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Anybody got any experience with this? I'm thinking about turning my RPi into one and going to random cafes, see what happens.

What would you load it with? I'm thinking some information about what it actually is, how to use it, and some encouragement to learn more about tech, maybe even a shoutout to the local hackerspace.


I've done it with an RPi. Couldn't get anybody in my neighborhood to use it, but it was a pretty neat setup for a while.


What was on it? Why do you think it failed?


I put some books (mostly tech books) and a couple movies on there, and a little imageboard.
I think maybe people in my neighborhood were just too scared to connect to any wifi that wasn't theirs.


There has to be a way to advertise it somehow while still keeping it underground. Something like only making tech-savvy people become aware of it.


I really like the idea of a geographic danknet (ie, a network you can only access when inside "the zone") so I've been meaning to get a couple of SBCs and play around with it. Thanks for the reminder, unlike last time when I was looking into this I actually have some cash now.

But a single AP is too small to be actually useful, in my opinion. The really cool stuff happens if you can manage to join a few together and create a meshlocal, which I think must be the logical long-term goal of this sort of thing.

One thing I came up with was that you could set one up at a popular club or bar, and people could use it to share music (or hook up with dealers). The password could change somewhat regularly and be given out just by word-of-mouth or texting. Not perfect but it's a use-case.


i've set one up at our anarchist community center, it's picking up on its popularity over time and it's got 128gb of space since this week so that should welcome more video now. Zines or books are uploaded there once in a while, we have a big library of books on DIY, construction, skills. I've got most of the stuff that was shared on this site. I've started bringing it to music shows where i table zines too, sometimes people will upload some music or whatever. It's usefull too if someone designs a poster or has something else for printing they can upload it there so someone else can print when they need it. If we have a discussion group the books can be uploaded there, sometimes we will discuss some article and if there isn't enough copies people with laptops can get a copy quick straight from the box.

The space doesn't have an internet connection, people will use their cellphone service or visit bussineses in the neighborhood for their wifi and i'm able to discourage people from getting comcast hooked up there or stealing bandwith from someone with the box someway. I like the local file-sharing, easily accessible internet would limit the personal interactions.


Cool setup, though I have to ask, what the heck is an anarchist community center?


a space for anarchist to communize


Update: Have access to a few small solar panels and rpis, has anybody tried to leave something like this somewhere in the city hoping it won't be found/stolen?


I had one running for half a year, also with an imageboard, a place to dump files and a list of newest files on the server. Did not have much activity. Nobody posted/uploaded anything, only a few downloads. People have better things to do than connect to some unknown WiFi just to share/download the same soykaf they can find on-line. Even people who knew it was mine didn't bother connecting to it.
Maybe check out unifi gear.
There was a post about a guy running it from a solar panel some time a go on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/4k25rg/ive_created_a_100_solar_powered_rpi_web_server/)


sounds pretty unanarchistic to me to be organizing


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I have one running near me right now. I plan to mod the soykaf out of it's portal turning it into cyberpunk l33t dream site. After that I'll probably never use it or deploy anywhere. But I found idea too cool to pass on.


Anarchism is about order without authority, not about chaos.
Organizing without hierarchical structures is as anarchist as it gets.


I did this with an old laptop once (dead screen, broken speakers, keyboard didnt work) and took it to random places but didnt really get any visitors.

I mostly had a portal that was a gentoomen ebook mirror more or less along with a few retro games (doom, quake, that sort of thing). The machine itself eventually failed to the point it would not even turn on so I gave up on expanding it.


I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, but I have 100 projects simmering and no time.

I want to serve up my own art and music for the curious, but I live amongst sheep and I'm not sure that anyone would ever find what I'm offering.


I really like this idea too, it's something I think about a lot. I think the internet was more powerful in a way, back in the 90's, when things were smaller and darker and less commercial. A localized darknet could be very interesting, assuming you could get anyone to use it.


i like anyfesto since it not so THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL and setup is more straight forward


Hello, OP here again, feel like bumping this up a bit to ask a question.

What would you want to find on it?


A nice book collection on programming, electronics and other niche topics. It does not have to be massive - twenty good selected titles is more than enough.
Maybe seeing a couple of rare/non-mainstream movies with description is nice too.


How exactly do you make a piratebox out of a rpi lets say? how long would it take to be all set up


With an imaged SD card and two WiFi antenna, litteraly a couple of hours at most.


So Im fuarrrked? THats it for me?


two wifi antennas? you dont need two wifi antennas. besides, how would you even add a wifi antenna to a pi?

it takes a couple minutes if you use the anfesto install script >>6439


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You don't add a wifi antenna, but an external usb-dongle.

I recommend a TP-Link TL-WN722N, add a TP-Link TL-ANT2408CL 8dbi antenna (the default antenna is 2 or 3dbi), both are very cheap and work flawless with linux. Add a short usb extension and you are good. You can put the whole setup into a cheap plastic bag/box for protection. Also, i recommend the rpi zero (no need to have a W model), it uses a lot less energy. A lot!

The builtin wlan is ok if you are a client, obviously it doesn't reach far, so best to diable it to save some milliamps.

Here is some stuff you can do with it: https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted