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What do you drive /cyb/? What is a /cyb/ car? Or do you feel your car should be as anti tech as possible and have something from 80s or earlier?


File: 1465982606104.png (1.08 MB, 200x126, durangortjpe.jpg)

Looking at one of these right now, in either this color or a darker black.

5.7 HEMI (360HP)
Leather Seats
Power inverter so you can charge your laptop or whatever.

Basically I want a mobile war machine.


I drive my legs :^)


ditto... even the buses are 90% useless here. If there even is one, it's almost always quicker to walk.


File: 1466038730013.png (892.14 KB, 200x151, 20160524_001.jpg)

Pic related is the most /cyb/ way of transportation.

I also have a apocalypse ready Trek Singletrack 970 ZX, steel frame so pretty much indestructable.


>cant live out of it
>cant store shit in it or go incognito


Disposable, mass-produced, practically no identifiable specs, user-serviceable.



File: 1466051329971.png (255.03 KB, 200x113, IMG_3099_.jpg)


planning to paint the stem and seatpost poison green, mounting a compass and maybe a defense turret (think road warrior rig) on the back


>defense turret


it's war on the road


Another biker lain reporting in.


What kind of bike is this? I'm tired of lanky road bikes with their skinny tires.
I want a bike like this.


looks like a standard-issue mountain bike.

They're great for offroading and they're sturdy but honestly they are much less efficient than road bikes for actually getting around.


File: 1466096892583.png (81.28 KB, 200x121, giant2.jpg)

I recently bought myself a hybrid. Faster than a mountain bike on roads, but still performs well offroad. You can take it anywhere and it will just work.


Maverick != mass produced and disposable.


I drive some shitty, rusty and old Ford Focus (from 2001 I think).
Neither bikes (too far, it's ~60km to work) nor public transport (shitty connection) are an option for me.
Though I doubt that my car will survive the next inspection.
I'll have to look for a new one then.

>Or do you feel your car should be as anti tech as possible and have something from 80s or earlier?

A car is just a tool. It has to get me from A to B in a reasonably secure fashion.
Being fuel efficient is a nice puls.
Everything else is just bloat and provides a bigger "attack surface" for failures.


File: 1466102743217.png (139.86 KB, 200x150, notmine.jpg)

I was hoping for a bike thread
Recently I found myself one like the one in pic. I removed some of the superfluous stuff like the piece of plastic by the chain.


Recently gave the bike I found, fixed and painted to a buddy. I ride a Yamaha now.



Not /cyb/ but there's always that famous story.
I don't see cars as tools. They're amazing! They're beautiful!


The trans will die on you around 70,000 miles


This is cyb as fuck


Will def get the 100k powertrain warranty then


it's an XC mountainbike, from around the zeroes i'd say, i bought it second-hand. brand is schauff, german. they're a bit slower than road bikes obviously, but they're sturdy and cheap and easy to maintain. and you find tons of them second-hand. just make sure to put smooth (but thick) tires on.


File: 1466244262583.png (45.57 KB, 200x140, 281412-devil-summoner-soul-hackers-sega-saturn-screenshot-the-cool.png)

It's always been a dream of mine to buy a truck and turn it into a mobile living space/cyber freedom fighting outpost like in Soul Hackers if I could. Would probably be easier in America or another country with lots of space though so you can hide in the woods or whatever if you need to.

Also I imagine it'd be really fun to try and make it as self sustaining as possible. Fit solar panels to the roof with a solar shower, maybe get some of those lights that people who grow weed inside their house use or cut a hole in your roof and put some bullet proof glass so you can grow edibles, fit a water tank inside for collecting rain water, internet only through libraries or buying prepaid sim cards and using WWAN on your thinkpad to avoid detection as much as is possible with the internet. Would be totally awesome I think.


Does the power train warranty have a yearly limit?


File: 1466290497472-0.png (55.02 KB, 200x150, tumblr_na65zwQ7eL1shwrswo1_1280.jpg)

File: 1466290497472-1.png (1.1 MB, 200x123, Mitsubishi Starion.png)

File: 1466290497472-2.png (490.8 KB, 200x134, Lancia Montecarlo.jpg)

1983 Volkswagen Diesel Rabbit

I converted it to corrosion-resistant fuel lines/hoses where necessary so it can run on biodiesel or veggie oil and drive for free. It gets about 55 mpg or so combined the way I drive. Switched out some of the parts for GTI ones (Pic isn't mine though) so it still handles decent even if it's damn slow. Pretty fun to drive overall, although not the most fun it's perfect for what I'm doing most of the time. Throw a couple bikes on the roof rack, sleep in the back, do dirt cheap road trips.

I'd like to get some kind of older sporty project car though. Mitsubishi Starion, Lancia Scorpion, Saab 900, BMW 635csi, Ford Sierra Cosworth, something along those lines.


File: 1466290631470-0.png (594.11 KB, 189x200, Toyota Corolla Levin AE86.png)

File: 1466290631470-1.png (699.46 KB, 200x134, Mercedes 300TD.jpg)

File: 1466290631470-2.png (282.08 KB, 200x177, Saab 900 Turbo.jpg)

more miscellaneos cars I dig


File: 1466290695684-0.png (91.4 KB, 200x134, Honda CBR750.jpg)

File: 1466290695684-1.png (109.53 KB, 200x134, Suzuki GSXR1000.jpg)

File: 1466290695684-2.png (250.36 KB, 200x113, Yamaha Streamliner.jpg)

and some two-wheeled fun for good measure


File: 1466290934869-0.png (774.89 KB, 200x200, Untitled.png)

File: 1466290934869-1.png (198.28 KB, 200x134, kalavinka-sunset-12847_1.jpg)

File: 1466290934869-2.png (55.66 KB, 200x134, nike-tokyo-kixed-feather-akira-bike-3-1-640x426.jpg)

wrapping it up with some bikes. the trials bike is basically how i'm building mine up


Fixie bikes suck and are for hipster trash.
Get a real bike.


It's very fucking big, you should look for something smaller. You will not be able to drive in cities well.



>uneducated comment on the internet


File: 1466292294103.png (631.84 KB, 143x200, ed3cf5f1ffe6bdb750986fe4c0873fd8.jpg)

Or to put it in a less aggressive way than >>31417: Fixed gears are superior to "normal" gears if you want accelerate to and stay at high velocities. Therefore all track cycles (like the red one >>31417 posted) have fixed gears. I'd personally feel reluctant to ride fixed gears in normal traffic, though, because I prefer safety over speed in this case (the cars around you won't exceed 35 kmh anyways).


Are scooters /cyb/? I hate driving a car and a scooter looks like a good compromise between a car and a bike.


File: 1466298193695.png (67.91 KB, 200x155, karla.png)

Depends what you make of it honestly. Even a model in pic related can be if you put in a little effort.
Be sure to include at least an embedded computer with remote access to track it down.


Another bicycle lain reporting in.

Adding tech to my bike feels like it slows me down. I try to keep it as minimal as possible. Currently riding with an action cam for commute and a speedometer when training.

I used my road bike through the winter this year because it was a very mild winter (average of -7C) and I had no issue with the "skinny tires" or anything. I have taken that same bike on the trails in the forests outside town. Do you enjoy going slow lainon?

>the cars around you won't exceed 35 kmh anyways
Here they go upwards of 50kmh in the city when passing and on some highways transport trucks will pass at more than 90kmh while being dangerously close.
That cartoon girl in your picture has a left foot where her right foot should be.


For those bicycle lainons who want to increase the range of their commute or shorten time


you can buy kits to make your current bicycle motorized as well


File: 1466318845403-0.png (55.42 KB, 200x150, 408e927dd23ccba651d69bac1277476e.jpg)

File: 1466318845403-1.png (60.76 KB, 200x150, DSC00141.jpg)

File: 1466318845403-2.png (44.37 KB, 200x107, dbb6d87a9af00ffe1ef19134264b67ea.jpg)


Can be pretty /cyb/

although depends on jurisdiction. if they're legally moped-class where you live (they aren't where i) and you don't need to register them, yes. otherwise i'd say get a moped which might not need to be registered.


Another bike lain here.

I've been commuting via bicycle for over ten years now. The choice of the "right" bicycle or tires are highly dependent on your riding style and your environment.
I myself use a fairly modern XC bike that i built from parts in 2009. It is low-tech (rigid fork, V-Brakes, Shimano 3x8 drive train), but built like a tank. I have ridden more than 50000km on it and it is still going well. Where i live this is the optimal bike even for the city, because the roads are quite bad. Potholes, dirt everywhere and some bike lanes are made from gravel. Put on some light XC tires and you are faster than everyone on a road bike. But if you live in a region with better roads, a road bike would be clearly superior in the city.

As for winter riding: get some mountainbike winter tires with metal spikes in them. Seriously, those things grip better on ice than normal tires on wet asphalt. Best cash i ever spent. Usually they also last several winters. The last pair i used for 5 Winters.

I only use two pieces of tech on my bike: an old Garmin etrex Vista HCx for navigation and a fenix TK15 for light. Both are pretty /cyb/ and will survive the apocalypse.

When i was younger i also had a scooter (here you can get your scooter license 3 years before you can get the car license). I have kind of mixed feelings about them. From a technical standpoint they are pretty simple, maintenance and repairs are easy and cheap. On the other hand there is really no fun in riding them. You sit on them like you sit on your toilet bowl, the engine sound is like high-pitched farting and acceleration is practically nonexistant. My advice: get a small motorcycle (like 250-500ccm) instead. They cost about the same, maintenance and repairs are also cheap and easy for many bikes and riding them is actually pretty fun.

For cars i like the more low-tech, sturdy ones. Think like the Volkswagen Golf2 or Volkswagen T3. Easily maintained, easily modified and super durable. Also cars like the older Mercedes-Benz G-class. But i think the most /cyb/ "car" would be the Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG. I really would like one of those and modify it, so you can live out of it.


File: 1466374811760.png (785.11 KB, 200x126, nissan-nv2500-wallpaper-3.jpg)

The Nissan NV2500 is pretty nice.


File: 1466387715648.png (33.29 KB, 200x150, 008[1].jpg)

I drive a Ford Ranger. Definitely not /cyb/, but reliable, can carry a lot, and can go offroad when needed.

My dream /cyb/ car is a Crown Victoria, because they have tons of laptop mounts, antenna mounts, and other misc. retired police gear available for them in the US.

(Pic isn't mine)


File: 1466406235296.png (29.34 KB, 200x150, StepVan.jpg)

I always thought doing something like that (minus the food growing bit) would be a cool thing to do with a step van. They're about as big as you can get while still being easy to drive in a city (most have 14-18" of cargo space), they're both more robust and less conspicuous than an rv, you could put a fake pipe rack on the roof to hide your vent fans/solar panels from the side without it looking weird, and most of them are basically 80's chevy truck frames with a 350 smallbock, so parts are common and cheap.


i've been trying so goddamn hard to find a nice looking mk1 mr2 that isn't 4 hours away from me


File: 1466424035793-0.png (109.98 KB, 200x200, bd4798524429013648642.jpg)

File: 1466424035793-1.png (96.93 KB, 150x200, bd4975066226515511727.jpg)

I'm gonna be getting this, pretty /cyb/


File: 1466428785642.png (226.9 KB, 200x134, 1990_BMW_318i_(E30)_4-door_sedan_(2015-07-09)_01.jpg)

Heh. Some cars are 2-3 countries away, does not mean you should not take a trip to get them. It's a car after all, a story to tell.

Here is a pic of BMW E30, late 80's car. My dad had one when I was a kid. It is very simple and reliable, powerful engine too. Later it turns out it was a car of choice for criminals back then because of engine - nice for getting away from cops after you slaughtered your rivals family.


how are you even supposed to ride with drops that low, fucking hipsters man.


Those are track cycles. They aren't meant to be ridden on streets.


File: 1466444010160-0.png (35.75 KB, 200x151, "Pizza" "Delivery" ""Truck"".jpg)

File: 1466444010160-1.png (1.64 MB, 200x150, one atomic bomb can ruin your whole day.jpg)

That's a good suggestion actually.

Would it make the van less suspicious if a generic cheap stencil like pic related is applied?


/cyb/ as fuck
>300TD (+1 for Dutch plates)
Apocalypse ready but not that /cyb/ imo


File: 1466464591841.png (204.45 KB, 200x150, 0579336-Subaru-Justy-1.2-GLi-4WD-ECVT-1993.jpg)

Here's something that was pretty /cyb/ BITD
>73 cu in inline three that makes 73 hp, 1 hp per cu in!
>MPFI on such a small car wasn't common back in the late 80's


I think identifying marks are always a bad idea personally. At least in my area there are more than one plain white or bare metal stepvans driving around.


4 hours isn't that long really. A nice day trip, hopefully to a new place. Seeing the car is almost just an excuse to visit the area for an afternoon.
And as someone currently driving a mk1 mr2 I can tell you it is worth it if you find a decent one


That is a really cool car. Too bad they seem nearly impossible to find in the U.S.


File: 1467889434226-0.png (91.61 KB, 200x134, 3ac3dd50cb2556090636b063282bf448.jpg)

File: 1467889434226-1.png (30.33 KB, 200x150, 8b5fde2d1fd7ff351a5ec7b22498af78.jpg)

File: 1467889434226-2.png (18.49 KB, 200x151, 012.jpg)


A VW T3 is probably the lightest and smallest practical vehicle that can be turned into a mobile living space / cyber freedom outpost. It's also easy to maintain having minimal electronics and all.

The two other pics show an Iveco with a a shallow coffer that allows it to be stored in a normal container and a vehicle that weights 7,5 tons. The latter will have all comforts of life (your bus is TOO huge) while not guzzling too much gas. Of course only the T3 will look unsuspicious. If you live in Germany that is. A Mercedes Sprinter is the modern choice for urban stealth camping, but it's useless for offroad tours, so I won't ever get it.


File: 1467889875356-0.png (124.89 KB, 200x151, Rampe-650.jpg)

File: 1467889875356-1.png (67.35 KB, 200x150, 84d570a6465e4e11c092233ef174ebad.jpg)

File: 1467889875356-2.png (54.14 KB, 200x134, ford transit connect.jpg)

An addition: there was a blog by a girl who lived out of a Ford Transit. It's just long enough to sleep comfortably. It's very unsuspicious. Pic related.

The other pic shows an interesting RV with a motorcycle compartment which seems very /cyb/ to me.


File: 1467890195805-0.png (24.29 KB, 200x132, 220 dollars.jpg)

File: 1467890195805-1.png (181.73 KB, 200x134, ( ( ( sprinter van.jpg)

File: 1467890195805-2.png (76.3 KB, 200x133, ( 0 so very german.jpg)

Some more impressions

I consider offroad capabilities and urban stealth camping very /cyb/.


File: 1467890725171-0.png (1.31 MB, 134x200, Google_Image_Result_for_i.ytimg.com_vi_jp0qRlGnPtw_maxresdefault.jpg_-_2015-10-18_15.04.52.png)

File: 1467890725171-1.png (438.43 KB, 200x101, Google_Image_Result_for_www.loginshowroom.com_s_cc_images_cache_15369015.jpg_t=1365859652_-_2015-10-19_08.20.39.png)

File: 1467890725171-2.png (17.12 KB, 200x130, suzuki samurai.jpg)

Personally I'll get myself a Suzuki Samurai in a few months. It's probably the least /cyb/ vehicle due to the little space, but it's a good SHTF car that is very light and handles far better offroad than the big guys such as the Land Rover Defender.

The most /cyb/ means of transportation is probably a motorcycle.



Motorcycle lain here. Can confirm, motorcycles are pretty cyb. Traffic jam? No free parking? No problem!
If you buy a good and robust older motorcycle maintenance is easy and cheap. Bonus if you buy an enduro motorcycle you don't even need a road. Riding during a thunderstorm has also a quite dystopian feeling to it.
On the negative side: riding a motorcycle in bad weather is not for everyone. Living out of a motorcycle is also a hard task . . .

Semi-OT: Reminded me of a very cyb music video with a motorcycle in it:


These make me really want to get a van and make it a mobile home of some sort. It really wouldn't be that hard honestly.
I'd just want to keep the stuff easily removable so that if the van need some up keep or replacing it can be taken out.


File: 1468088717303-0.png (19.15 KB, 200x140, tmp_8533-Mandan_lodgebyCurtis285661943.jpg)

File: 1468088717303-1.png (134.73 KB, 200x125, tmp_8533-38861853-896513618.jpg)

First pic really makes me wonder why no one has tried making an RV that can expand out like a native american earth lodge or something.


that would be really heavy.


File: 1468193565079.png (964.49 KB, 200x150, aud80b2.png)


Wat? Bullshit! the USA is THE country of the Subaru Justy!


That and the 100 C4, the last good Audis.


so's yer mother


File: 1468265652169.png (158.89 KB, 147x200, TWINGO PRIDE.jpg)



There's a thread on this on 4chan /diy/ right now.
Anon transforms a Ford connect Transit. There is also talk about other vehicles.


File: 1468295821749-0.png (6.33 MB, 200x150, IMG_20160711_165234.jpg)

File: 1468295821749-1.png (7.86 MB, 200x150, IMG_20160416_123725.jpg)

I have a 1998 suzuki savage motorcycle and drive/live in a 1997 dodge RAM 3500 Maxi Van...I like to think im pretty /cyb/


Don't want to invade your privacy but would you post the dodge's interior if you don't mind? Or could you describe it if it's worthy of?


the interior is currently just a empty metal shell, I am reworking it to have more space and less junk I do not need.


Let's stay away from that.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCppsnZhg_4 this is great ~ the Russian Techno listens to you!


I always thought you could make a kickass scrambler out of one of those suzikis.


File: 1468454979797.png (186.76 KB, 200x150, IMG_2488.jpg)

It would be so cool, but unfortunately, it would be difficult to do this.

Tractor and trailer are expensive. You can go as cheap as $20K for the tractor, but it will likely not be road-legal in some states, and it will be plagued by mechanical issues. New tractors approach $180K.

If you intend to use the truck to make /any/ sort of revenue, you need an authority (right to use a commercial vehicle for commercial purposes) which involves different taxes to register, renew, and taxes on miles driven in each separate state. DHS will also be all over your shit because Carrier laws. Need a Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL) to move it. Say you don't use it commercially, when empty a tractor-trailer truck generally weighs more than 26,000lbs, so you still need a Class A. Getting one can cost between $3K and $8K. 21 and older. Renewal is more complicated than a Class C license.

If you don't use the vehicle commercially, you're still going to get harassed by Department Of Transportation (DOT) officers. If they see you rolling around without an authority numbers on your tractor, they will always pull you over. God help you if you try to roll with bogus tags. You have weight restrictions with heavy penalties; you will go through all weigh stations or get fucked. There are no fix-it tickets; burnt bulbs are tickets and points. You are subject to DOT inspections at all times; an oil leak is a ticket and possible "Out of Service" notice.

Fueling them is expensive. 7mpg is upper-average economy, $2.50/gal diesel is average right now (even if gasoline is cheaper). If it's a newer truck, you'll also need to buy Diesel Exhaust Fluid, too. Tires are expensive and you'll have 18 of them to deal with. Maintenance and repairs are killer (parts and labor). Even DIY is expensive because of the tools needed.

Trucks are limited to where they can travel. In most cases, unless you can prove you have a local delivery, you can't venture into a city from the highway more than a mile or so. Trucks aren't necessarily difficult to drive, but many roads aren't built to accommodate them (weight limits, height limits, not enough space for turns). No asphalt/pavement, no travel in most cases. There are very few cities that are friendly to trucks. No parking, no idling, or you get a ticket/towed at your expense. Truck stops are available, but it would be impolite to sit more than 48 hours in a spot. Their services are also expensive and depending on location, parking is always packed. If driven as a commercial vehicle, you have restrictions on how much you can drive and when.

Truck drivers do not have a reasonable expectation of 5th Amendment rights. If you're in an accident, the first thing a police/DOT officer will have you do is take a drug and alcohol test. Oh, yeah. No THC, amphetamines, opioids, barbituates, etc. Prescriptions must be verified. Automatic blacklist if you pee hot (hair follicle tests coming soon). Your vehicle is subject to search without cause, that means tractor (with sleeper berth) and trailer. Unless the cop's cool, you're always assumed to be in the wrong in an accident. These restrictions are generally for commercial vehicles and CDL holders, but have fun trying to argue that when DOT Officer Bubba Jack wants to ransack your things because of all the cyberpunk/anarchist stickers all over your truck.

Get a straight-truck. Or cargo van, like >>31546
. Less trouble, less conspicuous.


File: 1468462565808.png (200.75 KB, 200x150, s2.jpg)

you mean like this?

I personally like them in stock form, but i can see where you come from.


File: 1468464336848.png (4.31 MB, 200x150, IMG_20160712_142335.jpg)

here is that image if you wanted it bdaly. lol.

Not much to see, bout 2 meters wide from rib to rib and 4 meters long from rear doors to back of driver seat.
(customary, 6feet 2 inches wide, 12 feet long)

I literally live in less space than my old bathroom. the van has 72 sq ft of space and my bathroom had 80, and about twice the head room.

I haven't missed that bathroom or the house and its damned rent.

plus now, I am wardriving everywhere i go lol.


almost $5000 for the kit by the time you get it optioned out to something useful. yeahnope.

Does look nice though.


Dude, that's pretty damn /cyb/. Not you just have to deck out the inside of the van and you're good to go.


Looks like the beginning of a good home honestly.



the WOLF has more drek than any of those


File: 1468499206055.png (717.86 KB, 200x99, wolf.png)


File: 1468504837220.png (107.24 KB, 200x75, Yamaha-Raider-SCL-2014.jpg)

>cyb car

2014 Raider SCL. but prior to this, an old auctioned crown victoria.

modern cars are rolling living rooms designed to entertain, distract, and spy on the driver. in 3 years youll begin to see cars with a Terms of Service agreement, and integrated marketing campaigns.

if your car includes tech, it should be reviewed and installed by you/to your specifications.


heh, thanks lains.

Maybe ill post a thread about it when i get it finished.


Do you have place to park where the police can't mess with you? I lived in a van once but we parked in an unused driveway at a friend's house so that wasn't an issue because it was private property.

There was a ton of other problems I never foresaw, mostly related to moisture from two people sleeping in there every night. Mold... mold everywhere.


But motorcycles are scary and dangerous :^(


Thats why its a nondescript work van, for stealth. Its not perfect, but I like to park in friends driveways, walmart parking lots, construction sites, businesses, furniture stores ect.


Nondescript is good. But all it takes is one neighbor to report a suspicious vehicle. If I'm not mistaken Walmart in the US actually welcomes overnight campers and travelers in their parking lot because those travelers are likely to buy something in the store in the morning... lots of retired seniors touring America in motor homes and such.

Construction sites might be a bad idea, someone might think you were stealing materials from them.


I have found that a simple ladder and some 5 gallon buckets can keep the contractors and workers convinced for several hours. Other unrelated passerby for days...

the problem becomes the noise of worksites...I have a hardhat and and neon green vest so i can blend in when coming and going. I dont do this often only when i dont feel like or dont have anywhere else to go, say in a dense urban area.

Also, as far as moisture is concerned I have a 8000 btu portable AC that i will be installing, I too have fought the moldy plague. that should keep the van dehumidified.


I also do some boon docking when possible, but urban camping is necessary when I go to school or when I am working. I hate paying RV park fees around here...


those are some ugly as fuck scooters

im gonna be driving a 78 international scout 2 as soon as i get it fixed properly. mechanically bulletproof, only electronics are the starter and audio system.
For now im riding my crossover bike, its got adjustable suspension so you can have it rigid for road, soft for offroad. Its got 1.5 inch wide tires, so its right between a skinny roadbike and a mountain bike.


File: 1470517131390.png (755.04 KB, 200x140, stealth-1000w-12ah-front_0.jpg)

I've been planning on picking up one of these.

Cyclotricity Stealth 1000W E-Bike.

Apparently it will do 30 mph on the battery alone.


File: 1470676838973.png (23.45 KB, 200x147, CARLOS, GODVERDOMME.jpg)

>XCT forks
>Tourney everything
>not a Maverick


File: 1470677857356.png (116.71 KB, 104x200, ClipboardImage.png)

maybe stop being a puss and get a pair of these


Don't bother with this kind of shit. Just buy a second hand roadbike.

Buying crappy meme bikes will just break on you, buy something without giving money to some company and getting something that'll fall apart on you.


vw golf mk2

my personal favorite


File: 1470697422154.png (190.97 KB, 200x134, yamaha_cygnus_125_by_jerry6980-d636uq8.jpg)

Inner city scooter crew represent


The problem is I live at the top of a big hill. I'm not physically fit enough to cycle up, not fat just smoke too much.

I was thinking of a MTB because I could take a shortcut off road to work. I'd be buying on the cycle2work scheme which would mean it'd cost the same if not more to convert a secondhand bike.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just trying to justify it to myself.


Do you know anything about electrical engineering? The issue with these bikes is they use brushed motors which wear out quickly and the batteries they use aren't made for the kind of power they put out. With daily use, you'll get maybe 6 months out of it, which is fine if you can fix it. It'll run cheaper in the long run. Otherwise, buy a cheapo chinese scoot and learn mechanical engineering. You'll get a few more miles out of it, but shit will literally fall off.


I'm a mechanical engineer by trade. I admit I know little to nothing about electrical engineering. However the bike does have a brushless motor and comes with 2 years warranty. If the battery fails after 6 months surely that will cause a lot of returns for the company.

Like I say though I'm not an electrical engineer and don't know a great deal about lithium batteries.


Whoa there buddy. Always go Japanese with bikes. Ive got a Yamaha and dodged a bullet cause I nearly got a Sinnis


File: 1471189953514.png (8.29 KB, 200x150, tmp_31262-images1376551033.jpeg)

I'm from Europe and I bought myself 2002 Renault Twingo. I has 59k km covered and pretty much weak engine. I use to to travel around to work and to the beach. I plan to travel to Germany in March next year to hunt sys admin carrer so I will sleep inside of him because it has nice bed solution integrated in it. Pic related but generic from documentary


>hunt sys admin carrer so I will sleep inside of him


File: 1471284900470.png (9.46 KB, 200x150, tmp_10040-images(2)1376551033.jpeg)

Wouldn't you like to sleep in him?


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