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since I always wage slave my stuff in these threads I might as well keep on doing it
recently I've been posting Lo-fi hip hop although I pretty much post anything I make that doesn't fit any other projects on there


I thought Soundcloud was dying, or was Soundcloud GO enough to make it profitable?



Lofi hiphop n soykaf


Soundcloud's been dying since it was established. I don't trust any "SOUNDCLOUD IS DEAAD" news anymore.



some noise and psych guitars.

i recommend "SLOW" and "pasta"

please give some feedback. thanks.


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not much to say, just a little ambient things here and there
still working on my main project, so not dead yet


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>dinner ambiance
what is this
am I missing something


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guitar and piano. i don't record a lot.


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lots of different stuff, this is more like a virtual diary for all my music. some reposts aside it's got 3 years of work on it! lets all love Lain


this soykaf is Lo Fi as fuarrrk, maybe making something with more originality would be good. You got it right but it feels like every other lo fi hop track i've heard.


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Have some weapons in the bag but not sure what to do with them. Rather would not upload if I can get them on a label ya know.


yeah you're not wrong, I was just trying to emulate the sound because I thought it was interesting. You may notice I haven't uploaded in a little while because I'm currently working full time on a cyberpunk project where we're focusing a lot on live performance. We're still finding our sound but there's a lot of live electronic stuff so I'm having to learn mainstage from scratch plus obviously we have to make the actual songs without sounding like a bad atari teenage riot rip off. I guess I'll report back when/if I have something to show from that.