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You guys remember the clicking grinding noise old computers made? The drive head seeking while writing/reading, I think. I'm thinking of building several small machines with old drives and running them headless as freenet nodes just to hear that soothing noise from my childhood.

How the fuck do I get a drive that sounds right? I think modern HDDs have some kind of mechanism to prevent this noise?
Do I just need to track down specific old models, or is there a way to get any old HDD to do it? (Something to do with power management? Head parking? I've seen the term "acoustic management a few times...)





Oh fuck, I hated that sound so much. I've been spoiled by my current rig where all I hear are my fans due to using an SSD and I'm considering getting a desktop drive external hard drive that I plug via USB and all that because getting 4-5 TB is pretty fucking cheap now.

I will admit, the 56k modem sound is a little nostalgic for me though.


I'm pretty sure some composers have made music using these machines, synchronizing them to make rhythms. Dot matrix printers too. I can't think of any composers' names though.


you're probably thinking of stepper motors in floppy drives.


akshully, that sounds even more familiar.