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Sup, fellow Lainons?

ITT: Drop your 'cyberesque' or 'Lainesque' events.

For the case that some of you are in Japan this week, here's the info about an upcoming underground party in Shibuya, Tokyo:

■■■■ PARTY INFO ■■■■
▶Sat 1st April OPEN/START 22:00
▶FREE w/ 1 Drink Order
▶Hatagaya Forestlimit
▶102, Hatagaya KODA Bld.B1, 2-8-15, Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
━━ Special Guest ━━
▶FIEND(Industrial Strength)from USA
━━ Superbad MIDI Breaks DJ's ━━
━━ Guest ━━
▶FIEND(Industrial Strength)from USA
Fiend from Rialto California started djing hardcore techno and acid in the early 90s.
by 95 he started to spin at gigs threw out the Los Angeles underground scene, spreading the early sounds of Industrial Strength Records and Drop Bass Network.
After many years of spinning records for crowds all over America and Europe, he began to produce his own music for a New York Speedcore label called Apocalypse Recordings.
Since then he has made records for some of the most respected labels across the world, including the all mighty Industrial Strength Records and PRSPCT.
He has worked with some of the most recognized producers in hardcore music such as Broken Rules, Delta 9, Tron, Lenny Dee, Matt Green, Moleculez, Paul Blackout and AKIRA to name a few.
and has continued to do a wide variety of experimental music under the alias name Abnormalities, which has more to do with broken beats and hard acid.
Fiend is currently working with Los Angeles underground crew Darkmatter Soundsystem on new releases and will continue to focus on pushing more dark and aggressive hardcore.
No compromise!
FIENDは90年代初頭にハードコアテクノとアシッドのDJとしてキャリアをスタートさせた。1995年にはロサンゼルス中のアンダーグラウンドギグでプレイするようになり、それはIndustrial Strength RecordsやDrop Bass Networkのパーティーにまで及んだ。
その後、アメリカのみならずヨーロッパまで範囲を広げ自身のDJプレイに磨きをかけ、後にトラック制作を開始し、SBMBとも親交の深いDJ TENSE (元F.U.H.D.)率いるニューヨークスピードコアの老舗Apocalypse Recordingsよりリリースすることとなる。
これまでにBroken Rules, Delta 9, Tron, Lenny Dee, Matt Green, Moleculez, Paul Blackout, Akiraなど、ハードコアシーンにおける多くのプロデューサーとの合作をし、現在はロサンゼルスのアンダーグラウンドクルーDarkmatter Soundsystemを中心にリリースを続け、妥協なき凶悪なハードコアを作り続けている。


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Shameless bump for another event promotion:

This Friday in Berlin, Germany, is a Crossbree/Breakcore party going down at the Maze club.

You can find further information here:



>tfw cyberesque parties on my country never ever because everyone is too much into EDM events and the hacking community is so underground most of us doubt it even exists
feels bad lain


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I reckon free parties are pretty /cyb/ you know. Off of the radar (for the most part), inherently anti-government / pro freedom. Attracts all kinds of interesting (read weird) people, though mostly more punk than cyber.


I'm going to Strom club in Prague at 15th. My friend goes there to play some cool Deep DnB and Liquid, later on during the night there's probably going to be more Neurofunk. Great place to get baked or roll on molly and listen to some cool DnB with acceptable sound quality.


I would love to see anything like this in Seattle.


Free Parties > All.
Seriously it's the best. Just get high in the kitchen and come down to DJs who are able to really express themselves to an accepting audience.


>I would love to see anything like this in Seattle.


>DJs who are able to really express themselves to an accepting audience
it does amaze me the money some people will pay to see big name DJs. Unless they're spinning some top secret tunes that nobody else has, an enthusiastic group of teenagers with a laptop and a decent rig will give you just as good a set for free


What sources should I have if I want to get into free parties teknivals?

Cause I'm assuming I won't need Facebook for these types of parties at least, r-right?


As an aside, I'm heading up to Seattle for five days, starting on Friday (tomorrow.) I've been plenty of times and adore the place, but it's my girlfriend's first time. We're staying in Cap and have a lot of ideas on what to do, but was wondering if you might have any suggestions.


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talk to people at nightclubs, talk to drug dealers, find some sort of anarchist commune and ask there. Basic courteousness applies - talk to people as if they are human beings first, don't just treat them as a one way ticket to ravertown.
Where I'm from there's been a sort of epidemic of townies and kids from estates turning up just to sell cheap K and balloons then scarper. You don't want to give off that impression; be someone you could shoot the soykaf with for the evening. Not having social media is not an issue at all. People plastering the location all over facebook is a surefire way to get it closed down fast.

Don't be surprised if it takes you a while. Just keep asking, and eventually ye shall receive. Best of luck Lainon.


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Speaking of DnB: pics related.

It's going down in Berlin, next week.

Here's the teaser: