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I'll be entering the meatspace for real soon once I graduate from college. I have a major decision to make for what to do for the next year:

- Take internship offer at software company in Tokyo, but only make ~2k USD per month for a year. No full-time guarantee.

- Take full-time offer at software company in the US and make ~8k USD per month.

Would love to hear from and lains who have had experience living off of a small salary in a big city. It's definitely a dream of mine to get back to Japan but I'm not sure if it's the right decision in the long-term.


Working abroad is definitely good for your resumé, however I would recommend going for the 8k usd job.
If it is like kicking dead whales down the beach you can always look for a different one, and you can easily save up good cash to sustain yourself for a bit while going for better opportunities, besides, there might be avenues through the 8k/m company and the networking you will do there for better options later on.

I just wanna note that this thread might not be good for /cult/, and more of a /feels/ thing?
Maybe a mod could move it? I won't bump for this reason.


take the 8k one then use the experiance to get a real job in nip land would be my sugestion.


Tokyo is expensive and I am not sure if you could get by with 2k comfortably. The wage difference is just too extreme. If it were at least 4k I would tell you to go for it.


jesus chirst lain, you have a choice between a good and a very good life. I'm graduating from university in 1 year and i'll hardly make 300$ in a mounth. I'll be very lucky if i find a job where i can get about 400-500$ and 95% chance that it won't be even close to my profession.

I want to die now.