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Hello Lainons. So, I am getting into bedroom recording. I remember a while back another Lainon mentioning Guitar Rig 5, and after I downloaded it I was really impressed. Do we have any music producers here? If so, perhaps you can link us to some of your work?


Here are a few tracks I've made. They're pretty unfinished, just sketches I made on the computer. I usually sit down and play, what I get is what I get. I'm not disciplined enough to make finished works.



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I've been producing music for a fair while but only as a hobby.
Bandcamp: https://zacb.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud where I dump crap: https://soundcloud.com/mrdetonia

Software I tend to use currently is Bitwig Studio and ReNoise (both unfortunately non-free). Recently I've been learning to use Puredata which is basically Max/MSP but cross-platform and free in both senses.

Nothing really fleshed out or impressive but here's some recent stuff I've been working on...
>MIDI notes are diatonics generated on the fly by a Puredata patch
>this uses gamelan udan tuning, created through ReNoise and a scala plugin which remaps instruments to microtones
>cover/version of Aphex Twin's "Kesson Daslef" using that same tuning


I really like these, especially the second two. Some intense dark industrial vibes going on; second track in particular reminds me of NIN a lot.

Love the guitar on the first track but the drums are just too repetetive and don't fit for me. Not sure what you were going for, but some different samples might help.

If you ever have anything more complete I'd love to hear it!


I make a lot of music
I'm in a few bands but I won't post them because they are linked to my real identity
I make minimal techno under the name x49, you can find it here

Electronic stuff I make that doesn't fit on x49 I post here, some hip hop stuff, drum and bass, house etc. You can also scroll to the bottom and find some really soykafty tracks from when I was younger

And as a bonus here's a black metal track I made.

I'm currently working on a black metal / breakcore crossover thing, don't know if the tracks will ever get released since I'm not really very happy with them so far.


Yeah, samples on that track are super weak. I intended to go over it and do more but I never got to it. I'm glad you like the other tracks though, I've never really shown them to anyone before.


that mostly depends on if you're in it for fun or really want to get good.


I really like the black metal track, would be cool to hear some of those breakcore influenced tracks if you're ever happy with any of them.
I already follow you on soundcloud it seems ;)


>tfw forgot how to sage


File: 1488662877442.png (10.21 MB, 200x200, knights of the eastern.mp3)

Ok but don't say I didn't warn you. Also it's lain themed not that you can really hear the lyrics.


I'm too shy/ my stuff is tied to my real name to post it here. But I do some recordings mostly just some jamming on a bass with some processing and some electronic effects. If you want to get started making music I'd recommend trying to focus in on a few things you really like. Not that dreaming big isn't good, but you really want to center in on getting something right instead of trying to be a master of all genres all sounds. Cool to see that some of the rest of you are into making music here as well though.


I wouldn't be shy, you should post anyway. At least an mp3. I'm just beginning to get into this. As OP said, Guitar Rig 5 is good for guitarists and its what got me started in this.


>don't say I didn't warn you
Hell, I liked it.


Sweet Lain that is damn good.
You should totally release an album/EP/something with this sort of stuff.


Nice Digits, Sir.
I would post some stuff but I'm too lazy.


I know, great get. I know gets, I get the best gets. Its true.


I would be working on random projects all the time but I'm broke and uni occupies me. I've become pretty bitter about making music since most everything I make ends with a horrible mix, or has a small thing missing that I can't seem to fill correctly to make it interesting. It probably doesn't help that I use no hardware aside from LSR305s in a room with likely horrible acoustics for mixing. Anyone have some tips on how to better utilize your bedroom for production?


File: 1488861259165.png (3.21 MB, 200x200, Orizuru_v2 - Copy.mp3)

This is the only track that's complete enough to share. It's version 2, I've got to go back and add a bridge/repeat to make it a bit longer and fix that bloody awful kick section... But here's hoping it's the start of a career. Everything I do is produced in logic right now but eventually I wanna transition into composing and performing music live.

Also I haven't listened to everything in this thread yet because there is so much but I'm sure it's good music ^_^


I have a soundcloud but the best stuff ain't on it. Having a bit of a crisis where I don't know what to do with the best stuff. Anyway here's a link, pretty sure it's in another thread but why not wage slave more.


Walk around the room and here how the sound changes when your position in the room changes. For example, corners tend to have a lot of bass.


I've been making music for a while, lately I've been producing lofi hiphop beats.


Some of my old guitar recordings are still on there, they're all soykaf though. Still drumming and playing guitar on the regular, might branch off from the hiphop stuff and get back to playing live again.

If anyone needs help using FL Studio or Guitar Rig, don't hesitate to ask.


Great breaks but the guitar gets a little boring