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Has anybody ever made an augmented reality based larping platform?

So someone could make a quest by deploying NPCs with lines, quest items and bosses to different real-life locations via a gui and have them, and their interactions (conversations, battles etc.) rendered by the engine, as well as random encounters, with perhaps the density and nature of said random encounters dictated again by the quest-maker. These quests, and the assets used to make them could be published through an official online platform as free software/public domain assets, with donations available to motivate content creation; or as proprietary assets (perfectly acceptable for art and dialogue) by commercial developers. With the engine and creation tools released and developed as free-software (copyleft) to allow for the development as whole commercial packages.

Is this already in existence? And if not, how would one go about gathering free-software developers to make it?


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I'm more interested in an AR ERPing platform.


I found this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LyteShot although it's not exactly what you're looking for.




Erotic Roleplaying. Picture kind of gives it away.


this this this.


I can't seem to find anything, but pokemon go is a good step towards this happening.