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Thread about dressing up like a hacker on steroids
**That girl in the sticky has a ballin' pair of goggles/glasses, where can I find ir?**


I'm gonna start this thread by reiterating a post other people have made here: Like punk, "cyberpunk" fashion is what you make of it, unless you're a conformist glitterboy.

For the classic cyberpunk look, generally speaking you should look to punk and industrial fashion, obviously with an eye for functionality when possible and in general being more "techy". So, military suplus, especially boots and especially boots with a lot of straps, leather jackets, jean vests, shit covered with patches and customized in other ways, hoodies, waxed jeans, a cheap casio watch, and of course mirrorshades. Any wearable tech you can hack together is also a plus.

For the "cypherpunk" look, you can draw on shit like techwear and military surplus, or the "grey man" look if you're really autistic about not being noticed.

This is a really good source for helping you figure out how you want to look:

Again, though, I highly encourage your to keep the punk spirit alive and be fucking creative. Otherwise you may as well go to Hot Topic and pick up some cargo pants and a Minor Threat t-shirt.


There's nothing about "cyberpunk" that involves clothing choice.


W2c the highly reflective/fluorescent materialhttps://theishu.com/
These bad boys are made out of?

Photography resistant clothing is a fascination I have just found... Need more links.


File: 1468672078815.png (6.88 MB, 200x113, Flashback Collection _ Betabrand & Chris Holmes-4G-E_SDpF2s.webm)

>Photography resistant clothing is a fascination I have just found... Need more links.

Glass nanosphere coated clothing seems to work well enough to obscure flash photography but not enough to obscure filming in daylit environments.


So scotchlite?

3m's HQ is a few minutes away from my house


File: 1468691692151-0.png (23.91 KB, 200x200, look1-md.jpg)

File: 1468691692151-1.png (23.27 KB, 200x200, look5m-md.jpg)

File: 1468691692151-2.png (34.75 KB, 200x200, look3-md.jpg)

makeup/hair/accessories to make it look like you have no face to face detection algorithms is a must


Surely the best thing to do is to dress up as normally and forgettably as possible.


Why? What does that get you?


To not stand out in meatspace.


but with a sufficiently good camera and a sufficiently small range of clothing, it is still easy to identify you.


I guess it depends what you want. To hide from machines or people.


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As I see it, there are two ways to look at cyberpunk
1. As fashion, so you can dress up as schway as you want, such an outfit can look really schway
2. As more of a lifestyle. In which case all these schway kids who only care about looks and thinkpads come out as frivolous.
I would fit in the second kind (omitting the "lifestyle" part), which is why I don't go to places like 8ch/cyber/
I'll act as if somebody asked me and say that my 'cyberpunk' style is wearing plain, nearly always gray clothes, that allow me to move comfortably, and stay as lightweight as possible in all situations. Ninja style if you care about role playing


what does THAT get you?

you're identifiable anyway. Might as well look like "fuck you" to the guy behind the surveillance camera.


to expand on this, at a certain point it becomes impossible to hide that you're the sort of person you are, a criminal, a revolutionary, whatever. At some point you have to move from hiding from the forces you're fighting to just claiming space. Clothes are a way to do that. Obviously there are tactical considerations always but I think claiming space by looking like "fuck you" is valuable.


I'd still prefer to be unnoticeable. I would wear those fancy clothes that claim to be privacy friendly if they weren't so expensive and if they actually work (I'm not convinced, though I haven't really looked at it much). But only the clothes that look normalish.

There is merit to
>claiming space
and I thank the people who do (it might cause at least someone to notice and start to think about how things are), but it's not for me. At least until a reasonable amount of people do it.


the ishu isn't foolproof, good photographers will still be capable of making a nice pic of you, even if you're wearing one;


I would like to build on this. (I'm not the same person by the way). But perhaps we give too much credit to surveillance. Not to turn a blind eye on it, of course it's an issue. But I'd rather take a 'fuck you' approach to it rather than passively hiding away from it (which implies accepting it, in a sense).
I'm not too sure how exactly I would do this, but I'd like to take a sort of stance in between those two positions: hiding away from all kinds of surveillance / not giving a shit about it.
Regular people (aka, normals) don't give a fuck if their data is out there for all to see, or they rather not think about it and immerse themselves in the fantasy world provided by corporations, we all know that.
The two approaches seem rather extreme, and to some extent, people fit anywhere in the spectrum as a consequence of the way they live.
These clothes featured in this thread that confuse the camera seem to me like more of a 'fuck-you' approach to surveillance. If they wanted to tag you, it wouldn't be too hard regardless of the jacket, unless you wear it in special cases for the purpose of identity conceal. But wearing it in the open, you'd be, rather than hiding, spoiling their pictures wherever you are, and thus 'marking territory' or 'claiming space'.


That's fair.

posts like these are why I love lainchan


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How far do you want to take 'fuck-you'?

The biggest 'fuck-you' one could theoretically pull off would be doable with a spray-paint drone. esp considering you could program it to paint intricate designs in impossible places.


You could program a drone with surveillance-cam recognition and let your imagination do the rest.


I've been wearing the standard trench coat and combat boots as of recently. I really want a nice pair of sun glasses that block out all that shitty florescent lighting. Everything I wears black too, because I can't be bothered to wear any other colors because what's the point?


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File: 1468708346245-1.png (955.25 KB, 200x113, 1432706121136.gif)

File: 1468708346245-2.png (1.21 MB, 200x113, 1432706074728.gif)

More for the /diy/-minded:



Next up: autonomous graffiti drones untraceable and untouched by human hands. You order it shipped in a specified package with your software preloaded. It breaks out of the box on its own and does its thing.


Completely doable. Wouldn't be too hard to program a tag with the exact strokes and amounts of colors used.


File: 1468716366099-0.png (7.65 MB, 200x113, chicken-head-tracking.webm)

File: 1468716366099-1.png (217.73 KB, 200x153, ica-two.1.jpeg)

File: 1468716366099-2.png (223.86 KB, 200x154, ica-two.2.jpeg)


Accurately compensating for environmental conditions would be the most difficult thing to achieve, but birds have had this figured out for a while.

You would need to actuate the paint nozzle independent of the aircraft body.


>compensating for environmental conditions would be the most difficult thing to achieve
Nope, that sounds like an easy workaround.

Maybe my EE degree isn't an entirely meaningless corp cool badge.


do it lain! Do some original research!


Sounds like all you need is an ultrasonic distance sensor and a program for calculating course corrections. The sensor shouldn't be too hard to obtain, hell I remember a lego kit that came with one.


File: 1468745905433.png (3.91 MB, 200x148, front-fell-off.webm)


Why did you take EE if you didn't want to build? There are other ways to earn a living, maybe it's not your thing. Some corp badges come at a very steep price, like never being able to start your own projects.


I read that in a dutch scifi childrens novel once, a guy stole a flying paint robot and painted an entire high-rise building black.


I'm almost 100% sure you don't do it yourself so why advise anyone else to do it?


Because it would be completely retarded and hilarious to see?


I agree but there are ways with your hair if you have long hair.
or certain other ways!


There are other pure makeup patterns (I couldn't find on his site, will have to dig through my RSS archives) that look really cool actually.

The gist of it is just to obscure features the algorithm detects, like where your nose is, or how far apart your eyes are. Apply black makeup where you want an artificial shadow and white makeup where you want artificial light. The algorithm is going to mistakenly infer depth from those.

Also, it's impossible to say that isn't cyberpunk fashion. High fashion and not street fashion for sure, but it's fashion.


>black/gray shirt
>black dress shirt/hoodie/dyed milsurp jacket
>cheap and durable milsurp boots
>cheap and functional casio F91-W watch
>black baseball cap

My daily uniform. I like colors, but this keeps people away from me. It's funny how something as simple as the color of your clothing can affect others perceptions of you at first glance. They'll avoid eye contact and oftentimes walk to the other side of the street in unease. A couple times when I went out to take a walk at night, individual people would do a 360 turn and moonwalk the fuck outta there at a quick pace when they got a good look at what I was wearing.


What about pants? Genuinely curious.


No pants at all, given other people reaction lainon described.


>gray wool soviet longcoat with 4 standard pockets in the liner + gun pocket and a mace holder and two extra deep outside pockets for small computers, tablets, phones and other somewhat bulky objects.
>Draggin jeans with internal knee pads
>D30 padded under armor shorts and shirt
>brown steel toed work boots from caterpillar
>draggin kevlar shirt
>sweat wicking paadded socks
>leather gloves
>a blue angels hat with "American Citizen" plastered on the back to confuse onlookers


that's how you die of heat exhaustion in summer.


>cargo shorts
>either nondescript shoes or hiking boots


So, the question is what threats exist that an average lainon would need in their threat model?


I wonder if a gun type mechanism with paintballs based around existing 12 gauge or 40mm styled airsoft/paintball shells (as most are completely self contained mechanisms that just require pressure on the rear to fire and don't require a traditional barrel for any purpose other than holding the shell in place) would be more effective for the role of eliminating CCTV cameras due to the potential for a lighter weight payload and therefore lighter, cheaper quadcopters that would be easier to conceal during transport.


If utilitarianism is your thing and you need to hide from both you could wear a hijab. It's an acceptable way to cover your face and most people won't think twice.


That made me laugh way to hard. XD
Also the girl is pretty cute.


A man wearing a hijab would be weird, and anyone wearing a hijab in, say, Mississippi would probably not go well.



Why not construct a necklace that houses IR LEDs bright enough to obscure the face.


File: 1469099566821.png (3.2 MB, 200x153, L A L L .webm)

>So, the question is what threats exist that an average lainon would need in their threat model?

Love Lain and find out yourself!



This kind of reminds me of the weird facial markings people had in Thomas est Amoureux.


Computer monitors are supposed to have trouble with International Klein Blue.


Ride a motorbike then you have a viable excuse to wear armour leather and boots as well as gadgets. If you just wear this stuff as a gimmick you look like a cosplay character.


Or a hat. Or glasses. Fuck, got braces? Put IR LEDS in dat shit


I think a breath mask like inner-city cyclists wear, or a dust mask, Asia SARS scare style, and a reversible jacket and hoodie would mess up a lot of profiling, if you picked a dead spot to switch the jacket in.


Maybe you could make something with really "bright" infrared lights? They are detected by phone cameras but you won't look like a walking flashlight.

Though making something to filter that out could be possible to motivated people? Then stick to the LEDs.


File: 1470018186506.png (142.27 KB, 200x113, entomatoment.jpeg)


The main issue this approach using LEDs alone is that they're highly directional and not powerful enough on their own to interfere with observation from a large number of different angles.

This might work more efficiently if you had an object capable greatly intensifying the light on or around the object or person you wish to conceal, rather than attempting to direct light from the person towards the camera at the angle necessary to blind the device.


A fresnel lens would be a cheap way of achieving this effect.



Sadly, this doesn't actually work. It's trivial to filter out the IR light.


File: 1470151313435.png (1.67 MB, 200x127, cawmera.webm)

>It's trivial to filter out the IR light.

Correct, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't cost billions in labor and infrastructure upgrades.

More importantly, it would render the cameras blind in unlit conditions.


Don't forget: state level actors have facial detection algorithms that can identify you from 5% of your face.


is this pure speculation or do you have proof? Remember that organizations like facebook and google are probably at most 6 months behind the latest of high-tech government research.


In any field or knowledge, government is around 5-7 years ahead of what available to civilian industry.


again, pure speculation or do you have proof?


File: 1470236548982.png (179.39 KB, 200x113, ⵠ⸨⨀⸩.jpg)

>Or a hat. Or glasses. Fuck, got braces? Put IR LEDS in dat shit

This. Mount the LEDs in the brim of the hat, cover in fresnel lens and direct towards the face.

Reduce power consumption and throw off exposure adjustment algorithms by cycling the LEDs at a high rate.

Reflectivity of skin could be increased with high SPF sunscreen and critical features obscured with reflective glasses.


I'm reasonably certain it can be done in software, and also reasonably certain that the black domes you see over most outdoor cameras already serve that purpose.

what do you care, utf8lain, how is the fascist state going to kill all us anarchists if we're wearing your preferred headgear


>I'm reasonably certain it can be done in software

camera firmware is a bitch to update, though.


Citation required


File: 1470270292206.png (14.09 KB, 200x200, alrdyded.jpeg)

>how is the fascist state going to kill all us anarchists if we're wearing your preferred headgear

>gubmint killing keyboard anarchists

Are you sure about that, Lain? If the gubs cyber-killed off the cyber-anarchists, who'd be left to sweat off the trillions of dollars of negative growth bond leveraged bail-out debt they've cleverly synthesized?

They're not going to tax themselves!


File: 1470306591500.png (24.74 KB, 129x200, 0ebc803a-2764-466a-bf16-1763dab4ab79.jpg)



File: 1470306846671.png (229.2 KB, 134x200, 738ebcce-6c9a-4e0c-8cc4-b3c0c79dc7db.jpg)

Really dystopian
also latex


With cyberpunk fashion I find people tend to either focus on the cyber or the punk. Modern cyberpunks tend to see gothninja style as the way to go but why not just go all out punk? Punk is about saying fuck you and standing out from the normies because you can. I think the key is finding the balance between looking cool and practicality. There can be no singular cyberpunk fashion imo because the movement itself is not as coherent as punk or most other subcultures. We all listen to different music and work different jobs, plus most of our discussion happens online where fashion doesn't come into effect. In conclusion dressing however you think suits you and your life the best is the most cyberpunk form of fashion



Doesn't that only cause issues when you use a flash for your pic?


I wear mostly thrift store and/or dumpster score clothes with a focus on function rather than fashion. I have a penchant for suspenders over belts. I rarely wear shorts outside the house. I wear Chucks a lot, but imo they are basically the perfect shoe.

Like, I got the ugly ass billowy yellow oxford because it had two breast pockets with buttons. The black PVC hooded longcoat? It was cheap and super light and keeps the rain off.

I don't wear those every day by any means. I wear a lot of different stuff, sometimes depending on the environmental conditions outside and sometimes depending on the social effect that I need to have for meetings or whatever. I do regularly pare down my wardrobe do about a week's worth of clothing and cycle through it. I need to do another culling. I'm getting a bit stagnated and weighed down.


There's always the Cyberkid look, that used to be a thing in raves. Basically Punk with a lot of ironic circuit boards and LEDS and silver cloth and wrap arounf shades.


I think that if cyberpunk is really low-life hight-tech than we shouldn't be talking about "cyberpunk fashion" at all. If you are a low life you don't choose what to wear or try too "look cool" but you wear what you heave, what is cheap, warm and practical. All those shops with cyberpunk clothes for over 9000$ are the exact negation of cyberpunk ideology in my opinion. You shouldn't care how you look but what you know and what you can do so the topic of fashion is irrelevant. All those super ultra LEDs, latex, strange hairstyles were always quite funny to me. People who looks that way usually tend to care more about how the society percieves them than about ideas and knowledge. The same as normie's attention seeking.


I agree completely



This. If you are /cyb/, your money should go to your tech, not your $400 gothninja joggers






don't be ridiculous, hobos are always styling, their outfits are bespoke.


It isn't about what hobos wear or don't wear, it's about necessity. If you have no reason to wear a tinfoil armband with your LED t-shirt, why would you?


Well it comes down to the fact that you usually have to wear something when you go outside. So why not have it be something you find aesthetically pleasing? I agree that spending large amounts of money on clothing is stupid, but that doesn't mean you have to go out looking like a complete wreck either.

Cyberpunk is partly about expression I think, and clothing is a part of that. You can always find that sweet spot between form and function


You're right, expensive fashion is the opposite of cyberpunk. However, it does not mean you have to wear the cheapest ugliest clothes you can find. And that's where the term "cyberpunk fashion" has an interesting meaning and differentiates itself from "poor" clothing, because it implies that you manage, even with close to no money, to find or obtain the clothing that matches your style. And the ability to get schway stuff for yourself without money is totally cyberpunk.


My own opinion is shaped entirely from the places I've lived but I consider clothes the most important part of my "tech" because of the shitty weather. Due to the size of my feet and the lack of resources in this town I find it impossible to find footwear in freeboxes or thrift stores and so I insist on paying for good boots when I can. Also, solid rain gear. I have a shiny new computer here but my boots gave out and I feel very poor because of it.

As for things like colour, even that is practical. I like to have choices of dark clothes for stealth or bright ones for visibility; the latter so some drunkard in an F350 doesn't kill me by accident.



This guy is living the life right here. You a vagabond?


I have been. I rode trains, lived off of dumpsters, did lots of "work" but it was almost all volunteer and rarely the paying kind. I got tired of always traveling and the other thing is I never owned any modern tech back then. I never had a cellphone before 2011 or so, and only started accumulating hand-me-down computers a little before that. I got tired of stuff breaking all the time (there is a reason people gave their old tech to me for free) so I finally ordered a brand new one.


I spent some time on the road as a techie too. Bet you're the one who posted about gortex earlier. I swear that shit was passed down to man by god. As for footwear, I've still got my original boots from boot camp, and still wear them 15 years later. The soles are a bit worn down, though. Thinking about resoling them with tire treads. I've been running on the military issue gortex for the same amount of time, though the jacket could be replaced. Hard to find nowadays.

Few boot maint tips for the lurkers:
* Don't over polish - the wax gets into creases and cracks the leather. Yeah, i know, shiny boots. fuck that.
* No heat or water - bad for the leather.
* No chemicals - Same deal.
* if you get a cut in the leather, seal it with wood glue or an epoxy like gorilla glue. Looks like shit, and breaks eventually, but keeps the leather from fraying and keeps your boots water proof. Try not to get it everywhere.
* Breaking in new boots - fill them with water and go for a walk. after 15 minutes or so, if there's still water in them, dump it out. Walk in em til they're dry. My feet smelled like ass for a week, but after that, i never got a blister so long as my socks were legit.


File: 1470770523986.png (140.34 KB, 198x200, cyberpunk hobo hackers.jpg)

Just found this pic a minute ago, completely randomly. Is this us in 30 years? or next week? filename very related.


acrnm.com is good for inspiration

I don't go full blown cyberpunk like acronym, but I like trying to achieve a cheaper & more reserved version of it.

I think a collection of high-quality, base-color, matching clothes is perfect for the computer enthusiast/introvert. It allows for minimal time thinking about what to wear in the morning, everything matches and looks good. Nice simple clothes by default means one less thing to worry about when in public. Personally I'm a fan of outlier.nyc.



what fags oh my god


File: 1470813334467.png (313.79 KB, 200x150, 69Ci2mS.jpg)

I just came across this, it's pretty cyberpunk I guess. I think it looks neat
What about making your own schway clothes?





Well, i don't know about the cybernetics, but I think you could definitely equate that to XCommander.


Homless hacker jumps bail and walks to canada


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