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Holy soykaf, is it just me or is it a coincidence that they ripped off the glitch images lainchan has been doing for some time now?


Glitch imagery is definitely *not* a 'lainchan' thing. But yes, they are milking the hell out of the most cliche cyberpunk aesthetics. What do you expect? Mainstream media and culture is like kicking dead whales down the beach


Are you suggesting that this site invented glitch art?
Are you implying that someone working with the same medium as someone else is ripping them off?


No, i'm just saying it seems eerily similar the glitch imagery that was proliferating here. I rarely saw it anywhere else. It's just a mighty fine coincidence to me.


seeing soykaf like this reminds me of how william gibson dislikes the word cyberpunk because of how it was basically a brand slapped onto a certain trend in content.


So what if they are? If they didn't know then, they know now. Give it a rest.


maybe this is what happens when media is too conscious, too rebellious, too subversive. its branded and packaged into its own little box, given a flavor and rated, so that it can't contaminate the greater culture.

they're pretty big on some blogs, too. but I wouldn't be surprised if somebody on the team knows about lainchan.


i can really support the mesage in OP's picture.


Boo hoo I haven't seen a movie yet so I'll judge how good it was, and whether it was a good idea to adapt the while thing again.

Come on guys, at least pretend being better than that and keep the soykaf for April and on.


>post-prime scarjo as major
>motoko renamed to mira
>mixing plots from the original movie and 2gig
>not using or even sampling the goat ost
>early screenings had meh fan reviews
>will still successful enough to open the rapegate for stuff like akira, evangelion and probably lain
>anime-live-action will be the next capesoykaf
usually i'm not the regular /tv/tard who soykafs on everyting that's not obscure but in this case i'm pretty sure we will be dissapointed.


I've pretty much accepted that all current and future movies released are complete and utter soykaf and not worth wasting my money on. I might stream it from some soykafty website.


ill see it a few times my roomate gets to go to movies for free since he works at a theater and he can take a friend for free too we'll prolly also get the poster for the movie

im not excited for the live action GITS because i feel like the aestethic will be cheap and the plot will be rancid. i dont really care about the acting because i've seen the GITS dub a few times and enough "bad" movies to get over it

but, as someone who sees new movies weekly, i would say the only good movie out right now is Get Out! stick to the more obscure ones but not too obscure or avant-garde (like holy mountain) or your head may hurt and you wont have a very good time

as an aside i recommend the film the forbidden room (2015)

sage for quasi-blog post


File: 1489523892619-0.png (271.8 KB, 161x200, GITS-live-action-Batou.jpg)

File: 1489523892619-1.png (100.17 KB, 200x134, batouterada01.jpg)


if you watch this interview with wetta works they clearly have a different thematic direction that they are taking with it as far as how they are interperating the /cyb/ aspects. While I don't have a problem with automaton design showing up I don't think it really fits the GITS world as I understand it.

also batou looks soykaf


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>batou looks soykaf
My expectations are about as low as they can get.


It is going to be garbage, it's not really debatable. I'm not going to do like half the fanboys and wait for a grainy camrip to leak a week after the release so I can cry about it online either. I'm just never going to watch it or waste time getting angry.



Yeah, they didn't even bother trying with this one. Jamie Moss only wrote one screenplay before all the way back in 2008 which was a soykaf movie called street kings.

The director hasn't really done anything other than snow white and the huntsman which is basically hollywood on autopilot. This is the same thing they did with dragon ball and the last airbender. A couple large names to lend legitimacy to the project, but straight to dvd level everything else to save money. Also, fuarrrk scarjo in particular for trying to pretend the major wasn't japanese and for trying to reframe this lazy ass cashgrab as doing feminism a solid.


>In 2008, DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg acquired the rights to produce a live-action film adaptation of the original manga.
>euron greyjoy as batou
>togusa is now 47 years old
>tricky plays a minor role
>overall multiracial cast in a setting where japan is a major power in the world
pls wake me up


It's like they saw ScarJo in The Avengers and then heard her voice acting as a computer in Her and thought they should just combine the two. For whitewashed GitS though I think Batou could have been done by Ron Perlman as he looked ten+ years ago


even present day perlman would have been the superior choice.


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just watch pacific rim and pretend its GITS


>pretend its GITS
>activate it


Tbh i was really excited about this movie. I didn't care about them combining plots or soykaf since every GitS piece of media has a different interpretation from the source material and i really think that's pretty ok. It's a fun way to experience the story.
Also, hell, i love Beat Takeshi.
But what i really can't stand is the fact that they changed her name to Mira. That's just too fuarrrking much.
I'll watch the movie nonetheless, but there's no way I'll go to the cinema. Instead I'll just go and watch the original GitS, it'll be screened in a couple of cinemas in my country and i want them to keep bringing animu movies.


>>I don’t think you could’ve taken the 1995 film and just remade it frame by frame. I think it’s just too philosophical and too introspective. I hope that we’ve built a bigger film so that people are excited in the cinema but come out enriched in some way. I think so many times I come out of the cinema and just feel like I’ve been battered over the head and my money has been taken, I haven’t actually left with anything other than a few bits of popcorn stuck to my trousers.

>>Of course, with source material like this you've got to improvise in some areas, mix things up. Part of making these adaptations successful is molding it to what the audience will best relate to - We feel that the changes to Majors character, particularly the transgender aspect, will help better define her and make it more accessible to western viewers.


>We feel that the changes to Majors character, particularly the transgender aspect
Wait, what? Isn't the Major already without a gender? Or is she technically transgender because of her lack of a gender?


It's just a bunch buzzwords because they want to sound cool to keep up with the current media trends. They can't fathom the fact that GitS had a gender less pansexual character in the 90s way before they could ever think of the concept.
Also it's the most recognizable word for that, since most of the american public can't pronounce Motoko Kuzanagi so they changed it to Mira, the gender less concept must be way to hard for them so they change it to transgender.



The major always had a gender. The most common major we see identifies as female, but batou brings up near the end of SAC that the major used to identify as male. This would create a mismatch between her sex and gender thus making her transgender.


File: 1489757599015.png (550.44 KB, 200x200, I-Am-Major.png)


Makes sense. They never miss a chance for progressive points, do they?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.


in ep3 of arise it's mentioned that she used to be in a male body for some time during the last war, but all of that has nothing to do with "transgender" since she wore that body like a uniform.


I still haven't seen Arise yet, but I think it'd be accurate to describe her as superficially transgender. Honestly, this isn't any different from what we have now, is it?

I doubt glitch as an art form originated on lainchan, but I don't have any evidence to back it up either.


>it's completely absurd even thinking you need any evidence for that. how can anyone be so clueless?
Sometimes people need to be convinced, and a few scraps of factual evidence never hurts in a discussion. Also, I don't have any knowledge on the history of glitch art at all, so it wouldn't be very smart of me to assume I'm right.


But you're on the internet my friend, just one search away from knowledge about anything, glitch art among other things.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glitch_art, for example.


Yeah, that's what I did after I made that post (>>6906).
It's kind of funny looking at the wikipedia page though, as I've done a little circuit bending before but I never considered it glitch art.



I mean, it does. Having a body that feels more like a uniform is basically gender dysphoria in a nutshell. It's just that being transgender doesn't have the same implications in the series since you can switch bodies and the characters we see don't seem to be bigoted about it. The major is just trans in a world that accepts trans people and facilitates her needs.


I'm tied on this myself. On one hand I believe that this is bad for people who actually care about the culture. On the other it opens up more people to the Culture. I don't know mang


Now I'll go see this just to piss off the no fun purists. Hopefully this movie is a huge success and we get good Major cosplay pr0n.


I think we in the 'culture' will keep going. If things become normalized, then the underculture just moves elsewhere.

Things like this GITS film will perhaps bring some cyberpunkish things into the public light, but it seems that we will probably not be entierly normalized.

Over the last few years Anime has become more of a well known thing, but ultimately its still divided, there are mainstream animes and there are more serious ones.

The culture may have been somewhat subverted, but essentially the lines are the same.


what makes you think this movie is going to be fun, its most likely going to be angsty as fuarrrk and full of social commentary. If you want fun read the manga, unless that's too "purist" for you.


Does not work the website, my generated picture is blank


Yeah it's too pure for my eyes will stick to the movie and fuarrrko pop figures they'll make.


-We need a female action lead character
-Ok, Call that Scarlet Johansson chick
-Every action movie in the 21st century


She is the female Tom Cruise but less talented in every regard.


Glitch aesthetics are becoming pretty mainstream right now. I've noticed a whole bunch of trailers using them (even an ad for a music festival). I suppose its a natural step from chromatic abberation being used everywhere.


File: 1490215072822.png (92.54 KB, 200x125, fuckoff.jpg)


well this just confirms my suspisions, all show and no substance. That "hacking" sequence is fuarrrking tedious, there is no grime any where everything is like a mirror, and the dialoge batters you over the head with the theme



And it's a 12a so there won't even be mindless voilence to keep us entertained.


Since I haven't watched Ghost in the Shell, I was hesitant to accept the fan criticism even though there's plenty of history in Hollywood to back it up. But this really does look like the usual pseudo-intellectual "cyberpunk" stuff - superficially cool and tries to make you think but ultimately is a poor attempt to reproduce what made the genre popular without really understanding why.

Even though I haven't seen the series, I've heard good things about it, and it is like kicking dead whales down the beach that people who already enjoy anime are apparently the only people that can appreciate the compelling stories, philosophical arguments, and cinematic techniques that the medium can produce. Not to say that literature and live-action TV and film can't, but creators for anime seem to use approaches for risky storytelling material that creators in other genres are unwilling or unable to do.I thought that if the Ghost in the Shell movie turned out good, that it might open the door to good anime in general in addition to cyberpunk, for people who might otherwise think anime is just kids' cartoons or some such.

I wanted to like this, I really did. I guess I was just hoping this time would be different.


just watched this. Ill watch the full thing eventually Im sure. ..looks okay meh


>full of social commentary
Like the manga and the series, and all actual non-Hollywood cyberpunk? You use the term like it's negative somehow. It's social pseudo-commentary you mean, at least I hope.

>Even though I haven't seen the series
Neither have the people making this apparently. It looks to be a remake of the first full length.


>social pseudo-commentary you mean

yes that's exactly what I mean, like how every movie now has a retarded scene where there is some action and the guy stops and turn to the girl and says,
"stop you are frail weak useless woman, I do fight"
and she goes,
"no I a am strong woman you watch dumb misogamist man"
*short "epic" butt kicking
*flick hair and give guy a smug look
guy says,
"daaaamn brauh dat gurl got some moves"

it just reminds me of the Mitchell and web look bit about the good Samaritan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIVB3DdRgqU

vs say, deus ex. Which reflects lots of concerns primarily corporate power expansion which continues to be relevant to this day.


Thank you for clarifying, there are people who think those scenes are stuck into the movies by some feminist conspiracy. They are actually there to sell more tickets to the 13-17 year old female market, nothing more.


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There are no good Hollywood movies released today, none.


This is goddam depressing.



too short or too empty


All you fuarrrkers know you're going to go see it.


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File: 1490901154855.png (44.14 KB, 200x200, C66FHBHWsAAt_hQ.jpg)

How did they get that mixed up?


File: 1490901480680.png (476.64 KB, 200x113, ClipboardImage.png)

well I just saw the movie and I honestly couldn't tell you what the plot/point was. There wasn't a single character who had an actual point to any of the things they were doing other than reacting to the baddies being general bastards.

the only good thing was Aramaki, if we could get a hard-boiled detective movie with just him, it would be fuarrrking amazing.


No I'm not. I'm also not going to wait for a torrent or anything. I have no intention of wasting any further time on this than the time it'll take to submit this post.


you are a wiser man than me


File: 1490904866774.png (10.28 KB, 150x200, dietoborn.jpeg)

Will some wealthlord pay me to post about movie???????


File: 1490905636896.png (537.02 KB, 200x200, I-Am-Major.png)

mock the soykaf out of their meme campaign and don't see the movie. end of.


That's even funnier if you consider what "animus" means in psychology.


i saw this movie in 3d today, and thoroughly enjoyed it.


> crisis of low-ratings

The industry makes more money than ever, just look at Marvel as the most obvious example. What they lose through torrents they more than make up for in t-shirts, calenders, lunch pails, figurines and other crap which shift better than ever.


I enjoyed it too, it had a good aesthetic and the plot was well constructed. I was engaged throughout it and I thought that the film was a good western retelling of GitS

I disliked how the message of GitS was very hamfisted, but it's to be expected, it's a mainstream film

I assume you haven't seen it like a true plebian.


File: 1491095534428.png (244.04 KB, 231x300, nisbett.pdf)


it was definitely westernized, mainly in the form of the perceived context
>Westerners tend to engage in context-independent and analytic perceptual processes
by focusing on a salient object independently of its context, whereas Asians tend to engage in context- dependent and holistic perceptual processes by attending to the relationship between the object and the context in which the object is located.


>the Americans are more zoom and the East Asians are more panoramic



Are you sure you aren't just filling in the gaps left by the movie with your previous knowledge of the source material?


annnd now the movie is doing so badly in the US they are desperately hoping china will get them their money back. so much for the profitability of whitewashing and scarjo's supposed starpower.


You are right, Hollywood is dead


File: 1491139688205.png (1.19 MB, 200x113, s03.jpg)

The point is that they continue to live in the Far West


But isn't Hollywood undead?


To some extent I am, but the movie was very overt such as a scene where the major states that she feels alone about being the only cyborg, doubly so the plot was tailored to having created memories rather than it being implied.

There was a lack of symbolism to imply these things, but it was not a bad movie, just whatever-tier


I went to watch this movie yesterday.
It was pretty OK if you ask me. The second half was way better than the first one. The visuals and music were on point, tho for me it felt more like Deus Ex rather than Ghost in the Shell. Even if the movie was fun, it was like watching a super hero origin story. It took all the badassery out of the section 9 and focused only on Motoko, making everyone an extra. There were some nice details here and there, like Aramaki and Togusa using their preferred guns, but, ironically enough, the movie lacked a sense of identity since it tried to be 2 GitS movies and both Stand Alone Complex at once (with a little Arise spice), leaving aside everyone's backstories but Motoko's, and obviously lacking the philosophical/political drama that's embedded into the original renditions of the manga.
Supposedly it's the start of a franchise so maybe it'll be better in a future, but for what i got, i kinda liked it. A lot of the scenes where remade shot by shot from the original Oshii's movie, and you could tell, since the movie was directed as an american movie (focusing on character action) and then the pace dropped to japanese movie style (centering on ambiance and context).

Still, fun movie. Wouldn't recommend you to watch it if you're a die hard GitS fan tho.
It was a 5/10 for me.


Diehard GITS fan here.
Agree with this post entirely. The film is average when you pull off the nostalga goggles.


Honestly, i was a little surprised they tried to get "around" the whitewashing by including that bit about her real mother being Japanese, and since she got new body, her mother could be almost anyone, if anyone cares.
It also kinda funny to see clothes from that thread about cyberpunk fashion we had.
About other small thing i liked. Most people dislike it, but i for some reason loved how stiff the major walks.


>Honestly, i was a little surprised they tried to get "around" the whitewashing by including that bit about her real mother being Japanese, and since she got new body, her mother could be almost anyone, if anyone cares.
They didn't? It's part of the GitS canon that in the future racial and sexual discrimination is over since anyone can turn into anything via augmentations. Oshii's film opens up saying that digitalizations has erased race and nationalities.
So it makes perfect sense for her to have a new name and a new race for her new body, specially since she was built as a weapon for a corporation.
That's not going around whitewashing, that's actually respecting the lore for once.


this too, but people crying about 'muh whitewashing' probably didn't know that, did they? This way the move gave them an in-lore explanation. I worded it badly i guess. It was a praise.