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Following the recent introduction of internet data retention, this year the Australian Census has changed; for the first time, data will be linked to names and addresses. There is something especially creepy about the government coming to your door demanding your correct information or else you can be fined (possibly exorbitantly via endless repetition of denied requests worth $180 each, although this hasn't actually been implemented before as far as I know).

Some political parties are calling for concerned citizens to boycott, namely the Pirate Party. Many people online say they plan to put nonsense answers or just incorrect ones. Lack of anonymity certainly makes people less likely to answer truthfully to potentially embarrassing questions such as sexual preference.

What would you do? Boycott? My main issue with doing that is that it will probably provide especially golden data: a succinct list of many who distrust the government and care about privacy. And also that it would flag me personally. It would be so nice to have a relatively successful boycott though... but I doubt it will happen... the country is full of state-loving imbeciles, even more so than the US.


I would do nothing. dont fill out the census. begin phishing using fake census forms.


Its a time honoured tradition to draw throbbing cocks when voting in Australia. Its been fairly easy to convince those around me to "donkey vote" the census.

The best option seems to be a combination of delibrately misleadingly information, blank spaces, and thinly veiled shitposting.

Its a relatively simple thing to get around, but more symptomatic of greater problems we are having with creeping security intrusions.

Wouldn't happen to have more photos from the watch tower would you ?



Checks out.


Do you have any links about this OP? I'll have a look now myself. I'm Australian and haven't yet heard of this. Also just recently voted for the pirate party 2nd.

Also my first post on lainchan


Not op but here you go
Also welcome to lainchan mate.


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Lain your description is eerily similar to the Hukou system:

Used for political suppression, surveillance of dissidents, and maintenance of a large-scale economic underclass of serfs sweating their livelihoods away for the primary benefit of a very small number of overconfident, non-productive economic elites and their offspring.

Look into who is influencing your politicians and set them straight, mate. Is this the world you want to build for your offspring? Or would you prefer a more egalitarian system?

Straylian hukou is real, Lain.


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Wouldn't be surprised, tbh. We'll probably be a Confucian nation in 40 years.

When you listen to the language of 'lifters and leaners', and the establishment expectation of our massive unemployed demo to relocate for work, it really is starting to look like the born-to-rule have finally run out of 'our' luck.



Not to digress too far but are you familiar with Gresham's Law or the Law of Competing Standards?


>One practical application of Gresham’s Law, and perhaps the most important, is to avoid becoming part of systems where good behavior cannot win due to the nature of the Law. There are certain industries and human activities that lack the “policing” necessary to keep systems of behavior on the straight and narrow, and thus bad behavior has gained a hard-to-replace foothold. While it’s admirable to be the “cleanest shirt” in a pile of dirty laundry, certain areas of human life do not allow the clean shirts to win.

>On the flip side, you’ll occasionally find situations where the good money drives out bad, and the cleanest shirts end up being worn the most. Those are the areas to aim your focus.


Census night last night, how did everyone go?
I used a fake name and put down "church of emacs" as my religion.

Did anyone see the reports of attempted hacks on the website?


As a member of a household I simply asked to be left off it.
I'm actually pro-census for the purpose of collecting statistical data and was looking forward to putting Greco-Roman pagan under religion. However, I cannot, in good conscience, allow myself to be part of data collection of this kind that retains name and address information. Even if the ABS had any measure of security, Australia's data retention laws and co-operation with global information control make it worthless when it comes to protecting individuals.


I plan to not participate. Others in my household plan to do it, but haven't yet because the site was down on the census night.

Also. the government is lying about the DDoS attack to try to shake away embarrassment of failing after $500,000 spent developing load balancing. http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/hacking/what-does-this-digital-attack-map-tell-us-about-the-alleged-census-attack/news-story/2c06914dec07beca6079801634b99a58