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Can we have a thread for recommending movies\shows liveaction or anime is fine specifically about revolutions?

I'll start by recommending Eden of the East and V for Vendetta


I found a list on Wikipedia, couldn't give you any specific recs, tho.


- Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
- No. 6 (based on Brave New World)
- Psycho-Pass (based on Philip K. Dick works)
- Ergo Proxy (some AI philosophy and classic philosophy on it)

Misc (not exactly about revolution):

- Perfect Blue
- Paprika
- Ghost Hound (same creator of Lain and GITS - get's good after the episode called "LTP")
- Texhnolyze
- Evangelion
- Lain
- Plastic Memories
- Eve no Jikan

There's many more that I'm forgetting. Some time I get my list on some pastebin.