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'sup lainons? Hope your week was well.

I feel very strange asking for help, and yet here I am. For the past few weeks I've been homeless, sleeping in office buildings in Portland.

Today I got kicked out when some kids broke in and led security to my totally /cyb/ data hovel.

I thought I might check here and see if a kind lainon might lend me the use of their floor or couch for a night. Everything before a shelter. Those of you who've stayed in a shelter know it's a special kind of hell.

In return, I'll pay you, give you pizza, and be a generally schway person to shoot soykaf with.

Ask a /cyb/ bum anything about being homeless and sane.


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I can't help you. I don't even live in the US.
How come you are homeless? What is the most difficult thing about it? I would've guessed hygiene.


Here's the Steal This Wiki entry on Portland.

And the trashwiki entry, with a dumpster map.

Hopefully that's enough to get started.


I do not live in the US but i wish you the best of luck.

how is it? have you lived a more "corporate" life before? if so, what do you prefer?


Sorry to hear that lainon. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the planet, so no help that way. Thought you should know about the thread over that way >>3173

Good luck.


www.couchsurfing.com and also go to anarchist infoshops, might find someone there or at least resources