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> Kickass Torrents' huge file sharing site shut down by feds

This is an attack on the people and their choice, corporations and their lobbyists use the governments to overreach and punish with their draconian laws those who dare to question their profit margins.

Face it lainons, you're as good as the revenue you create to these assholes.

How much more getting fucked does it takes until you react?



They will not be able to do this forever, the internet is slowly but surely taking power out from the hands of tyrants and spreading it equally among everyone.



It's impressive how the general consensus of the internet-at-large seems to be on the side of the prosecutors. "you shouldn't do illegal things" etc etc

where just five or ten years ago piracy was 100% the rule, not the exception. how did big business/the government train them so well, so quickly?


I don't fall in to the trap of wanting filthy media and expensive proprietary software that then must be bought with DRM or whatever it requires.

If I want music, I browse bandcamp or a public domain website until I find something I like. I don't use proprietary software. I don't want the awful propaganda that passes for entertainment and music nowadays.

It's when they successfully pass bills like the TPP, which explicitly target licenses like the GPL, that I'll get even angrier. Right now, so many people are trying to make the system work. The EFF is suing the US government right now:


You forgot to mention that the was extradited to the United States to be sentenced even though he was Ukranian born, lived in Poland, and never lived in the United States.


The reason people pirate is because its the only way to get 90% of media.


These big media companies do not understand the simple fact that a lot of people could pay for their creation if it was easy and convinient.
Netflix tries to do this, but in a really shitty way forcing it's users to run proprietary software, same way with spotify.
There will be a time when consumers will be tired from this bullcrap. Also something pirating is the only form to get specific content, in my 3rd world hole acess to music/shows/movies is really limited and piracy makes it easier.



>content not available in my region.

this is the only justification for piracy.


>how did big business/the government train them so well, so quickly?

Well, the DoJ made several awful examples of people caught pirating/enabling the pirating of copyrighted information, with Aaron Schwartz being the most famous example.

Don't forget that when people pirate something, they are doing so without much thought, as they should, because it is a simple and effortless thing to do. The "crime" of a data pirate is defined in very abstract terms, removed by several degrees from its consequences. So when you threaten a pirate with something kinetic, like imprisonment, and you show them you mean it, you're going to have immediate and far-reaching results.


Reaction =/= violent reaction. In discussing this we are technically reacting. The question OP should have asked isn't when, but how.
How are we going to respond?


Far more complex than that. I just dropped $30 on a CD that I would have never heard of without torrenting. When was the last time you spent $30 on a CD? Probably never.

But you know what? The band is never going to see that money. I bought the CD used because the CD is out of print.


Torrents are decentralised. Just use Torrentz to find them instead.


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KAT complies with DMCA, logs into failbook with real IP, refused to remove well known malvertising, ranks are given out too easily, their security is shit, stupid cliquiness, the list goes on. Why this site beat out piratebay in popularity is a mystery to me.

When the piratebay was seized, it was only down a few days before it went back online again. Not just that, they can run the site without any of the above bullshit. If all the other trackers go down, one thing is certain, there will always be the pirate bay.

KAT down, nothing of importance was lost.


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I had a better experience with KAT than with TPB ever. I've been using these trackers since 2005-ish and KAT always stood out as positive, but it's my opinion only.


we have to do something about this.
if we throw a riot where he's gonna be jailed, we can bust em out, right?


lol that wouldnt accomplish anything. If you wanna honor him setup a backup or someshit so his work doesnt disappear


Seems to me most people prefer futile efforts and empty gestures. We live in a world where communist rhetoric is co-opted as advertising and propaganda to bolster neoliberalism. If people are this stupid, I'd say the human race is getting what it deserves. If people never learn anything and never really change, maybe they deserve to suffer.


>Netflix tries to do this, but in a really shitty way forcing it's users to run proprietary software, same way with spotify. There will be a time when consumers will be tired from this bullcrap.

Such time might not come soon, if ever, since general public/most of today's userbases don't even think of alternatives, nor care about privacy in context of everyday computer usage. Majority of post-2000 generation of people are used to such nasty forms of providing services to users, and they just don't seem to care, and that is why we, as minority should keep boycotting this as much as possible.


Any good alternatives to KAT? I'm particularly interested in programming books.


I remember that companies like Netflix and Crunchyroll wanted to move to HTML5 rather than Silverlight and Flash but it's the companies who produce the content that got mad about that, all worried that people will start ripping it. At least, that was the excuse that the CR reps had.


You search something and it points to other torrent sites, however they are all valid websites. Used this since years.


For programming / electronic books there's http://www.sonsivri.to/forum/


BTW kickass will be back, it's just a matter of time.


How am I supposed to use this? I'm trying the search and not managing to find anything. Do I need to register and beg for stuff?

Looks promising. Checking it out.


What makes you say that?

Things are looking grim this time.


Did they even have a tracker? What's the point of all these torrent sites that just host magnet links?



So that you can search torrents based on categories, users, content, tags, and to comment on the quality of the torrent itself. That's why torrent sites exist.



File: 1470370283205.png (229.21 KB, 200x152, 1463292047212.png)

Torrentz.eu is down as well.
Any good alternatives?


>the internet is slowly but surely taking power out from the hands of tyrants and spreading it equally among everyone.

Seems like you're completely disregarding the flipside, like the massive surveillance implications of the internet, which can be used to crush movements and throw people in jail, as well as the internet being used as soma, arguably with far more effective results than television.


>not using a private tracker



Email devnull@firemail dot cc
For an invitation to the Lainchan private tracker.

Include a paragraph explaining how you intend to contribute and your preferred OS.

For fast track access ask for an invite in IRC.



The misconception is that the big media companies have any kind of win state in mind where they play nice and leave people alone. Or that they just do this in a misguided attempt to sustain themselves.

They expect to grow endlessly even though consumer wealth stagnated ages ago. There are no more pieces of the pie left as most people are already spending their entire income or often more than their entire income. The companies are already being supported to an extent that is a detriment to the well being of the larger population.

It should go without saying there's no point in appeasement in such a situation, especially not at the expense of something as promising as the global and free distribution of data.


All the "a time will come when people get tired" comments in here are hilarious. You are the exception, not the rule. "People" will see the commercial option as the best, or be made too. Just laugh in your lcd dungeon as new and better file sharing services appear to combat this. More importantly, be active in your rebellion. Share, steal, reproduce, modify.


>implying feds wont be there


You guys should really give xdcc a change. Check out mg-chat,mg-lounge and moviegods channels on the abjects network.


Might as well go back to usenet


>I browse bandcamp or a public domain website
Would you share some links in this thread?

Don't go alone, go get in touch with the KAT community and organize something.


or email niles@rogoff.xyz for an invite and you don't have to write a paragraph


Hey, anyone interested in film making?

Youtube has shown that if nobodies (as in not super famous and rich) can make great content people actually want to consume, why don't we take full advantage of that? Because when it's said and done, I'd rather not waste my time, energy, or bandwidth on pirating something that isn't unique. I'll throw the mainstream companies a few dollars so I can enjoy a few of the things I like from them, but I'm not going to consume shit I don't even like, even if it is free.

To some degree, the fact we even have piracy of these companies' content just shows how powerful their control over the masses is. That we, the consumer, are willing to go any length just to look at their tv shows and movies or listen to music, even "stealing". I mean, is that new Adam Sandler movie really worth your money OR your time?

Whereas, if we start taking the idea of making our own content more seriously, we could have those big companies understand that what we want and need isn't DRM or anything like that but just a way to watch movies or whatever and enjoy them for what they are.

Of course, it's all about money and to that end, I do understand that issue.


Exactly, it's all about money. Producing compelling movies cost huge sums of money. A lot of that goes in to advertising too.

If there's no return on your time and effort (and money) to make a movie, then it's hard to justify doing it. At least on youtube, creating content doesn't cost much more than your time.

I've been trying to think of where movies fit in in a "no DRM, everything is free" society. At least with free software, you can get paid to develop and maintain it. With music, if you release it for free, you can still make lots of revenue through concerts and merchandise. But movies? Maybe crowd-sourcing could be an option, but I can't see many people being willing to do that (except in rare cases where it has happened to bring back a beloved franchise or something).

Really the only way to make money from movies is by releasing them in the theatre, or on paid DRM streaming services like Netflix, or free DRM services with ads


Good point, I was just thinking about how pornography got fucked super hard because Joe and Jane Doe can make equally good porn and a lot of times people prefer it because it's almost always free and when couples/people do charge people are more likely to pay them than say, Bang Bros.

I think the best way would be to release the movie on torrent officially alongside the theater release where you have to pay, but you're buying the "experience" and of course, if you rather have a physical copy like a flash drive or a DVD you can buy that too so you can have it without having to use an Internet connection to torrent it in the first place.


Are you talking about a collaborative project? If so, you could make a thread on /art/ to get a sketch going and eventually lains could start uploading video snippets.
>it's all about money and to that end
Entertainment is about money and consumption, art is about art and enjoyment.

>Producing compelling movies cost huge sums of money.
Not really, you can do a lot with just an OK camera.
It takes millions if you want flashy fx to compete with blockbusters, or if you want to appeal the masses by hiring famous actors and play the thing in a theatre screen thus having to film with very expensive cameras, and win millions so you can spend your days scratching your ass for a couple years.
If you don't go that way, you're golden with a HD camera, a good computer for the editing and a good idea.


Also your idea is a good to try and take the movie away from entertainment and closer to art.
A movie can have the atmosphere of music, the imagery of photography and the narrative of literature.
The thing is, if you do it for money you get exploding cars, an ''s'all fine -> problem -> solution -> s'all fine again'' storyline and handsome characters spitting witty phrases.


The proliferation of legal streaming services like Spotify, Hulu, etc. The corporations adapted, and most people don't care about actually owning the content and don't mind paying a relatively minor charge if they have access to large quantities of media.


I seem to recall that filmmakers have done that, leaked their own movies officially and openly as a form of free promotion. I can't think of an example but let's just say I wasn't talking about the Avengers or something. It would have been an independent movie that didn't have the budget left to do any paid promotion. Independent musicians figured out years ago that the "all data is free" culture was only going to help them. They give mp3s away but then people get into it and come to the show, buy a t-shirt. The people I know who tour with their bands would never have been able to travel in the past but they can at least break even now (well, mostly) though none of them are getting rich or even doing it full time.

Even professional musicians benefit from this, even if they whine about piracy. If there is a sustainable DIY network of house shows and warehouses then the professional venues have to be competitive which in some cases means keeping ticket prices low and paying the bands guarantees rather than letting them sink or swim on the luck of the door. It's not universal but I've known it to be done. The clubs are making all their money from beer sales anyway and it's the bands that bring the drinkers to their place instead of the place next door. I'm not talking about stadium shows here.

Also I don't see the problem with DIY porn but that may be preference. I just think selfies are cute, dirty mirror and all. Professional porn was always 95% crap and it still is. Again, personal preference. Amateur porn is too but I can ignore most of it and just follow the girls I like. If you want to trade a small donation to see her put a shoe on her head (whatever gets it up buddy) then customer and worker are getting something out of it. I doubt the women of pro magazines ever honored these requests.


What I don't understand is why people consider, say, torrenting a song as different to streaming the song on an unofficial youtube channel. I guess the seeding, but no one (except music corps maybe) thinks that the uploaders on youtube are doing anything wrong.


Isn't VEVO an answer to that?


Because people are stupid, plain and simple. People think that if they aren't downloading anything then it can't be bad. They assume it's just a loophole that's okay to exploit.

For example, an old roommate who was fervently against torrenting, but would watch Walking Dead on clearly illegal streaming sites all the time.


These things are pretty much irrelevant. What matters is content. KAT was big, and big places magnet people. Especially that most of the population is social and not nerdy infosec. No one really wants to put much effort into a torrent just for the site to disappear in a month or two - KAT was pretty old, and thus statistically one of the best places to put your work on.


It's possibly because youtube generally sounds like shit, and most people only use it to check something out whereas people torrent something as a means to acquire a quality version for keeps. In theory, at least... of course there are people who only listen to music via youtube but let's be honest, anyone who does that is probably such a passive listener that it's not likely they would ever spend much money on buying music.

That's different. A TV show is something most people only watch once anyway. Not that I care if people steal from AMC (I do it), but the lack of logic there is astounding.


>It's possibly because youtube generally sounds like shit, and most people only use it to check something out whereas people torrent something as a means to acquire a quality version for keeps. In theory, at least... of course there are people who only listen to music via youtube but let's be honest, anyone who does that is probably such a passive listener that it's not likely they would ever spend much money on buying music.

This. I typically will use Youtube to sample some of the songs on an album and that's what I usually base my purchases off of. But I rarely buy music though.