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Why don't you drink soy-based meal substitutes, anon?


Protip, chummers: By using multiple pre-paid visas and shipping to different vacant apartments in my building I can use my own referral codes for permanent discounts.


Because I like eating food.

This shit is already being advertised in >>>/r/26246 . God damnit I hate chans so much but I have nothing else.


I tried Mana Soylent. It's cool but I don't like the fact it's liquid because I can't get use to it.

I then tried Joylent twenny bars. This is the shit, it's so fucking great to have everything handled in small bars. I really liked the chocolate one despite not really loving chocolate in the first place. Try it anons.


Because soy gives you gyno (man boobs)


Too expensive. If i'm going to be unsatisfied with my meal i expect it to be cheaper than my other unsatisfying options.


if soy gave you boobs literally all of japan would be traps.

this is shaman-tier nutrition:

>u want 2b warrior? eat of the heart of bull, become strong like bull

>u want 2b trap? eat of the estrogen, become woman like trap


Where do you live? DIY soylent is $3 USD a day; you could MAYBE eat nothing but rice and beans that you buy in bulk and come out to less than that, but you'd want to kill yourself WAY more than if you had the DIY soylent, which is all of easier to store, easier to make, easier to clean up after, faster for all of the above, and is way more nutritionally complete.


Which DIY Soylent are you talking about? Because holy shit I need that.


which can lead to excess estrogen in body
imbalances can lead to long term problems later in life
ie early development of cancer
no thanks chummer


Because everyone I know who tried to survive on processed soy ended up getting sick from it eventually.


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because soylent makes me dependent on a future megacorp to deliver something I should be intelligent enough to provide for myself.

Learning to cook is perhaps the most /cyb thing you can do. it teaches time management, encourages creativity, and can provide real nutrition which is a force multiplier. it gives you a chance to learn nutrition, and share that knowledge. cooking your own meals boosts resiliency in stressful or uncertain environments and being able to cook even a handful of simple meals makes you valuable during a crisis or disaster. it decouples you from a system of foodservice bondage that permeates nearly every element of american life. the sad truth is most americans cannot cook anything that doesnt come in a cardboard box, and the megacorps want to keep it this way.

Ive cooked professionally for 8 years. I can feed a literal army if asked to do so. in a crisis i can be the difference between hunger, botulism, riots, and sane progress. Do yourself a favour lainon, and learn to cook. Soylent isnt your friend.


Look man. I think you provide an interesting perspective on this matter, but it bothers me greatly that you used the word "cyb" for cooking.

How the hell is cooking the most cyb thing to do? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to argue about what's cyber and what's not (this isn't /cyber/), but you've simply substituted the word cool with the word cyb. C'mon man. Next thing you'll be telling me that gardening and/or knitting is the most cyber thing ever.

Am I saying these skills are useless? Of course not, they can be essential and very valuable. But that simply doesn't make them cyb.

Why is soylent cyber? Well for the reasons you've listed. Dependence on megacorps, replacement of traditional skills etc.
I'm not saying that cooking and soylent are bad and good respectively. In fact making your own soylent is very common:

But anyways, I digress. You raised some semi-valid points, but I think you only proved to me how cyber soylent really is.

I mean, don't tell me you want to start reading a cyberpunk novel that begins with the protagonist cooking beef stroganoff.


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Again with veiled Soyshit advertising. The inventor is an engineer who threw this together in his free time. It has not been approved as a meal replacement by any official body. It is a meal supplement like ensure or slimfast. If you live off of nothing but this junk you are bound to get sick. To top it all off, this product is more expensive than many of the healthier meals you can cook. Add to the fact that you are becoming dependant on a single company to meet your dietary needs and you are finding yourself doing something that is the most "uncyb".


>$3 USD a day
No, it isn't. Each individual meal costs more than that and I assume you eat more than once a day.


Why don't I drink soya? Probably the same reason you'd give for not drinking Bovril: It's horrible.


once again soy gives you gyno. all the nerds i know who drink soylent in real life are fat lazy assholes who think they are being cyberpunk. This shit is expensive and dont tell me you are making it yourself because you can just cook for that price and be objectively healthier. enjoy your runny shits.

if this was so good the military would have been on it. but no, they use real food.


Gynecomastia is the abnormally large growth of breast tissue in boys and adult men. Most often gynecomastia is associated with an imbalance between the hormones testosterone and estrogen. Soy contains a variety of chemicals, including phytoestrogens, or “plant estrogens.”


I agree with everything you said but there is one thing to consider; would the people you mention have moobs anyway even if they weren't eating that stuff?

This soy garbage is marketed towards people who want the convenience of eating readymade crap like pizza pockets but aren't teenagers anymore and want to believe they are eating something "healthy", not to mention their parents probably did all their cooking until recently. It reminds me a lot of Atkins, not in the content of the food but in the sales pitch. Atkins told fat people that the way to lose weight was to eat even more fat and protein, which was just what they wanted to hear. In this case it's telling people who are too lazy/uncreative to cook for themselves that they never have to do so again.


A litany of health benefits including a lowered risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer, and menopausal symptoms, are frequently attributed to phytoestrogens but many are also considered endocrine disruptors, indicating that they have the potential to cause adverse health effects as well.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with endocrine (or hormone) systems. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Any system in the body controlled by hormones can be derailed by hormone disruptors.


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the very nature of an Endocrine disruptor is that it can be real good or real bad. As a man, why would you even risk ingesting a large quantity of estrogen anything? nothing but Soy all day every day? cmon dude.


I have no idea why these are directed at my comment and assume it was a misfire.


you are just the only one here so i clicked your post #.

right there with you on the entitlement. There are some meal replacements that aren't Soy too.


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I'll admit, you have a point and its starting to look like my passions gotten the best of me. Yes, the concept of a ubiquitous meal replacement slurry is very /cyb but undeservedly so. soylent gets praise because its well marketed, not well received. there are a dozen of these liquids available for food service in hospitals and prisons. ive personally made some of them.

cooking is /cyb because every human cultural notion, every religion, every celebration, and every idea of what it is to be human is our food. we eat it 3 times a day and it controls nearly everything we aspire to do or be. food has ended entire governments, its wiped out civilizations, its used as a reward and offered to our gods. food determines how or if we see the stars.

its also used as a form of torture. my first job was for a small company in Illinois that manufactures prison meals. Nutra-loaf, while technically entirely complete as a meal, tastes like a dish sponge. its served to convicts that violate a regulation or act aggressively.
ive had batches sent back because my prep line cook accidentally added salt...any salt at all. ive also had to stop batches because they included visible nuts or fruit.



> food has ended entire governments, its wiped out civilizations, its used as a reward and offered to our gods. food determines how or if we see the stars.

wew lad


I only eat monoatomic elements


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Because I'm abstinent and good food is a huge enjoyment (picture unrleated). Americans wouldn't know about it..


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>food determines how or if we see the stars.
maybe i should start perceiving basic necessities in a more transcendental light.


This is just personal experience, but when I was a kid I drank a shit ton of soy milk.

Like, a disgusting amount. And I grew tits. Small ones but it was still revolting

Cut the soymilk and my masculine physique returned.


I sadly have the image of a manly man with large shapely, feminine tits.

Not sure how to feel about that.


>tfw you eat like a man but still have a bit of a "trap" body type due to being skinny and kinda short

Like, I got a young man's face, so maybe I'm not really a "trap" but rather I'm more of a "twink" except that I'm straight and I love having a beard....


Probably because you stopped guzzling a thousand or so extra calories a day lain.

>and let's be real, it's not like you were an Adonis to start out


Because soy isn't food.


How would you recommend learning more about nutrition? Some good books or websites to recommend? To me, Soylent and its derivatives seem like a very interesting concept, and nutritionally sound from my (admittedly not very knowledgeable) point of view.