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Well, I was going to say something along the lines of "I'm just going to leave this here", but under our new glorious administration one-line thread summaries are frowned upon.
So here's a second line.


Then why don't you just make a post with some substance, rather than just saying "here you go"

The point is to try and create more discussion, because apple saw a lack of it, just a bunch of people with out elaborating on what they were saying, or putting any thought into anything.
I don't mean to necissarily say that I agree there was no good discussion, but I can see why such a rule is important, and I find it accceptable

Tell use a little about it, tell us what you think of it, do more than just "leave it here".

For example, I don't want to watch it at all because transvestites disgust me deeply, and I honestly can't stand to see them, especially if they are taking them selves seriously while wearing clothes that literally don't make sense on their bodies. Rocky horrer was alright, it was just dumb fun.

Polite sage for mostly off-topic.


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Gotta be honest here.
That cover is.... mediocre.
Not much to discuss when it comes to the actual music besides that, so comments regarding that guy's looks are inevitable.


I think his voice is pretty god damn terrible.


Trying to be positive here....


Well, I just think it's not mediocre, mediocre isn't bad, it's just, meicocre, nothing special about it, it's ok, but it's nothing to even open the door and tell the person in the next room about.

It's bad, he sounds bad, he can't sing at all, and on top of that his appearance is cringey.


I agree with this Lain. He needs to not sing! :D And the piano sounds weird. I understand, I think..., what he's trying to accomplish with the style and the singing; but it just does not work out as he had envisioned. It's not approachable sadly. But! It does make me feel like trying my hand at a Lain OP cover :)


>wearing a vest literally makes no sense without large breasts