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I honestly didn't see this connection.
For instance, when we think of Lain's badass supercomputer, it's easy to say this type of system is nowhere related to Apple, which makes only consumer-grade products.

What do you think?


"Lain contains extensive references to Apple computers, as the brand was used at the time by most of the creative staff, such as writers, producers, and the graphical team.[9] As an example, the title at the beginning of each episode is announced by the Apple computer speech synthesis program PlainTalk, using the voice "Whisper", e.g. say -v Whisper "Weird: Layer zero one". Tachibana Industries, the company that creates the NAVI computers, is a reference to Apple computers: "tachibana" means "Mandarin orange" in Japanese. NAVI is the abbreviation of Knowledge Navigator, and the HandiNAVI is based on the Apple Newton, one of the world's first PDAs. The NAVIs are seen to run "Copland OS Enterprise" (this reference to Copland was an initiative of Konaka, a declared Apple fan),[9] and Lain's and Alice's NAVIs closely resembles the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and the iMac respectively. The HandiNAVI programming language, as seen on the seventh episode, is a dialect of Lisp. Notice that the Newton also used a Lisp dialect (NewtonScript). The program being typed by Lain can be found in the CMU AI repository;[27] it is a simple implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Common Lisp.

During a series of disconnected images, an iMac and the Think Different advertising slogan appears for a short time, while the Whisper voice says it.[28] This was an unsolicited insertion from the graphic team, also Mac-enthusiasts.[9] Other subtle allusions can be found: "Close the world, Open the nExt" is the slogan for the Serial Experiments Lain video game. NeXT was the company that produced NeXTSTEP, which later evolved into Mac OS X after Apple bought NeXT. Another example is "To Be Continued." at the end of episodes 1–12, with a blue "B" and a red "e" on "Be": this "Be" is the original logo of Be Inc., a company founded by ex-Apple employees and NeXT's main competitor in its time.[29]"


Apple has went through different phases through time. Apparently it used to be an underdog, i guess before the 2000s


>Apparently it used to be an underdog, i guess before the 2000s
this. it had a stable fan base among designers but was not near the hype from today. until jobs cam back and developed the imac and ibook, apple was near closing down. the final rocket boost was the ipod and itunes, but since the switch to intel processors they more and more alienated their old hardcore audience who praised their (mobile) workstations and easy to use unix in favor for coffeeshop dwellers and hipster kids with daddys credit card.

t. lainon who still uses his pb g4 as laptop on the road.