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Hey guys,

Running a writing/narrative-heavy campaign of 2020, centered around the aftermath of a massive. world-changing corporate hack.

Looking for some players, preferably ones that are heavily interested in and familiar with cyberpunk. (hence why I'm here and not on 4ch/tg/)

soykaf's going to be a blast, but we need a few more players before go-time.

invite link:


sweetrad. I have some experience doing both tabletop (5E, and an original derivative penned by a friend, dystopian cyberpunk game with modified 5e mechanics modelled after XCOM and Mass Effect) as well as larping (3 years as Lead Instructor at TrackersBay.com ; played in all LARP camps except BPRD).

This sounds super amazing, signing up now.


Still looking for players! Can't start until we get a decent count.