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This is a thread to collect Free Software games that are fun and preferably easy to install or play.

Pictured are three of the more prominent games, Battle for Wesnoth, Minetest, and 2048, just to get them out of the way. One of the largest issues with finding good Free Software games is finding them at all. If you've found a gem, please tell us all about it. If you want to discuss some aspect of the three already mentioned games that you enjoy, please tell us about that too.

Preferably, these games should be gratis as well, so nonfree assets are out for the most part.


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To start us off, a Free Software game I enjoy is Hexoshi: http://hexoshi.nongnu.org/

It's a game in the same vein as Metroid, but I believe it refines the core idea. As an example, it's taken for granted in Metroid that aliens leave energy, missiles, and whatnot in the wake of their death. In Hexoshi, this is enabled by an item and so can be avoided entirely if wanted; this let's someone, say, make the game harder if they want to. The game also features save points that double as teleporters, making backtracking less bothersome.

It's a work in progress, but I've already had fun playing what's currently finished. When you get to an entrance to a room that isn't completed yet, the game simply doesn't let you go through it, pushing you back; it's possible to trap yourself at one point because of this, but that's also near the end of what currently exists and so isn't a big deal.

It's written in Python and I don't use Python, but I found it very easy to set up; it already works with controllers, which you'll probably want to use. The game is mostly a single Python script, which is simple enough.

I only discovered Hexoshi recently, inspecting what I found because it looked fun. The fact that the game's been around for months and I've only discovered it recently only makes me wonder what else I'm missing out on. As a last note, the Savannah page has some polls for ideas and what people want to see in the game; I've already contributed a bit anonymously; you may want to as well.


Well, here goes my very first post here in Lainchan. Though I must add that I am a long time user of the site.

I am all in with free games. As in free beer (see mmos) and as freedom of speech. The games that will be listed are actively developed ones. The Score thingy will be very personal and it will be based in the comparition of the game with it's free alternatives, not with the paid ones!

Here goes a nice list with a few comments:

> Battle of Wesnoth https://www.wesnoth.org/ :

Even though it has already been posted, I'll add a description to it. Great strategy game. Whit a pretty big modding community. It is old style, I love that personally. It may not very deep regarding posibilites, yet it focuses a lot in the strategy. I haven't played it much due to time constrains (work and studies), yet I would totally recommend anyone to give it a go.
Score: 8/10

> Xonotic http://www.xonotic.org/ :

A personal favourite, I don't know how many hours I have spent on it, but man, is it good. Quake clone. Small yet loving community, though we may be a bit elitist we always welcome whoever wants to learn. The community eventhough small is very close, everyone knows everyone. Just get your reflexes checked, it is fast as... Quake. It is mostly a multiplayer experience.
Score: 10/10

> 0A.D. https://play0ad.com/ :

Oh... Another old beauty. It feels like the old Imperiums or Sparta. There is a lot to be done, but it is very nice indeed, specially if you want to remmember the good old days of RTS games. There is nothing much else to say, just give a nice try. However, I must warn you, the AI is... AI, it is going to give you a nice taste of it's capabilities, don't cry if you lose, you have been warned.
Score: 9/10

> Minetest http://www.minetest.net/ :

Best open source Minecraft clone, by a long shot. Nice community, modders are relatively active. But it is far from achieving what minecraft is. Minetest could be better described as an advance crafting game, it still needs quite a bit of development to replace minecraft.
Score: 7/10

> Flight Gear http://www.flightgear.org/ :

Another personal favourite. A flight simulator. But you can have as much fun as with a game. IT IS NOT A GAME. It is a simulator indeed, it even teaches you the terminology, procedures, laws, etc regarding fliying. It is a shame there are not a lot of people in the multiplayer where I usually fly.
Score: 9/10

> Freeciv http://www.freeciv.org/ :

Civilization inspired clone. It tries to copy the feeling of civilization, the old ones, not the new versions. Has multiplayer. I haven't played it enough to give it a score, but the launcher could be greatly improved.
Score: ?/10

> MegaGlest https://megaglest.org/ :

Could look worse. Could be less fun too... Semi-fantasy RTS game. A must try in my opinion, but it needs some improvements over all, not in the graphics though.
Score: 7/10

> Unknown Horizonts http://www.unknown-horizons.org/ :

Remmember Patrician? I haven't played this game, but I have heard very good things about it. I'll give it a try and so should you. It is a strategy/building/trading game in the old style.


> Roguelike games:

Seriusly. The best thing that opensource games have to offer, roguelikes are just amazing, the creme de la creme.

> Angband http://rephial.org/ : set in the LoTR universe. Just play it, really, it is that good. Read the guides. My favourite by a long shot. Score: 15/10

> Nethack http://www.nethack.org/ : play it and you will understand why people praise it so much. Get ready to have your entire life drained. Score: 10/10
> Stone Soup https://crawl.develz.org/ : new aproach to an old game style. Score: ?/10
> Dark days ahead, Moria, etc.

> BSD games: minigames done right. Score:10/10

> Others, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open-source_video_games

However, as a special mention:
> UFO: Alien Invasion
> Rig of rods
> TripleA (Java, not a nice choice in my opinion)
> Unvanquished
> Warshow
> Warzone 2100
> OpenRA
> Tux racer
> OpenTTD

I hope someone finds this useful. Cheers


Speaking as a newbie, I second the prior statement about the welcoming community. It's probably the single most welcoming AFPS community, and if you want to start learning the ropes, there's no better place to do it (esp. since you don't have to master strafejumping before you do anything).

Mechanically, it's a mix of Quake and UT, with some of its own ideas (Crylink).


If Xonotic is Quake revived (not that Quake needs it), then TeeWorlds is Quake in 2d. Hop around a map at the speed of sound, grabbing weapons, landing frags, and completing any objectives you have.

>Frogatto and Friends

A very nice looking and playing platformer from some of the people that brought you Battle for Wesnoth.

>Cube 2

Another fine FPS, noted for its ingame level editor. While it has many of the quake-esque mechanics of, well, Quake, the mapset most often played online makes it feel more like Half-Life or Halo: More reliant on sneaky bastardry than outright technical skill.


It's Descent, but for modern systems. Yes, Descent is open source. Still have to buy the game, though.


It's Elite, but dramatically expanded and improved. So hop in your Cobra and... probably crash while trying to dock.


Pioneer is to Elite II as Oolite is to Elite. Far less developed, though.


Babby's first roguelike. If you want an introduction to the genre, it might be a good place to start.


Hunt is one of the more obscure parts of bsdgames. It's a curses-based top-down multiplayer shooter. If you can get some friends together, it's still quite fun today.

That's all I've got.



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