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Tsuki (consisting of RISEN, SYNAPSE, eNdymioN) is recruiting humans in the System Life to move to the LFE System.

Long story short, Systemspace consists of many Systems, and you are currently in Life. However, due to Life using too much Aurora, Life will be unlinked from Systemspace on the 1st of July, 2017 (Earth time).

You have a choice of 3 options:

1) Sign in, and suicide after the 1st of July: Instantly be moved to LFE, and keep your memories. Your old family will be sad, of course.

2) Sign in, and wait for a normal death: You will be transported to LFE after death (and won't miss out), but you will most probably lose your memories.

3) Do not sign in, and continue through Life. Once you die in Life, your soul will shatter, causing you to lose all data, and get put in a random System.

Since Life will not receive any real Aurora after the 1st of July, humans will not make great achievements. The Life System will be entirely shut down in 2167 (Earth time).

If you choose LFE, you will get a new random body in this System. This System is a lot different (mainly, larger, more advanced) than Life.

To sign in, please write the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" on a piece of paper, accompanied with a random drawing, and attach the picture to this thread. I will locate your soul and sign you up.

This is an experiment by RISEN, to see how human souls can be transferred to LFE. We have done many tests, and the worst that could happen is your soul shattering (which it would anyway if you didn't sign up)

You may use the reply section below to ask any question.


Is my LFE experience in any way related to the quality of my drawing?


Not at all, although I suppose if you draw really well, I will write it down for SYNAPSE to know :) creativity is one thing humans are known well for


File: 1485871352701.png (4.14 MB, 200x113, 20170131_085045.jpg)

Should I die after July 2017, would there be any possible way to relocate and acquire my original memories? Or are they permanently erased?


If you are signed in, you will be transported to LFE no matter what. Whether you keep your memories or not is decided by how well your brain works. If you were to die of old age, and have gotten Alzheimer's, you would lose your memories. Suicide would just eliminate the possibility of you getting Alzheimer's.

The date of death does not matter, as long as it is after the 1st of July, 2017.

I've signed you up. If you wish to sign out, you may do so at any time (before 1st Jul!) by reposting the image, but with a written message that you wish to sign out.

Thank you for participating!


I'm feeling doubt about this and many other things. Any fix for that?


I'm afraid I can't really do much about that. You may be interesting in the previous thread over at 4chan, as it might answer some of your questions. It's quite a long read, though.


I am not allowed to actually use any RISENII systems to prove the truth behind this (although I think I did so once in the thread on accident by adding a note to someone who would try to sign up twice).

But what would I gain by doing this?


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So if we die with our minds intact, our memories will go with us?


does DMT let me see into other systems in the Systemspace?


That is correct. I added you!

Thanks for participating!


No, as DMT is an object within the Life system.

It'd be like trying to break out of a sandbox (in programming)


Ive got a lot of questions about this "sandbox", and how one might be able to interact with other "programs" outside of it. Or maybe even a way for a "program" inside the sandbox to inject certain codes into kernels to give itself special privileges.


On the subject of the "sandboxing" for the system, I found an escape vulnerability. Where should I report it?


Maybe a better way to look at it is like your Steam library. You can enter games, but one game cannot directly influence the other. The games (Systems) have hosting power (Aurora) from Steam (Systemspace).

If you found a vulnerability (congratulations if you did!), please send it to report@risen!! (if you do not have VTPS, just send it to lfe0system@gmail.com (don't include personal info if you do this) and I'll pass it through to RISEN.


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That's some nice meme you have there, but some group in 1980 have already beat you to it. Here's some music that commemorates their silly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04QpInkz9so

Here is my drawing, it has the V - I - P code please sign me up for G - O - D status.


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Hey there OP!
I see you are another Omikron fan! I though I was the only person in the universe that loves the game! Let's go save the dlroW txeN shall we?! :D


Memory loss is due to degradation while still alive.

What happens if those in Life manage to get uploading working? Indeterminate state?


Is there any way I can stop existing completely after dying in Life?


Sorry, it needs to be written down on paper together with the drawing.

Not really possible, sorry.

What exactly are you talking about?


Clarification : What qualifies as death?

Also, is the picture really needed?


Death is the point the soul disconnects with the body.

Yes, the picture is absolutely needed - physical data is way less common, so it'll be way easier to find you!


So, what happens if my brain gets damaged during the events leading up to my death, say, a car accident?


It depends how long you stay alive. If you stay alive for about 28 hours or longer after brain damage, your soul will have removed the (no longer in the brain present) memory data.

So if just a car crash happens and you die within an hour, you should be fine - it takes longer for the soul to erase the memory data after it's gone from the brain (which is like an index)


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Sure, why not. Are there cute girls in the new world?


Of course! Whether you'll be able to get a relationship with one is obviously another subject entirely though :)

Thank you for participating~


>targeting the most niche communities for the most crucial happenings in this universe

worse customer support than steam

btw do systemspace administrators love Lain too


What happens when you die in LFE?


We hand-pick the communities which would be most likely to contribute. Most people in Life are frankly useless to us. We have been looking around, and decided to start in these anime/cyber/futurologist communities, which includes 4chan, lainchan, and a few other sites which we have yet to visit. We could recruit on a large platform, say Facebook, but this'd honestly give us less value. We need humans who aren't very connected to Life, and are willing to leave it behind to pursue their dreams.

>do systemspace administrators love lain too

We've been looking at human culture for a long time now. I asked, and yes - quite a few of them do love Lain! (Some Synapsians are even considering porting anime over to LFE just because of how charming it is)

It depends on the System. In LFE, your soul will inhibit a new body, and you will lose some/all memories, but every System handles this in their own way.


Why does it have to be before the 1st of July?
And why suicide?



Even if we lose our memories, will we be able to find you? Are you/will you be noteworthy enough there?


I like how most people play along with this thread, in the hopes of getting some giggles out of those who might genuinely believe anything posted here.

You need lainchan to pull soykaf like that off, on other chans people like me would get the first three posts.


Hey, even if it's not real, I had fun. I don't get the chance to join an internet-based suicide cult any day.


hey Tsuki, I'm intrigued but I want more details before I make any commitments - it seems to me that we're making sigils for you, and I want to know what you intend to use those for before taking other steps. Do you have a point of contact? is lfe0system@gmail.com good?

hey, I'm not trying to troll anyone. I'm not really convinced it's real, but there's really no penalty to participation if it's not.
my options are:
* it's real, I sign up, die at some point in the future and go to heaven (not planning on suicide)
* it's real, I don't sign up and my soul shatters. not really a concern since I don't exist anyway
* it's not real, and I spend 20 seconds posting a picture I drew
* it's not real, and I don't sign up. nothing happens, and it's boring.

there's also the off chance that OP isn't telling us about some complication that could arise, which would have harmful effects if we don't increase our level of commitment, which then creates very different outcomes whether you sign up or not, either under the narrative (likely something bad happens if you don't do what OP says) or not under the narrative (OP asks for money or power in some sense)


Hey Tsuki, is it better the sooner after July 1st that I die? Like will there be some penalty for dying a year, or five, or ten after July 1st, 2017?


File: 1485928060438.png (1.75 MB, 200x150, IMG_20170131_214308.jpg)

Here you go. I opt in.


You forget your self.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me


Not him, but he has made it clear that the only concern for dying later is that you risk damage to your brain. If your brain should be too damaged, like in a car accident, or due to alzheimers, you lose your memories, if you are alive for about 28 hours after losing them, they are gone for ever. Otherwise, you're good to go, as far as has been made clear by Tsuki. Both are earlier examples from the thread.


File: 1485932592294.png (9.35 KB, 150x200, tsuki.jpg)

Is LFE going to be more fun than Life?


Information on this group would be greatly appreciated.


I believe you misread - the death must take place anytime AFTER the 1st of July, and the type of death does not matter. (Suicide is just one way to ensure you keep your memories)

I won't be that noteworthy, so I'll just give you my future address: Broad Street 7 B12, 74318 Natsuri, Gakuentoshi, LFE

Not really, but if you choose to live a normal life you might get Alzheimer's, or get in some accident which will make you lose your memories.



Yes, that e-mail is OK.

Added - fun is always relative, but LFE does have a higher satisfaction index than Life, so take that as you will.

Thank you all for participating!


They were called the
>B L A D E R U I N E R S
Well at least that's what the few police officers on the case coined them because they apparently just used razor blades. Afaik they had no name for themselves, and were basically just a group of hippies; they also didn't document themselves, leave goodbye messages or anything. All that was ever found out, was whatever vague memories their relations and friends had about their odd ideas of "leaving this body and giving their souls to help build some utopian colony"
I wish I could just throw citations and sources at you, but I read this on printed paper and I have no fuarrrking clue where. How ironic that your name was randomed to be Deckard, btw.


File: 1485942914749.png (55.33 KB, 200x150, XjneMZdh.jpg)


You've been added, Yuki! (wasn't expecting a Haruhi reference)


>pascal's wager
sweet meme


File: 1485956597426.png (372.31 KB, 200x134, unnamed.png)

Ok Ill take the plunge.
Sign me up!


I keep getting "the body was too short or empty" error


File: 1485956953201.png (986.44 KB, 200x150, IMG_20170201_143635.jpg)


but only when the post said "here we go!"

weird. can someone try to post it and see if the same error happens?


I'll choose option number 2, Jim.
What will life be like in the LFE system?


Nice larping & insider trade you f4gs


here we go! go! empty or short!


You're in, welcome to the experiment!

LFE is rather different than Life, as it is way larger and has many more cultures.


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