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I thought I'd share with Lainchan the most awesome piece of tech I've ever owned in my childhood.

It's called the E-Brain, it was a toy made by DSI Electronics and utilized Timex's DataLink system. This thing was so fuarrrking cool, mainly because you could download data to it without using any cables. You had to use a CRT monitor to display visual artifacts to the sensor, then it would download all the data.

This thing is so strange, but was so much fun when I played it. Then I did some research and found out that Timex had a line of watches that were "Smart Watches" that used the DataLink system to download data to them.

So it got me thinking, what Cyberpunk toys did you guys have or currently posses?


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These were pretty rad.

The idea was you scan barcodes off random products and you could collect monsters.


I had one of those! Those were so damn cool, but they were easily defeated by printing the barcodes.

There was a copier in my old school that print black and white images in bulk, so I printed over a thousand barcodes and scanned them all. :D



I had one. I wonder how nerdy I looked walking around the shops pulling random items off the shelf to scan them.


I do have a theory that these were made to keep kids busy at the grocery store while the parents were buying stuff. It's cheaper than a gameboy.