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Sup guys...

So a few days ago I was watching a 10 minute special from a raw anime and understanding roughly 50-70% of it.

And during that time I remembered how people sometimes say 'Actual Japanese people don't speak like that.'
What do they mean by that exactly?

While this is certainly true for action oriented shonen anime where 90% of dialogue is 'I'm gonna kill ya, you bastard.' or 'Oppai'.
However, I think that other types of shows, i.e. dialogue heavy slice of life shows should be at the very least very close to how the japanese actually speak, am I right or am I wrong?

I know I will never be able to learn any kanji from anime, and I will barely learn any grammar. But anime should at least be good for some vocabulary, shouldn't it?

Or am I perhaps completely wrong on this issue? If so could you please elaborate on the differences between anime Japanese and actual Japanese?
Is it perhaps that they use simplified wording in anime?
Or is it keigo?

Other than that, tell me, how good are you with Japanese?

I personally, aside from vocabulary, I do know the complete Hiragana and Katakana. I also do know how to introduce myslef properly, and some limited daily situations like buy groceries etc...