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Please include a subject and a summary when posting links to news/opinions/lists et cetera.

Please don't just post a link, and one sentence.

Please don't post "is this cyberpunk?". Either assume it is, or give your thread some substance.

If your question can be answered with yes/no, try harder.

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There's a lot of media pumping for bitcoin that came out of nowhere recently. Someone obviously bought some ads. this also happens to coincide with a bullish market trend that's primed to take prices into 600s territory.

I think the chinese are trying to do a second bubble.
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How is Turing completeness a security risk?

The real problem is that people used a language modeled after python, a language with pretty much no concern for safety or correct code, to build extremely critical infrastructure for handling money. That problem has already been solved. There is an Idris to EVM compiler along with a paper detailing how it works: http://publications.lib.chalmers.se/records/fulltext/234939/234939.pdf


>How is Turing completeness a security risk?

it allows for infinite loops. Not really a risk in a managed language though.

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Last thread was ages ago .

Online Resources :
http://www.social-engineer.org/ : Pretty useful site , plus it contains massive resources for social engineering

https://github.com/trustedsec/social-engineer-toolkit : SET github page .

if you have anymore websites , books or any kind of resources , add them in your post .

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>At least, wouldn't guarding against this mean being unnaturally suspicious of others?

Not at all. This is why good OPSEC for at least this level of stuff is important.

>Yeah sure, here's her facebook (whips out phone)

>Sure, I'll bring the printouts to <<that grill place>> at 8 tomorrow, wear something cute ;)

Easy to deflect.


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who /going to HOPE/ here?
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Did anyone get the eff capture the flag 'secret code'? I didn't get around to it at hope, but was interested in trying it out.


I was also at the meetups


File: 1465182052780.png (69.05 KB, 235x300, 13339516_1739718032938481_1243825434913723065_n.jpg)

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Thinkpads might not be your best option at the moment.
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my new L440 already had the new BIOS in it. No problemo.


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I've hovered this board for a while but never really participated in much. Although I would like your opinions on something like this.

If you're familiar with Mirrors Edge, you'd know what I'm talking about purely by the subject. More or less, do you know of any "real life" runners or if it's even possible to do? That is, people delivering high importance items/documents/illegal shit to a client via, well, running, more or less? It's just an interesting thought. The world as we know it is becoming more under watch, cameras watching us from every angle, our phones being hacked to listen to our conversations, collecting our meta data. Would it work to have such a simple method of local delivery, if things truly did become... as /cyb/ as things seem to be going? Not necessarily a strictly following Mirrors Edge thread, just the idea of "running" a job. Thoughts?
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Great game, chummeurs! I just tried it I installed it on my computer software and it is great! I only dislike commando because they are hard to disarm and it's unrealistic that I beat all of them unconscious


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What do you drive /cyb/? What is a /cyb/ car? Or do you feel your car should be as anti tech as possible and have something from 80s or earlier?
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File: 1471284900470.png (9.46 KB, 200x150, tmp_10040-images(2)1376551033.jpeg)

Wouldn't you like to sleep in him?


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What's good, lains? I recently inherited a ton of Urbit planets. https://urbit.org/

Think of Urbit as Bitcoin for digital land -- specifically, address space in a protocol. Like IPv7, but better, with a virtual machine on top. Think of it as the most cyb thing you can possibly imagine.

If you want a planet, post an email address in this thread.
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Still have any planets left?



Thanks, I'll give it a try if you have any left


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Anyone familiar with biohacking / bodyhacking here?
Or brain enchaned drugs?
Also pic.
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>Believe it or not at one point I wrote fake medical information to it, threw a fake DoB in there somewhere, and used it as a fake ID. Shit has come in handy

that's sick as fuck lain. who was implant-based ID?


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any lainons using ricochet.im?

wanna share ricochet ids?

hmu: ricochet:xwt52enoo3plqbhx
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>Could there be any means to deanonymize them and myself?
them, yes. you, only from what is written in chat, unless carnegie mellon university receives another million dollars from the FBI.
>Something like taking a screenshot of your screen and sending it to Microsoft for example.
i think that is only done on smartphones by various apps
>W10 probably doesn't do things like that, right?
no, W10 has a keylogger, according to their TOS. it just sends everything your friends type. no idea if windows also analyzes text that they receive from you but i wouldn't be surprised.

i guess you are kidding, but if not then fyi "tor is a virus" is a ~2012 meme created by antivirus companies in the name of NSA and KGB. kaspersky were probably even the first to do this.
and they don't call it a virus, they call it a potentially unwanted application, because it could have a vulnerability and therefore could allow malware to enter your system.
if you don't think this is retarded then you need to RTFM.


>and they don't call it a virus, they call it a potentially unwanted application, because it could have a vulnerability and therefore could allow malware to enter your system.
>if you don't think this is retarded then you need to RTFM.
It isn't as retarded as you might think. Lots of botnets host their command and control servers as hidden services and use Tor to phone home. Tor activity on a normies computer might very well be an indication of malware.

File: 1467447608427.png (62.12 KB, 300x215, Eraserhead.jpg)

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I am looking for some good encrypted chatrooms where cyber security, encryption and programming is discussed. Similar to this chat; https://cryptodog.github.io/cryptodog/ Do you guys have any suggestions?
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File: 1471011603261.png (18.8 KB, 200x200, tox_logo.jpeg)

Club Cyberia on Tox. Add Lainbot, and you will be automatically invited to the groupchat.


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Anyone save the last one? Losing too much valuable info when these threads 404. They need to be archived or at least have a pastebin to reference so new threads can be created. Only one has been saved so far and it was from over a year ago!


Hijacking /g/'s hacking general since theirs seems to be more comprehensive:

How To Become a Hacker: http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html

Relevant Social Engineering thread:

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>use a box you've already compromised? pay for a vpn (seems untrustworthy)? utilize tor and friends?
These are all good things
If you use a vpn make sure x doesn't have access to it, Not that i would know or anything.


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File: 1468215902655.png (6.59 MB, 300x169, PHANTOMa.webm)

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This is turning into something straight out of SEL.
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Personally I think this is just a scumbag recruiter trying to lure people in with whatever they can.


File: 1471469796538.png (2.16 MB, 200x113, 1471291250745.png)

Getting real tired of being asked if I play and having to conceal my paranoid autism.

File: 1468410136674.png (178.07 KB, 300x265, dc24.jpg)

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Defcon is coming up early next month... Are there any other lainons going?

Do you think security conferences are interesting places to expand your knowledge and meet like-minded people or just lame and overhyped used by vendors to market cyberjunk?
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hey, anything to win the lain gang the name game, no?


Nope I was unfree and on the left side of the range next to the guy with the can cannon.

File: 1468652418345.png (133.29 KB, 213x300, effaycyb.jpg)

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Thread about dressing up like a hacker on steroids
**That girl in the sticky has a ballin' pair of goggles/glasses, where can I find ir?**
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Well, i don't know about the cybernetics, but I think you could definitely equate that to XCommander.


Homless hacker jumps bail and walks to canada


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File: 1468698986363.png (65.31 KB, 300x204, tmp_22063-ground-kontrol-classic-arcade863551719.jpg)

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Any lains planning on meeting up tonight?
I'll start.
Any pdx lains wanna go to ground kontrol, I'll be there.
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I know there is another lainon in Madtown. Where you at?


There was someone in the IRC that said they were from madison and do CS tutoring at the college. This might be you or it could be someone else.

File: 1468793475090.png (61.2 KB, 300x169, _82707726_471801764.jpg)

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You're now living in Turkey.
Turkey's going to shit.

What's the first thing you do to resist the Erdocunts without getting captured.?
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File: 1470436034276.png (3.81 MB, 200x113, 1444887503277.webm)

I think the best tool for defeating authoritarian overlords (like Erdogan) is strong encryption.

I know whatsapp has been having run-ins with the Brazilian gov because bra opposition has been using it for comms. They have end-to-end encryption and weren't storing peoples' conversations so they could never comply with subpoenas for info.

If there widespread apps like that, that didn't have access to user data people could and didn't do all the nasty tracking stuff, maybe it would be easier to organize opposition.

As it is now it would probly make the most sense to record the violence that the gov and its supporters are carrying out against innocent people. Anything to humanize the situation for Western spectators increases the chances of some sort of humanitarian intervention. Otherwise, people in other countries have their own shit to deal with and they'll leave you to figure shit out (see based tribalism gods above). Maybe make a collective of anonymous people that document and report on nastiness they see.


Thread is locked, you may remake this thread on >>>/civ/ so long as you follow the board rules.

File: 1469226457847.png (55.61 KB, 300x231, 1456370808984.jpg)

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> Kickass Torrents' huge file sharing site shut down by feds

This is an attack on the people and their choice, corporations and their lobbyists use the governments to overreach and punish with their draconian laws those who dare to question their profit margins.

Face it lainons, you're as good as the revenue you create to these assholes.

How much more getting fucked does it takes until you react?
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It's possibly because youtube generally sounds like shit, and most people only use it to check something out whereas people torrent something as a means to acquire a quality version for keeps. In theory, at least... of course there are people who only listen to music via youtube but let's be honest, anyone who does that is probably such a passive listener that it's not likely they would ever spend much money on buying music.

That's different. A TV show is something most people only watch once anyway. Not that I care if people steal from AMC (I do it), but the lack of logic there is astounding.


>It's possibly because youtube generally sounds like shit, and most people only use it to check something out whereas people torrent something as a means to acquire a quality version for keeps. In theory, at least... of course there are people who only listen to music via youtube but let's be honest, anyone who does that is probably such a passive listener that it's not likely they would ever spend much money on buying music.

This. I typically will use Youtube to sample some of the songs on an album and that's what I usually base my purchases off of. But I rarely buy music though.

File: 1469293575543.png (214.5 KB, 300x169, augmented-realityiguanodon.jpg)

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Has anybody ever made an augmented reality based larping platform?

So someone could make a quest by deploying NPCs with lines, quest items and bosses to different real-life locations via a gui and have them, and their interactions (conversations, battles etc.) rendered by the engine, as well as random encounters, with perhaps the density and nature of said random encounters dictated again by the quest-maker. These quests, and the assets used to make them could be published through an official online platform as free software/public domain assets, with donations available to motivate content creation; or as proprietary assets (perfectly acceptable for art and dialogue) by commercial developers. With the engine and creation tools released and developed as free-software (copyleft) to allow for the development as whole commercial packages.

Is this already in existence? And if not, how would one go about gathering free-software developers to make it?
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this this this.


I can't seem to find anything, but pokemon go is a good step towards this happening.

File: 1469306588325-0.png (229.44 KB, 300x150, 1417684785234.png)

File: 1469306588325-1.png (45.31 KB, 200x200, wayne-price-do-anarchists-believe-in-freedom.pdf)

File: 1469306588325-2.png (153.44 KB, 200x200, primitivism_critique.epub)

No.33897 [Reply]

Autism-free zone edition.

The last thread had little to no discussion on the events in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Let's try to keep things on topic this time, because I'm interested to hear what mah comrades on Lainchan have to say about the recent acts of direct action against the State, and having a rational discussion about it on any other imageboard is pretty much impossible.

Also, while this is a general thread, I'm posting William Gillis' critique of anarcho-primitivism. Gillis kind of sucks, but his critique is spot-on and it segues into a general problem with anarchists today: Too many anarchists are either ignorant of tech and especially cyber-security - often to their detriment - or are outright against it. So I want to open up the discussion on technology and anarchism as well.

Relevant articles:

Sources for newfags:

Remember: No platform for fascists.
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so the basic argument against anarchism seems to be "as it has been, so it always shall be", which is

a) poor reasoning, we're rapidly approaching the point where scarcity is a thing of the past which would probably change the basic human psyche, and

b) trying to paint this picture that human pre-historical society was uniform, which flies in the face of almost all research.


>>>/civ/ exists now, please create a thread over there.

File: 1469423545721.png (10.53 KB, 300x165, Tor-300x165.jpg)

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Would text randomization help protect even a little aganinst tracking? What im talk1ng aboout is writing a prgrm to randomiz3 text aubmitted to chans, forumz, etc.. replacing regular words with 1337 speek or random misspellings as well as lack or presence of punctiation, spacing, and using synonyms. in theory this could help protect people who may be tracked based upon their syntax and method of writing (formality, commonly used words, commonly misspelled words.....) by randomizing all of their text.,
Of course, this could certainly identify users of the script/sofware, but perhaps if the majority of people (say, it was bundled with Tails Tor Browser) were using it that would become useless? thoughts
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That would be one /dimensionality/ in the statistics spectrum. Think cadence, think punctuation, lead in articles or prepositions.


Isn't it better to be identified as someone trying to hide their identity than as who you actually irl directly. Some perfect writing style transformation algorithm that is indistinguishable from a normal human from a random location with random personal quirks might be best, but I'm not sure that it's strictly necessary for being anonymous.
Is this not analogous to how it's better to be caught 'suspiciously' using tor than to be caught sending your incriminating information in clear text?

File: 1469566533717.png (489.39 KB, 300x225, Untitl2ed.png)

No.34153 [Reply]

You guys remember the clicking grinding noise old computers made? The drive head seeking while writing/reading, I think. I'm thinking of building several small machines with old drives and running them headless as freenet nodes just to hear that soothing noise from my childhood.

How the fuck do I get a drive that sounds right? I think modern HDDs have some kind of mechanism to prevent this noise?
Do I just need to track down specific old models, or is there a way to get any old HDD to do it? (Something to do with power management? Head parking? I've seen the term "acoustic management a few times...)
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you're probably thinking of stepper motors in floppy drives.


akshully, that sounds even more familiar.

File: 1469592077701.png (5.04 MB, 300x225, Rain (2).jpg)

No.34182 [Reply]

Do you live in a cyberpunk-looking city, /cyb/? Pic related isn't far from my apartment. (not that cyberpunk, but still impressive considering it's a fucking ancient city)
What are some pretty /cyb/ real life locations? Post pics.

Also, what does a city require to get a cyberpunk atmosphere/aesthetics? Hong Kong comes to my mind.
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File: 1470639146355-0.png (1.71 MB, 200x134, meh.ro12081_5.jpg)

File: 1470639146355-1.png (1.23 MB, 200x133, meh.ro12081_6.jpg)

File: 1470639146355-2.png (720.77 KB, 149x200, tumblr_o9irf852j41txnbjpo1_1280.jpg)

was somewhere on that shitty http://www.meh.ro/ site


Pretty cyb, b'y.

File: 1469621251220.png (122.15 KB, 231x300, 1027082dfw4.gif)

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Why don't you drink soy-based meal substitutes, anon?


Protip, chummers: By using multiple pre-paid visas and shipping to different vacant apartments in my building I can use my own referral codes for permanent discounts.
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Because soy isn't food.


How would you recommend learning more about nutrition? Some good books or websites to recommend? To me, Soylent and its derivatives seem like a very interesting concept, and nutritionally sound from my (admittedly not very knowledgeable) point of view.

File: 1469790028284.png (212.26 KB, 300x131, 1984-large.jpg)

No.34297 [Reply]

Following the recent introduction of internet data retention, this year the Australian Census has changed; for the first time, data will be linked to names and addresses. There is something especially creepy about the government coming to your door demanding your correct information or else you can be fined (possibly exorbitantly via endless repetition of denied requests worth $180 each, although this hasn't actually been implemented before as far as I know).

Some political parties are calling for concerned citizens to boycott, namely the Pirate Party. Many people online say they plan to put nonsense answers or just incorrect ones. Lack of anonymity certainly makes people less likely to answer truthfully to potentially embarrassing questions such as sexual preference.

What would you do? Boycott? My main issue with doing that is that it will probably provide especially golden data: a succinct list of many who distrust the government and care about privacy. And also that it would flag me personally. It would be so nice to have a relatively successful boycott though... but I doubt it will happen... the country is full of state-loving imbeciles, even more so than the US.
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As a member of a household I simply asked to be left off it.
I'm actually pro-census for the purpose of collecting statistical data and was looking forward to putting Greco-Roman pagan under religion. However, I cannot, in good conscience, allow myself to be part of data collection of this kind that retains name and address information. Even if the ABS had any measure of security, Australia's data retention laws and co-operation with global information control make it worthless when it comes to protecting individuals.


I plan to not participate. Others in my household plan to do it, but haven't yet because the site was down on the census night.

Also. the government is lying about the DDoS attack to try to shake away embarrassment of failing after $500,000 spent developing load balancing. http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/hacking/what-does-this-digital-attack-map-tell-us-about-the-alleged-census-attack/news-story/2c06914dec07beca6079801634b99a58

File: 1469890365172.png (76.77 KB, 169x300, tmp_24786-Screenshot_2016-07-30-09-49-421553109977.png)

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Is this a phishing scheme? Is calling the number the scheme or is my phone already compromised and I should factory reset?
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File: 1470017732981.png (81.74 KB, 113x200, tmp_6305-Screenshot_2016-07-31-21-07-25-732500687.png)

God fucking damn it. Every time I start applying for jobs my contact information always ends in unsavory hands. Last time I got prerecorded telemarketers for chimney sweeps, this time I get blatant shit SMS messages.

Last time I changed phone numbers because when I changed carriers. This shit isn't going to stop.


Add your phone to this: https://www.donotcall.gov/

Then threaten said persons with lawsuits. It often works for me.

File: 1469917534276.png (872.67 KB, 169x300, 1467258491623-1-art.png)

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Coding poetry.

I was thinking about that: can one write a poem/short-story using the syntax of it's favorite programming language? Have you tried ?
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(if (not myself)
(find myself '(in books and self reflection))


Moved to >>>/λ/17785.

File: 1469989149520.png (17.88 KB, 180x207, IMG_2027.jpg)

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Let's post and discuss cyberpunk philosophy


I really like nick land and his nihilist post-humanism


Deleuze+Guatarri is the cornerstone of cyb philosophy

File: 1469996434584.png (44.69 KB, 300x200, 634563456.jpg)

No.34422 [Reply]

Because of both Google Loon, Facebook Drones, or Elon Musks Satellite WiFi promoting the idea of Satellites and Balloons carrying free internet connections. What could we expect out of this? Would they become red pilled and promote our ideas in their governments and vote Drumpf whenever possible? Or will they revolt and promote thier Left Wing ideals on Forums.


Most likely it will be done the facebook model where you can only connect to the private facebook version of the internet

India had a fallout with facebooks zuckernet

File: 1470197282404.png (51.31 KB, 300x100, 46576899-glitched-7-29-2016-4-25-33-AM.png)

No.34585 [Reply]

I'm not sure if this topic belong here or in /feels/ but whatever I'll just go on with it

where do you place your skill as a tech?
I mean are you a good programmer?
Or you're really good at building and soldering? Organise? Hacking? Ricing? Or fixing broken stuff?

I know I find my way around fixing broken stuff, I can't code for shit, I can work around servers, networking, OS, solder a little but really got a affinity at fixing what is broken.
When I'm into this mindset I can fix pretty much anything it's weird but I seem to be working that way.

I just wanted to know where do you think you can place yourself and your opinion/experiance of it.
15 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>where do you place your skill as a tech?

acceptable. been doing this for most of my conscious life. i focus on a few particular things but i'd call myself a generalist.

>I mean are you a good programmer?

i built a career of being a programmer for the last 15+ years. i write clean, effective code when i want to. good is subjective. i build my own stuff to my liking and things for my employer to their liking. i am also a frothing free software zealot.

>Or you're really good at building and soldering?

i solder quite well and assemble electronic things with relative ease. it's been a few years since i've designed and built something myself, though. most everything recently has been kit based.


i've organized a couple of events but i don't have the time to keep up with it.


i make a little extra income off pentesting. mostly skidiot stuff with some breaking and entering but it pays the bills. i'm not out discovering exploits but i'm no dummy, either.


i don't really care about ricing things.

>Or fixing broken stuff?

i fix stuff pretty well and i try to fix everything i can. it's getting harder to do that with all this disposable tech, though.


Moved to >>>/tech/25305.

File: 1470228199523.png (164.14 KB, 300x216, 1467808151501.jpg)

No.34602 [Reply]

>watch old non-cyberpunk related movies
>find things like portable cd player, thinkpad-like laptops or hacking were standard in 90s
>movies I watched weren't made in usa
I feel so retarded in 2016, when this things impress me and today this is obsoleted technology (music in phone>portable cd player)
It's like we live in early cyberpunk, but not fully.
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Which is kind of the point. That's a problem.
We have the technological means to do much better, but that'd cut in the profit margin of a few so that's unacceptable.


>even pointing out that east bloc ammo and NATO ammo of a certain size were not compatible
I think STALKER does that too.

File: 1470285753735.png (76.01 KB, 300x200, a_spy.jpg)

No.34643 [Reply]

Let's talk about operational security and espionage.

I'm also very interested in any materials you might have about intelligence / counter intel / espionage (and corporate espionage)

I'll bump with what little I have.


File: 1470442718706.png (41.72 KB, 225x300, 1378809381613.jpg)

No.34760 [Reply]

1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


looks like an SHA256 hash.


He is probably giving it as proof of ownership of info.
In my opinion its weird how he didnt do that in private. Seems like publicity stunt to be honest

File: 1470511824656.png (2.57 MB, 263x300, y5kPMt0.jpg)

No.34782 [Reply]

What are some good channels and networks?
14 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Counter: most obscure channels are dead af


Moved to >>>/tech/27556.

File: 1469430505345.png (72.58 KB, 300x225, 55f409abc28831b9a7090855e0813581.jpg)

No.34848 [Reply]

Russia hacks DNC and releases e-mails and data via Wikileaks to influence the election.

Or does it?

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>russia hacks DNC


>> everyone is still saying it was the Russians to distract from the content.

>> blame russia = we dont know

>> sony hack = we dont know
This is just to get the media away from looking into the breach and trying to get the political groups sympathy.

Nobody talks of the Equation APT group anymore...

File: 1470712693149.png (43.33 KB, 300x188, anime girl studying at computer.jpg)

No.34897 [Reply]

how do i create an account for this and for :: https://fauux.neocities.org/login.html i need help because i don't know how to do it.

I have looked everywhere i could and still can't find anything, can someone help me?
16 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


It worked, but put me in some random "all reset" page.
Is that what it's supposed to do?


Not who you're replying to but I think it used to redirect you to a forum but it doesn't exist anymore so it just sends you to an error page

File: 1470704111973.png (32.92 KB, 300x276, 1470166361108.jpg)

No.34898 [Reply]

How would one go about decoding a numeric cipher?

Also cryptography thread
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I think the lower pc is different as otherwise it would be written as p*c, right?

Got the original post, as if this picture is relevant then it could make the process a whole lot harder.

Things I played around with:
01000100 = 68 [dec] = 44 [hex]

All those numbers multiplied give:
1119301859398908872916874 . 59733115802066384500139372453784907161446149870635329125804568617466446668654915987720145155955616313847841409942622599797733192456332585135874626472108931912918985564667732479999000146756336473640389239329896903536503839752

Not a prime, not very helpful.


It's still a non prime divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, so on?

File: 1470794769829.png (143.79 KB, 232x300, UncleSam.jpg)

No.34925 [Reply]

ask someone with a security clearance anything.

also DISA/DSA propaganda thread.
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>Look at me! I'm an eleet member of a sekret cybersecurity imageboard where 90% of people couldn't even pass an A+ exam!

Quit pretending to be a badass. If you want to actually provide badass insight, you gotta know what the fuck you're talking about.

If you seriously believe this imageboard wasn't on the 3-letter agency radar by now, you're retarded. Sure, the userbase is not entirely well-versed in Computer Science and Engineering, but there are some members that probably are, and there are threads that encourage people to improve these skills. These people are 'potential targets', kept on a list to be examined further. Everything posted here is loud, but he's not announcing his SSN or anything related to his identity. Only Lainchan admins and whomever might have backdoors have access to the site logs. As it stands though, things would be different if he claimed he were associated with ISIS or the Taliban. It is very unlikely that we are being seriously considered for terrorism surveillance by the US Govt.


Moved to >>>/sec/62.

File: 1470838244940.png (339.67 KB, 257x300, the future is now.png)

No.34954 [Reply]


Are you going to go full bio-aug or full cyber-aug?


this visor is sick af
gotta make one when I come home


File: 1470840721036.png (93.17 KB, 200x150, diy-low-cost-cosplay-costume-anucha-saengchart-7__880.jpg)

cyb or bust

File: 1470878714139.png (1.13 MB, 300x169, tay.png)

No.34974 [Reply]

the AI chatbot with zero chill
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File: 1470955984606.png (1.17 MB, 200x114, IMG_20160703_213402588.jpg)

am i the only one that saw microsoft create an antisemitic neo-nazi AI and couldnt be bothered to care because they remembered just how absolutely sycophantic and outright illiterate Clippy was from MS Word?


The posts in this thread are just "me too!" with no actual discussion.

The topic is fine, but we'd prefer to see some discussion.

File: 1470900496807.png (9.68 KB, 300x300, reddepth1.jpg)

No.34995 [Reply]

can mods maybe look into their archives and retrospectively ban the shills who spammed this bullshit on our board and maybe add a general rule against linking to clickbait public shaming pillory sites even in those cases where the allegations are not obvious bullshit?
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literally who


Moved to >>>/q/11142.

File: 1470911190262.png (27.08 KB, 300x206, 1242bb04666b3b82d17a5adc0ff70139.jpg)

No.35006 [Reply]

hello lainons, i was wondering if there are japanese cyberpunk sites like lainchan or 8chans /cyber/
i need it really bad since im learning japanese and would like to learn by reading about cyberpunk stuffs
i would really appreaciate your help
14 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


yeah, im sorry, i wont go off topic no more


Moved to >>>/cult/342.

File: 1470948177007.png (5.53 MB, 300x169, Julian Assange teamed up with Seth against DNC and Hillary.webm)

No.35022 [Reply]

Did Julian Assange just insinuate that Seth Rich was assasinated because he wanted to leak DNC rigging of Shillary Clinton winning Democrat nomination?

/cyb/ as fuck the time we live in
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nice way of elaborating, idiot


Moved to >>>/civ/1399.

File: 1470971587482.png (4.92 KB, 300x150, Oekaki.png)

No.35055 [Reply]

<img src="/" onerror="alert(1)" />
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Different lainon here.
life←{↑1 ⍵∨.∧3 4=+/,¯1 0 1∘.⊖¯1 0 1∘.⌽⊂⍵}
is a game of life implementation in APL from wikipedia. It's a beautiful language but albeit a bit hard to read.


File: 1470972468746.png (9.72 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

No.35056 [Reply]

Heya Guys .I have a question.
Is there a alternative to the internet . Like the internet we know and use. The dark web is pretty much dead and is swarming with feds. Is some sort of hidden meshnet out there free of prying eyes of government,shills, ads, and corporations.
8 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>The dark web
Yeah… the one dark web, right? You know, that these kind of 'hidden meshnets' you're looking for are the definition of a dark net?
However, try the lainnet (dead ;_;) or join the dn42 which isn't soo dead.


Moved to >>>/tech/27592.

File: 1470984904115.png (373.93 KB, 219x300, image-01.jpg)

No.35075 [Reply]

This is Ira Wrinkler's "Are you a hacker or are you a clueless teenager?" test from HOPE '97. A little bit dated but I think it still mostly holds up. (tweaked the wording slightly to apply in 2016)

How do you rank, Lain?

> 1.) Have you ever written a 3rd generation language program of more than 500 lines?
[Yes] = +1pt
[No / Can't even code] = -1pt

> 2.) Can you understand attack scripts line by line?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No / Don't even know how to script or don't even read scripts before running] = -1pt

> 3.) Can you port scripts and programs to other platforms?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 4.) Do you modify your tools for optimization / bug fixes / etc ?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 5.) Have you at least TRIED to write an attack script based off a security advisory?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -3pts

> 6.) Have you installed Linux or any other alternative OS on your own computer?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 7.) Do you find and install needed patches and SECURE and harden your systems?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 8.) Can you network multiple systems ?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 9.) Can you get shared printers working on the network?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No] = -1pt

> 10.) Have you ever maintained a multi-platform network?

[Yes] = +1pt
[No, but I know about it] = +0.5pts
[No] = -1pt

> 11.) Have you ever stolen a telephone handset because you think that makes you a phreaker (or other similar behavior)?

[Yes] = -5pts
[No] =+1pt

> 12.) Have you ever intentionally damaged a system that you hacked?

[Yes] = Don't even total your score. You fail.
[No] = +1pt

/* ~~ _ [ T O T A L .. Y O U R .. S C O R E ] _: ~~ */
/* ~~ 7 to 10 pts ==> You're probably not clueless. */
/* ~~ 5 or 6 ==> You're off to a good start. */
/* ~~ 0 to 4 ==> You are definitely a clueless teenager. */
/* ~~ 0 or less ==> GTFO. */
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Was there ever a #64 issue? On the website, it says that it was removed.
Why would you remove something that has a power of 2 as a number, isn't it sacred? What happened?


Moved to >>>/tech/27572.

File: 1471013766690.png (129.72 KB, 229x300, Qgn5.jpg)

No.35091 [Reply]


File: 1471020876917.png (30.89 KB, 300x183, Cicada_3301_logo.jpg)

No.35096 [Reply]

Good evening, dear /cyb/.

Right at the beginning I would like to mention that I am a complete novice in this field.
Nevertheless, I would be very interested if there is someone who can tell me or us something about the group called "Cicada 3301".
A few years ago I became aware of it and have been trying to solve this mystery/puzzle. Unfortunately without success.

What fascinated me personally, is that belief system of these people and how technological knowledge is connected with occultism and "spirituality" (especially of Aleister Crowley and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky).
On various websites ("absurd") theories have been proposed, such as that behind this group stuck intelligence agencies (Mossad, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, NSA, and other) or "secret societies", who want to recruit in this way new offspring.

Even though I have not solved the puzzle, I believe that behind this group are a handful of MIT students who care about privacy, data security, cryptography and steganography. Throughout against mass surveillance.
But that's just a guess on my part. Maybe I'm completely wrong.

I have recently found a person named "Nox Populi" on YouTube.
He has made some videos on this topic, which I find very interesting and informative.
If anyone is interested:

2013 Cicada winner's overview of 3301 - First in new Cicada 3301 series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0z03ntMJio

2012 Cicada 3301 Solutions Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad_DNgdc35A

2012 Cicada 3301 Solutions Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSvwuaVm23E

Unfortunately, there is no video, that explains what happened to the people who have solved the puzzle.
For this reason I write this message to ask if there are one or more graduates who could perhaps tell me or us something about the group and their objectives.

I would appreciate answers and thank you in advance.
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I started making my own crypto treasure hunt just a few days ago...


Moved to >>>/tech/27122.

File: 1471063375267.png (18.62 KB, 300x162, freenet-bunny-with-name-flying.png)

No.35113 [Reply]

Just how secure is Freenet? Lately Tor and i2p seem to have gotten all the attention, but I've heard Freenet's security flaws have been fixed and the project seems active, so I'm thinking of trying it out.
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lots of people run tahoe-lafs over i2p

sure beats the shit out of freenet


Moved to >>>/sec/373.

File: 1471089180426.png (70.03 KB, 300x204, sjaghy.png)

No.35129 [Reply]

When hexadecimal numbers start talking to you...
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It says "dead"


Not having enough sleep affects on your mind in (somehow) funny way. For examle, when i don't sleep for just one night, i can hear voices in riding train's noise. They usually are like my friends' voices, but not always. Also, sometimes you can even hear music this way (i once did, it was some pretty good hardrock or industrial, but i couldn't hear voices clearly). However, hearing non-existing sounds is usually bad thing, so if it happens to you, check your condition and fix it, if possible.

File: 1471124920894.png (264.86 KB, 300x225, george soros.jpg)

No.35143 [Reply]

George Soros (aka leftist globalist radical that goes around funding NGOs in other countries to further his goald) and his Open Society has been hacked.

The info has been leaked.

Get it while you can, use VPN + Tor
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>who fucked the bank of england


Moved to >>>/civ/1323.

File: 1471150379873.png (972.12 KB, 300x156, 1438724303169-1.jpg)

No.35161 [Reply]

Hello everyone! I noticed there isn't a thread on this topic, and it's a topic a lot of people tend to mention.

What are good tips to start practicing good OPSec? Any good tips on hardening your OS?
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If you have shit to hide, why are you putting it on the internet?


Moved to >>>/tech/26890.

File: 1471181998188.png (213.64 KB, 300x211, YxwdSlV.gif)

No.35177 [Reply]

Greetings lainons! I was wondering which organizations really deserve our donations i.e; The Tor Project, i2p, wikileaks, etc. Also please feel free to mention other projects(open-source, etc) that really require funding.
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lets encrypt! AFAIK they are doing a great job!


Moved to >>>/tech/26932.

File: 1471211986480.png (69.94 KB, 216x300, ssqrzk264n.jpg)

No.35248 [Reply]

Here's a list of content I find to be cyber-culturally relevant and worthy of being backed up / mirrored so it's preserved for further generations of lainons/cyberpunks.

Another reason for backing up this stuff would be to keep it for personal access, even when shit/TTIP/gov take downs hit the fan (or when the content disappears for any other reason).

The lists is far from complete and I'd love it if you check it out, contribute links / content / whatever or backup (part of) the stuff on the list.

I've also backed up some sites of lainons I know personally (and of some others I don't), but I've removed those links from the version I uploaded here.

tldr; this is a list of cool cyber stuff; I want your input on other cool stuf; you might wanna backup some of it


pic unrelated
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i bet you think wowaname is a girl too


Moved to >>>/cult/225.

File: 1471219429543.png (326.02 KB, 300x200, image.jpeg)

No.35259 [Reply]

Are you guys ready for an army of adorable robots?


I worry about job security for some people, really. But damn if these fuckers aren't cute.
10 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1471357956465.png (124.08 KB, 200x113, Miss Monochrome.jpg)

I don't really care about robots and AI. I have no use for them. And my own job is, from the perspective of robotics, so complicated that I doubt it'll be fully automated during my lifetime.


Moved to >>>/tech/27006.

File: 1471289536623.png (580.87 KB, 230x300, Eatshit.png)

No.35297 [Reply]

Lainchan IRC hacking network
irc.rizon.net #lainhackgen
Machine we are trying to hack: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/mr-robot-1,151/

Last thread autosaged
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Do you have anything on COM? I found a custom crypto dll from a popped box and I'm trying to figure out how it works.


Moved to >>>/tech/26910.

File: 1471292684961.png (1.92 MB, 300x296, EFF_version_of_NSA_logo.jpg)

No.35298 [Reply]

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It actually seems like a very simply way of attempting to gain such intelligence.


no, it doesn't. They have to know that the Russians and Chinese are constantly trying to breach their networks, they'd just have to set up an easy honeypot and wait for them to find it.

I think what happened is, they did exactly that but then some non-state hackers found it instead.

File: 1471302584977.png (201.71 KB, 300x300, 2def84b597460a97d07c71f4557bffa4k11.jpg)

No.35307 [Reply]

Wondering about creating the LainWiki (if it doesn't already exist)

I'm asking you the ultimate question: would you find it useful?
52 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Well I just want to dump links so lainwiki contributors can look over them and borrow from them or include them in another page if they want. I don't intend to create a permanent article equivalent of a pastebin link collection.


Moved to >>>/tech/26825.

File: 1471328364112.png (145.83 KB, 300x197, lain-stock.png)

No.35348 [Reply]

Did you buy your shares yet? Get them while they last!



File: 1471333798704.png (387.64 KB, 200x132, lain-stock.png)

I made one for Akitaro

File: 1471377696729.png (371.03 KB, 247x300, CmDDhm8UkAAVfan.jpg)

No.35390 [Reply]

I have a few coins on a coinbase wallet. What would be the best way to mix these to actually have a decent amount of privacy making a purchase?
1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


You could send the bitcoins to a blockchain.info wallet. Use their "shared send" mixer to send to another real mixer, like Darkwallet.


Moved to >>>/tech/26929.

File: 1471385601431.png (17.1 KB, 280x280, 536423.png)

No.35397 [Reply]

Do you guys know about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network? Are you gonna use it? Would you use a *chan on it?
9 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Source? Where did you hear that?
I heard it at the presentation at cccamp15.
It's also in the whitepaper in the repo: https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/master/Project-Safe.md

> Five percent of the safecoin issue will be laid aside for these investors and as safecoin is increasing in value, current investors will be able to swap their shareholding in MaidSafe.net for the coins.

It also seems like there'll be a crowdsale of "premined" coins by the company: https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/master/Project-Safe.md#b-crowd-sale-participants
>A crowd sale will enable everyone worldwide to seed and be a part of the SAFE project. This will last until MaidSafeCoin are sold out (circa $8million). If the all coins are not sold the event will end after 30 days. The crowd sale will enable a direct purchase up to ten percent of MaidSafeCoin.

Sounds pretty ponzi to me but you're of course free to sink your money into it still.


Moved to >>>/tech/26879.

File: 1471400193806.png (830.73 KB, 300x169, Screenshot_2016-08-17-04-14-23.png)

No.35421 [Reply]

Weev (an actual jew nazi) with some other guys talking about hacking printers to promote MDE World Peace on Adult Swim

1 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


He hacked his way out of prison.


not anymore. They let him go and he got the fuck out of the US.

File: 1471410799403.png (158.59 KB, 300x300, tumblr_ob8nzcUePD1uyy3zlo1_1280.png)

No.35428 [Reply]

hey lainons.

DC24 was my second con, and was an all around success. problem is that i want to get a lot more friendly/a bigger circle of people i know in infosec and programming. issues therein is that the DC groups around me are dead.

only other DC group that i could join that has like minded individuals on IRC has someone toxic i'd like to avoid. so i am trying to find alternatives.

any of you lainons hang out with other programmers and hackers?
11 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I really dislike hanging around with groups. I might hit up a few peeps every now and then but I generally stay away. As stated before in this thread, I just want to stay away from toxicity. I really dislike it. So I only come out of the woodwork when something cool is going on, and then retreat back to my cave to toil on my own.


Moved to >>>/feels/4482.

File: 1471412044209.png (434.69 KB, 225x300, nwere.jpg)

No.35429 [Reply]

tips and standard operating procedure for sanitizing your online presence and avoiding meatspace exploits that compromise your privacy.

pay with cash
turn your phone off in crowded areas.
use openvpn on your cellular data.
24 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Any tips for hiding your identity from cameras?
I've seen those baseball caps with built in IR LEDs, but they only work if you're directly looking at the camera.


Moved to >>>/sec/28.

File: 1471423507954.png (862.11 KB, 300x130, giphy.gif)

No.35440 [Reply]

I see threads about anonymity, to the point of suggesting to not own a phone.
What's with all this fear?
What do you have to hide?
What are the actual bad things that could happen for having your life online?

Honest questions, I genuinely don't get it.
24 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>The thing is that most of this things are "what if" and hipothetical situations.
Again, the data the NSA collects has already been abused and now that every federal agency has access to it that will happen more often. Private companies are collecting this information so they can more effectively try to manipulate your opinions and views of the world for their monetary benefit and you should therefore be concerned about giving them anything (and no longer is that done by just blocking cookies in your browser). Furthermore, there is no not worrying about this information collection until they start doing something bad with it because by then it will be to late. We no longer live in a time where all you have to worry about are wiretaps or other snooping in real time, now it's completely possible for them to look back at what websites you were going to or who you were texting and what you were talking about a year ago (or possibly even further back as the NSA's capability's have expanded since the Snowden leaks). Companies that do background checks already collect fucktons of information from various places, what's to keep them from getting some of the other data that's already out there on people's private lives so that companies can know whether a person could make them look bad or for other reasons (Riot Games already asks for any accounts you have on their servers so they can check your chat logs for that purpose)? I've already lived to see low paying entry level jobs require you to do personality checks to make sure you line up with what they want.


Moved to >>>/sec/2.

File: 1471432128621.png (116.69 KB, 300x169, G-Police.jpg)

No.35447 [Reply]


Anyone remember this? Incredible nostalgia.

Was hard as hell too, for a kid.

100% cyb/


File: 1471577025945.png (93.58 KB, 200x150, thepopo.jpg)

Oddly enough I was talking about this the other night while in a bar.


Moved to >>>/cult/223.

File: 1471458035562.png (1.05 MB, 253x300, ezgif.com-optimize.gif)

No.35479 [Reply]

I decided to make a new thread so everyone will be aware of the URL.

The LainWiki is now online at http://0xa484e61f/~lainwiki

Maybe I will buy a domain name or register a .tk.

The purpose of this wiki is to store and share knowledge.

It is freely editable.

Share your opinion and conseils.

Current categories are: cyberpunk, λ (programming), art, cybersecurity, φ (math & science), diy, tech.
44 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Moved to >>>/cult/1735.


Is lainwiki every coming back?

File: 1471483523175.png (24.43 KB, 300x183, 2016-08-17-222411_1366x768_scrot.png)

No.35533 [Reply]

I'm not sure which board this belongs in, but I guess it's pretty /cyb/ so this one is as good as any

I came across this website, skullcode.com, I'm sure some of you lains already know it.

Did you guys ever figure out it's mysteries? The skull is thinking to itself "00005fe4" and I don't know what it means. I feel like there is some sort of code I must enter but I can't figure out what it would be.
7 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


it's an emulator for non-existant hardware, written in and running on javascript, that runs an os with a hex editor editing the ram of the os in real time


Moved to >>>/sec/100.

File: 1471507133588.png (98.66 KB, 300x169, not_middle_finger.jpg)

No.35551 [Reply]

So, now that it is clear that Tor got rid of Appelbaum not because he did something wrong, but because a handful others wanted him gone (and get his job); and seeing that after the allegations collapsed, the initiators of the smear campaign are still in charge in the Foundation:

As an operator of a Tor node, should I still run it or stop supporting Tor?

Pro running:
It helps people, that's what's important
Foundation is independent of nodes

Con running:
We can't trust the Foundation anymore
Don't want to support intrigues and scheming, this has nothing to do with Tor's core idea
Disapprove of Steele, Isis and Alison still being in charge

Article by Die Zeit: http://www.zeit.de/kultur/2016-08/jacob-appelbaum-rape-sexual-abuse-allegations
Lucky Green shutting down: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/19690
David Robinson leaving: https://www.oneeyedman.net/?p=2581
Marie leaving: https://shiromarieke.github.io/tor

DISCLAIMER: I don't want to talk about p0litics or femnacis; not about what happend, just what to do now after it did happen.
6 replies omitted. Click reply to view.


T-thanks feminism


Moved to >>>/sec/54.