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What software for generative digital art?



I believe this link http://blog.hvidtfeldts.net/index.php/generative-art-links/ answers your question.

As for software I have used for generative digital art personally, I have used Processing , along with Python and C programs of my own design, as well as GIMP Script-fu and plugins.

I have also used Fyre, though that uses iterated chaotic functions.

Did you want to be more specific on what you mean by generative digital art ?

Did you have any restrictions on medium ? Did you have any restrictions on technical complexity ?


Are you sure this is GA ???????????


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I have always like Processing for simple graphical experimentation. Very good in particular if you are new to graphics programming and want a ready toolbox of functions. The ability to convert your projects to javascript makes it very handy for showing off. Your link mentions NodeBox as a Python-based alternative, which does sound appealing.


one of the coolest things ever that no one seems to know or ever talk about

dude"s entire blog is just fantastic too
highly recommend starting at the beginning and reading through it all


What is the best JS-based tool for web browsers?


Processing is always a good start. I've also used pygame simply for access to an easy canvas to draw to but there's definitely better choices in python (including python processing).

Processing has a js version called p3.js