steam press, it's hard to tell if he's screaming in noise, no wave, dark ambient, or some kind of metal.


Brah, I listen to noise music. I never once said that vaporwave isn't music, I'm not at all the kind of person to try and gatekeep music. Anything is music if someone calls it music, that's how it works.

I'm saying that it's not a new special thing the internet came up with. It's a subset of things that already existed, but made super boring so chan kiddies will like it. It's the pop Top 40 for imageboards, uninspired mass appeal crap.

It's definitely music, like I said, I would never try to take away that from something somebody made.

I'm just saying it's BAD music.


I agree that most vaporwave is really cheap, but there are a few gems and I fell that vaporwave has potential to be more.


Anal Cunt is the greatest troll in music history


What you said would be right a few years ago. Back then vaporwave is what you described and it was brilliant. then it became a meme because nothing strange is allowed to exist anymore. It must be made IRONIC MEME HURR DURR!


Yes, but having a few gems scattered around won't help the whole genre to work.
I too believe that it has potential, but I yet have to hear somebody that can make it work out.


Macintosh Plus is pretty consistent.


Floral Shoppe? No offense, but it's pretty bad. Among people who maybe only listened to Fallout Boy or whatever it might seem kind of new and unique, but in music circles it was panned pretty hard.

If you enjoy it, all the power to you. But it's not the start of something big.


Not really. People would mostly laugh at the song titles and then put the CD away. Trolling is when you enjoy the negative response you provoke from someone. AC brought edgy, offensive humour to an audience that wasn't exactly "politically correct" to begin with.

I actually liked Morbid Florist, it was some good chaotic grindcore. Everything else I ever heard was *let's make 30 second bursts of noise so we can put funny titles on them*. It stopped being funny early on.


To be fair, I find pure Vaporwave as a genre to be pretty boring after the first listen.
If we take in consideration stuff like Future Funk, tho, then we get more interesting artists like Moe Shop and Macross 82-99.


It's more something to put on in the background or to disassociate to. It works great as a mood enhancer, taking all these nostalgic audio cues and distorting them, putting you into a saturated teal Windows 3.0 limbo. The Japanese call it "mono no aware", which translates as "a certain something or other".


I agree on those genres completely. Add breakcore, breakbeat, {neurofunk/dark jungle/dark dnb} and I'm good to go.


I don't know if there is a most. I think it's mostly preference but I do think techno opera should be in there somewhere.


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if drum'n'bass isn't cyberpunk then i don't know what is




>Synthwave is more popsocialism. The only messages they have is a commentary on the fall of modern society and a critique to consumerism (while praising it)

Thats cyberpunk



>Brah, I listen to noise music

>I'm just saying it's BAD music.

I'm not the hugest fan of it, but fuarrrk. Noise is terrible. Its pretenious garbage.

Also, even as a life long punk rocker, I can't stand grindcore as music(shows are generally pretty fun)


I think you're getting Synthwave confused with Vaporwave.


other anon.
you see, noise as recorded music is horrible mess. You have to listen to it at a gig. Why I know? I once took a guy who loves krautrock to a noise gig(some cut-up sample based guys from my city) and he absolutely loved it.
Death to all recorded noise


Yeah all that Japanese stuff that started to become known in the west about 15-20 years ago was cool at first but I grew bored of it in a very short time. Then I saw Merzbow live and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. People just stared at the stage or closed their eyes like they were daydreaming. The whole place was mezmerized.



Not really that cyberpunk but check out Inifinity Frequency stuff as well. His "computer" trilogy is really atmospheric.


exactly, for me, good noise musician is not a person who has good ideas(though it helps), but someone who can take energy out of people, change it and pour it right back(dunno if that makes sense, but for me noise is mostly about movement).
Vilogoć does that perfectly and he's "just" a HNW project


City pop is pretty good. It's got that A E S T H E T I C feeling without running the risk of realising you're just listening to pop music at 25% speed.


Or maybe Classicism is the way to go because it can't be hacked or can it?


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>you don't post most obvious thing of all
also i am fan of his pre-laptop work like "with memorial gadgets" or "1930" or "Music for Bondage Performance". From laptop-era only "dharma" was really good, in my opinion.
Though, bird-themed series of albums(13 japanese birds, was it?) was glorious. I really enjoyed merzbow's drum work there , so unstructured. Compared to Pandi, he's much better.
Merzxiu also was a disappointment, in my opinion, though it is mostly Jamie's fault(though merzbow's lack of input besides, "kay i will send the tapes" certainly didn't help. Jamie knows how to inject noise into his music, but he lacks "something" to do fully noise-based album.


Whatever the fuarrrk genre you can fit "L's GA" in:


honestly, it's probably dub reggae
the culture, on both the technical (dub production technique boils down to improper use of a mixing desk and effects) and social level (the remix culture and the general anti-establishment attitude of reggae music) fits perfectly


I'd say probably something like Dopplereffekt:

Whatever it be, it has to be very alienating. An honorable mention goes to the bytebeat genre:


Most definitely curious about this going to have to check it out.My vision of the future of music in a cyberpunk society isn't quite in line with the idea of being danceable. Music becomes a reflection of the times and I don't picture people wanting to dance in a world thats fallen into some sort of mixture of technology and decay.

And I know a bunch of the cyberpunk fiction disagrees with me. Kids in neon colored clothes with glowsticks dancing to heavily mixed beats. But I don't think it reflects the downtrodden aspect of people in a cyberpunk society. And as time goes on I imagine dancing can't stay the same, I imagine violent noisy music. And violent moshing,combined with more traditional dancing, that would feel like more of a reflection of a cyberpunk world in my mind. Its that I think in a world where everythings become so machine, sterile that violence will become a more accepted part of things like going to see a club or a show. Kicking the punk aspect of cyberpunk up to 11 if you will.


>And I know a bunch of the cyberpunk fiction disagrees with me. Kids in neon colored clothes with glowsticks dancing to heavily mixed beats

Did we read different fiction or something? I may be a few years behind also.



like the germs, minutemen, op ivy. I dunno seems pretty damn cyberpunk to me at least.


They're missing any cyber element whatsoever. The artists that listened to punk and added electronic elements are closer to cyberpunk (Ministry, Pailhead, etc)


Surprised no one mentioned Outrun yet.

70s tuning, neons, illegal racing and the overall nostalgic recklessness always looked pretty cyber to me.

>but outrun is technically vaporwave eh

No its not


>I dont picture people wanting to dance in a world thats fallen in decay
Thats a really odd way of seeing it. Coming from a really bad neighborhood, I can tell you that the worse someone is, the more upbeat and lively the music they listened to became.
Most of the homeless junkies listened to happy upbeat pop and Sublime, even if they couldnt understand the lyrics (im spanish). They just enjoyed the sound of the music.
From what I've seen, only people that dont actually have any ""real"" problems listen to overly sad music, or enjoy doing so.

Most punks and angry rap fans I've met over the years all came from upper-middle class families, they couldnt relate at all to the struggle of a lower class. The sailors and fishermen listened to happy tunes and old songs from their childhood.

I do think the music of the dystopian future will be something like future funk, or some sort of disco revival. Im not even kidding.


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Dubstep was /cyb/ as fuarrrk before the normal people took it over




seconding merzbow2, hes' great


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m8 I r8 pic rel8ed 8/8

This post body length requirement is a bag of soykafe.


i've been thinking about this a lot lately. early industrial artists were pushing their cheap equipment past its limits and making music from the resulting destruction. this certainly fits the aesthetic, but it just isn't cutting edge anymore. i'd like to see someone doing the same kind of thing with modern tech, exposing the limitations imposed by the "byte stream" as a way to represent sound. i've been experimenting with an audio equivalent to the various datamoshing algorithms you see in "glitchy" visual art. no good results yet, but i think it's along the right track.

also, vocaloids are cyb as fuarrrk... in theory. read gibson's idoru if you're not convinced.



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sexy, i like this a lot


- raw data as soundfiles
- electromagnetic frequencies
- server-room ambience
- floppy-drive and scanner soykaf
also maybe soykafty windows sound effect songs

i think we should ask first what defines cyberpunk? we're did it actually come from? are we just talking and referencing 80s computer fantasy and aesthetics or is it nessecary to define a more complex picture?


>made by people without any real skill
Why would this ever matter though? Music isn't about how fast you can play the guitar, its whether or not you can make a piece I want to listen to.

Disassociate to this: https://youtu.be/OAs6Y5jjXrA?t=12m23s


Chiptune music is pretty /cyb/, you can find lots of it at https://modarchive.org/.


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actually, i think it's industrial music (no, not nine inch nails, think of throbbing gristle).