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What do you think will lead to the stereotypical cyberpunk megacites? Do you think they'll even happen at all?

Personally, I think the most likely contenders for a megacity would be the combination of Los Angeles and San Francisco. the cost of living in both cities (especially San Francisco) is skyrocketing, even beyond some of it's more wealthy residents:


Eventually, I think this will culminate in rewriting of the building code. More buildings and residences will be built in the limited space, while the city continues to also spill outward.


I mean there's a lot of ways it could go down. Overcrowding,corporations run wild with new legal rights. Too many people and ads everywhere. Companies producing untested technology in a rampage. It hits the streets the over filled city streets on the daily.

I don't see the quick collapse sort of way to getting to a cyberpunk society. I see a longer burn. Deregulation of companies and building codes would help. Population rise will happen on its own.

You can see the edges of it in the way sprawl is taking the place of nature. It'll take for that to get completely out of hand, but sometimes I think we're well on the way there. I personally don't see it as a sudden catastrophic event but rather a slow fall into that sort of world.


The stereotypical "cyberpunk" cities have two sources, New York City, and Tokoyo. Mabey some kowoloon city thrown in for good measure.

If you want to see cyberpunk city, go visit either of these cities.

I've lived under the shadow of NYC all my life, and I wish to see tokoyo.


Probably somewhere not in America.