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Do you live in a cyberpunk-looking city, /cyb/? Pic related isn't far from my apartment. (not that cyberpunk, but still impressive considering it's a fucking ancient city)
What are some pretty /cyb/ real life locations? Post pics.

Also, what does a city require to get a cyberpunk atmosphere/aesthetics? Hong Kong comes to my mind.


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>Do you live in a cyberpunk-looking city, /cyb/?
>what does a city require to get a cyberpunk atmosphere/aesthetics?
Commie blocks.


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>100,000+ people
>high population density
>cultural/racial/economic diversity
>significant tech corp presence
>vibrant nightlife
>reliable public transit

Lived two different places that apply to these criteria - Seattle, WA, and Montreal, QC. I wish I hadn't moved away, but such is life. One day I'll go back to one of them for good.


>Do you live in a cyberpunk looking city
Nope. Phoenix, Arizona
>What does a city require to get a cyberounk aesthetic
I usually think of neon lights, dark alleyways, and lots of concrete


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Kinda, downtown is more neo-gothic with old buildings, some on pretty bad shape, full of graffiti and bums/trannies/drug users inside, while on closer to the port it kinda looks like City 17 from Half-Life 2.


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Some parts of detroit

"Chinese investors and a ton of degenerates playing techno music"


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Sounds exactly like Melbourne too. It's almost a different world compared to where I live now.

Honestly high population density and excessive neon lighting are all I feel it takes. I went to Hong Kong many years ago and it definitely fulfilled those, I can only imagine it today.


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Žižkov a part of Prague I live in is pretty industrial and dystopia looking unsure if cyberpunk though, judge yourself


I live in Montreal, QC. It's a nice place, but I don't think the general attitude is very cyb,


The attitude will hardly ever be cyberpunk - that's why it's called cyberPUNK. However, I think that the environment of the city makes a cyberpunk lifestyle very easy


Portland Oregon
I didnt realize of /cyb/ it was until i moved here.


Ever try image searching yourtown + cyberpunk? Sadly I get nothing of value but I wonder if anyone else has any luck.


do you mind explaining a bit about where/how it's cyb? I've always been interested in portland.


montreal has a culture of rebellion/punk so yeah I agree, if you're a low life, Montreal is well suited too you. As far as Aesthetic, outside of the Grafitti, though, I don't see it as Cyberpunk.

I want to visit a city with a lower/upper city. I want sky bridges.


From what I recall, the punks in Montreal aren't very "cyber" but they are extremely "punk". Montreal is more hippie I think. The general culture is also a bit more interactive than say Toronto where everyone seems to have their heads up their own asses 24/7. I like visiting Montreal though.


Santos is not really much cyber, but it is dystopian af


Living in Berlin is pretty /cyb/. Half the city is communist concrete buildings (I live in one), the other half is modern glass palaces. Also, many people here wear faux-80s fashion, and it's the heart of the German hacker scene.

There's also projects like Freifunk, a city-wide wireless mesh-net everyone can join. I get my internet by pointing an antenna to a church 2 km away.


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is LA /cyb?


>"is this /cyb/?"
Look at sticky


That is more geared towards the OP of threads, not posts (as much).

I would say so. You have one of the largest cities in the world (in terms of land area, not population), and there's a lot of low life elements. Some places there are really nice buildings, stores, etc., and a few blocks over from there are bad neighborhoods with gangs. There's a decent amount of tech there, but I would say the attitude of the area moreso contributes to it being cyberpunk than its aesthetics.

I think that the attitude of someplace is always more important than its aesthetics when wondering if a place is /cyb/ or not. They still play an important part, of course. Aesthetics are always quite nice.


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St. John's Newfoundland. This is about as cyber as it gets here.


the new Deus Ex is gonna be there, pretty /cyb/


When describing a city, isn't cyberpunk pretty much just a synonym for "alienating shithole poorly suited to raising children?"


File: 1469934149048.png (103.15 KB, 200x98, halifax-waterfront-at-night.jpg)

Another Maritimer lainon here. Never been to St. John's myself, but Halifax, NS is probably the most cyber in the Atlantic; especially considering the crime rate of the surrounding area.


Meant to reply to >>34344


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Moscow pretty cyb at night.


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São Paulo, Brazil

Not aesthetically cyber, but very punk.
>Very active night life
>Corrupt government
>Immigrants selling cheap electronics in the street
>Semi-functional subway


That would be the lowlife part of "hightech + lowlife". Generally a cyberpunk place has extremes of luxury and poverty nearby, plus an international atmosphere and a massive black economy.


So then why would you want to live in a cyberpunk place?


For the aesthetic ofc


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I personally don't think a cyberpunk future is preferable for humanity but it's where we are headed anyway, and to some extent we already are living in. Accepting this probability, the sort of cities described in that post offer certain opportunities for personal advancement (namely in that "black economy") and hopefully to find community among some like-minded scumbags. These places are the front lines where the old way of life is being destroyed and replaced by the new, with or without our consent. I'd rather surf the wave than be crushed under it.


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Surprised nobody mentioned Kowloon City


Do you think anyone here likely lived in Kowloon?


It is, indeed, specially downtown with all the old buildings and the port area.
Have you ever been here?

Didn't knew it, I barely pay attention to any vidya releases nowadays, but Deus Ex is an exception, hopefully this one wont suck.



use the previous/next buttons on top

im crawling this shit for non js browsers now


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Basically what I'm trying to say is, I;m not even weeb but japan is cyb af and looks beautiful


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dat urban gardening vibe


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Alright friends im done for now. Have a great day


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Great pictures, thank you lainon.


If the picture's not bullshitting, it sounds kind of like what I've heard about the Projects in Chicago.


Off topic,
but that's not from the show?
Concept art or fan art?


IMO any good sized Japanese city is cyb at night. I used to live in Naha, Okinawa. I remember watching the monorail across the river from the park. It was just like tomorrowland. And it's not just appearance. Net cafe's, one of the most advanced cell phone networks in the world, their love of robotics... It's cliche but Japan really is cyb in general.


Santos is pretty cyb at night with all the piss yellow lights and cars heaping at the narrow streets full of cameras


I'm sure you're right. I'm not any weeb but I immediately think of Japan when discussing cyberpunk, especially since they produce some of the best fiction about it.

Also "Japan" is no longer limited to a string of islands way over there somewhere. Any western city with a lot of Japanese will have a pocket of what you describe.

Similarly I thought Toronto was the most /cyb/ place I'd ever seen, walking through the Korean neighbourhood which sounded a little like what you describe in many ways; and this was 15 years ago before such culture was as universal as it is now. The cafes were open 24 hours so neighbours could stay up all night on the internet with friends and relatives, for who it was the middle of the day on the other side of the planet.


in terms of aesthetics, some parts of downtown are pretty /cyb/. most other places in LA arent. The valley is especially not very /cyb/.
The attitiude is very reliant on tech, but at most 1/20 of the population is actually into computers or secure in general. Lots of large tech corps, especially in the marina area. Lots of nice highways that look pretty damn cyb, too bad there is always cars on them so you can never really have fun on em. Besides downtown, nightlife only exists on fridays and saturdays, and even then its fairly lax (though im no authority on it, i dont go out to bars or anything of the sort, but you cant go and have a coffee at a cafe at 2AM like some other cities)


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you are very welcome


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was somewhere on that shitty http://www.meh.ro/ site


Pretty cyb, b'y.