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Hey dudes. Lets share in some vapor wave, what's some good stuff?

Generally I like a good bit of Future Funk, plane guy, young bae is alright, Great Hair is rad. Hit Vibes is 10/10, my favorite vaporwave/future funk album by far. probably in my top 50 albums in general.

I struggle to get into other vaporwave, though, I find that I don't enjoy a lot of it, such as Florale Shop, and Blank Banshee. I know those are pretty surface level, but a lot of people seem to like them, and I just don't.

I really like Future Funk, but I'd like to expand a little bit, what are you guys listening to?


I don't know if this counts, but the "Dive" album by Tycho is pretty damn sweet. Maybe give it a try.


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Some real nice brass.
People post some vaporwave, damnit.
This is pretty chill, it's not vaporwave, though.



>future funk
I genuinely don't see the appeal of this sort of music.
Why bother with cheap imitations, when the real thing is such bliss.



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I'd like to hear what people like Saint Pepsi sample, but this soykaf is so tight. I can't find the sample he uses for these song.