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Anyone a diaspora user here?

Thoughts on it?


The only value of social networks is in them allowing you to communicate with your normal person friends.
You can't do that with diaspora (because they don't use it), therefore it's perfectly useless.


It's full of political posts and the pod federation system is still pretty broken even today. Still better than gnu social but that isn't saying much either.


I'm glad this post was the first. Techie people like most of lainchan more often than not are biased towards new, cool and cryp 'alternatives' to anything. Things that are technically possible, like everyone moving over to your new hyped alternative, is not at all equal to people having moved over there already. Most of the 'development' of an alternative is not in making it technically superior in every way, or building out the infrastructure. It's in getting people over there. Anything that has less than 20% of the userbase as something they are trying to replace, is still in alpha. It's cute how they also use a technical (though valid) argument to state that they don't actually have any idea if they have users or not.


Not a user, but I'm tempted to use it because I miss weird facebook and maybe there is an equivalent here? If not, there's still irc in any case.


The UI and description make it awfully familiar. Wasn't this originally a project made by some random anons about a decentralized P2P social network?


I run a big "weird facebook" page and i've been thinking of moving over there. Never know, maybe that'll get something started.