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Would text randomization help protect even a little aganinst tracking? What im talk1ng aboout is writing a prgrm to randomiz3 text aubmitted to chans, forumz, etc.. replacing regular words with 1337 speek or random misspellings as well as lack or presence of punctiation, spacing, and using synonyms. in theory this could help protect people who may be tracked based upon their syntax and method of writing (formality, commonly used words, commonly misspelled words.....) by randomizing all of their text.,
Of course, this could certainly identify users of the script/sofware, but perhaps if the majority of people (say, it was bundled with Tails Tor Browser) were using it that would become useless? thoughts


Depends on how you set it up. Just replacing stuff with 1337 speak wouldn't change that much. A spellchecker to correct misspellings would already remove a lot of identifying information (that's why the Tor Browser comes with spellcheck enabled).
Also take a look at the stuff on this page: https://psal.cs.drexel.edu/index.php/Main_Page


Use the Simplified Technical English. Leave them no clues.



That is a clue. Since most people have regional colloquialisms and terms (kitty corner vs. katty corner). You have to take into account the environment you write in to adjust writing to something that is stylometrically vague.


What about something that uses synonym substitutions to randomize the writing style of each message?



That would be one /dimensionality/ in the statistics spectrum. Think cadence, think punctuation, lead in articles or prepositions.


Isn't it better to be identified as someone trying to hide their identity than as who you actually irl directly. Some perfect writing style transformation algorithm that is indistinguishable from a normal human from a random location with random personal quirks might be best, but I'm not sure that it's strictly necessary for being anonymous.
Is this not analogous to how it's better to be caught 'suspiciously' using tor than to be caught sending your incriminating information in clear text?