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Since /w is still dead, and I couldn't find an anime general anywhere I am opening this.

What anime generes do you like besides cyberpunk?(TBH. IDC about cyberpunk myself, but I am here because of other things)
Me... My favourite are yuri, horror and mysteries.

What was the last anime that positively surprised you? For me it was Shirobakko. I expected your average SoL, but it was so much more.


Re:Zero was pretty good. It was the last anime I watched while it was airing too. I haven't been watching anything lately, tho I've been reading a soykafload of manga.

I'm a bitch for comedy and satire in SoL, tho i dislike random stuff. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei are like the pinnacle of SoL/comedy for me.
Also i fuarrrking love mechs. I should finish watching Iron Blooded Orphans.


I was overjoyed by OPM a while ago. Just reading through the original sketches by the writer alone was a blast. Then the anime put me off, somehow. I stopped watching after a few episodes. I also heard about there being lots of fan servicey filler, which annoyed me.

Should I give it another chance?


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I'm really excited about Yuasa's two new features (and devilman later) coming this season


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I try a couple of episodes of everything each season.

Hibike! Euphonium, Youjo Senki, Kemono Friends, Konosuba, Sangatsu no Lion, and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon were pretty good last couple of seasons. Also all the Gundams.

Attack on Titan S2 this season.

Shinsekai Yori (very /cyb/ in its own un/cyb/ way, deserves its own chan IMO, gonna become a classic), Shirobako and Konosuba were unexpectedly good too.


Well my suggestion is to give it a try.


I enjoyed the soykaf out of re:zero. Enough to check out the mangas and all that.
Also Beck is probably the best anime I've ever seen in my opinion. It's so fuarrrking brilliant. I would kill somebody for a second season.


I'm really confused by this one... So it's a successor of sorts to Tatami Galaxy? Yet no western site covering its announcement has made that clear...


It's a prequel but not really - an adaptation of another book from the same author, with some returning characters. The main couple is fresh though


Is there any anime worth watching this season? I want something fun or light to watch after working the whole day, but not stupid moe soykaf.
Any recommendations?


I have a thing for melodrama, science-fiction and hentai. All very interesting stuff. Osamu Dezaki is the man.


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From the anime airing recently, I've only watched two. Konosuba's second season was brilliant, even more entertaining and funnier than the first one, and I goddamn missed my girl Megumin. Let's hope the third season comes soon, I suppose.

Then there's Youjo Senki, which I dropped after like 7 episodes, and no hard feelings towards anyone here, but god, it pissed me off so much and I gotta vent. I went in thinking I was going to be laughing just from the sheer absurdity of the plot, but it actually took itself seriously and got incredibly boring really fast.

There's nothing to make up for it.
The animation is mostly dull and the character designs are either boring or ugly (that one higher-up with the blue hair... what??), with the exception being the protagonist and the other girl, Serebryakova.
The characterisation probably irked me the most - all the soldiers are somehow stupid and incompetent but also killing machines with almost zero empathy. I guess the anime's supposed to be based on WWI or something similar, but the bits of literature I've read on it makes it seem like the soldiers there were suffering and despairing and perhaps dwelling at least a little on the fact that they're killing other human beings. In the anime they pass it all off as a joke (the scene when Tanya gives a warning of an attack in a child's voice) and remain forever loyal to their glorious country; the few scenes where the characters have some kind of a moral dilemma are very shallow and soon forgotten. The stupid and incompetent part also goes for the enemy soldiers. Whatever Tanya and her team do, it seems like they never get punished or set back, so there's really no tension.
The whole Being-X deal is also completely pointless, as it doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to justify a little girl being in the army. And despite this god fuarrrking freezing time, reincarnating her into a world with magic and giving her special powers, she still is dead set on not believing in/defying it? Why is this necessary?
The crazy scientist that appeared in two episodes was kind of a fun character, though.

But yeah, I suppose it makes sense that it doesn't revolve around themes like "the consequences of war on people's minds and society", since it's not a psychological anime. Yet I still got disappointed even with low expectations...

With that being said, I also started Flip Flappers and have been planning on watching Little Witch Academia for a long time now. Somehow I can never get around doing it, ah... And the art and animation style are so pretty, too.
Now I'm just waiting for more episodes of SNK2 to air before I start watching it, and for Osomatsu-san's second season.

And sorry for bringing negativity into the thread. Don't really know where else to vent.


I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Initial D. It's very comfy, and I unironically like the soundtrack.
I stopped watching once I realised that Takumi will literally never lose at which point it becomes boring


>and I unironically like the soundtrack
The day I die I know it'll be because i was listening to this




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It would have been great if it had been about how he had to learn to race on other passes. It made sense for him to be king of Mt. Akina, because he knew it inside out. Not so much everywhere else.


I liked Tanya the Evil (YS) but it looks like its going downhill. Some good memes came out of it tho.